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    1. It’s a hiring process that ensures the leader of the organization has followers, and therefore, power

    2. Their leader had died of an imported pathogen just three local years ago

    3. And so, the dragon gang leader pushed Eddie of the cliff

    4. A soldier, obviously the leader, chatters angrily in Arabic, points his weapon at Ricci, Russ, John and Khalid, indicates with a downward motion that they should get down on their stomachs on the highway

    5. a leader to rally around

    6. He was a great leader because God

    7. Subsequent to the death of Moses, a new leader had to be chosen

    8. his example while we live on this earth, he will be our leader when all of life is gone

    9. elder, but in almost all congregations he is looked to as a spiritual leader

    10. Indeed, in any party there is always one person who acts as a leader, although nobody can actually explain the reason why: in general, these persons are egocentric, frivolous and capricious

    11. The strength of a godly leader is seen in Joshua

    12. As leader of the host of Israel he

    13. Jesus is the supreme leader in the church and He led by example

    14. sterling characteristic of a strong leader is that he practices; what he teaches and does not seek glory for himself

    15. He wants to be “the leader” of the church

    16. leader, (to rule, command; to have authority over; a prince, of regal power,

    17. she is not to be the leader, but to be in subjection (David Lipscomb and J

    18. The key turned in the lock as always, and in walked Robbie and The Man, their ever-present leader, their Knight Templar

    19. the kingdom of War are not inspired by their leader

    20. The leader of

    21. The wolf pack smelled the horses’ fear and waited for their leader to

    22. As the leader of the pack advanced

    23. When the other wolves saw this and smelled the blood of their leader,

    24. Maybe the “worship leader” will play the chorus an extra couple times because the reaction is right

    25. You want to showcase your business as an innovator, as a company that is a leader and as a company that is going to take charge in the industry that it is in

    26. a great leader and who sets out to free his village from

    27. What they were long on was endurance, the herd seemed to be having fun competing with each other for how far and fast they could run, maybe the one who gets the farthest is the new leader of the herd

    28. He marveled at how she could be so cold and hard when she was called upon to be the leader of the community

    29. It is upon taking over Israel that he is then promoted to being the world leader

    30. “Look, I can be a strong leader when it comes to running the camp; that’s no problem

    31. He will make an excellent leader for the community

    32. As he came down the mountain, Daniel walked like a leader of his people

    33. It was so easy to take out the leader and his minions; and it felt so good! Then he set himself up as ruler of these fools

    34. Watching their leader depart in disgust they were disheartened, and they began to loose badly

    35. He was the real leader, a huge bull, almost the size of Jake, with large red eyes glaring hatred at them

    36. The leader of the musicians sat in the middle of the group cradling uncle's finest bouzouki

    37. Slow down Jake, my word this is too much! Me? I cannot see myself as a leader

    38. Peter is a real leader, he and Alakar are bloody great!

    39. The way you have adjusted and dealt with your grief and your pain has marked you as a leader

    40. A leader needs all these qualities

    41. Ash blew on the little baby and keened a welcome call and told Andrew that his son would be a leader one day

    42. The rest of the team fell apart without their great talismanic leader and the country went into a deep state of mourning for a whole week after the disgrace of the final

    43. “need I remind you what it said?” She stood, assuming her role as leader, “Never again will a world die because of us

    44. 'With me? Why me! I'm no leader

    45. 'Parekh-ji is a senior Hindu party leader

    46. • Leader: The leader is attached to the end of fly line since the fly line is too thick to hold flies

    47. The leader can be identified as a tapered clear piece of monofilament

    48. It is attached to the end of the leader so that the leader’s end taper is preserved

    49. leader of the opposition, shadow trade secretary and old weasel

    50. But best of all, Naria had told her that the leader of this community was called Rytal

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