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    1. An offer was made to send a copy free [Yes, I did said FREE] by Email for a limited period to any interested parties

    2. We can be more expressive as we are now free to say what we think rather than be afraid of superior or colleague’s reaction

    3. We are free to pick up past interests and develop new hobbies

    4. Professional services of trained counselors may also be made available free of cost to senior citizens who are in the grip of anxiety, depression, grief arising out of bereavement and conflicts due to problematic relationships with family members

    5. "Labor is free here Ava, any one of us could have been supporting her all along, even one of the wives with a single stainless kitchen knife

    6. He wrestled with the man to get free, knocking him down and running

    7. With his free hand, Vald swatted and twisted apart the men running and crawling from the wreckage

    8. While it is difficult to plan a trouble free retirement, being better prepared will help us deal with the uncertainties more effectively

    9. Before she could react any further, Scar spun free of her sword and kicked out, catching Silence in the stomach and sending her flying backward

    10. Minerals: There are over 72 minerals that are needed by the soil and the plants for healthy disease free growth

    11. plastic bags, garbage, blocked drains, blocked ‘Nalas’, unauthorized constructions blocking free flow of drain water and sewage and non-removal of materials after building constructions

    12. These tunnels are meant to protect them when they travel and are usually found free standing in the crawl space below your home

    13. There is really no proper way of teaching and how you LEER at your students is up to you, but I guarantee that opening up communications with students will make your class a better place, free of profanity and with everyone wearing their trousers on their bottoms

    14. The momentum of the movement, swings me hard against him and I reach up with my free hand, stroking the back of his neck

    15. From what Emma has told me over the years, the vicar is something of an eccentric … well, free thinker is probably more accurate

    16. This state is called ‘moksha’ as it also results in becoming free from the cycle of births and deaths

    17. He breaks one stone free and begins on another

    18. John, there is no free will

    19. The Asana are designed to free our mind and body from tension and stress

    20. To begin with this living being is totally free of all constraints

    21. While the newly born child can experience only love, he has no fear, he is free to decide anything and considers capable of doing whatever he wants

    22. It also produces a constantly updated compendium of current environmental reports providing an essential tool toward understanding the battle against -and alternatives to - polluting chemicals, which is available for free to ClubIG members on his website

    23. "I don't know Theo, you know that information is never free

    24. as though he’s a moron, why not lighten the load, free your mind and spirit, let loose

    25. She pulls her foot, but is unable to free it

    26. This truth sets us free

    27. Teekra takes his free hand, kisses it

    28. of this truth set me free from the incurable disease

    29. The Countess ran her free hand along the contours of her body, tracing the

    30. It is written that knowing the truth will set you free

    31. us the truth that can make us free

    32. free reign to the power of the Holy Spirit, Who is within us

    33. He does not just set us free and then leave us face to face with this sinful

    34. We are now free

    35. free from any disorders of this world

    36. answer the call of those like you who know in their hearts what it is to be free

    37. become free from sins and was sincere in his request? Who put himself

    38. Where before she had no qualms, no doubts, no goals, no obstacles, where she had been free and easy and almost always happy, almost always laughing, now she felt incomplete, that she couldn't rest without a plan

    39. Even if they were, they had certain contracts that could not be ignored and would have given them a free ride anyway

    40. Bahkmar had nursed a secret hope that the afterlife would be free of such senseless edicts of privilege, but that hope had been squashed within days of his death

    41. order so that we can be free in whatever comes next

    42. As a technician it was his job to provide all souls with a universe free from these simulation artifacts, but there were times when he just wasn't able to do so

    43. Once he is looking at them, he is actually pretty free to look at whatever schematic he can find

    44. He couldn’t have stopped the arm from bending to an acute angle if he’d wanted to and he barely got his fingertips free from between the forearm and bicep

    45. There is neither Jew nor Greek; there is neither slave nor free; there is neither male nor female (bold print mine - RR), for you are all one in Christ Jesus

    46. Some of the Christian women, thinking they were free from the restraints of their

    47. We are all enticed by the prospect of free goods, of making a good bargain

    48. “I only hope I am not the one who caused this,” he said, and then he tried to make me feel better by revealing to the class that “Yvonne is an unselfish person indeed: she was willing to translate ''Self-knowledge and Metaphysics'' from Greek into English free of charge, she did her best and finished it within a month!”

