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Frasi con reel (in inglese)

  1. Next, put the reel on.
  2. I need to reel it in.
  3. Throw on the next reel.
  4. Now to reel in the catch.
  5. The reel is secured to.

  6. The benefits of a reel mower.
  7. Now what? There’s no reel.
  8. The arbor is the center of the reel.
  9. There isn’t enough to make a reel.
  10. When the fish rests, reel in quickly.
  11. The reel of destiny is coming to its.
  12. When the fish runs again, palm the reel.
  13. The reel of film played over in my mind with.
  14. The seas will reel to and fro in raging waves.
  15. Catch me, and reel me in with Your love for me.

  16. The reel fits into the reel-seat, one 'foot'.
  17. As expected, Tylin saw Joey’s face reel with joy.
  18. The larger the fish, the larger the reel you will.
  19. A spool is the part of the reel that holds the line.
  20. This way it won't take so long to reel in your line.
  21. I fumbled in the dark, rewound the reel, restarted it.
  22. As such, I used my fatherly authority to reel Casper.
  23. Pick up the rod and pull line straight off of the reel.
  24. The feet slide into bands or clips called a reel seat.
  25. This event will take place as the earth starts to reel.

  26. She wrapped the suction hose around the hose reel and.
  27. From his backpack, he pulled out a reel of black masking.
  28. There was even someone playing that stupid reel to reel.
  29. This march is the last figure of the reel, isn’t it?
  30. He glanced from the pad to reel off such items as wilted me.
  31. Names flashed by with film titles on stacked reel canisters.
  32. If your reel was not filled when you got it, here are a few.
  33. Up to Abingdon, Virginia, I can reel back the trip like film.
  34. Which way to use the reel? Most prefer for a right hander to.
  35. A reel has a handle of course which is used to turn the spool.
  36. A wild and ragged reel screamed out in the afternoon stillness.
  37. The others had to reel Joey up, and Karit had to take his place.
  38. The figure pushed his way through the door, causing Dan to reel.
  39. Backing (a bit like kite string) is used to help fill the reel.
  40. I sat in the dark and was stunned as reel after reel shuttled by.
  41. To fill up the reel spool and insure an adequate reserve in case.
  42. Presuming you already have the line on the reel, put the butt of.
  43. He lifted the tip of his reel, jerking the line, before answering.
  44. It wasn’t easy to concentrate with waves of magic making me reel.
  45. In the middle was a large open reel tape recorder, the reels still.
  46. At the same foam-fountain, Queequeg seemed to drink and reel with me.
  47. Oh, bother, bother, bother! Disturber struggled to reel in his.
  48. Drags are the part of the reel that creates pressure and prevents the.
  49. Still, breathing the same air ten thousand times makes the senses reel.
  50. A reel is connected to the seat with a long sanded metal object called.
  51. Finally he got wise and, lifting his fiddle, launched into the old reel.
  52. She hoped Helios ultimately lost all the clients she’d helped reel in.
  53. Tiberio is dead, and I hear seamen singing as they reel along the strand.
  54. It's the tape reel you checked out after that system fault six weeks ago.
  55. Phishing is to pharming what a guy with a rod and a reel is to a Russian.
  56. Still, breathing the same air ten thousand reprises makes the senses reel.
  57. Then the line gave a mighty jerk, and, with a whine, tightened on the reel.
  58. The reel drew to a close, and some of the party were in the mind of starting.
  59. And they wanted to hook me, reel me in, and toss me into an ice locker—today.
  60. When looking for a rod and a reel, it is always best to go for practical combos.
  61. A catamaran had stopped a short way off and a man was trying to reel in a fish.
  62. She can direct and capture past memories and play it on an imaginary movie reel.
  63. In use, a fly fishermen strips line off the reel with one hand, casting the rod.
  64. The first is it will fill up your fly reel before you get to the actual fly line.
