liberate frasi

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Frasi con liberate (in inglese)

1. You and I will return and liberate.
2. Liberate us through your leadership.
3. To liberate and reinstate the workers!.
4. His own forces were about to liberate Camp Dynnys.
5. Prasad states, When you liberate yourself from.
6. But my heart whispers, Nourish and liberate your.
7. This is intended to liberate one from earthly desires.

8. The words of Truth can liberate you from anger easily.
9. This however, did not liberate him from their clutches.
10. She wanted to care but made no move to liberate herself.
11. I shall liberate at least one animal from this stinking.
12. Living the dreams you want for his future will liberate you.
13. There is a sexual energy so intense that can liberate the psyche.
14. We all have profound capacity and capability to liberate ourselves.
15. Oh, little Firefly, will you have pity on me and liberate me from.
16. By sharing meals and giving ourselves, we seek to liberate the seed.
17. Osel final y managed to liberate himself from this false life created.
18. Messiahs are said to be those who can liberate or save their faithful.
19. Spirituality as a discipline of life tries to liberate us from this prison.
20. Join with us so that we may liberate our regions from this awful intrusion.
21. The President wants us to do everything possible to find and liberate Cooper.
22. As I said, I wish there was a way to liberate that train, but there isn’t.
23. Art endlessly seeks to liberate life from labor and transform it into creation.
24. Strategic-thinkers strive to liberate themselves, while the average person would.
25. Currently the Nagas struggle to liberate him and who more virtuous than they?
26. It is those people I pity, and for their sake I should like to liberate the serfs.
27. She, however, knew in her heart that Clara's influence was over him to liberate him.
28. We do not need to liberate the heart, for all of this has happened because of it.
29. But if you enter a heart by Love, if that heart loves, it will liberate you with Hope.
30. We have to liberate our nations from the dangerous claws of Zulimistan and its allies.
31. It will liberate you for the first time in your lives and you can realize the full.
32. But to really liberate the trapped gas they needed a way to move it towards the surface.
33. Click here to watch a video that uses the sound frequency of 396 Hz to help liberate fear.
34. And the Romans had offered to help the Israelites in their efforts to liberate themselves.
35. I am on earth solely to comfort the minds, liberate the spirits, and save the souls of men.
36. We were trying to liberate maybe a hundred kidnapped kids from a New Order testing facility.
37. Just relax and listen as the recording works with you to liberate your sexual creativity and.
38. Not only is everyone born sinful, but we can never liberate ourselves from that dreadful state.
39. Why then, Chepe had asked, couldn’t he liberate himself? He had nowhere to go, was the answer.
40. Mind Line - patterns of questioning that may liberate one from the metaphor in which they are stuck.
41. We grant this in words such as rights, decree it in words like law, and liberate with words like love.
42. We built a zero point energy device that will liberate us from the oil conglomerates, Romano said.
43. The domestication of animals and grain crops helped liberate people from perpetual travel in search of food.
44. Provides an opportunity to identify and liberate ourselves from things we want which may not be in our own interest.
45. There is a way to liberate yourselves from the distorted and contorted emotional and spiritual chains that bind you.
46. That is the way to liberate yourselves from the distorted and contorted emotional and spiritual chains that bind you.
47. All these organization expressed their wish to liberate Pondicherry from French control and merge with the Indian Union.
48. Kano was a hero, but when the Americans came to liberate the camp, two of them tried to rip the insignia off his uniform.
49. One hour later, the news came that young Martha Pfalz had been killed while helping to liberate the camp in Theresienstadt.
50. Starvation, assisted suicide, econocide, whatever it takes to liberate us from its tyranny, Steve's urgency was apparent.
51. There’s no logical doubt that the nations of the world need to join as one, and liberate the planet from the threat of war.
52. Greg continued to maintain a low profile, but Avi and the girls routinely shopped at the supply depot they had helped liberate.
53. Brute economies can morph an age of information into a blind market ignorance, where knowledge is used to purchase, not liberate.
54. This day of Pentecost witnessed the great effort of the spirit to liberate the religion of Jesus from its inherited Jewish fetters.
55. Or, it doesn’t matter; it was right to attack an evil dictator and liberate the people (set-up a phony democracy that we run remotely).
56. If you got a will to share, that's how we'll liberate ourselves from the insatiable appetite of the WarChine that wants to devour the world.
57. Why do they, you know, umm, do that awful thing to some pets? whispering to HA, Nuluv looked at the crate, longing to liberate the little monster.
