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    1. Underling said in his deadly calm

    2. a deadly one, can remain in the body, even when bedsores have formed,

    3. That usually means either the management are foul or the job is deadly

    4. The whole episode played out on a video screen, a new level in a deadly shooting game in which we were the canned crowd expected to applaud on cue

    5. Burn pulled up out of the field and accelerated ahead of that deadly bow wave of debris so hard that he thought she'd rip the nacelles off their mounting

    6. Nlara hinted that it was a deadly adventure and Vyinga eventually gave in, complaining about having to relive this on every trip on this river

    7. moon, stepped on a deadly snake which struck her leg

    8. Meanwhile, the serpent, who now had Sons’ arm in its’ deadly grip raised

    9. deadly snakes guarding it, but the snakes did not strike as he walked past

    10. Was the brush he was sitting in infecting him with poison or disease? Were there deadly diseases in the water? Much of the water had splashed over his foot, would the wound be full of worms if he survived til daylight?

    11. A real nice crossbow and some arrows caught his eye, silent, but deadly

    12. ( An Achilles’ heel is a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall

    13. It was then that Jake realized that this was a planned attack - to do deadly harm

    14. “They are indigenous to this planet, and there is nothing fiercer or more deadly

    15. Then came five deadly overs that

    16. slid home with deadly force somewhere between his thigh and his

    17. You haven’t seen these guys in action yet,” Duncan told him, “they’re very fast and very deadly

    18. They are more deadly than ever when they know this

    19. No one had ever been able to tame a Snotig; they were a feral animal, deadly when penned in; they always reverted to their wild nature

    20. Never have I seen such speed; a warrior as fast and as deadly as Naria, herself

    21. “But LadyRayne that has all been tried before,” Kai interjected joining the group, “and the results were deadly; an entire family slaughtered

    22. presumably deadly societal ailment

    23. To Ava, who’s physical activities were slow sex and sunset strolls in the foam along the beach, she looked deadly

    24. “What are these ghosts?” Venna asked, picking at the horror like one fascinated with a deadly predator

    25. Most of her life has been spent fitting herself into oddly shaped spaces and her new friend has a certain naïve, if deadly, charm

    26. This rugged Northlander had a hard time absorbing just how deadly a drug his old girlfriend had been involved with

    27. We know that many cultures believe in the deadly ‘evil eye’, an apparent ability to kill others with nothing more than a stare

    28. He knew, from his tenure at Malvern, I was an excellent marksman with the bow and deadly with a sword

    29. Any attack she would dare to raise against Argos would be met with a decisive and deadly counter, which the computer mind would process at the speed of light

    30. It was an ancient one, and though the body was no larger than a human’s, it had been a most deadly opponent

    31. " Even having lived through the horrors of the Plague, Nathalia was by far the most deadly being Alec had ever seen

    32. dead, but works without faith is deadly

    33. But what worried Brice, Rafe and the others more wasn't the hordes of walking dead -- who could care less whether it was arrows or rain that fell on them -- it was the deadly and immortal Living Dead

    34. The Magic veneer that was his face appeared angry, violent, and perhaps even deadly

    35. The second wave tripped over the fallen first wave and, as they crawled forward they too became victims of the deadly sharpened steel traps

    36. The axe flew in his hands, its heavy metal blades as light as gossamer and as deadly as sin as he carved his way through the crowd

    37. Before Ostedes knew what was happening, Adros was on him, a deadly hurricane of black wood

    38. It wasn’t an overly decorative dagger, but it looked deadly

    39. There was no reason to believe that the deadly Altmer warriors and mages within the Embassy’s walls needed any assistance in their charge

    40. He had ventured into Dwemer ruins before in search of precious loot and always, every time, he had faced deadly traps

    41. And the images pleased him: the bitter smoke, the brilliant fire and all under a stormy sky that would not aid them with rain but merely blasting thunder and deadly lightning

    42. martial arts, the deadly techniques of hand-to-hand combat

    43. There was stillness: a deathly, deadly, impenetrable stillness

    44. His swift and targeted movements rendered him as deadly a foe for the monstrous marching armies of the Dominion as anyone bearing the Legion standards could hope for

    45. He felt contaminated by the creature's presence and its deadly smell

    46. that know any of these forms are very deadly - and more than capable of

    47. can even be deadly if the stylist is proficient with the techniques

    48. even more deadly though - is the fact that a lot of people aren’t familiar with it

    49. Contrary to what many may think, the competitions aren’t deadly, nor are they

    50. deadly martial art, stylists will be taught that every block is a counter, and ever

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    deadly deathly mortal lethal baneful pernicious pestilent venomous virulent deucedly devilishly insanely madly lifelessly noisome bloodthirsty noxious implacable sanguinary malignant fatal tedious tiresome