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    1. It was immediately clear that his informant had been

    2. informant up by the collar

    3. Recalling what the Argonian informant had said about his dockside sources, Brynjolf was eager to pick up what he could from every itinerant conversation

    4. Further, he had learned from an anonymous informant that a

    5. So, he had not been an enforcer informant but one of Mitsy’s

    6. The informant should be rewarded financially but you know that if money is his first consideration then you have a bad source that may lie to you to get more money

    7. We were the first journalists on the scene thanks to Rodger’s informant and were allowed into the prison once we had shown our media passes

    8. We need to pay our informant networks and information is expensive

    9. “You can thank me later, you dolt! What kind of an asshole jumps on an informant like that? Without provocation as well!”

    10. My informant said that a mountain range would become visible in the west

    11. committees, or soviets, into informant groups who tattled on the less inspired

    12. Nita’s informant among the GPs provided her with the inoculation serum months ago

    13. At the trial it became known that an informant had tipped off the FBI as early as 2/6/92 of a plot to bomb the towers

    14. First of all, they made their move before I expected it; my informant was compromised and killed before he could tell me

    15. “They had an informant at police headquarters

    16. “To the RCMP in Victoria, Richard Young was a trusted informant

    17. According to the informant, the accused heroin

    18. The many lies of an RCMP informant

    19. All who were at Winghoof were already sworn to Justice, so it’s unlikely that the informant was one of them, but they will be Read by our investigators as a routine precaution

    20. Rest assured that I shall discreetly write to Rome of this, without identifying my informant

    21. Calvin wondered if the person who’d organized the hit had an informant inside Intel Wing—a truly disturbing thought

    22. His informant worked in the operations room at police headquarters in Sydney and was paid handsome sums for the occasional intelligence that he passed on

    23. We had her under surveillance for a week or two because we had an informant tell us that she was giving the Vultures information about us

    24. was an informant when she went to the Colony

    25. The informant leaned closer

    26. Warrants were issued as soon as the informant finished his tale

    27. They were mad when they heard he was talking to an informant that should have been theirs but as long as they got to make the collar, they didn't care too much

    28. He merely said that he had an informant

    29. The more he thought about her, the more he realised that she could easily have been the mysterious informant

    30. First I was caught smoking pot then I was alleged to have been in Canberra by an anonymous informant and fronted the parole board receiving a second chance

    31. The newspaper informant had received Carol Freeman’s name from Carol herself, although she already had access to that information through the two reporters

    32. Have you heard from our informant since you stopped by to see her?”

    33. “Miss Phillips wasn’t your only informant in the UK, was she?”

    34. Every three months a particular casino delivers between one and a half and two and a half million dollars to a particular financier for laundering, the cash is only in the financiers home overnight, being moved out again by the financier using an armoured truck the following day at ten o’clock, while in the care of the financier the money is guarded by two very proficient armed guards who are also casino employee’s, this schedule has proceeded uninterrupted for the last five years, my informant tells me that during the winter months there is ever only one light on all night long, this room here,”

    35. Thought you should hear what your informant was up to, Jenna

    36. The biggest news was, an informant in Cairo had pin-pointed a big meeting chaired, and

    37. He returned his thoughts to catching the informant

    38. I know the FBI has an informant there as

    39. Guided by an informant amongst Gregor’s men, Teal had a good idea of how business should go and briefed everyone

    40. The dealers had a tip from their police informant who had spotted Alf on the CCTV system

    41. Though Graisco felt that Moe’s passion for the subject bordered on zealotry, he was willing to play along in this role in order to endear himself to this potentially valuable informant

    42. “Supposedly, he was talking some pretty heavy stuff to one of the girls who happened to be an informant for the DEA about having a good time with some candy at his place

    43. Her downfall was actually to call us, when we used an informant in Quetta to help her, not knowing that the bastard was a double agent for the Pakistani intelligence services

    44. Sadly, our chosen informant turned out to be a numbskull who had no comprehension of map or direction

    45. “Final score - three : nil” Our informant had wandered over and resumed his self-appointed commentary duties

    46. “I know, Detective: One informant that I had inside his organization disappeared a few months ago

    47. “My understanding is that our informant is a Zimbabwean, and that it is one of his fellow countrymen who is at present holding the papers

    48. “I take it we have secure communications with our informant?”

    49. According to their informant, he certainly wasn’t at the Trade Mission that afternoon, but he would not have spotted Roger Lloyd even if he had been there

    50. “The informant was not clear with his vehicle description, but suggested a recent model van or off-road vehicle was the probable mode of transportation

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    a person who supplies information

    someone who sees an event and reports what happened