58. Some state that they wanted to flee Italy to Gaul or Hispania, others say that Spartacus and his followers wished to liberate all the slaves of the Empire.
59. The great rebellion to liberate the individual from the tyranny of an impersonal government ended in the coronation of I'mage as idol and GovCorp as person.
60. As I prepare to leave you, I would liberate you from all administrative responsibility which had its inception and authority in my presence as one among you.
61. The reaction between the two types of vapors then liberate massive amounts of energy that is funneled out through our main rocket nozzle, propelling our ship.
62. He had forgotten to liberate his housekeeper and her daughter, and, as he was a bachelor, his estate went to his next of kin, the elder Princess Chechevinski.
63. McKinley's arrogant and racist actions caused the unnecessary war in the Philippines in the first place, people he theoretically had launched a war to liberate.
64. His objective was simple, go into the rain-forest and kill or capture the fleeing Khmer Rouge stragglers, ahead of the main push through to liberate Phnom Penh.
65. It will scare the pants off most of America, mad Jews running around with atom bombs threatening to blow up Minneapolis unless we send troops to liberate Israel.
66. The Palestinians hadn’t been sitting around waiting for the Arab states to liberate them: They’d set up a whole set of rival liberation movements of their own.
67. The average was about 70,000, which meant that over the next half-month or so, they were going to liberate the next best thing to 310,000 sick, starving, desperate people.
68. This was Keith, one of the two men – little more than a boy back then – who had helped her liberate the troll from the experimentation centre what seemed like a lifetime ago.
69. Ultimately more than eight hundred thousand British and Canadian troops and one million three hundred American troops were assembled to take part in the great battle to liberate Europe.
70. As the result of that alternative system, I realized that the only way to liberate myself was to become a monetary abolitionist, which is categorically antithetical to economic terrorism.
71. The word necklace was made infamous by one Winnie Mandela in a speech when she said Together, hand in hand, with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.
72. The Law hates because it decrees what is right and wrong and hates and punishes the wrong, which is often love, since Love does not seek to condemn and punish, but to forgive and liberate.
73. The other half of your unit will in the meantime liberate the camp of Natzweiler/Struthof, in the Alsace region, before freeing in succession two transit camps situated inside France proper.
74. The Army of the Sylmahn was simply too vulnerable, especially now, and Cayleb and Stohnar were resolved to liberate the Inquisition’s camps in northern Siddarmark at the earliest possible moment.
75. Part of you will first help liberate the camp of Ravensbrück, a concentration camp reserved for women and where many brave French women from the Resistance are being starved and tortured slowly to death.
76. There now, you wish to liberate your serfs, he continued; that is a very good thing, but not for you—I don’t suppose you ever had anyone flogged or sent to Siberia—and still less for your serfs.
77. The gravity of the words, the idea(l)s, the memes of our minds shape us by the language we use; the memes are the linguistic gravity we live in; they are also the same organisms we can use to liberate ourselves.
78. The only things he agreed to do were to communicate to Maslova that a mitigation had arrived for her, and to promise that he would not detain her an hour after the order from his chief to liberate her would arrive.
79. Also as a result, the rate and depth of breathing increases to liberate other hormones chiefly from the pituitary gland with specific target organs such as the skin, stomach, colon and cardio - vascular system.
80. The obscurity augmented the acuteness of his hearing; at the slightest sound he rose and hastened to the door, convinced they were about to liberate him, but the sound died away, and Dantes sank again into his seat.
81. There is no institution for whose history I have a deeper admiration; but I cannot honestly be ordained her minister, as my brothers are, while she refuses to liberate her mind from an untenable redemptive theolatry.
82. US President McKinley ordered the conquest and betrayal of the Filipino people they were supposedly there to liberate in what is variously called the Filipino War, the Filipino Insurrection, or the US-Philippines War.
83. If you could only enjoy the inspiring satisfaction of knowing God as your spiritual Father, then you might employ your powers of speech to liberate your fellows from the bondage of darkness and from the slavery of ignorance.
84. On the other hand, Pierre demanded that steps should be taken to liberate the serfs, which the steward met by showing the necessity of first paying off the loans from the Land Bank, and the consequent impossibility of a speedy emancipation.
85. Why then, do so few choose to liberate themselves and be the best possible, hold fast instead to selective sight, discretionary hearing, cautious speech, and insulated hearts, while they allow their minds to be overstuffed with others’ views?
