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Frasi con thrust (in inglese)

  1. She thrust it in the.
  2. He thrust out his hand.
  3. It was a nasty thrust.
  4. She thrust out her hand.
  5. The Thrust of a Knife.

  6. And you are thrust out.
  7. He thrust his jaw at me.
  8. Homer thrust his arm out.
  9. Jack thrust out his hand.
  10. She thrust out her staff.
  11. Hetty thrust in her hand.
  12. Thrust deeper, he had to.
  13. She thrust the key at him.
  14. She thrust her fingers out.
  15. With a shriek she thrust.

  16. Seeing you thrust it from.
  17. He thrust it into her core.
  18. He thrust it out for Colin.
  19. He thrust the thought aside.
  20. He thrust it toward the man.
  21. The Indian thrust his long-.
  22. He thrust out his chest and.
  23. I thrust the rifle toward her.
  24. We can’t direct that thrust.
  25. Selene dodged the thrust with.

  26. She thrust her chest out at him.
  27. She thrust her hands on her hips.
  28. He thrust both hands under her.
  29. These things are thrust upon one.
  30. He thrust his both feet into it.
  31. Thrust and parry, thrust and parry.
  32. She stood and thrust out her hand.
  33. He thrust the thing from my spine.
  34. Beck thrust on an intercept course.
  35. As of a rival lover thrust between.
  36. The bearded man thrust out his jaw.
  37. He thrust his hand between her legs.
  38. This should be your main thrust now.
  39. It was poised for a stabbing thrust.
  40. My arm thrust up, Henry's cane in it.
  41. I positively thrust the Dean on them.
  42. And when I bid you thrust in a torch.
  43. He thrust the paper out so we could.
  44. I thrust thoughts of her from my mind.
  45. He thrust the sixpence into her hand.
  46. He smiled wickedly, and thrust again.
  47. The stiletto was thrust forward again.
  48. Each thrust drew a gasp from her lips.
  49. She thrust the child in Ant’s arms.
  50. Richard thrust his face at the sacrist.
  51. The end stop adds thrust to the spear.
  52. The attacker could thrust his weapon.
  53. He thrust the saber back in its sheath.
  54. It had thrust sideways in death-throe.
  55. It was green and stagnant, thrust out.
  56. And through the lips corruption thrust.
  57. Gershom thrust me into the dark doorway.
  58. Capernaum was thrust down to the grave.
  59. Thenardier thrust out his head a very.
  60. They by-passed the sublight thrust.
  61. He thrust the phone into Evie’s hand.
  62. Bill thrust his hands into his pockets.
  63. Brock thrust his head out of the burrow.
  64. Teller thrust the sheet of paper at him.
  65. The Illustrated Man thrust out his hands.
  66. Thrust the sand through a cotton filter.
  67. He feinted a thrust for Lucas’s belly.
  68. She thrust her hips forward suggestively.
  69. They thrust and buried themselves there.
  70. Every thrust brought something different.
  71. Seeing you thrust it from you AND JUDGE.
  72. And you would thrust on me a wife?
  73. And he thrust the sheet under Paul's nose.
  74. One thrust, that’s all it would take.
  75. Suddenly a hand was thrust into the water.
  76. I cried out as he thrust it into his hand.
  77. One day all wither and thrust (in the air).
  78. The secateurs were thrust at the young man.
  79. No child should have that thrust upon them.
  80. She thrust a red button flush with the wall.
  81. She thrust her one pointed tool in the dirt.
  82. Murbella thrust her elbow in Dunit’s rib.
  83. She thrust a tin marked Greed into my hands.
  84. Damon thrust a slice at me and I dry heaved.
  85. Here! she huffed and thrust it at him.
  86. I thrust my hands in to grab his and squeeze.
  87. He suddenly stood and thrust something at me.
  88. Slowly they began to circle the room, Thrust.
  89. It's easy enough to thrust them upon one.
  90. I thrust at her chest but she held me tight.
  91. He thrust faster, and she matched his motion.
  92. Oh God that’s ‘fab’, and thrust.
  93. He turned and thrust a finger toward Russell.
  94. And with that, she thrust you into my arms.
  95. I thrust the bucket of eggs into his beer gut.
  96. With one swift thrust, he’s fully inside me.
  97. Resolve is thrust from off the sacred throne.
