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    1. who clings to this lonely keel with her

    2. He wants to get as much distance under his keel as possible while the daylight lasts

    3. He rabbits on suggesting all sorts of things and gradually normality is resumed … by the time he parks in the drive of the house I’m more or less on an even keel … if feeling totally washed out

    4. They built into the midships sole a sleeved, retractable keel which when deployed extended to a depth of more than three feet, and from leading edge to following was also about three feet

    5. Attached to the keel pocket they fitted a mast step and installed the necessary hardware around the gunwales to secure the intended mast

    6. When he turned the oldies up, loud enough to be heard, she thought she was going to keel over in laughter

    7. Many other people have reported similar sightings there since then, and John Keel has done a brilliant job of investigating them

    8. To dream of the keel represents emotional balance and strength

    9. “Her keel was laid before you or I was thought of,” replied the

    10. The spray spat into their faces, stinging and cold, but the boat was on an even keel and moved ever onward, slower but onward all the same

    11. Salic raised a foot and kicked the man in the stomach, causing his to lose his balance and fall against the keel of the boat

    12. It was a sound that every old mariner knew—the keel had just shattered in half, which meant there was nothing stabilizing the Calamity against the waves and the ship would flip over in seconds

    13. Pale sand was under their keel, about ten or fifteen centimetres down

    14. He made it a mission to try to know Jason better and to expose himself more to his boy, so that if Nick were to keel over tomorrow, Jason would have some direct memories

    15. They had the V-shaped hull and long keel and used the heavy ballast of the fuchuan but had the masts and rigging of the shachuan

    16. The keel was made of long pieces of wood bound by iron

    17. pathway of the keel in the waves;

    18. keel over and die from the boredom

    19. In the middle of each deck was a big block of oak, solidly fastened to the keel and side-ribs below

    20. many reesons to want to keel you,” Pascal said, shaking his head

    21. “I cut a bunch of holes into the pirate’s hull and sliced into the keel as deeply as I could

    22. After that, it was a matter of time before enough water flooded in and put enough stress on the boat to snap the keel

    23. She wouldn’t let me alone until she was sure I wouldn’t keel over in her parlor!” Mrs

    24. himself right into a broken section of keel

    25. "She hasn't the slightest doubt about my ability to put our ship back on an even keel

    26. keel has not been laid

    27. 'This keel will stain the blue waves crimson wherever it plows

    28. Conan glared shoreward; like a tongue of emerald flame, a ribbon licked out on the water futilely, an oar's length from the Wastrel's keel

    29. "I think Rosalie would keel over and faint if she saw us drive into together

    30. wind, knowing that the heavy leaded keel would keep him

    31. ” More than once he had thought about going to an AA meeting, but he always rationalized that he could still manage his drinking while still keeping his marriage intact, his job steady, his finances solvent, and the rest of his life on an even keel

    32. -The keel bone (a bone that runs down the front of a bird)

    33. And then those great barnacles, those wily worms, those avian overlords, those artful rats, those Piscadors; they live too on their mobile continent, federated along one keel, to steal a good phrase

    34. This assured that all the consumers were on an even keel; but as I pointed 143

    35. becoming more even as her keel started to slice across the top of the waves with

    36. It had a very short keel, making it look like something from the distant future

    37. They would then come out of that, glide inches above the grass for fifty yards, then push out for an extreme nose up flare, rise maybe ten or fifteen feet into the air, then tail slide down backwards, landing perfectly, but often heavily, on their feet and the back of their keel

    38. Occasionally they broke their keel showing off like that

    39. ‘Yeah, and the keel

    40. into the weakest portion of the keel,

    41. Just enough water was left, to float the cylinder into position over its heavy ballast keel, where it would be reconnected

    42. Because the dock was deep water, the large draft of the ship and cylinder under the keel was not a problem

    43. Max remarked, “You could always keel haul it into the rough position, you know how far along the hull the holes are, and with a bit of slack and a push from me, the suction will do the rest