86. Thus the fight to liberate oneself to create oneself is usually won through purchase and conquest, not liberation from ownership, because all cultures celebrate ownership when and wherever they own, rather than share, and profit, rather than care.
87. He assumed that his friends, the Americans, would just tut tut loudly and let him off, but instead President George Bush Senior and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher denounced his action and arranged for a United Nations force to liberate Kuwait.
88. De Gaulle was somber as he remembered the reports brought back by the Free French troops that had helped liberate the Neuengamme concentration camp a year ago, an operation that had also been led by Nancy Laplante when she was still working for the British.
89. Only we and the history of our gifts, not the day and the ancestry of its inception, have the ability to liberate ourselves – a family of living dolls – from boxed take-out serve and waste survival to Open the doors; everyone welcome! share and feast celebration.
90. You know Mithian Cigars, being shipped from another planet many light years away, are extremely expensive and very difficult to acquire, and when I learned that Hurd had purchased two dozen of them, it became my duty to liberate this most precious commodity from this tyrant.
91. It was orchestrated by Hussayn, the Sharif of Makkah and leader of the Hashemites of the Hijaz, and supported by Britain, the southern revolt aimed to liberate the Arab lands from the Turk and to establish an independent state with Husayn as Khalifa of the world of Sunni Islam.
92. Our Project can substitute the whole state-owned system and to liberate any country of this immense social cost because it generates automatic income for all citizens, organizations and the State, besides satisfying all the socioeconomic necessities of the country with low cost.
93. Once he’d realized the Inquisition was about to arrest him, whatever else happened, he’d deliberately diverted suspicion from Thirsk, and that revolver had been part of the evidence to prove he’d been suborned by Charis, not working to liberate his commander’s family from Church custody.
94. North Africa and Arab states suddenly liberate themselves and become emblems of democratic desires, while post-industrial western nations march out legions of austerity propagandists to terrorize dream-starved populaces with tyrannies of corporate malfeasance enforcing social penury for slaveholder's benefit.
95. There is a strong and popular belief that the association of Abraham with the Kaaba was Mohammad’s personal invention to serve as a reason to liberate Islam from Judaism to make his religion different in nationality, ceremonies and the way of going to Heaven, deceiving his own conscience and those of others.
96. Fortunately for him and for those he seeks to help, Amir Javid is making a courageous transition from level 3 to level 4 awareness where the unconscious drives of level 3 are becoming objects in his awareness that he can now take into consideration in his efforts to liberate other gang members from their level 3 imperatives.
97. Where would the forces have come from? Where would they have been hidden? And how would Raidan have anticipated needing to capture the Harbinger early enough to make the preparations? Unless it hadn’t been Raidan at all… perhaps someone who wanted to liberate Raidain, or maybe even take him captive for some other purpose.
98. Before we relinquish the conflict, I wish to see Great Britain renounce the piratical system of paper blockade; to liberate our captured seamen on board her ships of war; relinquish the practice of impressment on board our merchant vessels; to repeal her Orders in Council; and cease, in every other respect, to violate our neutral rights; to treat us as an independent people.
99. The rising generation of Muhammadans would tread the steps which have conducted the Hindus, not long ago the most bigoted nation on earth, into their present state of easy tolerance, such a tolerance implies a less earnest belief than their fathers had; but it has freed them, as it would liberate the Musalmans, from the cruelties which they inflicted, the crimes which they perpetrated, and the miseries which they endured, in the name of a mistaken religion.
100. In order to accomplish these ends they have long since instituted laws in regard to intemperance that can never avail to destroy it; educational projects that not only do not prevent the spread of ignorance, but do everything to increase it; decrees in the name of liberty that are no restraint upon despotism; measures for the benefit of the working-man which will never liberate him from slavery; they have established a Christianity which serves to prop the government rather than destroy it.