  98. He thrust back and bumped me back a few feet.
  99. He splayed legs out and thrust hands on the.
  100. As he is filling his thrust she looks around.
  1. But the doru is a thrusting.
  2. Tanto not thrusting with the.
  3. He continued thrusting into her.
  4. And he insisted on thrusting a.
  5. They’re not made for thrusting it.
  6. He obeyed thrusting into her with ease.
  7. Joey, thrusting is not just in the arms.
  8. Thrusting the pole into the bank where the.
  9. This type of sword thrusting requires skill.
  10. Thrusting my hand in, I happily brought out.
  11. Thrusting, Beck said, activating his MMU.
  12. He put the phone to his ear and continued thrusting.
  13. Hadaen slowed his pace a bit, thrusting deeply still.
  14. Thrusting hard with so much force, we come together.
  15. Thrusting his shoulders back, he adjusted the weight.
  16. Grunt kept pace with me, thrusting his face into mine.
  17. Thrusting the pile of linens at him, she says, Here.
  18. The vision ended abruptly, thrusting me back into the.
  19. And An Zi was thrusting her sword towards her throat!.
  20. Tearing off loin cloths and thrusting of sticks into anus.
  21. He was still thrusting and each surge sent Melissa higher.
  22. The bullish Thrusting pattern starts with a long white day.
  23. Naturally what I did, was thrusting in the exact spot!.
  24. The Bentley leaned forward with a thrusting surge of power.
  25. Soon Tom was fully hard again, thrusting up uncontrollably.
  26. Joey pulled out his knife and held it in a thrusting manner.
  27. Both days of the bullish Thrusting pattern have long bodies.
  28. The bullish Thrusting pattern reduces to a Shooting Star line.
  29. By thrusting his head over the wall, Marius could hear their.
  30. The Thrusting + and Piercing Line patterns are a good example.
  31. Thrusting his hands into his jacket pockets so that he could.
  32. Gods! he erupted, violently thrusting his chair backwards.
  33. As he came inside the condom he continued thrusting her and she.
  34. From the soft sliding of hands over me and thrusting of fingers.
  36. Would you like to smoke? he asked, thrusting the pipe to me.
  37. She moved beneath him, thrusting her hips up to meet his demands.
  38. I settled for hands on thrusting hips, staring aggressively ahead.
  39. Conan cried out sharply and recoiled, thrusting his companion back.
  40. It was created as the complement of the bearish Thrusting pattern.
  41. Thrusting his hand out, he forced the other man to acknowledge him.
  42. Max could hold back no longer, thrusting faster, deeper and wilder.
  43. Her hands clenched and unclenched on his back as he kept thrusting.
  44. Then, thrusting her spear forward, she impaled the creature's head.
  45. She grins and wastes no time, thrusting a roundhouse kick to your knee.
  46. The bullish Thrusting pattern is a two-day bullish continuation pattern.
  47. Travis, he said, suddenly standing and thrusting an open hand at Harry.
  48. The bearish Thrusting Line begins with a black day formed in a downtrend.
  49. She leaped at him, screaming with rage, thrusting the burning log at his.
  50. The bearish Thrusting pattern is the third derivative of the Piercing Line.
  51. His rhythm was faster now, and Kate moved her hips, thrusting against his body.
  52. Lida was facing us, thrusting a suitcase at McFife; insisting he force it open.
  53. Linking his hands high over his head, the soldier began thrusting and rotating.
  54. She smiled and held her arms under her breasts, thrusting them up and out at him.
  55. They lay coupled together without thrusting, him planting kisses around her face.
  56. The wolf snapped my stake in half with a single thrusting clasp through his teeth.
  57. Thrusting her chin in the air, Amaranthe marched down the road away from the fort.
  58. The Thrusting – and Thrusting + are reciprocals, but both are reversal patterns.
  59. King knelt, taking the backpack that Watts was thrusting up out of the hole at him.
  60. Much to his amazement, Johnny found Best thrusting a short carbine in his direction.