    49. Enrico thought they had put on space suits and climbed into a small chamber that blasted free of the Al-Harron

    50. It had, in fact, blasted free, but only their data channels went with it

    1. Alfred was encouraged by the way the hearing was going and began wrapping up his speech, "…And God had so made his Universe that when mankind attained full understanding we were resurrected and freed from death itself

    2. With his pack so much lighter Alan felt freed and he also felt it would be very weak of him to have to call the rest this time

    3. I believe she’s a new arrival, found an egg and was living in a cave by herself near the town we just recently freed

    4. As the years flew by, all of Asia was freed, and then the Middle East and Africa

    5. I not only freed myself, but I freed my children as well

    6. from? Meditate on the ways in which you may be freed

    7. But could not be freed from this nightmare

    8. to see this new technique that purportedly freed

    9. 7For he that is dead is freed from sin

    10. His hands were freed and he was pushed

    11. When the spring at last freed the village and roads from the ice of winter, George and Harry took a train trip to San Francisco and then to the Sutro & Co

    12. As I saw God as a father that loved me, it freed me from years of

    13. Jesus has freed us from the flesh so that we can walk in the

    14. had deceived her from the truth about Jesus and freed her to see

    15. She had thought herself freed of the Destroyer, freed from his endless cycle of pain

    16. The truth was that Adros had freed him far too late

    17. If Imorbis was infected by the latest evolution of the Plague, then perhaps he truly did need Anon’s help to be freed of the Dead Tree

    18. And no matter what occurs here, he will be freed

    19. Now with Anon’s blood coursing through his veins, the Void’s will was buried deeper than ever before, almost as if he was entirely freed

    20. If they wished to stand a chance against the demon, they had to break his focus before he was fully freed and once more assaulted their minds

    21. It strained against the chains that bound it within me and raged when it could not be freed

    22. } To let a farm in this manner, was quite agreeable to the usual economy of, I believe, the sovereigns of all the different countries of Europe, who used frequently to let whole manors to all the tenants of those manors, they becoming jointly and severally answerable for the whole rent ; but in return being allowed to collect it in their own way, and to pay it into the king's exchequer by the hands of their own bailiff, and being thus altogether freed from the insolence of the king's officers; a circumstance in those days regarded as of the greatest importance

    23. So she’d insist the mortal must be freed

    24. Once freed from her bindings, she’d follow to his warm fire in the cave mouth

    25. he’d freed and married her

    26. other Chaurus crawled to swipe at his back, Penelope was suddenly freed from the binding trance

    27. One such banner had found the strong breeze after being freed from somewhere inside the capital

    28. Had the king of Portugal submitted to those ignominious terms which his brother-in-law the king of Spain proposed to him, Britain would have been freed from a much greater inconveniency than the loss of the Portugal trade, the burden of supporting a very weak ally, so unprovided of every thing for his own defence, that the whole power of England, had it been directed to that single purpose, could scarce, perhaps, have defended him for another campaign

    29. Her tits were lovely and when they sprang out, freed from the confinement of the bra, the boy stared at them hard

    30. If it was adopted, however, Great Britain would not only be immediately freed from the whole annual expense of the peace establishment of the colonies, but might settle with them such a treaty of commerce as would effectually secure to her a free trade, more advantageous to the great body of the people, though less so to the merchants, than the monopoly which she at present enjoys

    31. hind legs, and that freed up our hands to use

    32. As soon as the Shenandoah had been freed of prisoners, she began to bear down on her next victim, which turned out to be

    33. Mind you nothing could dampen my spirit just knowing that Gorge and Tommy were alive was a tonic in itself and I knew that they would fight tooth and nail to clear my name and have me freed

    34. The masked man, similar to whomever it was that freed him from the jail, leaned in and spoke in a voice so low it must have been synthesized

    35. She added, ‘You will need to follow my instructions carefully in order to be freed

    36. The hemp rope was beginning to fray, and in a matter of minutes, the squirming pale Halfling would be freed and ready for Carl’s dinner plate

    37. “But without Osgood and that incredibly hard head of his, we never would have freed Billi and Soapy

    38. It subsequently transpired that Prempeh's head slave had been placed in charge, and other slaves, freed from bondage in Kumassi, had flown there with the news of Prempeh's downfall

    39. Many a home in this district would rejoice in the restoration of a long-lost son, father or husband, freed after, perhaps, years of bondage

    40. General Blanco returned to Spain, Castellanos assumed command, and as the Spanish troops were mobilised in the large cities, the smaller towns, freed from restraint, invited the insurgents to enter

    41. Just as he’d freed the woman and helped her to her feet, a loud blast sounded and he ducked

    42. A second later the cultist was freed from all worries concerning his legs, as the bowel was

    43. the stranger was searched Presque freed him, still staring at the badge identifying him as Heinrich

    44. YOU freed the murderer and condemned The Innocent!

    45. They freed me,” he announced

    46. In this case, victims became emotionally attached to their captors, and even defended them after they were freed from their six-day ordeal

    47. In spite of Johnson, Congress, Union generals, abolitionists, the Freedmen's Bureau, and newly freed Blacks exercising their civil rights could point to some accomplishments

    48. She felt her blouse button was freed one by one

    49. What is far less known is that Emancipation enabled a Republican effort that freed California Indians as well

    50. Black slaves, who largely freed themselves and brought down the plantation slave-owning elites who had run the US since colonial times