  65. Whatever chance he'd had of damaging that reel of tape, that chance had gone now.
  66. Its arms moved with the jerking, spastic motions of a film reel set on high speed.
  67. Wemyss arriving on the scene made it, as it were, reel anew, and made it reel worse.
  68. And judging by the last reel, it was a miracle she hadn’t been roused to kill him.
  69. Each step is a winding-in of the reel as the fish is played out and drained of its strength.
  70. Donnelly played Miss McCloud's Reel for the children and Joe made Maria take a glass of wine.
  71. The write-ring was a small plastic ring that fitted around the hub of a reel of magnetic tape.
  72. Billy does know everything about pedigrees—he can reel them off at least a hundred years back.
  73. The tape drive could sense its presence when the reel was mounted on the computer ready for use.
  74. The moment he passed close to her, he caught the scent of her perfume and it made his senses reel.
  75. With one hand working the reel, the Dangler positioned the baited hook above the hole in the water.
  76. What he saw there caused him to pause, to reel back his head and to grimace with uncanny disbelief.
  77. Byron Hurt is a lecturer, filmmaker, anti-sexism activist who also hosts Reel Works with Byron Hurt.
  78. Quickly, he made a last entry in the Loan Register, under his name, for an imaginary tape reel number.
  79. Beth smiled widely at this, but her mind continued to reel with his words – Truman had killed a boy?
  80. The basic equipment needed to learn how you can fly fish is fly fishing rod with line, fishing reel and flies.
  81. The wooden reel and angular log attached hung, long untouched, just beneath the railing of the after bulwarks.
  82. The Dangler shouted Ah ha! and began furiously winding in his line, the iron reel screeching as he did so.
  83. A simple two to three pound bass caught with a fly rod will seem like a six pound fish caught on a casting reel.
  84. He would not believe in the possibility of failure; the mere hint of such a thing made his brain reel with rage.
  85. Wall Street would then, ironically, reel under the effects of the decline of the other European and Asian markets.
  86. He'd been sitting here now for two hours again, looking for a safe way to damage a closely-controlled reel of tape.
  87. Then take hold of the line with your line hand just in front of the reel so you can strip (pull in) line as needed.
  88. If only she were Scarlett O’Hara again, out there on the floor tuberoses in her black hair—she’d lead that reel.
  89. They were doing their part with costume wearing before the camera like real shoot but there was no reel in the camera.
  90. The loose coils rapidly straightened out in a long dragging line astern, and then, instantly, the reel began to whirl.
  91. Its forked tongue almost brushed his lips as it darted in and out, and its fetid odor made his senses reel with nausea.
  92. The reel of silk has run smoothly enough so far; but I always knew there would come a knot and a puzzle: here it is.
  93. Mitch yanked the frayed power cable from the greasy gears and again drew some slack from the reel, several stories above.
  94. He tore out the transcript paper and sat with the reel clamped between his hands while the rest of the message played out.
  95. The most common mistake many anglers commit when they practice is that they use the same rod, line, lure, weight, and reel.
  96. The probe-and-drogue method didn't need a boomer, just a big pod from which to reel out the hose with the basket on the end.
  97. It’s vitally important for investors NOT to participate in these stock market shenanigans that consistently reel people in.
  98. Most of the pebbles bounced off the railing in sparks, but enough pebbles hit the lazhinian to make him holler and reel back.
  99. Have the reel hanging in a downward position, with the thumb resting on top of the rod grip, and keep the hand and grip relaxed.
  100. He brought a rod and I got out my own and rigged a spinning reel, and had to find my glasses to tie on the bright painted popper.
