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    1. the water, reel in that anchor

    2. My mind was off on unguarded scary rambles and I had to reel it in before the boulders started glowing or whispering to each other - or to me

    3. would stare out at the world through glass eyes as a reel of film

    4. “Not only is this poorly crafted---note how the threads of the wraps bulge over the burrs left on the guide feet, and the gaps between reel seat, grip and hardware---now listen:” and he pulled on the rod to separate the two pieces which made not a sound at the parting

    5. The Sportsman and his companions, after completing satisfactory negotiations and making due payment for rod and reel, went back to the Hasting's Equipment Store

    6. To have as your own neighbor: a world renowned, internationally acclaimed Master Rod and Reel Craftsman should fill every citizen in this village with immense pride---just at his residence here, let alone his acquaintance

    7. George set him to hand rubbing and polishing as soon as he was big enough to hold the rags, and he spent hours sanding the glued and cured rod blanks, reel seats, and grips until his handshake was near as firm as any grown man

    8. I mentioned that by happy coincidence 'I knew that angler' and they at once insisted upon meeting you, most likely to get a better look at that rod and reel you were employing

    9. Each step is a winding-in of the reel as the fish is played out and drained of its strength

    10. And judging by the last reel, it was a miracle she hadn’t been roused to kill him

    11. The tarmac black as night, glistening with heat started to curl and like a giant reel began to roll down the great southern route

    12. The moment he passed close to her, he caught the scent of her perfume and it made his senses reel

    13. “Now what? There’s no reel

    14. He span around again, then again, chasing his tail until he could spin no longer, and when he finally stopped, his senses continued to reel, causing him to stagger from side to side

    15. ” He slowed the pace of the reel to glance at each ad in that day’s personals, occasionally stopping to read something that caught his eye

    16. A wild and ragged reel screamed out in the afternoon stillness

    17. Beth smiled widely at this, but her mind continued to reel with his words – Truman had killed a boy?

    18. weaponless, already on the verge of defeat, when he started to reel and writhe and

    19. 27 They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wit's end

    20. he could hear them reel off a million words a minute in their

    21. The reel of destiny is coming to its

    22. reel depicting the times she spent with her Grandma and the warm feel-

    23. of using a rod and reel to bring us in, He uses the life of His Son

    24. gets so excited to see us that even He forgets to reel

    25. the motorized reel and quickly bring it in

    26. I saw Mom reel and Dad jumped off his seat to steady her “Calm down angel!” Dad mildly shouted at me now, which shocked me until I remembered what Brandon said to me

    27. She can direct and capture past memories and play it on an imaginary movie reel

    28. The probe-and-drogue method didn't need a boomer, just a big pod from which to reel out the hose with the basket on the end

    29. “Stop the reel, Candace

    30. Then the line gave a mighty jerk, and, with a whine, tightened on the reel

    31. Now to reel in the catch

    32. “Oh, bother, bother, bother!” Disturber struggled to reel in his

    33. science reel with the time-release action of a flower's petals

    34. kid, and the nightmare continued like a movie reel even after he was

    35. squeezing, the event lived again-and-again like a movie reel that

    36. The liquid line ended at an iron reel set beside the handle of the pole, which was held in a pair of large, strong hands gloved in black leather

    37. With one hand working the reel, the Dangler positioned the baited hook above the hole in the water

    38. The Dangler shouted “Ah ha!” and began furiously winding in his line, the iron reel screeching as he did so

    39. He poured the water into the iron reel on his pole, all but a drop, which he draped between his fingers like a thread of spider silk, ran along the length of the pole, and looped through a hole in the tip

    40. `You're not going to reel me in this plot of yours

    41. Conan looked to see Amalric's lancers rounding the western ridge, but they did not come, and the pikemen began to reel back under the shocks

    42. He came at me, howling like a wolf—and then he staggered and dropped the ax, and began to reel in a circle screaming as I never heard a man or beast scream before

    43. Its forked tongue almost brushed his lips as it darted in and out, and its fetid odor made his senses reel with nausea

    44. The Cliffs Reel

    45. 'Their knights reel back from the sword-play

    46. The benefits of a reel mower

    47. Tiberio is dead, and I hear seamen singing as they reel along the strand

    48. Dracos then proceeded to reel off a list of food supplies, portable burners, sleeping bags, kerosene lamps, fuel and toilet paper