    44. They would suspend the buoy slightly one side of the keel, to be in close proximity to the hole

    45. A stray bullet suddenly hits the passenger side of the car! The passenger window and the windshield window both shatter into pieces and fall onto the woman as the woman screams and keel over to her husband

    46. Resolved in using to the fullest this first space flight, she pushed a button that uncovered the high precision lens of a very high resolution reconnaissance camera installed vertically inside the belly keel of her space plane

    47. If that cover was really in the open position, then gases as hot as 1,400 degrees Celsius or more would be free to enter the belly keel during reentry, melting or burning everything inside and dooming her space plane to a fiery destruction

    48. Under her anxious eyes, a fantastic-looking craft with short, stubby wings and a sort of large belly keel finally touched down at the very start of the main runway, visibly trying to use as much of its length as possible

    49. The driver must have seen his mate keel over, thinking he was sick

    50. Nothing, I firmly believe, has kept the ship of the British State on an even keel so much as the inner life of our beloved Queen

    1. Unfortunately Danny and Annie were thrust unceremoniously into the analogue Dickensiana of real life when their father keeled over with a massive heart attack one Saturday evening while watching the family’s favourite football team being trounced by Hereford United

    2. keeled over from the force of the blow

    3. This time I was able to stay alert long enough to interest Nathaniel in Sesame Street before I keeled over once more

    4. The pair fought to control the boat as it keeled over until one gunwale was teasing the water

    5. Untying the chicken, I set it free, deciding that I'd be better off going down to the local shop for a frozen bird, while my nemesis took a couple of wobbly steps towards the gate, squawked once, keeled over and died from a heart attack

    6. his wrist as Cinder keeled over laughing, barely managing to stay in the air

    7. ugly beast keeled over and died from the sheer exhaustion of it all

    8. He could be here for years with no hope of escape, crushing rocks until he keeled over into

    9. him and he said, ‘Oh shit!’ We both keeled over from laugher

    10. Finally he gave up and keeled over

    11. I held out my hand for mercy, before I keeled over from exhaustion

    12. The danger that kept Jodas from a restful sleep also saved his life, sitting with his son in the nursery room he saw a shadow flit past the window opening, someone was on the roof, quietly leaving the child he went to Bunda’s quarters two rooms down the passageway, Bunda was fully dressed standing by the window in the dark, he turned, held up two fingers and pointed up towards the roof, they silently left the room moving towards the inside stairs recruiting four guards along the way, at the top of the stairs Jodas very slowly withdrew the bolts and they concealed themselves either side of the door, after what seemed an eternity the door slowly, ever so slowly, began to open, a foot then a head and finally the body came through the door, the second assassin following, both killers were dressed from head to toe in black clothes, when they were three steps past the door Jodas sprang the trap, after a violent struggle they were soon overwhelmed, stripped, bound and dragged, not too gently, down the stairs, the noise had brought more guards running and Jodas ordered a complete room by room search in case there were more killers lurking in the palace, the noise had woken everyone and Gled came down the passage carrying the baby, one of the assassins seeing her spat towards her and screamed that she’d get the same treatment as that whore Red Fawn, one of the guards hit him on the side of the head with the flat of his sword and he keeled over unconscious, Gled carried off this verbal attack with a nonchalance that gained great respect from everyone present, she then asked if anyone had been hurt, getting an answer in the negative she said goodnight and walked away as regal as any goddess

    13. Moaning, he keeled over at the base of the wall, in a fetal position

    14. Luka keeled over and took the couch with him

    15. The guard shrieked and keeled over

    16. There was a sound of high-pitched electronic feedback and then the cyborg keeled over, dragging Julianna down with him

    17. Keeled over in agony, he gazed at the offending item that was only a few feet away from him

    18. A dead animal keels over after being killed… or keeled

    19. Asia broke out into an all-out run, when she saw John in front of the house keeled over onto his knees

    20. By jings, we forgot to fasten that lean-to door! The nigger Nat he only just hollered "Witches" once, and keeled over on to the floor amongst the dogs, and begun to groan like he was dying

    21. The partition keeled over, and Phil and Louie kept staggering forward, toppling two more partitions before they stopped

    22. After a keen sail before the wind, this fourth boat—the swiftest keeled of all—seemed to have succeeded in fastening—at least, as well as the man at the mast-head could tell anything about it

    23. And by the eternal Poles! these same Trades that so directly blow my good ship on; these Trades, or something like them—something so unchangeable, and full as strong, blow my keeled soul along! To it! Aloft there! What d'ye see?"