  61. Thrusting in my head between the stems, I found myself gazing at a fleshless skull.
  62. Thrusting that thought from my mind, I prepared myself for Knofahgginarebagz's attack.
  63. He was thrusting long and hard now, with his arms around her knees, kneeling upright.
  64. He thought he could see the gleaming towers thrusting out of the rolling green hills.
  65. You did? Ava moaned as Nicolas surged upward, thrusting into her again and again.
  66. Additional Information on the On-Neck Line, In-Neck Line, and Thrusting Line Patterns.
  67. Valerius nodded, judging their position by various peaks thrusting up above the others.
  68. Thrusting his dagger-point into the crack, Conan exerted leverage with a corded forearm.
  69. I look back with tremendous gratitude to Christ for thrusting me out while I was young.
  70. Thrusting the knife for a gut wound, he drew blood as Garcia maneuvered out of the way.
  71. The horse foiled D’ata’s plans to turn and flee by thrusting him more into the open.
  72. He sprang sideways, thrusting his shoulder into the chest of the man holding the weapon.
  73. So, he told you about this case I am working? Hiss asked, his chest thrusting out.
  74. All that violent thrusting about had dislodged not only my hat but my hair from its pins.
  75. Where's my money? Where have I put it? he cried, thrusting his hands into his pockets.
  76. It rushed upon them, its devastating claws swiping and thrusting them both to the ground.
  77. Thrusting Leah aside, then gently lifting the hunched bundle that was his beloved, Moshe.
  78. The moment his hand left her arm, she had hold of his dagger, thrusting it into his face.
  79. I briefly drew on a memory of Gabriel’s face before thrusting the weapon up towards him.
  80. She threw her clothes down and stood there naked before him, thrusting her hips seductively.
  81. In seconds he was thrusting hard upwards against her while she thrust down hard against him.
  82. In unison with his thrusting and undulating, he worked her throbbing clit with his right hand.
  83. Peter, angrily pushing the goats aside, marched up to Heidi, thrusting a letter into her hand.
  84. Thrusting her hips upward, she let her passion spill over, shouting in relief as she orgasmed.
  85. Melody stared at her side-view in the mirror, sucking in her stomach and thrusting out her chest.
  86. Alby’s whole body jerked a couple of times, his midsection thrusting up and away from the bed.
  87. The baby laughed again, moving her arms and thrusting her legs and Mona started laughing as well.
  88. It looked lie the column was a giant needle thrusting out of a dais atop an impressive staircase.
  89. Slowly her waves ebbed and consciousness returned as he reduced the thrusting to a gentle probing.
  90. We danced betwixt the swaying Hammocks, feinting, thrusting, parrying, and playing Hide and Seek.
  91. He slows his thrusts while I recover, thrusting his tongue into my mouth in rhythm with his cock.
  92. His breath hangs over our saucestained plates, the green fairy's fang thrusting between his lips.
  93. She was used to the position and accepted his uninhibited thrusting while pressing back into him.
  94. With reflexes which belied his size, Trog brought the wolf carcass round in an arc, thrusting it.
  95. The populares were not thrusting outsiders; they were an integral part or faction of the nobility.
  96. What and where is Carooo Downs? Babs put his hands on his thighs thrusting his elbows forward.
  97. The bearish Thrusting pattern is the strongest of the three lines that fail to make a Piercing Line.
  98. The new thrusting and ambitious Free Church virtually became the Liberal Party in Scotland at prayer.
  99. Thrusting it in front of him, steadying it with both hands, he screamed: Don’t move you bastard.
  100. She gasps and her back arches, thrusting her breast against his lips and her hips against his stomach.
  1. A soldier thrusts his spear.
  2. As opponent thrusts forward, by.
  3. Thrusts with the sword and firing, M.
  4. He shuddered and his thrusts quickened.
  6. As opponent thrusts forward move to the.
  7. Thrusts his head over the shattered sill.
  8. But they soon had to sidestep its thrusts.