  1. Scram, reeling on the carpet.
  2. Her mind was reeling and she.
  3. I know you’re probably reeling.
  4. His mind was reeling, and his heart.
  5. The room was full of reeling, drunk men.
  6. She slammed the window and stood reeling.
  7. The force of the blow sent him reeling.
  8. Hilderich’s mind was reeling from shock.
  9. Alyosha walked out into the street reeling.
  10. It will be a full scale reeling and turning.
  11. I’m still reeling from my morning’s event.
  12. His body was stil reeling from Nuuke's assault.
  13. She's still reeling from the events of yesterday.
  14. Scotty Shaw was on hands and knees, reeling from.
  15. He was reeling like a drunken man, but he came on.
  16. I was slowly reeling him in and escaping his trance.
  17. Frodo felt his senses reeling and his mind darkening.
  18. Still reeling from the spray of ammunition the crowd.
  19. That was less cryptic, but it still left me reeling.
  20. Fysto to the ground, reeling in agony from head to toe.
  21. By noon that Monday the public of Hong Kong was reeling.
  22. Reeling, Samantha said, I’ve, uh, met her years back.
  23. That’s me! he cried, his mind reeling in confusion.
  24. The world is reeling under the curse of sin; the need is.
  25. He wheeled, following as the balloon spun, and him reeling.
  26. Tracey came up for air, her heart racing, her head reeling.
  27. He fumbled with his fishing pole, idly reeling in the line.
  28. He was reeling, his steps faltering, his head bowed in shame.
  29. I managed to get into the back seat, but my head was reeling.
  30. The unexpected jump of the truck sent her reeling to the dirt.
  31. Distraught, faltering, reeling, Charles wandered about the room.
  32. Buster, I’m feeling a tug here! I’m reeling this baby in.
  33. His mind was reeling; it had gone from rejoicing to frustration.
  34. But how can I not believe it? The ramifications send me reeling.
  35. Her mind was reeling over the past and the strife of the present.
  36. The stone that clipped his head sent him reeling and plunging back.
  37. His heel struck Kerry in the ribs and he was sent reeling sideways.
  38. I gaped at Nudge, my mind reeling as she pulled me toward the hotel.
  39. I was reeling with so many questions I didn’t know where to start.
  40. Figurehead cameras humped away, burning figures into their reeling.
  41. Upstairs into who knew whose silent room, reeling backward laughing.
  42. Melissa was reeling again under what emotions, she wasn't quite sure.
  43. He couldn’t think of anything but the pain reeling throughout his.
  44. I did my best to recount the reeling spell I’d had in City Hall Park.
  45. Sam had fallen to his knees by Frodo's head, his senses reeling in the.
  46. The crushing blow to the back of my head sent my consciousness reeling.
  47. Besides, his own head was still reeling at the prospect of meeting Kiri.
  48. Her mind was reeling, her brain still trying to process the information.
  49. He goes reeling across the room, ending up on his ass near the chalkboard.
  50. Though my mind was still reeling a bit from the implications of what Zem.
  51. A new pain came, bursting in his mind and he sucked in his breath, reeling.
  52. Still reeling from her encounter, she wondered if she wanted it to be true.
  53. Hudson’s mind was reeling, crashing, exploding with sharp-pointed lights.
  54. He scowled at it, lashing out his tongue and reeling the bee into his jaws.
  55. She was still reeling, still trying to see if she’d missed something else.
  56. His craft was reeling out of control, heading back towards where we came from.
  57. The reeling of my setbacks were washed away with my exaltations and overjoyed.
  58. Vinnie seemed unaffected by the mounting speed, but Mitch’s mind was reeling.
  59. What was Hussein Moussa doing in New York, anyway? Carroll’s mind was reeling.
  60. The Kingdom of Dohlar was still reeling from the Army of Shiloh’s destruction.
  61. The feeling was upon him, like falling through space, spinning, reeling, turning.
  62. Conan lifted Valeria to her feet and together they started away at a reeling run.
  63. She thought about it for a long moment, her mind still reeling from his proposal.
  64. I watch as a woman’s elbow hits her in the cheek, sending her reeling backward.
  65. President, the boy replied, reeling in his line and zinging it out again the.
  66. However, Ostedes was stunned by the blow, and it even sent him reeling backwards.
  67. She obeyed and kicked up so hard it sent Fozzie reeling down the bank, to the pond.
  68. He swung his legs painfully off the dais, and staggered upright, reeling drunkenly.
  69. Ho, Karyl, he called, making motions with his left arm as if reeling in cloth.
  70. And then—she found herself trembling as if she were reeling back from a precipice.
  71. He hesitated, his own brain reeling with the fierce upsurging of his violent passions.
  72. Reeling at Hanor’s phenomenal return, but the Stone also represented a part of his.