1. It was a liberating thought.
2. It was liberating and wonderful.
3. It was a strange but liberating.
4. This is an incredibly liberating.
5. It was liberating and yet unsettling.
6. And strangely, it’s very liberating.
7. Sex as such is not liberating for women.
8. This should be an extremely liberating.
9. Liberating only meant they were on the attack.
10. The fear liberating mantra is a gift of courage.
11. Richard Harland – Liberating the Writer Within.
12. But it’s an incredibly liberating process to do so.
13. America was liberating another middle-eastern country.
14. Renunciation of the false is liberating and energizing.
15. I felt my body was liberating pain, when I heard a sudden thud.
16. Q: I was told that the liberating action of satsang is automatic.
17. Until then, we might have to rely on the liberating power of Freedom.
18. Truth is a liberating revelation, but love is the supreme relationship.
19. When she knew that she had a choice, there was that liberating feeling.
20. This is liberating, it takes you off the wheel of reward and punishment.
21. Far above I can hear a lark singing – it is a wonderful, liberating sound.
22. A Navy SEAL parachuted aboard and he took no prisoners whilst liberating us.
23. Once that is done, we could then concentrate on liberating the Baltic states.
24. While the Americans were liberating her home, Zoe was trying to keep Eva alive.
25. For the fisherman, there was something liberating about performing the handshake.
26. Even though he hadn't been in the cell for long, it felt truly liberating to be out.
27. Besides, where's the memorial to all the gallant Slovaks who died liberating Bratislava.
28. Gradually, one by one, his fingers peeled back as if liberating a prisoner held for too.
29. Understand that anger, well used and positively translated, is motivating and liberating.
30. She told me that her anguish had at last spurred Linton to incur the risk of liberating her.
31. What a liberating experience it was to see a Sassenach penis in full swing on a public stage.
32. But strangely enough it feels liberating, as if the bottled up sadness from years is coming out.
33. The truth that life is eternal is liberating and sets one free from any limitation of expressions.
34. Being released from her bonds had been liberating and Tracey was in the mood for playing once more.
35. If anyone is up to the task of liberating the Planes surely it is you, the stone giant declared.
36. Proctor’s liberalism, which seemed liberating to him, helped destroy our nation’s moral compass.
37. A good conscious can’t change its mind; the mechanism of liberating from burdens walks with repairs.
38. A hero performing a God like transformation after liberating his soul in particular rituals and magic.
39. This courageous love's sharing and gifting, equipping and liberating is not tough, but gently brave unto death.
40. How’s that for a friendly banker? Just knowing that you have that flexibility and these options, is so liberating.
41. The stated avant aim is to release the viewer to join the artist in expression of a new and more liberating freedom.
42. When we are heartmind, our transcending spirit shall be this liberating Love and its Beautiful Unfolding in the world.
43. And it feels so liberating to be able to exercise my will power more and more and gain a sense of ownership of my life.
44. The action of organized labor will help in liberating and directing these 'moral forces'; but Labor cannot do it alone.
45. In the process of liberating, of strengthening this force, the true life of man, according to Christ's teaching, consists.
46. They will kill the nearest fish, but by liberating the oxygen in the water will also cause those further away to surface.
47. There was a restrained but palpable sexual tension, both liberating and arousing and I decided to see how far I could go.
48. Or was it possible to love something and hate it at the same time? For liberty to be tyrannical, and tyranny liberating?
49. What a wonderful, liberating surprise! And from the seed of this special insight flowers the first of much new inner strength.
50. This reimagining is our chance at a liberating ecolibrium of actual necessary collective labor and maximal chosen creative play.
51. Those filled with hatred for America gather to lay siege to the liberating institutions that support the common man they despise.
52. The feeling of open space was liberating, exhilarating, fully unburdened of the sordid crush of a population packed so tightly in squalor.
53. Christianity came with refreshing comfort and liberating power to a spiritually hungry people whose language had no word for unselfishness.
54. These are surely exciting and liberating unequivocal messages of hope, forgiveness and mystical relational love and compassion for all people.
55. When a great truth seeker and a great truth giver meet, the result is a great and liberating enlightenment born of the experience of new truth.
56. But, covertly, many of them conspired against the Axis; realising that the only chance of liberating their country was through an Allied victory.
57. He decided it would be fun to cook together, so he tidied up and lit some candles and put the groceries away, liberating the lobsters into the sink.
58. For from any seed of freedom can sprout the liberating tree of revolution, because as soon as you think you need freedom, you have already revolted.
59. To free slaves in your dream implies that you are liberating an aspect of yourself that you have been suppressing or that you have previously not expressed.
60. Focused attention to the tightrope stream of now-moments and the clear and open-minded walk along it bring about a profoundly liberating interaction with the world.
61. The idea was to pretend the war was about liberating Asia from imperialism; in fact the Japanese just imposed their own brutal imperial rule on their fellow Asians.
62. But what if we voted the public ideal, the collective needs, equitable dreams, freedom of becoming, and a liberating ethic of love as the means and care as the ends?
63. Our agents have been spending the last twelve hours liberating hundreds of thousands of inmates held in horrible conditions in German concentration camps across Europe.