  9. Ted thrusts out a hand and Alex grips it firmly.
  10. I could only moan and meet his thrusts with my hips.
  11. My arms are resting on his shoulders as he thrusts into me.
  12. After a few more thrusts, she began pushing back against him.
  13. And he closes his eyes and groans, and thrusts into me again.
  14. I really was impressed with D'Oliya and Molly's pelvic thrusts.
  15. All of Ben's feints, thrusts, and parries were deft and accurate.
  16. Thrusts with lathis (sticks) in private parts and abdominal regions.
  17. Ash’s lips parted in a barely audible moan as she met his thrusts.
  18. Open your mouth, he commands and thrusts his thumb in my mouth.
  19. After several thrusts there was nothing he could do about the spermie.
  20. Terry's mouth opened while Chance created waves with his bold thrusts.
  21. Every couple of thrusts, a new tooth buckled and fell to the stony beach.
  22. The consultant unfolds his arms and thrusts them into his lab coat pockets.
  23. As they roar their approval, Kennedy thrusts a triumphant fist into the air.
  24. When it considers itself secure it thrusts in its weapon and sucks the blood.
  25. Why, you pop-eyed, back-door saucer-scraper--great thrusts of their hind legs.
  26. Attacking cetaceans with thrusts from a spur! Who ever heard of such malarkey!.
  27. She was not aroused and was not lubricated and his thrusts tore at her genitals.
  28. He thrusts again and again, his face at my neck, his harsh breathing at my throat.
  29. Magic depended, to a certain extent after all, on sword strokes and lance thrusts.
  30. Brighter pink thrusts come from the wings and tail as the ship increases in speed.
  31. That is, a bull thrusts its horns up into the air, and a bear swipes its paws down.
  32. The hurried and too barefaced coarseness of these thrusts was obviously premeditated.
  33. I barely parried it and then quickly retaliated back with several thrusts of my own.
  34. The murmurings of protest were subdued; no one wanted one of Lance’s verbal thrusts.
  35. He is dressed in a thin woollen tunic, and Ralph thrusts one of his own cloaks at him.
  36. Jeff stumbled, and Graisse latched onto his left leg and began primal, instinctual thrusts.
  37. As the thrusts increased in speed and force he withdrew too far and his cock sprang skywards.
  38. Flustered with his own thoughts, Evan thrusts his cigarette to the ground without stepping on it.
  39. He slows his thrusts while I recover, thrusting his tongue into my mouth in rhythm with his cock.
  40. He did not have to wait long though because after several thrusts, I grunted his name in pleasure.
  41. She kissed him, and he moved inside her, stroking her with short even thrusts, that left her gasping.
  42. Terry's moaning abruptly increased with his thrusts becoming faster, accompanied by occasional grunts.
  43. One damn week…without touching you…it makes me crazy… he said incoherently between his thrusts.
  44. The thrusts of virtually all the reports, both the excellent and the not so excellent, are as follows:.
  45. Ahab defies the storm and thrusts his fist down along the harpoon, shouting, "Thus, I put out the fire!".
  46. Christian follows with two sharp thrusts, and he freezes, pouring himself into me as he finds his release.
  47. She tried to use the shop-girl as a shield to protect her from Ralph’s playful thrusts, but without success.
  48. A moan escaped her lips as he began to work her with vigorous thrusts which made her raise her hips shamelessly.
  49. Even in battle she was ethereal, as he remembered, her muscles about her face showing the intensity of her thrusts.
  50. He moves a hand to my clit and rubs it, causing me to relax my muscles, and then thrusts his hips forward all the way.
  51. The terrain was broken up here and there by rocky up thrusts, which penetrated the seas of grass like ships at full sail.
  52. Thank fuck, he whispers, and he thrusts hard once more and groans as he reaches his climax, pressing himself into me.
  53. Zamora fell easy prey to their thrusts, and the Hyrkanian king established his capital in the largest city of the country.