  73. I looked at him blankly, my mind still reeling from the events of the last few minutes.
  74. In February 2008 as financial markets were reeling, Weyland decided the time was right.
  75. He was still reeling from her attack, trying to make sense of it, trying to justify it.
  76. Reeling, he groped for his coats and got them on, buttoning his overcoat up to his ears.
  77. But there was no shock this time; no swirling, reeling bewilderment of colour and scene.
  78. Dunk forced himself to his feet, reeling as he rose, but the maester helped to steady him.
  79. Nicole was in a daze on the drive home, her brain reeling as if she had just accomplished.
  80. A fat man grunted angrily and barged into him, sending him reeling into a sheet of hot glass.
  81. And mine! bellowed Trugga, swinging a punch at Rod which sent him reeling to the floor.
  82. I don’t think I can wait that long… She pants still reeling from Rain in her mouth.
  83. Reeling his thoughts in Cody moved over to a ladder that was leaning against the south wall.
  84. He opened the door for me and helped me out; I was still reeling from his earlier confession.
  85. It sent him reeling off balance and he fell headlong into the ground at the base of the wall.
  86. I filmed some of the party reeling in a few big fish, a couple of crocs sunning themselves on.
  87. He came out reeling right and left, giving orders this side and that in a shaky, slurred voice.
  88. The door crashed open and they were greeted with a stench so vile as to almost set them reeling.
  89. They were the nuclear explosion that sent her reeling into the darkest place she had ever known.
  90. He sat down heavily on the ground, his face ghastly pale, his mind reeling with the enormity of.
  91. I was still reeling from Luke ordering for her, knowing what she wanted without having to ask her.
  92. Djgarr was silent, reeling from the depth of his grief, without his bond to Athens to console him.
  93. His mind is already reeling, but the compulsion to see, the compulsion to witness, is overwhelming.
  94. As the stones touched, a blinding flash of light filled the room, sending them both reeling backward.
  95. Cooper grunted in pain and Jimbo uppercutted him in the jaw, sending him reeling back into the crowd.
  96. While my inner self was reeling with how bratty this mini-me was acting, I had to keep it impersonal.
  97. Reeling on wide-braced legs Conan drunkenly tore the door-flap open and staggered out under the canopy.
  98. I had drunk very little but my own head was reeling with the enormity of Duffy’s callous wickedness.
  99. They shared words but Holly was too busy reeling from everything that had just happened to eaves drop.
  100. His mind was still reeling from the revelation that Princess Aura and King Windom were his birth parents.
  1. He reeled in his gait.
  2. This trip, he reeled Nicky.
  3. I reeled backward from her.
  4. Alex gasped and reeled back.
  5. She reeled with the pain of.
  6. He dropped it and reeled back.
  7. His mind reeled at the thought.
  8. She reeled in the horror of it.
  9. He gave me a taste, and I reeled.
  10. The others reeled in fake horror.
  11. His brain reeled with the thought.
  12. He reeled at the sight before him.
  13. Marius reeled and said feebly:—.
  14. A shadow reeled into the guardhouse.
  15. I felt as if I was being reeled in.
  16. He gasped for air as he reeled from.
  17. Virocana reeled, clutching at his face.
  18. She shuddered at the sound and reeled.
  19. Harry saw stars, reeled backwards and.
  20. He tore it open and reeled into the hall.
  21. His mind reeled; nothing mattered anymore.
  22. She reeled off the description and waited.
  23. His mind reeled from the sight before him.
  24. Although seated, Marguerite reeled as if.
  25. He had been reeled in hook, line and sinker.
  26. She reeled back in horror at his foul stench.
  27. He reeled Silas in, punching him in the face.
  28. The stallion gasped and reeled in his course.
  29. I have reeled the streets, full to bile flow.
  30. He went out; he reeled, he was overtaken with.
  31. She reeled back and collapsed by a hall table.
  32. Jesse’s mind reeled with what she was hearing.
  33. I waited as the others reeled off their choices.
  34. Ascension, and was reeled in by this particular.
  35. Thoth reeled back, blood starting from his lips.
  36. He reeled in the saddle and had to suck air then.
  37. They were reeled away into the murky nothingness.
  38. Louie reeled in astonishment, his cheek bleeding.
  39. Merthin’s own mind reeled with the implications.
  40. Fearghal reeled and caught himself against the wall.
  41. Janice literally reeled back, her face shroud-white.
  42. Manda reeled around the room, her head in her hands.
  43. Joey reeled in anguish and yelled, clutching his arm.
  44. And my pole bent in half and I reeled in a sting ray.
  45. The fishing line reeled away into the blackness above.