64. We should keep a loose blockade around Japan and its island garrisons and concentrate in liberating ex-allied territories in Asia, while disarming and occupying Germany.
65. And rather than viewing this information as an affront to human dignity, consider that human evolution from primates is perhaps a reality and thus liberating information.
66. But there is nothing quite so liberating as being free of the Fear of Ravishment—which, unless she dresses as a Man, a Woman can ne’er, not e’en for a Moment, forget.
67. It was a radical idea, liberating all the forms of art, making it available to everyone who had access, but it was an idea that the world was not quite ready for at the time.
68. We are planning on taking and liberating all the transit and concentration camps run by the Germans in Europe tonight, three of which are inside France or just over the border.
69. With no buttons or fastenings and nothing but bare skin beneath, it felt both liberating and cool with the breeze able to circulate everywhere; ten times cooler than shorts and shirt.
70. On September 9, less than five weeks after his brother-in-law’s fatal mission, Hartington was also dead, shot while liberating the town of Heppen in Belgium, then under Nazi control.
71. But he was so relieved to be free of the season of deception he had endured with his false bride that it had been utterly liberating just to be able to carry his own weight and no one else’s.
72. He sought out a teacher, and when he found one in the person of Marpa, he began years of remarkably strenuous and committed practice, which led him to a deeply liberating wisdom and compassion.
73. I agreed it was liberating, silently hoping she didn't fancy me, and suggested she concentrate on the road that wound deep into a gorge with cliffs on one side and a drop to the river on the other.
74. The physical wounds were nothing though compared to the mental wounds caused by seeing so much cruelty and human suffering on a continuous basis, especially while liberating German and Japanese internment camps.
75. Though the comfortable idea of a constant self seemed to make sense from a visceral perspective, he could see how a truly evolving (and therefore ever-new) state of being would be considerably more adaptive and liberating.
76. The reforming party cordially welcomed and courted him, in the first place because he was reputed to be clever and very well read, and secondly because by liberating his serfs he had obtained the reputation of being a liberal.
77. A techno culture is full of stories of heroes and winners – conquerors, decimators, eliminators of others; a wisdom culture is full of stories of healers and sharers – renewers of others, liberating voices to the choice to be self-created.
78. The aphrodisiac earth, connecting all through simple fungi; the embryonic waters, the first element tasted and bathed in; the passionate fire purifying the ground and liberating the seed; the resuscitating air flowering consciousness with breath.
79. Islamic law and Islamic history have been felt to be a storehouse of solutions to today’s difficulties to be ransacked for binding precedent rather than a record of brave dealing with yesterday’s difficulties, to be emulated as liberating challenge.
80. He also talked to Hilderich about how him and Olom united their efforts with the same purpose of liberating the people first from ignorance and then from the dogmatic yoke of the oppressing Ruling Council, relaying to him how bright and hopeful those times had seemed.
81. The Cultural Revolution and its liberating impact on society altered the social dynamics of our schools and universities in a manner that encouraged its more radical members to step out of the (ideological) closet and freely pursue its anti-Western/ traditional mainstream agenda.
82. I’ve looked at America’s past and it’s mixed, but when you factor out the deliberate attempts to bury the good and exaggerate our errors in most of the reporting, you see America is trying to improve the world with her liberating foreign policies and her free market economics.
83. If love is not the trans-culture, then the love of liberating self-creation cannot evolve to its fullest, since it will be constrained by a greater culture, which, by necessity, will be a self-cloning, homozygotic monoculture intent upon its own perpetuation, regardless the price or sacrifice.
84. The weather—thank God—promised to remain mild while they went about trying to evacuate them and move them to safe areas deeper into the Republic, but their numbers would actually exceed the number of men in the liberating armies, which explained the serious impact it was going to have on his logistics.
85. And what does that have to do with liberating pets from these foods mills, or keeping you from assassinating new forms of consciousness? Ralf was impassioned and feeling quite irrational; he sensed he was suddenly being called to do something significant, just like he had always dreamed of being – a hero.
86. That is why credit havens and debtor sanctuaries in the coming diaspora will be seen as terrorist camps; for those who seek equality, which is the root of peace, will find themselves at the crossroads between being patriots to WAR or disciples of peace, swearing allegiance to ownership or equality, conquering in the name of nation or liberating in the spirit of love.
87. The most sanguine projector, however, could scarce flatter himself, that any augmentation of this kind would be such as could give any reasonable hopes, either of liberating the public revenue altogether, or even of making such progress towards that liberation in time of peace, as either to prevent or to compensate the further accumulation of the public debt in the next war.