  54. When they engaged, some little time was lost in eluding the quick and vigorous thrusts which had been aimed at their lives.
  55. Despite her profound repugnance, her body betrayed her, and moisture flooded inside her, easing the friction of his thrusts.
  56. My hands gripped his hair and I moved my hips to meet his thrusts while Aidan growled and pressed his hands to still my hips.
  57. He showed great skills in checking successive Soviet thrusts and imposed delays on the westward advance of the Russian armies.
  58. It’s driving me insane – his teasing, deliberately slow thrusts, and the intermittent feeling of fullness is overwhelming.
  59. I don’t know how I was able to keep deflecting blows and delivering sword thrusts, for I was completely numb with exhaustion.
  60. What a new experience it had been! How did it matter that K was not of my class! What sexual power he packs in his wild thrusts.
  61. Deliberately I jerk my hand in front of my chest, but I have no compulsion to complete the ritual with the usual two more thrusts.
  62. He then increased his pace, his thrusts now hard and wild and watched as her face twisted into an expression he could not recognize.
  63. At times it seemed that she couldn’t get enough of him; rising up to meet his thrusts, she had pulled him to her with wild abandon.
  64. Our Army Ballistic Missile Agency had a rocket engine developed by Rocketdyne, the S-3, able to produce thrusts of up to 150,000 pounds.
  65. Ben started with a series of parries and half thrusts, which were meant to fool the antagonist into believing an offensive move was coming.
  66. His thrusts were not done with a force to dominate, but more with love to please; and in doing so, he found a pleasure he had never known.
  67. The cuts, thrusts, down strokes, back strokes and doubles, that Corchuelo delivered were past counting, and came thicker than hops or hail.
  68. He grunts and thrusts into her—again and again and again—and with every offensive she presses her hips against his and groans in rapture.
  69. And therein thrusts delusion’s sting which keeps thy Race upon its knees, still gripped around the neck by fear as ye endeavor to survive.
  70. Well, well; I heard Ahab mutter, 'Here some one thrusts these cards into these old hands of mine; swears that I must play them, and no others.
  71. She then whispered sensually in his ear, "Mitch, did you hear me?" Mitchell uncontrollably began to giggle at Chance's wild, jackhammer thrusts.
  72. His ears were battered by teenagers with ghetto blasters and then torn by football cheers as he dodged switch-blade thrusts and hurled beer bottles.
  73. His slow, controlled thrusts lifted her rhythmically from the sand and then he began to quicken his space, thrusting into her inexorably from behind.
  74. When he heard high small shrieks of pleasure, he allowed his thrusts to become faster and more violent and then came with a deep roar of satisfaction.
  75. We knew we had enough power in our swords to penetrate their Shields if we used hard, fast, straight thrusts, so we just tip-toed over and stabbed them.
  76. As a warrior trained in the proper use of the sword he truly admired her graceful motions; her even thrusts of the mysterious sword she carried with her.
  77. Possibly they would have completed their conquests in Stygia, adding it to their widening empire, but for the fierce thrusts of the Picts against their western conquests.
  78. For all his size he was quick as a cat on his feet, and he was constantly in motion, presenting a moving target so that thrusts and swings cut empty air oftener than not.
  79. Eventually he works up the courage and takes the leap of faith and thrusts himself out into the empty sky, beating and flapping his wings with all his strength and courage.
  80. Hah, hah! It’s the lust that vests the thrusts with power, and any woman would know that for sure, and Roopa should be had before I develop any emotional hiccups for her.
  81. He pretended a mock adversary and did a few feints, a few parries, a few thrusts, and then, with his sword by his side, he stood waiting for Doog to come out of the tunnel.
  82. This is where the large payoffs started, and then it became larger depending on how accurately the gambler predicted the number of hits, feints, thrusts, parries, and so on.
  83. Charley Coffin said it was used for an ice-piercer; for the Narwhale, rising to the surface of the Polar Sea, and finding it sheeted with ice, thrusts his horn up, and so breaks through.
