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Frasi con jurist (in inglese)

  1. How would you go about helping this jurist to reach a decision?
  2. Anatol Fedorovich Koni, a well-known jurist, a member of the Imperial Council and a writer.
  3. A jurist has asked for your assistance with a case involving possible racial discrimination.
  4. He became a jurist, but discovered that he could not advance without abjuring Judaism, so he became an.
  5. Favors to appoint a jurist as a judge with conditions to return favors, is unequal justice under the law.

  6. The jurist didn’t think this was much of a difference, but then one of the attorneys pointed out that these numbers represented a jump in the failure rate from 3% to 10%.
  7. He had at least read a few books including the quote from the Roman jurist Ulpian ‘anyone will tell you what you want to hear eventually as they would rather lie than suffer’.
  8. To express in the name of the congress its profound reverence for the memory of Aurelio Saffi, the great Italian jurist, a member of the committee of the International League of Peace and Liberty.
  9. Warren, who proved to be more the politician than the jurist, used his own persuasive powers and his new position of Chief Justice to achieve a unanimous decision by the Court, and wrote the opinion himself.
  10. It was Ashley’s voice that made this statement loud enough for all the room to hear, loud enough to penetrate even to Lord Grimsby’s ears; loud enough to force that timorous jurist back into a judicial calm.
  11. Jury nullification (a process whereby jurist reject the law or its full implication) is eliminated in the jury screening process by asking the panel to swear their commitment to try the case by a law that is not yet explained to them.
  12. The President, Nikitin, with a closely shaved, narrow face and steel-gray eyes; Wolf, with thin lips and small white hands, with which he was turning over the papers before him; then Skovorodnikoff, stout, massive and pock-marked, and a very learned jurist, and finally, Bé, the same partriarchal old man, who was the last to arrive.

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