88. It looked just like the day after that legendary bout in Kinshasa, possibly due to the fact that Obinze, the man in charge of the premises, had seen the fight live as a small boy and had afterwards run around in the liberating monsoon rain shouting “Ali Bomaye!” That double-time canter was not just his happiest memory, it also marked what he called the last moment of “the days of innocence”.
89. In order to satisfy the people, the rich and the great were, upon several different occasions, obliged to consent to laws, both for abolishing debts, and for introducing new tables; and they probably were induced to consent to this law, partly for the same reason, and partly that, by liberating the public revenue, they might restore vigour to that government, of which they themselves had the principal direction.
90. This strategy is the largest challenge, so much for XUSING Project’s sponsor, as for all the excluded people that act in the new Coordenational Structure because the process begins of the nothingness, besides the people receive knowledge and practice of the new methodology to practice all the activities with new behavioural style and ecological conscience, liberating them of the contamination or addictions of the current socioeconomic system.
91. Every wealthy person is a banker, and these souls of good will will give you emergency charity, micro-funded love money, but not philanthropic social institutions that share the wealth, liberating the poor from living off the wasteovers of the wealthy trickling down their castle walls, like boiling Gulf Tar Balls mockingly poured on the scrambling hordes below, filling their mouths with petro-foods, burning their flesh with toxic skincare, and obstacle coursing the whining rabble wannabes from un fortunately climbing up and accidentally in.
92. It may be correctly argued that Existentialism, understood as a liberating force extolling the efforts of an individual seeking to liberate that individual from the hostile influence(s) of ―indifferent‖ universal covenants that otherwise restrict that individual‘s freedom in the manner they seek to condition or influence his or her manner of thinking or behaving is not entirely incompatible with certain religious teachings concerned with the question of human ―existence‖ and how it relates to our (―own‖) moral authority or free will.
93. American abolitionists grouped about the boat at Harper's Ferry, and in the ear of the patriots of Ancona assembled in the shadow, to the Archi before the Gozzi inn on the seashore; it creates Canaris; it creates Quiroga; it creates Pisacane; it irradiates the great on earth; it was while proceeding whither its breath urge them, that Byron perished at Missolonghi, and that Mazet died at Barcelona; it is the tribune under the feet of Mirabeau, and a crater under the feet of Robespierre; its books, its theatre, its art, its science, its literature, its philosophy, are the manuals of the human race; it has Pascal, Regnier, Corneille, Descartes, Jean-Jacques: Voltaire for all moments, Moliere for all centuries; it makes its language to be talked by the universal mouth, and that language becomes the word; it constructs in all minds the idea of progress, the liberating dogmas which it forges are for the generations trusty friends, and it is with the soul of its thinkers and its poets that all heroes of all nations have been made since 1789; this does not prevent vagabondism, and that enormous genius which is called Paris, while transfiguring the world by its light, sketches in charcoal Bouginier's nose on the wall of the temple of Theseus and writes Credeville the thief on the Pyramids.
