thrust frasi

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Frasi con thrust (in inglese)

She thrust it in the.
He thrust out his hand.
It was a nasty thrust.
And you are thrust out.
She thrust out her hand.
The Thrust of a Knife.
He thrust his jaw at me.

Homer thrust his arm out.
Jack thrust out his hand.
She thrust out her staff.
Hetty thrust in her hand.
She thrust the key at him.
Thrust deeper, he had to.
She thrust her fingers out.
With a shriek she thrust.
He thrust it out for Colin.
Seeing you thrust it from.
He thrust it into her core.
He thrust it toward the man.
He thrust the thought aside.
He thrust out his chest and.
I thrust the rifle toward her.
The Indian thrust his long-.
We can’t direct that thrust.
Selene dodged the thrust with.
She thrust her chest out at him.
She thrust her hands on her hips.
He thrust both hands under her.
These things are thrust upon one.
He thrust his both feet into it.
She stood and thrust out her hand.
He thrust the thing from my spine.
Thrust and parry, thrust and parry.
As of a rival lover thrust between.
The bearded man thrust out his jaw.
Beck thrust on an intercept course.
He thrust his hand between her legs.
This should be your main thrust now.
My arm thrust up, Henry's cane in it.
It was poised for a stabbing thrust.
But the doru is a thrusting.
Tanto not thrusting with the.
He continued thrusting into her.
And he insisted on thrusting a.
They’re not made for thrusting it.
He obeyed thrusting into her with ease.
Joey, thrusting is not just in the arms.
This type of sword thrusting requires skill.
Thrusting the pole into the bank where the.
Thrusting my hand in, I happily brought out.
Thrusting, Beck said, activating his MMU.
He put the phone to his ear and continued thrusting.
Thrusting hard with so much force, we come together.
Hadaen slowed his pace a bit, thrusting deeply still.
Thrusting his shoulders back, he adjusted the weight.
The vision ended abruptly, thrusting me back into the.
Thrusting the pile of linens at him, she says, Here.
Grunt kept pace with me, thrusting his face into mine.
And An Zi was thrusting her sword towards her throat!.
Tearing off loin cloths and thrusting of sticks into anus.
He was still thrusting and each surge sent Melissa higher.
The bullish Thrusting pattern starts with a long white day.
Naturally what I did, was thrusting in the exact spot!.
Soon Tom was fully hard again, thrusting up uncontrollably.
The Bentley leaned forward with a thrusting surge of power.
Joey pulled out his knife and held it in a thrusting manner.
Both days of the bullish Thrusting pattern have long bodies.
By thrusting his head over the wall, Marius could hear their.
The bullish Thrusting pattern reduces to a Shooting Star line.
The Thrusting + and Piercing Line patterns are a good example.
Thrusting his hands into his jacket pockets so that he could.
Gods! he erupted, violently thrusting his chair backwards.
From the soft sliding of hands over me and thrusting of fingers.
As he came inside the condom he continued thrusting her and she.
I settled for hands on thrusting hips, staring aggressively ahead.
She moved beneath him, thrusting her hips up to meet his demands.
Would you like to smoke? he asked, thrusting the pipe to me.
It was created as the complement of the bearish Thrusting pattern.
Conan cried out sharply and recoiled, thrusting his companion back.
A soldier thrusts his spear.
As opponent thrusts forward, by.
Thrusts with the sword and firing, M.
He shuddered and his thrusts quickened.
As opponent thrusts forward move to the.
Thrusts his head over the shattered sill.
But they soon had to sidestep its thrusts.
Ted thrusts out a hand and Alex grips it firmly.
I could only moan and meet his thrusts with my hips.
My arms are resting on his shoulders as he thrusts into me.
After a few more thrusts, she began pushing back against him.
And he closes his eyes and groans, and thrusts into me again.
I really was impressed with D'Oliya and Molly's pelvic thrusts.
All of Ben's feints, thrusts, and parries were deft and accurate.
Thrusts with lathis (sticks) in private parts and abdominal regions.
Ash’s lips parted in a barely audible moan as she met his thrusts.
Open your mouth, he commands and thrusts his thumb in my mouth.
After several thrusts there was nothing he could do about the spermie.
Terry's mouth opened while Chance created waves with his bold thrusts.
Every couple of thrusts, a new tooth buckled and fell to the stony beach.
The consultant unfolds his arms and thrusts them into his lab coat pockets.
As they roar their approval, Kennedy thrusts a triumphant fist into the air.
When it considers itself secure it thrusts in its weapon and sucks the blood.
Why, you pop-eyed, back-door saucer-scraper--great thrusts of their hind legs.
She was not aroused and was not lubricated and his thrusts tore at her genitals.
Attacking cetaceans with thrusts from a spur! Who ever heard of such malarkey!.
Brighter pink thrusts come from the wings and tail as the ship increases in speed.
Magic depended, to a certain extent after all, on sword strokes and lance thrusts.
He thrusts again and again, his face at my neck, his harsh breathing at my throat.
That is, a bull thrusts its horns up into the air, and a bear swipes its paws down.
I barely parried it and then quickly retaliated back with several thrusts of my own.
The hurried and too barefaced coarseness of these thrusts was obviously premeditated.
The murmurings of protest were subdued; no one wanted one of Lance’s verbal thrusts.
He is dressed in a thin woollen tunic, and Ralph thrusts one of his own cloaks at him.
Jeff stumbled, and Graisse latched onto his left leg and began primal, instinctual thrusts.
As the thrusts increased in speed and force he withdrew too far and his cock sprang skywards.
Flustered with his own thoughts, Evan thrusts his cigarette to the ground without stepping on it.
He slows his thrusts while I recover, thrusting his tongue into my mouth in rhythm with his cock.
He did not have to wait long though because after several thrusts, I grunted his name in pleasure.

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