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Frasi con jabbing (in inglese)

Still jabbing, Harry barely noticed.
He was jabbing his head with every beat.
So he kept jabbing back at chest height.
After jabbing it with my claws, I consumed.
Something is jabbing at the side of my chest.
Get up! Amy yelled jabbing the flame at Doran.
Gulab began jogging on the spot jabbing into thin air.

Tom kept poking and jabbing at the hssswwx with his spear.
Each drop of holy water felt like a thousand jabbing knives.
Still others attacked these profiteers, jabbing fingers in faces.
Hands up, said the boy, jabbing the pitchfork threateningly.
Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner And that thing jabbing at my chest.
It felt like someone was jabbing their fingertips into her temples.
I felt the cock blade slowly rise, jabbing and bouncing against my thigh.
I kept my head down when he started jabbing me in the spine with his ruler.
What about this one? asked Young Halfshaft, jabbing the button with the.
I understand, Jurak said, jabbing the hypospray against his arm and shooting the.
Which one of you two is Horace? he demanded, jabbing his sword at the nearest of them.
It wasn’t the bullets that had shot him, but the barrel of a gun jabbing him to wake him up.
It was one of the B’tari, and he was jabbing something into a connecting band beneath a node.
She saw him struggling to open it, finding it locked, then jabbing at something beside the handle.
But Sophie slipped up and Hunter got past her guard, barely stopping his pole from jabbing her hip.
She grabbed her tiny knife turning back to smile slyly at Jaxon, before jabbing Nord in his earlobe.
Turning quickly to face her, he nearly shouted in her face while jabbing a finger hard in her chest.
As they squirmed around, jabbing at the leeches with cigarettes, one of the guards looked down at them.
Runs like Cheetah kept jabbing the lead lioness in the nose with his spear, but that just made her angrier.
Once, driven to his breaking point by a guard jabbing him, Louie yanked the stick from the guard’s hands.
I smile at the picture this evokes: me with a couple of mosquito-flecked daggers, jabbing insanely at the air.
The driver got out and the two men stood toe to toe, still yelling and jabbing fingers in each other’s chests.
It was a resolute, stout mask under which nerves flickered furiously with jabbing explosions of pain and anguish.
Jack then seized the opportunity to go up to the man and steal his gun by jabbing his elbow into the man’s chest.
A large body, all browns and hair and scruff, slammed into Jade and she went down, the body jabbing a sword at her throat.
Two other male villagers were using their makeshift spears, jabbing at the faces of the criminals as they climbed the ladders.
Scrambling forward on all fours, the rough surface of the road tore through her jeans, jabbing painful bits of stone into her skin.
He realized that unless they cut both his arms completely off, he had no choice but to continue poking and jabbing at the hssswwx.
Ingrid walked briskly to the civilian and stopped less than one pace in front of him, jabbing him in the chest with her right index.
Massie politely smiled and glared at the names branded on the beds, trying to ignore the jabbing pains of vomit sliding up her throat.
Nancy proved it by jabbing repeatedly at the rioters around her while Pegasus ran over or violently pushed aside the Jews in its path.
Facing the giant with her shield held in front of her, Athena then made a quick jabbing motion with her lance pointed at the newcomer.
The president waved to someone and Taj glanced back to see the infamously volatile Obaid Marri jabbing one of the waitstaff in the chest.

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