  46. Her mind reeled with memories of a very special time.
  47. Mr Nikelseer reeled, clinging to the door for support.
  48. His mind reeled as he pondered what he was up against.
  49. He reeled and would have fallen had we not caught him.
  50. Conan's brain reeled with the punishment he was taking.
  51. But he reeled around the corner and held out empty hands.
  52. I reeled and pulled as hard as I could without letting up.
  53. Her flesh was stinging as she reeled from what he'd done.
  54. Vinny reeled his line in a little bit and glanced at Tina.
  55. He got to his feet and reeled about drunkenly for a moment.
  56. He reeled backwards in the chair and crashed onto the floor.
  57. Her mind reeled with the images of the man who had drowned.
  58. The man, stumbling, reeled toward Emory like a charging bull.
  59. Thomas reeled in the pain, locked it somewhere deep inside him.
  60. The Director reeled off the points in his matter of fact style.
  61. He reeled from the power of the dream which had enveloped him.
  62. He reeled back under the shock, wiping the tears from his eyes.
  63. He reeled over his foxhole and made a continuous choking noise.
  64. Claire reeled, pain tearing through her at the sudden severing.
  65. Suddenly he reeled and staggered out of the children’s bedroom.
  66. My mind reeled, I felt helpless to stop what was about to happen.
  67. He snatched the cord, reeled the raft to him, and climbed aboard.
  68. The demon punched Jacob once more and he reeled back from the force.
  69. The man reeled back, clutching the numbed member, his eyes clouding.
  70. He reeled as fast as he could, and when the fish finally broke the.
  71. I reeled outside and into the early morning darkness and biting cold.
  72. TIP! Once you have reeled your fish in, you need to catch it properly.
  73. Bêlit pointed to a slim round tower that reeled on its rotting base.
  74. With every inch covered her senses reeled with ever deeper revelation.
  75. Several others reeled the President down to the ground and covered him.
  76. His lips cracked as he reeled from the pain and his eyebal s felt like.
  77. In the presence of what I saw I reeled straight back upon my resistance.
  78. I looked up and saw that it was being reeled upward by a cranking device.
  79. The Dark reeled about him in still denser whirls up and down as a column.
  80. Now his resources reeled under the strain of four hours of concentration.
  81. Gaétan reeled and fell from his saddle into the bushes west of the trail.
  82. Clearly, you've reeled him in with sex, but that doesn't make a marriage.
  83. You will be reeled into the back of the C-130 through the open rear doors.
  84. The notepaper too was pink and so powerfully scented that my senses reeled.
  85. The commentator reeled off some facts about Millicent’s fighting history.
  86. It al hit him in a split second and he reeled from the shock of such sudden.
  87. Tears streaming down his face, he’d reeled a winding path out of the shed.
  88. Big Jim reeled back and forth on his feet as he tried to bring the shotgun up.
  89. They reeled about like drunken men, fumbling mechanically at ropes and braces.
  90. Her brain reeled with the drugging scent and she sought to crawl from the dais.
  91. Forty? My mind reeled with the image of forty Fae crowded around the three of us.
  92. She reeled back into the toilets, slipped on the wet floor but stayed on her feet.
  93. At the front gate Constance shouted something obscene at the guard, who reeled back.
  94. What's that, Son? The President stood up, reeled in his line and cast it into.
  95. But she grabbed him behind the neck, reeled him in, and muffled his mouth with hers.
  96. Yeah, that’s right, boys and girls, take a gander at what Captain Steve reeled in!.
  97. Yes, her healthy looks were beginning to appeal to me, I felt myself being reeled in.
  98. He reeled before the merciless impact of those hypnotic eyes, but he held his ground.
  99. Activity across much of the globe came to a stand still as its people reeled from the.
  100. It clanged on Conan's helmet, striking fire, and the Cimmerian reeled and struck back.
  1. She reels back, mouth gaping.
  2. His brain reels at the sights he’s seen.
  3. My own brain reels when I try to understand.
  4. We have no rods, reels, hooks, lures or line.
  5. Pressed reels, while cheaper, don’t have the.
  6. She reels to the ground bleeding badly from the wound.
  7. In the middle was a large open reel tape recorder, the reels still.
  8. Manually-operated fly reels have traditionally been rather simple in.
  9. Most anglers use simple spinning or casting reels to land the big one.
  10. At one point in time, fly reels were thought of as just storage devices.
  11. You build reels as well?! The three gentlemen almost said in unison.
  12. The young boy soon gets bored and reels in his line, but I still carry on.