1. M: All are being liberated.
2. Brendan had liberated a slave.
3. His anger always liberated him.
4. The very notion of a liberated.
5. Arjun will be liberated from the.
6. Yes, reunited, but not liberated.
7. I liberated their wallets and phones.
8. The whole creation will be liberated.
9. The Greatest Way to be Liberated from.
10. I am not that liberated and I admit it.
11. A liberated man is extremely law-abiding.
12. The music was soothing and very liberated.
13. With this knowledge he will be liberated.
14. A liberated mind has no clinging to thoughts.
15. They had liberated the boat, but not the oars.
16. Two Rivers on horses liberated from their enemy.
17. They came in with two grocery carts liberated.
18. Have you come across a liberated man, or does.
19. A non-dual mind is a spiritually liberated mind.
20. The liberated sage has neither doubt nor delusion.
21. Q: But would he recognize you as a liberated man?
22. I wanted those Bears rescued, liberated from Fox.
23. Muslims and Jews of Andalusia when they liberated it.
24. No, reverend sir; I have been liberated by some one.
25. Once he had felt liberated by it; now it felt forced.
26. I had liberated the sides of the rover and the trailer.
27. I gently liberated the bowl from Marc’s sweaty hands.
28. Master, an Adept, and a liberated and self-realized soul.
29. He said the Americans had liberated a concentration camp.
30. When few show up for freedom, only a handful are liberated.
31. According to the Liberated Latina website, Puerto Rico has.
32. M: Who sets the example? Why should a liberated man neces-.
33. A powerful way to be liberated from worry is through prayer.
34. He becomes a one who is liberated intravitam (djivanmukti).
35. Ashi liberated one of the pots from the Yurt’s kitchen to.
36. We have already taken eight camps and liberated their inmates.
37. The Red Army soldiers even had their ‘fill’ in liberated.
38. Be in tune with the vibrations of the living liberated sages.
39. In the west, France already liberated, De Gaulle and Churchill.
40. But what is the lot of those who are liberated from all desire?
41. After three months in Brady, Samantha felt liberated in the city.
42. This liberated man, who knows that Krishn-God of the gods of all.
43. That sage is liberated for ever who shuts out of his mind all.
44. The only thing I now wish for is to be liberated from this fetter.
45. The whole crowd of liberated statues surged back into the courtyard.
46. MOST independent nations and their liberated society have their own.
47. Now, what other fruit will grow from a fruit? Therefore, such liberated.
48. Coming from a liberated woman like you, that sounds a little strange.
49. After a man is liberated from the three properties, his Soul tastes the.
50. At first, when any of them is liberated and compelled suddenly to stand.
51. Freedom begins with a healthy body learning and a liberated mind playing.
52. And thus, they have liberated our perceptions and thoughts from overload.
53. I untied the power line, liberated the drill bit, and returned to the rover.
54. Now you are truly liberated and you can work towards getting a fresh start.
55. Thus, our mind becomes liberated to perceive more and more of the real Bliss.
56. With the return of McArthur on October 20, 1944, the islands were liberated.
57. There was no place for Ganesh to visit, and he felt liberated because of it.
58. She faintly heard a button pop as her shirt was liberated from her waistband.
59. I simply slipped in and liberated them from you, letting Mars take the blame.
60. So, when the cortex pyramid-neurons are liberated from noise-attacks and become.
61. Ah yes, you mean the time I liberated that village in the Afghan mountains?
62. We tore back home to mums having liberated two more road cones for his collection.
63. Liberated from the noises of the body, of the environment and of its own thoughts.
64. Or else she slept through the last hours of the war and the city has been liberated.
65. Within the "liberated zones" it was simply referred to as "Angka" - the organization.
66. The original evil that had been liberated from First Delve became Gadiel the Dark God.
67. In this book, directions have been given as to how you can be liberated from attachment.
68. When Tennessee was liberated from the Confederacy, Johnson became its military governor.
69. You have given orders that Arthur should be liberated, have you not, dad? she asked.
70. Only on understanding the Bright Truth (Tejgyan), can you be liberated in the true sense.
71. It was really fun and it was kind of weird because after being liberated I didn’t know.
72. It’s second hand, and instead of making viewers feel liberated it increases frustration.
73. For how terrifying to be liberated against one's will into a nightmare and not one's dream.
74. Sandra had a straightforward approach to sex and I suddenly found myself liberated and virile.
75. I have been seeing about the Menshoffs, and hope they will be liberated, said Nekhludoff.
76. Apparently its owner had taken some other mode of transportation out of town, so I liberated it.
77. Now, from among those Herb Alpert records Nicky collected, she liberated a copy of Brass Tactics.
78. The coalition forces who liberated Kuwait (see previous section) operated from bases in Saudi Arabia.
79. Happy thoughts are spiritual thoughts; thoughts that will help us to get liberated from all thoughts.
80. When I wasn’t at the office, I did miss that feeling of being liberated from my secret for a while.
81. Second World War until liberated by the American forces under the command of General Douglas MacArthur.
82. Yuki liberated the flowers from the wrapping and carried the vase to the console table behind the sofa.
83. To be equally liberated to enslave others confers advantage to those with the ways and means to enslave.
84. You were being liberated to follow your ideals of love – to follow the cosmic plan for your love life.
85. I was back here, where love had liberated me, back in Allmerica, incognito in Vermonsanto, trying to be.
86. I liberated that miserable woman — liberated her from her own vileness, trapped in that withering flesh.
87. In late January 1943, after a five-month siege, Stalingrad was liberated and the German army was defeated.
88. That invasion, using liberated Norway as a launch platform, was initiated two weeks ago under strict secrecy.
89. You can tell them the story of how we liberated the girls and you can tell her that I helped but stop at that.
90. The justice of Eve stands with her weak mind descendants to have her mind restrained while the body liberated.
91. Then Hope and I will be united and liberated? Faith stepped into the vestibule of the Gallery of Judgements.
92. The country had been liberated from Saddam Hussein and his army with the fall of Baghdad on April 9 of that year.
93. Hear me strange, as I tell all over town, the story of Sonja: Sonja the girl who liberated the perfection of change.
94. This $16,300 is capital liberated if your TOMIC had PM with no change whatsoever in the risk profile of the account.
95. Free-camping is a wonderful feeling because you feel completely liberated from the need to return to a place at night.