    1. • When the truth is seen allowance occurs, freeing my life to bring

    2. Living on the truthful line is very freeing and joyful

    3. Billy is freeing his mind, letting the thoughts flow through him in rapid, staccato succession

    4. France are still at war – and everyone knows that freeing

    5. He then spread his arms wide to capture the soil between the blades, raised himself with his legs and with the tool clear of the new hole, pivoted and brought his hands back together in front of him, thereby releasing the soil and freeing the tool for another go

    6. overcoming the enemy strongholds and freeing the civilians of

    7. the enemy, and freeing the captives

    8. He reached behind, freeing the Graelic from beneath his cape

    9. The surviving elves, now less than twenty, scurried about freeing their allies with whatever remaining blades they could find

    10. Much to Chris’ relief, it turned out that Fletcher had succeeded in freeing up the shuttle bay door mechanism before he had been so unexpectedly murdered

    11. It seems that Hungary unveiled a statue of President Reagan on June 29 in celebration of his 100th birthday, and that nation"s gratitude for his leadership in causing the end of the Cold War, and thus the fall of European communism and the freeing of Hungary

    12. Somehow they believed the freeing of Gerrid would lead to the eventual end of TIAR and the release of those trapped within it

    13. He pawed at her, drawing her close, but she felt only revulsion and fought, freeing herself by shoving forcefully against him

    14. He was being compassionate, momentarily freeing her from confronting her unquestionable guilt

    15. “Oh, okay,” he said, freeing himself from her grasp to spread his arms wide and slowly rotate

    16. Slime-ball twisted onto his back, freeing an arm

    17. Yellow: joy, freedom, non-attachment, freeing or releasing vital forces

    18. Finally Pope Sylvester II (999–1003) one of the best known popes and famous for his practical character, issued a call for volunteers for the purpose of freeing the Holy Land” (Amer

    19. She schedules a session with her organizer-coach and knows that the time they spend together will be both fun and freeing

    20. Freeing one hand she grabbed the tag and

    21. program and to advocate freeing convicted terrorists

    22. Moses had taught the people what was written in the law, they were familiar with the greater vision and the direction in which they were moving and upon Jethro’s advice, Moses chose leaders of different rank to judge different cases, depending upon importance, and then set the newly appointed judges to work listening to the problems and implementing the law, freeing himself up to do his divinely appointed tasks

    23. Rellin set her wizards to freeing Yzandra, then personally escorted her home

    24. seen as an act of freeing the dog: as an animal in freedom, it can live its natural life

    25. Ryan was just happy that he had been chosen as well, to play a part in the final freeing of the realms

    26. Beyond that, we can choose to have fewer children until the populations are stable, and we can learn to produce more food with magic, freeing the food supply from the limits of the availability of arable land

    27. Carefully freeing one hand from the mane, he grasped at them until he had them securely in hand

    28. Carefully freeing one hand from the

    29. to emerge, gradually freeing it from its slavery to the Psychological I

    30. abandon ourselves to these instead of freeing ourselves of them

    31. Interaction with them is modular, intuitive and user-driven freeing much of your resources spent on marketing and transaction cost

    32. As I write this (June 24, 2009) Travis County State District Judge Mike Lynch is freeing two more men after the DNA did not match

    33. My mother, a radiating inferno amidst a field of flames, had set the entire town ablaze, freeing all the righteous

    34. The tentacle was so sharp and powerful that Samantha had a hard time freeing herself

    35. Back to the breast I go as I leave the nest of my childhood home The year of maturity brings with it a freeing sense of total despair Where I lack in common sense I make up for with poetic nonsense Off I go from one breast to another, the second that of my child’s mother Hopeful to grant a wish, I’m afraid to see this outcome

    36. stretching, and freeing the body so it can be a healthy, long-

    37. freeing all the other souls too

    38. After minutes of twisting and turning, Sola succeeded in freeing himself, and once again he was back on his feet

    39. Fearing she would be discovered, she smacked the knife head on Brossard's knee causing him to jerk momentarily thus freeing her from his grasp

    40. In getting to shallow water the force of the struggle pulled the snake‘s fangs through the dog‘s skin resulting in a savage lacerations but freeing the hound

    41. Joe Billie didn‘t know why he was freeing the woman and his outward expression did reflect some degree of passivity, but his thoughts were tumbling around in his head like wet tennis shoes in a dryer

    42. Freeing the humanoid's was what took up Grailem's precious time

    43. Their combined efforts succeeded in freeing his body and, with great effort, Siri dragged the confused co-pilot into the back of the plane, where they covered their heads with the blankets and awaited the passing of the storm

