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Frasi con intemperate (in inglese)

The Committee deplore the intemperate and indeco-.
A rather temperate response to an intemperate demand.
Intemperate, he hadn’t engaged mercenaries in the city.
Have been intemperate, cruel to my parents, greedy for things too much beloved.
In a moment, someone might ascend with a tray for the half-sleeping man in the intemperate room.
Forgive me, My Lord, but I think you should join the others before you do something … intemperate.
Except his own daughter, perhaps? You’ve been most intemperate criticizing his policies, Princess.

The August weather was not uncommonly intemperate in either warmth or chill, nor had there been any violent summer storms.
Has not the intemperate been censured of old, because in him the huge multiform monster is allowed to be too much at large?
Miss Minchin was infuriated just as she had been before and her anger expressed itself, as before, in an intemperate fashion.
They had been married for twenty-two years and had lived happily until about two years ago when his wife began to be rather intemperate in her habits.
Gabriel Strong, the dreamy son of a prosperous English squire, falls in love with Joan Gildersledge, the equally dreamy daughter of a bestial and intemperate miser.
Several witnesses were put up to swear to the intemperate expressions which the young squire had been heard to utter about the doctor, and the fiery manner in which he resented the alleged ill-treatment of his sister.
They passed Weimar; and she was of an intemperate zeal on the subject of Goethe, putting down the window and craning out to look and quoting _Kennst Du das Land wo die Citrone blüht_--quoting to him, who loathed quotations even in cool weather.
Who needed intemperate parks and fields to play in with their bugs and dirt and whatnot, when you could have three stories of climate-controlled pristine façade of the local mall to explore? Besides, you couldn’t buy anything in a National Forest.
Then it was the half man-half lion, Narasimha, the pygmean man, Vamana, the intemperate man, Parasurama, the principled man, Sri Rama, the pragmatic man, Sri Krishna, the enlightened man, The Buddha, and finally the yet to come destroyer of a man, Kalki.
She alluded to her engagement to the doctor, touched briefly upon its termination, which was due, she said, to personal matters connected with his family, and surprised the court by asserting that she had always considered her brother's resentment to be unreasonable and intemperate.
But they would have nothing to do with unhealthy and intemperate subjects, whose lives were of no use either to themselves or others; the art of medicine was not designed for their good, and though they were as rich as Midas, the sons of Asclepius would have declined to attend them.
What a pigmy intellect she had, and what giant propensities! How fearful were the curses those propensities entailed on me! Bertha Mason, the true daughter of an infamous mother, dragged me through all the hideous and degrading agonies which must attend a man bound to a wife at once intemperate and unchaste.
It was such a tumultuous and intemperate invasion that during the first days it was impossible to walk through the streets because of the furniture and trunks, and the noise of the carpentry of those who were building their houses in any vacant lot without asking anyone’s permission, and the scandalous behavior of couples who hung their hammocks between the almond trees and made love under the netting in broad daylight and in view of everyone.

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