    49. and that made him reel but, he

    50. The reel runs both ways,

    1. every inch covered her senses reeled with ever deeper revelation

    2. With every inch covered her senses reeled with ever deeper revelation

    3. I have reeled the streets, full to bile flow

    4. He reeled at the sight before him

    5. He gave me a taste, and I reeled

    6. Janice literally reeled back, her face shroud-white

    7. Klarrain then reeled in the net, with Alan trapped in it, and drifted off, leaving Alfred's android to find a way to get its starship working again and take off before the crowd that was starting to gather got annoying

    8. Although seated, Marguerite reeled as if

    9. Tears streaming down his face, he’d reeled a winding path out of the shed

    10. Her mind reeled with the many horrors that might take place in the house,

    11. They were reeled away into the murky nothingness

    12. The invisible Huntress backed away from the little cluster of ships and once beyond the Naud's limited scanning range, reeled them the rest of the way into the reception bay

    13. Her mind reeled with memories of a very special time

    14. Her thoughts reeled

    15. The commentator reeled off some facts about Millicent’s fighting history

    16. Yes, her healthy looks were beginning to appeal to me, I felt myself being reeled in

    17. I reeled in this monster, he mused, but there’s another monster in Thimble Down that needs to be caught

    18. The world suddenly tilted and Darkburst's mind reeled, his eyes widening in awe, every hair on his body standing erect

    19. ” When he reeled through the first week in August of 1922, he almost missed what later would become the most exciting news Kate would hear since William disappeared

    20. His mind reeled from the sight before him

    21. Hilderich reeled with manifest horror weighing him down, making his legs weak, sagging his shoulders as if he had been pierced by an arrow through the heart

    22. This trip, he reeled Nicky

    23. The Dark reeled about him in still denser whirls up and down as a column

    24. She did not exactly fall, but she staggered and reeled across the room in a very undignified fashion and brought up against the door with a thud that jarred her from head to foot

    25. reeled to one side and Kumiko was flung across the room

    26. Her mind reeled with the images of the man who had drowned

    27. Manda reeled around the room, her head in her hands

    28. reeled to a halt, faced by a scene he had hoped not to find

    29. reeled in the slackness

    30. I was expecting Zacchaeus’ hand, so I lashed out at his cheek through my claw like fingernails, implanting my fangs deeply into his veins, his blood spurting out when he reeled his head to the side from the shock of my nails scratching at his face

    31. He reeled as fast as he could, and when the fish finally broke the

    32. "Someone turn on the lights," he said, as the movie reeled to an end

    33. Jesse’s mind reeled with what she was hearing

    34. His mind reeled at the thought

    35. But he reeled around the corner and held out empty hands

    36. My mind reeled, I felt helpless to stop what was about to happen

    37. “What's that, Son?” The President stood up, reeled in his line and cast it into

    38. Activity across much of the globe came to a stand still as its people reeled from the

    39. constantly reeled back into reality

    40. Several others reeled the President down to the ground and covered him

    41. Unfortunately, even though he was aware of it, she had such an effect on him that he was helpless to avoid being psychologically reeled in

    42. Then it reeled in pain as Titus had reversed his blade, gripping his sword two-handed for added penetration and leaping onto the demon’s back, this time he drove it deep through the scales into the beast

    43. He reeled back under the shock, wiping the tears from his eyes

    44. head reeled out of control, his breathing becoming short and

    45. The fishing line reeled away into the blackness above

    46. Confused, the Dangler reeled his hook in as fast as he could, wondering if his catch had freed itself and swam away

    47. As the liquid column ascended, the Dangler reeled himself up to the fountainhead, repelling off the pressurized tower of water with light-footed, vertical hurdles

    48. The final ribbon of hazy darkness from the cub’s tail had been reeled away, and with it the last petal from his necklace was returned to the sea, where they all found their way to the stars in the end

    49. Mr Nikelseer reeled, clinging to the door for support

    50. He reeled over his foxhole and made a continuous choking noise

    1. She's still reeling from the events of yesterday

    2. He goes reeling across the room, ending up on his ass near the chalkboard

    3. Twenty minutes later, and still reeling from the euphoria produced by so many expressions of Joris’s love for her, Kara was led back to the main gate of the compound and released

    4. And, still reeling from guilt, then I saw a couple of Gypsy women, suckling their babies as they themselves begged from a heap of rags with outstretched hands