    44. Freeing myself from it would be my last chance to save it

    45. During the graduation cere-monies she had the impression that the parchment with Gothic letters and illuminated capitals was freeing her from a compromise that she had accepted not so much out of obedience as out of convenience, and she thought that from then on not even the insistent Fernanda would worry any more about an instrument that even the nuns looked upon as a museum fossil

    46. Donald grasped her wrists in just one of his large hands, freeing his other

    47. Having observed Malik’s volatile mental state, Laura feigned continuing commitment to the project to protect herself and to work on freeing the subjects

    48. Her roommate freeing her just became more difficult

    49. It was freeing to know she hadn’t been touched by the janitor

    50. If that offer from Universal worked out and if she was not disappointed by the experience, this could be for her an excellent source of revenue for such part-time, occasional work, thus freeing her from having to hold a full-time job to justify her present lifestyle in this century

    1. eliminating chaos is that it frees up time that may be used in other endeavors,

    2. It frees up amazing amounts of time

    3. This phrase frees humanity from the terrible burden of having killed the Messiah, the Son of God

    4. Furthermore they state that law of grace frees a man from the law of cause and effect – the law of consequence

    5. and fears, frees from ideas and opinions, clear on all the levels, is

    6. Frees her tied up

    7. With a twist of his body, he frees his arm and brings his hand up to the Lost One’s throat

    8. of the Holy Spirit progressively frees us from the influences of

    9. You are just in time to pull me out when your friend here frees my leg

    10. Little by little the star frees itself of the cloud of dust that surrounded it,

    11. a completely new meaning to these desires, which frees us of the dark

    12. „Not needing" frees you from fear that there"s something you won"t have, fear that

    13. few know the story? Knowing the story does not interfere with religion- It frees you

    14. When visitors to the Universal Pictures Web site select the "contact us" option, they must agree to a waiver that frees Universal and its affiliates from liability related to accusations of plagiarism

    15. In the minds of those he meets and frees

    16. “From what I can glean from the history of these dragons, he may be bound here until he frees this horde

    17. To add to that, she frees hundreds of thousands of people dying in German and Japanese camps and, to top it all, heals them in a series of mass miracles with what can only be the help of God himself

    18. voice maze – an answering system instituted in corporations that frees up one operator and results in complete frustration of the part of the customers

    19. Atheism frees the

    20. This also frees us from

    21. So just as the Truth frees us from sin it immediately burdens us with bitter

    22. So just as the 'heretical Truth' frees us from sin it immediately burdens us with

    23. detachment, because it frees me from accountability

    24. frees us all so infectiously

    25. Prying open the lid of the last, she frees the fresh scent of coffee beans, and cash

    26. The thinking is that if we are able to put a fence around one of our desires, it gives us a chance of addressing some of our others because it frees up our mind and energy

    27. people in the city, it frees him up to

    28. After he frees her soul, we’ll be

    29. When He frees us, we are free indeed! He wanted us to see His salvation,

    30. Remember what it says, seek first the kingdom of God, and the rest is added in? It frees the life from anxiety, and stress, and law and how much is

    31. Washing the body frees the worshipper from Demons

    32. frees the mind from its self-centered subservience to the material world

    33. " True action is that which frees the Self from

    34. It frees me from making any decisions, choices, all of the self-willed options that bind others to lives full of stress, worry and difficulty

    35. frees all from the heat

    36. Perhaps it is terror that frees him,

    37. “Whatever rules your heart or frees it is your ethic

    38. Love does not game the world with competitive rewards, but frees the world to play without penalized losers

    39. This frees him

    40. “Because the law that frees you enslaves you to it, and the privileges it chains you with you perceive as freedom

    41. “Every so often some Animal Liberation Front breaks in and frees the RR pets

    42. Thus an empowering liberty frees us to create ourselves in the healthiest ecovironment

    43. “It frees none, but only enslaves all to more

    44. He is guilty for this hatred until he frees himself of it

    45. He forcefully, but oh so tenderly, frees her from those dungeon chains she constructed, protecting her all her life

    46. [B]y means of movement generation frees nature

    47. He frees up my tongue, lips, and jaw

    48. Where is the Triplex?” He frees up my mouth gain

    49. When she finally frees Fenrir, she realizes she probably should have found the leash first

    50. The wonderful thing about being filled with love and joy from showering simple awareness and love on whatever appears in our experience is that it frees us from having to find or get the right experiences or from having to avoid the wrong ones

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    free free people release unblock unfreeze absolve disengage dislodge liberate give up relinquish resign disembarrass rid loose unloose unloosen discharge exempt relieve liberal barren destitute devoid innocent detached spare complimentary costless gratis gratuitous open unconfined unimpeded unfettered unobstructed unrestricted unregulated sovereign autarchic independent released autonomous clear immune uncontrolled unencumbered easy firm swift lax unattached familiar frank informal unceremonious unconstrained immoral lewd libertine licentious ribald generous bountiful charitable lavish munificent open-handed