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    1. She was in a training room surrounded by high tech equipment and lethal weapons watching the group try to kill each other for practice

    2. Glenelle knew it would give a mortal a lethal burn if one was caught in the blast from an early 22nd century fusion shuttlecraft

    3. Its engine is an ancient daedalus and its radiation is lethal, but it is the biggest thruster in this system

    4. The central set of shelves held a selection of weaponry that not only looked lethal but also sported notes stating where it had been used, against whom and what the outcome had been

    5. Amongst other things she was instrumental in liaising with France to put an end to the black market trade in lethal feuhlstones and in uncovering Gerisse Stowman’s illegal immigrant scam

    6. If that was the Pink Dawn, it was far enough away that Gordon’s Lamp’s drivewash was probably not as lethal as the leakage from their ancient torch

    7. The discussion concerned a woman on death row, and she was going to be executed by lethal injection for murdering her husband

    8. He took it out on the troupe to a large extent and one or two of the girls, fed up with him yelling at them, gave notice and walked, even though they hadn’t anything to go to – a lethal situation for any performer

    9. done by lethal injection or bullet, the result was the same

    10. hold of a lethal dose at short notice

    11. Rapheal could easily have struck a lethal blow to her unshielded vitals

    12. After failing for so long to so much as scratch him, he never actually thought it was possible to hit him, let alone land a lethal blow

    13. He was truly a lethal fighter, if he fell, it would be at great expense to his enemies

    14. no option but to worry about the storm more lethal, which, here,

    15. Though many consider the Justicars a criminal organization just as much as other ones for their use of lethal force in the name of justice, others simply see them as vigilantes who are using the only way left of dealing with the ever-rising crime rates

    16. The 'this here' to which he refers is a short stick with a length of chain attached and a lethal looking spike at the end

    17. "It looks lethal," we observe, and Pong instantly goes on the defensive

    18. Yet the majority of its weight was due to an effective arsenal of lethal weapons, filling the various pockets: guns, neutron grenades that could eliminate any living being within a kilometre radius, the largest of which: no bigger than his hand

    19. Where’s the hope of survival with the electric chair? How do you fight back against a lethal injection?”

    20. from it in all directions, rather threatening in appearance, but lethal only for the information they

    21. There were, however, still contaminated areas, zones of lethal radiation

    22. Nor was there the lethal injection method for the doctors would have complained

    23. defence of his adversary with lethal efficiency

    24. Well intentioned and sincere voices are being heard that yell out the fallacy, in my opinion lethal, that there is no reasonable rationale for the war, which in itself is not “just” without the sanction of the United Nations Security Council

    25. “What if your human child became a doctor who only worked on the most lethal cases?” he returned

    26. I was already concerned about where my first round might have ended its potentially lethal flight?

    27. Lethal up close,” said the chief

    28. Johnson’s own tears splashed around his feet as the vet injected the lethal liquid

    29. He appeared to Molo as a cougar or a mountain lion, ready to spring up on its prey with vicious speed and cold fury, only because of lethal necessity

    30. Beyond the doors I could here his screams and his agony as his mind was being toyed with, so he could be made into a lethal, unsuspected weapon

    31. Feisty was one thing, but not playing ball when guns were involved was childish, even stupid and possibly lethal

    32. One of the bandits wanted to take the opportunity against Ethan, but Nicole’s aim had proven a lethal discouragement for Yuembe's men

    33. It glowed along its lethal path, struck the forcefield and detonated

    34. It dodged as best it could, but lethal rays struck often and mercilessly, making it sluggish and near collapse

    35. His punch was lethal, one walnut was enough to stun the nearest battleship into defenceless surrender

    36. Even the young are potentially lethal

    37. I can use an anesthetic and follow it by a lethal injection

    38. In her book Silent Spring Carson stated: “The most alarming part of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials

    39. If this infection spread to other patients in the ward, it would be lethal

    40. He who sends the message by the hand of the fool cuts off the persons feet, and has lethal

    41. For example, negative emotions and chronic stress are seen as strong triggers of the lethal conditions that lead to cancer

    42. to open the vents would expose him to another lethal dose

    43. They let children be exposed to lethal amounts of

    44. “You understand that if the level increases further you’ll be exposed to a lethal dose of

    45. Of the many disparate forces, some not at first aware of the others, which have slowly but steadily drawn together to form the Civil War, those directing the attack on religion are among the most lethal

    46. As I curved towards the hospital, I felt a twinge of guilt at not meeting Levi, but not knowing exactly what he was meant any interaction with the guy could be potentially lethal for my purpose

    47. The most lethal weapon of the Civil War is to destroy the common man through seemingly compassionate social programs that kill the spirit of the individual and make of free citizens a nation of beggars dependent on government

    48. The American psyche has been contaminated from the sixties onward by an epidemic of lethal ideologies that decay thought and erode individual and family integrity

    49. I took you under my wing and molded you into the lethal weapon you are today” he said “But never have I seen you this happy, so I guess that deserves a congratulations” he added standing up

    50. Any mistake might be lethal for all Earth life

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