  84. Redoubling, then, the active energy of his thrusts, favoured by the fervid appetency of my motions, the soft oiled wards can no longer stand so effectual a picklock, but yield, and open him an entrance.
  85. She squeezed hard on his cock with her aching channel and gripped the root of his sexuality with her right hand, stimulating him into uncontrolled thrusts of animal desire that drove ever deeper into her.
  86. They had obviously wagered on a short match, and now, those who wagered most accurately, within the fifteen-second window, and on the number of thrusts, feints, parries, and rare maneuvers would be the big winners.
  87. Warriors fell to the ground within the hot press of the formation, either the victims of blind sword thrusts through the shield wall or because they had been brutally hauled out into the encircling mob and hacked to pieces.
  88. When the sacks had been torn to pieces by half a thousand spear thrusts and all the straw spilled out onto the ground, Dunk donned his mail and plate and took up a wooden sword to see how the men would fare against a livelier foe.
  89. A single instant was enough to assure him of the rashness of the measure, for he immediately found himself fully engaged, with all his activity and courage, in endeavoring to ward the desperate thrusts made with the knife of the Huron.
  90. On that bed she had been indifferent and motionless, to begin with, accepting his thrusts passively because he had coerced her; but, at the end, something strange had come over her, and almost against her own will she had moved in rhythm with him.
  91. He slams against the door, four times, five times, violent thrusts, wood splintering, sharp pain in his shoulder, until enough of the door frame has been compromised that he can reach inside and unlock the dead bolt and open the knob from the inside.
  92. Meanwhile, also, a tribe of Vanir adventurers had passed along the Pictish coast southward, ravaged ancient Zingara, and come into Stygia, which, oppressed by a cruel aristocratic ruling class, was staggering under the thrusts of the black kingdoms to the south.
  93. The Northwest Coast tribes have some gruesome variations where the original monster, Mosquito Man, thrusts his proboscis into a person's head and sucks their brains out, often so surreptitiously that the people around him don't even notice their companion is dead.
  94. Ho, officials of this house, high and low, great and small, make haste hither one and all, and print on Sancho's face four-and-twenty smacks, and give him twelve pinches and six pin thrusts in the back and arms; for upon this ceremony depends the restoration of Altisidora.
  95. Pursuing then his point, he soon, by violent, and, to me, most painful piercing thrusts, wedges himself at length so far in, as to be now tolerably secure of his entrance: here he stuck, and I now felt such a mixture of pleasure and pain, as there is no giving a definition of.
  96. Many of these patterns were discussed in Chapters 3 and 5: loss of momentum on successive thrusts, an extremely overextended market on the higher time frame, some type of double top or bottom formation where the market is unable to make a continuation, or perhaps a failure test.
  97. He is not easily astonished, he is still less easily terrified, he makes songs on superstitions, he takes the wind out of exaggerations, he twits mysteries, he thrusts out his tongue at ghosts, he takes the poetry out of stilted things, he introduces caricature into epic extravaganzas.
  98. The size of columns and piers, and the weights imposed upon them, the thrusts of arches and trusses, their proper abutments and ties and other constructional problems have been calculated with a sufficient degree of accuracy to determine the feasibility of the execution of the design according to the drawings.
  99. As they shared the spoils, had they not put me into a fantastic situation! Whoever envisioned a DP even in her fantasy? Sandwiched, didn’t I lose my orientation to stray into the climax? But when V said I could leave, didn’t I spite him by asking K to give me more! Seeing V sulk, how I enjoyed K’s lusty thrusts!.
  100. The end of it was that the licentiate reckoned up for him by thrusts every one of the buttons of the short cassock he wore, tore the skirts into strips, like the tails of a cuttlefish, knocked off his hat twice, and so completely tired him out, that in vexation, anger, and rage, he took the sword by the hilt and flung it away with such force, that one of the peasants that were there, who was a notary, and who went for it, made an affidavit afterwards that he sent it nearly three-quarters of a league, which testimony will serve, and has served, to show and establish with all certainty that strength is overcome by skill.

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