96. The country had been liberated from Saddam Hussein and his army with the fall of Baghdad on April 9 of that year.
97. I would teach you to `love God and learn to do his will, for that is the highest privilege of the liberated sons of God.
98. He felt as if powers till then confined within him had been liberated, and that strange lightness did not again leave him.
99. His permission liberated her, but underneath the new freedom was a resentment, not toward her fail-safe but toward herself.
100. If, then, the spirit dwells within you, you are no longer bondslaves of the flesh but free and liberated sons of the spirit.
1. Unity — liberates.
2. Death to money liberates.
3. A right thought liberates.
4. Yes, Love unites and liberates.
5. It is disinterestedness that liberates.
6. M: How can they? One enslaves, the other liberates.
7. It is not the right advice that liberates, but the.
8. It is the earnestness that liberates and not the theory.
9. Play becomes sacred when it liberates all to equality.
10. The being of non-self liberates the heart into the flow of other.
11. So action, as used in the Geeta, is something that liberates from the bond-.
12. Love liberates the heart by gifting it freedom in the many spaces of sharing.
13. I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
14. Great Hate has no doubt; it liberates, empowers, prompts the hateful to execute their plans.
15. Knowing and living a holistic balanced life liberates us to believe that anything is possible.
16. The eternal is the Beautifully Unfolding moment created by any act that liberates one from time.
17. Gift, which includes how one receives the given, does not put one in another's debt, but liberates from obligation.
18. With this, it promotes the development and it liberates the countries of the international loans and of the foreign debt.
19. Also, it liberates the countries of the economic and financial dependence internationally, without indebtedness internal or external.
20. This new systematics eliminates the capital lack for who wishes to produce and it liberates the producers of the financial dependence.
21. His liberal party who liberates people from poverty, ignorance have the recongnition to do a sweeping programme in democratic reforms.
22. This great benefit liberates the countries of the national debt and foreign debt, as well as it liberates the organizations of the loan with interests.
23. Love liberates one from their past, thus renewing their freedom to self-reveal and therefore recreate themselves in the image of what they are willing to become.
24. Also, it liberates the companies of the dependence of financial loans to pay wages, to levy taxes, to compose working capital, to do investment and to pay its suppliers.
25. Such simplistic thinking, however, liberates shallow viewpoints from the otherwise difficult task of exploring the darker socio/pathetic dynamics that continue to trouble polite society.
26. For we are informed by our opponents that the body does no thinking, that death of the body only liberates the spirit to a larger field of thought and action, and goes on thinking forever.
27. With this, it liberates the countries of the financial prison, it breaks the cycle of the indebtedness and immediately it finishes the social abandonment, the hunger, the misery and illicit acts.
28. It liberates the countries of the monetary prison in national and international level and it puts an end to the dependence of loans in international currency to honoring external financial commitment.
29. Arjun in the fortieth verse of Chapter 2 : Since selfless action neither wears out the seed from which it sprang nor has any adverse consequence, even a partial observance of it liberates one from the dire ter-.
30. When the game is a solution to a community problem, then when that society solves its dilemma, whether it be Clean Water for All or Patriots for the Elimination of U, it liberates itself from its perceived hinderance to its goal of a better life.
31. In Buddhism most types of karmas, with good or bad results, will keep one within the wheel of ‘sansara’- the cycle of reincarnation – other actions conceived will produce ‘seeds’ that sprout into the appropriate result that liberates one to nirvana.
32. Every process occurs without there to be socioeconomic sacrifices and without anybody loses any thing; besides it liberates the country of the high cost of the money, of the losses with coins exchange maintenance and of all disorders of the current financial and economic system.
33. Besides, this standard unit propitiates to terminate with fixed cost, it eliminates the state-owned bureaucracy, it liberates the entrepreneurs of the country-cost and of the waste and it makes possible its execution for billions of people with consequent generation of income, without burdening the costs of the production.
34. God in all that liberates and lifts,.

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