    5. I’m still grinning as I traipse my dripping way back to the cabin, reeling and grabbing onto the walls as the deck swings with the movement of the sea beneath it

    6. waltzes life away to the fiddles reeling in her head

    7. I was quite taken aback and shot upright just in time to catch myself reflected in two pairs of mirrored lenses before reeling into two pairs of maroon shorts and almost passing out

    8. He had a hard time getting to the words in the letter, he was reeling just from the impact seeing her handwriting had on him

    9. and then was gone, leaving me reeling with awe

    10. Even though his brain was reeling with the shock, part of Andy’s mind tossed out the thought that it would have to have been a bloody strange accident

    11. She was a bit off balance with this, reeling, she said, “I don’t think I can remember anyone in my past talking about it in any way except to express sympathy over what happened to Tdeshi

    12. His mind is already reeling, but the compulsion to see, the compulsion to witness, is overwhelming

    13. The unexpected jump of the truck sent her reeling to the dirt

    14. However, Ostedes was stunned by the blow, and it even sent him reeling backwards

    15. Drawing close, Cletus sidestepped a swipe of Andrastus's knife, then knocked him reeling with the butt end of his spear

    16. Djgarr was silent, reeling from the depth of his grief, without his bond to Athens to console him

    17. She screamed as the flare ignited and searing purple flames exploded out of her chest, sending her reeling backwards

    18. ” replied Jim, reeling from the implications if they were really thinking what he thought they were

    19. Besides, his own head was still reeling at the prospect of meeting Kiri

    20. Fysto to the ground, reeling in agony from head to toe

    21. After all, who hasn‘t an ax to grind nowadays? By having succeeded in its efforts at marginalizing the individual, group grievances and special interests have provided the Democratic Party an opportunity of gathering fish with a mesh net rather than reeling them in with bait and tackle

    22. The Indian was reeling with hunger and weakness,

    23. The malevolence radiating from them left him reeling and confused, but by using the powers of The Way as a filter, he managed to continue with his task

    24. Swinging her bag by its long leather strap, she fetched me a whack against the side of my head and I dropped to my knees, desperately trying to hang onto my reeling senses

    25. ―multiple‖ effect such a reduction would have on social services, for example, in a nation already reeling from chronically high (12%) unemployment rates

    26. As the stones touched, a blinding flash of light filled the room, sending them both reeling backward

    27. The hook sent her reeling off the table, but somehow she used her hands like a fourteen year-old gymnast and turned her fall into a somersault that send her almost flying across the kitchen and a few feet away into the small living room where the TV was still on, showing a very familiar guy with wiry hair, smiling on a beach, wearing silly red shorts and surrounded by a plethora of large boobs that I wasn’t able to simply discard as trivial under the circumstances

    28. Hilderich’s mind was reeling from shock

    29. Scram, reeling on the carpet

    30. emotions were reeling when Jim, who had no idea that there was any

    31. I watch as a woman’s elbow hits her in the cheek, sending her reeling backward

    32. Cira was crumpled on the ground, reeling and raging, not just from the pan,

    33. I looked at him blankly, my mind still reeling from the events of the last few minutes

    34. The blast hit him and sent him reeling back, just long enough for me to fall through the other side of the gate

    35. But there was no shock this time; no swirling, reeling bewilderment of colour and scene

    36. The tumen on the flank was able to hold out until the reserve smashed into the enemy and sent them reeling to the south

    37. read out ‘Serial rake killer on the loose, six missing persons feared scraped to death, Runcorn reeling in a state of garden panic

    38. He opened the door for me and helped me out; I was still reeling from his earlier confession

    39. Her mind was reeling and she

    40. action that sent their collective senses reeling

    41. Reeling his thoughts in Cody moved over to a ladder that was leaning against the south wall

    42. The force of the blow sent him reeling

    43. mind reeling in confusion

    44. The world is reeling under the curse of sin; the need is

    45. Her mind was reeling, her brain still trying to process the information

    46. And the slow reeling clouds pressed down on the water,

    47. President,” the boy replied, reeling in his line and zinging it out again the

    48. I'm stil reeling from

    49. No," said Chrissy, her mind reeling, "I want to, and I will, but not in front of my Daddy's whole congregation, not like this

