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    1. The atmosphere shouldn't be too bad here, a little integration should render it out, so she locked the scope on it and let it focus

    2. As about the reward, in this case it is socialization: the integration into a circle of friends, the avoidance of loneliness

    3. " The tension was immediately apparent the second Jordo mentioned the Chief's impending and highly experimental integration with Tipperary, but he couldn’t very well dance around it

    4. Three Earth years worked their way by while they debated the merits of a national boundary versus integration with the native economy and ignored the iceberg tumbling ever deeper into the brown dwarf's gravity well

    5. It should come as no surprise that Miss Jones’s experience at the forefront of integration and social inclusion should provide her with the moral courage and the fortitude to deal with her next hot political potato

    6. The enterprise integration

    7. forefront of integration and social inclusion should provide her

    8. Yet, even after a complete rebuild of the integration motherboard, there was only silence from Argos’ end

    9. To dream that you are in an orchestra represents inner integration, resolution, and harmony

    10. To dream about sex refers to the integration and merging of contrasting aspects of yourself

    11. 3: -- Accurate integration of information in codes that are relevant at all times and describing people, events and various subjects as they occur throughout history without fail

    12. ‘My advice – to the programmers – is to close down auxiliary processors, only allowing a partial integration

    13. on an assembly line, but not to try for complete vertical integration

    14. These are just some of the potential causes of delaying the integration or blending of step-families

    15. integration could go a long way

    16. really trying to push integration, trying to get more

    17. opportunity for all kids to play together, whether it’s so-called ‘reverse’ integration, when kids without

    18. only really in English speaking countries where there is this difference between inclusion and integration

    19. The features of integration are joy and

    20. That is why it is crucial for us as individuals and as community to begin the integration of our various fields of study to see how they are related and interrelated

    21. Unfortunately I don’t have the time at my disposal for total integration as if I was a permanent resident

    22. It will focus on economic integration and convergence

    23. The new system creates design or shell that acts on the current system to generate the social and economic power through integration and Third Sector’s participation, without injuring existent laws and without generating additional costs

    24. ( user05) The finality is integration of the Third Sector to supply its basic needs in a global way and to avoid that acts in a fragmented way

    25. There is the integration lack in the

    26. In reality, it makes the integration of the people in the planet without each country loses its autonomy

    27. The central objective is the integration of the activities of the organizations with the utilization of the new Coordenational Structure and the creation of the financial amount through the accumulation of organizational resources in Bank3Sector to serve the human society in national and global level

    28. This force or to can is conquered by the accumulation and integration of the organizational resources, without each organization loses its autonomy and without there is delegation of power or centralizing pole about its actions

    29. Integration of the activities of the

    30. d) Economic Agents and Social Agents do with that the positive results happen with the people’s integration, organizations and countries where are acting

    31. for operational integration of new Bank3Sectors in the Network of Bank3Sector anywhere in the world

    32. The XUSING Project makes possible the integration of all the organizations of the countries and communities in the world to solve national and international problems in an enormous social partnership in global network of information without any loss or additional cost to the participators, it only utilizes the same existent or collected resources of sponsors with productivity gains

    33. Therefore, it only lacks them new systematics as ours that makes the union of that political force and economic integration for circulation of that immense wealth that is dispersed to produce a peaceful revolution

    34. The people are hospitable; it acts in harmony with more than 70 ethnic groups that interact with the thousands of tourists of the most diverse nations and cultures in a fantastic integration

    35. a) Integration with the partners of the existence


    37. Pattern Virtual Coin for integration of the activities

    38. This way, there is global integration of

    39. available for the agreed organizations for integration in the

    40. in total interaction, integration and autonomy

    41. Therefore, the new systematics transforms each department in an organization as Area of Activity to only execute its activity in the form of “unique task” in a coordination process and integration with the other Areas of Activities

    42. that would inevitably create a management and integration nightmare

    43. planning to ensure proper integration and security

    44. company’s bank accounts and integration to sales, purchasing, inventory and

    45. The Integration of two Marketing Methods

    46. The integration of traditional marketing and internet

    47. - End-to-end or integration testing normally covers a complete business

    48. So in practice you can focus on integration or end-to-end scenario testing, and user

    49. into “cycles” and having real end users perform the latter cycles of this integration

    50. new system is to plan on three rounds or cycles of integration testing as follows:

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