  13. She passed groups engaged in Greek dancing, Scottish reels and Irish jigs.
  14. However, in recent years, more advanced fly reels have been developed for.
  15. The reels roll, we’re mesmerized, and we take in the drama at face value.
  16. I thought for a moment, watching the ends of the reels of ribbon gently sway.
  17. Certain reels are equipped with spool tension adjustment and braking system.
  18. Stu took over the entertainment and played jigs and reels with hardly a pause.
  19. His eyes snap open and view the world with crystal clarity, yet his mind reels.
  20. Would you also care to see a small selection of reels? was George's response.
  21. Cadwallader, going on with the arrangement of the reels which he had just been turning.
  22. Great, more mouths to feed, just when Shorter has gotten The Pill down, Sadie reels.
  23. I wondered what had become of Mandy, who’d brought me to tears with her jigs and reels.
  24. Each of these reels has a specific purpose, and offers you a different advantage when used.
  25. Extra reels were added onto entertainment movies as pure national propaganda and called news.
  26. Ellin reels back in shock and covers her mouth, then starts laughing and apologizing for her shriek.
  27. My guess is that several stores probably have entire blooper reels of me falling and breaking things.
  28. With the shapes and sounds come pictures, spooling reels in her head, the ticker tape grains of memory.
  29. Harry was sent to the workshop for the four brass reels they had finally finished during the last winter.
  30. He reels his arm back—about to hurl his sphere at someone—but sees me and Callen and stops mid-throw.
  31. She even took up golf to while away the hours when her husband was otherwise engaged with lines, reels and lures.
  32. I looked down under the mixing board at a row of two-inch reels cut by other artists that the studio was storing there.
  33. The vinyl disc and the reels of tapes that had great fidelity nevertheless were improved somewhat with the cassette and no.
  34. This time he was able to go through the two-month reels faster than before since he was targeting only one section of the paper.
  35. You need to be able to choose the right combination of lines and reels with your rod in order to have the best chance of catching bass.
  36. When it comes to bass fishing, there are basically three types of reels, namely the bait casting reel, spin casting reel, and the spinning reel.
  37. Fame porn is the vacation shots and lifestyles of the wealthy's escapades in endless self-promoting reels of 'Look where I've been and how I polluted.
  38. Gem watched the reels for hours, and it was always the same; never once did he make it through without pausing at her pod, to stare at her as she slept.
  39. Good lord, what a dream that was, sighed Tomás, his hands on the wheel, thinking of the rockets, the women, the raw whisky, the Virginia reels, the party.
  40. I came back into the Graybar Building with the reels under my arm and walked into a crowded elevator to get to the seventh floor to deliver them to my management supervisor.
  41. The data librarian, faced with a constant influx and egress of tape reels and magnetic disk packs for Production staff, was content to have him complete the log himself as usual.
  42. The back of the Dawhawks opened and the men threw down wires that connected to reels in the inside and slid down the wires until they reached the very bottom of the forest floor.
  43. You may have the resources to buy new reels, rods and lures when the fishing season draws near, but it is always possible to keep your gears in their best conditions for several years.
  44. After three hours of non-stop scanning and loading and removing reels of microfiche, he finally sat back and decided that perhaps he should have taken the coffee break when he needed it earlier.
  45. She reels off reasons as if she is reading a list of faculties in a university prospectus; qualifications, boys rather than men, too young to really know her own mind, being frightened of the responsibility.
  46. He settled himself as comfortably as he could, long experience teaching him not to sit hunched with his weight on his spine, and waited for the yellow light to flicker and the reels to automatically silently roll.
  47. Like blocks of tin soldiers the army covers the cornfield, moves up the hillside, stops, reels slightly this way and that, and falls flat, save that, through field glasses, it can be seen that one or two pieces still agitate up and down like fragments of broken match-stick.
  48. It was a dreadful pretend pursuit, through the vaults where all the film reels lay, toward the stone crypts where all the stars from those films hid, and under the wall and through the wall, and suddenly it was behind, and I was ricocheted through catacombs with the Beast flooding his flesh at my heels toward the tomb where J.

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