    50. His body was stil reeling from Nuuke's assault

    1. She even took up golf to while away the hours when her husband was otherwise engaged with lines, reels and lures

    2. husband was otherwise engaged with lines, reels and lures

    3. She reels off reasons as if she is reading a list of faculties in a university prospectus; qualifications, boys rather than men, too young to really know her own mind, being frightened of the responsibility

    4. “Would you also care to see a small selection of reels?” was George's response

    5. “You build reels as well?!” The three gentlemen almost said in unison

    6. Harry was sent to the workshop for the four brass reels they had finally finished during the last winter

    7. With the shapes and sounds come pictures, spooling reels in her head, the ticker tape grains of memory

    8. Gem watched the reels for hours, and it was always the same; never once did he make it through without pausing at her pod, to stare at her as she slept

    9. endorsements, playing up to fans but not for the fans, not really, and highlight reels that burnish self-serving credentials, begs the question, how about the love for the game for its own sake that has (seemingly) become secondary to self-centered attitudes and inflated egos; where gamesmanship has superseded sportsmanship? Bizarre behavior, taunting and jeering an opponent, especially common in higher profiled sports, has (sadly) provided the modern athlete with a receptive audience

    10. After three hours of non-stop scanning and loading and removing reels of microfiche, he finally sat back and decided that perhaps he should have taken the coffee break when he needed it earlier

    11. This time he was able to go through the two-month reels faster than before since he was targeting only one section of the paper

    12. My mind reels!

    13. I came back into the Graybar Building with the reels under my arm and walked into a crowded elevator to get to the seventh floor to deliver them to my management supervisor

    14. We have no rods, reels, hooks, lures or line

    15. gathered up creels, reels, rods and tackle boxes and started down the trail that led to

    16. overhead, and as the automatic reels sang in unison, they expertly cast their lines out

    17. The reels roll, we’re mesmerized, and we take in the drama at face value

    18. His brain reels at the sights he’s seen

    19. His eyes snap open and view the world with crystal clarity, yet his mind reels

    20. impression, it’s the proper use of the sense of hearing that actually hooks and reels your dream date in!

    21. My own brain reels when I try to understand

    22. paper reels in place, setting the inking systems up, all of that?"

    23. She reels to the ground bleeding badly from the wound

    24. The back of the Dawhawks opened and the men threw down wires that connected to reels in the inside and slid down the wires until they reached the very bottom of the forest floor

    25. The vinyl disc and the reels of tapes that had great fidelity nevertheless were improved somewhat with the cassette and no

    26. “Great, more mouths to feed, just when Shorter has gotten The Pill down,” Sadie reels

    27. He reels his arm back—about to hurl his sphere at someone—but sees me and Callen and stops mid-throw

    28. She reels back, mouth gaping

    29. Ellin reels back in shock and covers her mouth, then starts laughing and apologizing for her shriek

    30. Stu took over the entertainment and played jigs and reels with hardly a pause

    31. I wondered what had become of Mandy, who’d brought me to tears with her jigs and reels

    32. I thought for a moment, watching the ends of the reels of ribbon gently sway

    33. Fame porn is the vacation shots and lifestyles of the wealthy's escapades in endless self-promoting reels of 'Look where I've been and how I polluted

    34. She passed groups engaged in Greek dancing, Scottish reels and Irish jigs

    35. readers, reels them in and turns them into customers

    36. In the middle was a large open reel tape recorder, the reels still

    37. He settled himself as comfortably as he could, long experience teaching him not to sit hunched with his weight on his spine, and waited for the yellow light to flicker and the reels to automatically silently roll

    38. The young boy soon gets bored and reels in his line, but I still carry on

    39. The data librarian, faced with a constant influx and egress of tape reels and magnetic disk packs for Production staff, was content to have him complete the log himself as usual

    40. Extra reels were added onto entertainment movies as pure national propaganda and called news

    41. At one point in time, fly reels were thought of as just storage devices

    42. Manually-operated fly reels have traditionally been rather simple in

    43. However, in recent years, more advanced fly reels have been developed for

    44. Pressed reels, while cheaper, don’t have the

    45. strength that bar stock reels have

    46. All reels are

    47. reels, the counter balance is decoration but in older reels, if the weight

    48. arbor reels are heavier while a small arbor reel is lighter

    49. These reels are

    50. When it comes to bass fishing, there are basically three types of reels, namely the bait casting reel, spin casting reel, and the spinning reel

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