    24. Back flattened anteriorly, a little angular in the middle, covered with small rhomboidal, obtuse, keeled scales; those of the sides larger and smooth, not keeled; centre of the back of a brownish copper colour; sides of a bright copper; broad bands or rings, becoming forked on each side, and assuming nearly the shape of a St

    1. "Aye, happy enough…until they started fucking keeling over

    2. same principle that allowed you to ride a bike without it keeling over sideways

    3. Abermôr in the winter? The news of someone keeling over in the street would have been all over the town by now

    4. Here, with the hot sun of Palestine and the walking to be done up and down steep streets and stairs, she was at high risk of keeling over on a moment’s notice

    5. Keeling reveals a lot about the occurrence of CO in the

    6. Soon Keeling Island disappeared below the horizon, and our course was set to the northwest, toward the tip of the Indian

    7. Nothing loath, his bowsman hauled him up and up, through a blinding foam that blent two whitenesses together; till of a sudden the boat struck as against a sunken ledge, and keeling over, spilled out the standing mate

    1. The scientist then keels over and shakes his head while making grinding beetlelike noises

    2. Teams of horses would drag the naked logs on sleds out of the forests and to Eid, where the master ship-builder would chop them by eye-measure into the shapes of keels and stern-posts and bow-posts and ribs

    3. The Force had the reactors designed for a ship twice as large as its then current destroyer and canceled the project after the reactors were built, but before the keels were laid

    4. Without a keel: the boat keels over

    5. A dead animal keels over after being killed… or keeled

    6. There are reports of many keels coming to beach down on the south coast, bringing new Saxon invaders

    7. His new horse was called Long-Neck and had belonged to a lost member of the troop, killed during the Battle of the Keels as it was now called

    8. And we brought home the rewards of yet another victory with us, consolidated victory over the Keels

    9. Back here again—a huge estuary and river leading inland where the Saxons can bring in their keels

    10. Above us, huddled among the brown weeds, there floated objects originating from all over: tree trunks ripped from the Rocky Mountains or the Andes and sent floating down the Amazon or the Mississippi, numerous pieces of wreckage, remnants of keels or undersides, bulwarks staved in and so weighed down with seashells and barnacles, they couldn't rise to the surface of the ocean

    11. He took pride in using a variety of Northwest woods in his products—sugar pine for keels, ash for the frames, Sitka spruce for the gunnels and the hand-carved seats, Alaska yellow cedar for the washboards

    12. And thus with oars and yells the keels cut the sea

    13. At this juncture the Pequod's keels had shot by the three German boats last lowered; but from the great start he had had, Derick's boat still led the chase, though every moment neared by his foreign rivals

    14. The Virgin crowding all sail, made after her four young keels, and thus they all disappeared far to leeward, still in bold, hopeful chase

    15. But no sooner did the herd, by some presumed wonderful instinct of the Sperm Whale, become notified of the three keels that were after them,—though as yet a mile in their rear,—than they rallied again, and forming in close ranks and battalions, so that their spouts all looked like flashing lines of stacked bayonets, moved on with redoubled velocity

    16. , the great reason for now laying the keels of the double-decked ships, be (as was lately acknowledged elsewhere by high authority) to test the intentions of the legislature as to a permanent naval establishment, he, for one, declared, he would not thus be tested, nor could he be thereby induced to vote in favor of the proposition; he would always be governed by circumstances

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