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    1. drift on the aroma of loam,

    2. Her posthumous instructions were quite specific and Ken dug her ashes deep into the soft brown loam while his infant son sat wrapped in soft, white baby wools in his buggy, gurgling at the sky and staring out at the vaguely muscled shape of his perspiring father

    3. the soft brown loam while his infant son sat wrapped in soft, white

    4. The first land sighted was the sandy loam on Cayo Romano, and as the sun set in tropical suddenness, a fire flickered from the summit and was answered by a second flare on the distant heights of Cubitas: a message from the watchful guardia costa to the beleaguered Cuban Government, which has meted isolated justice in spirit rather than in letter, that the day of Cuba's triumph was at hand

    5. People trying to live close enough to benefit from the rich overlays of the silty loam, and sometimes being surprised by higher than usual amounts of water, would of necessity looked for quick escape routes that could take them up and away faster than the water could rise to engulf them

    6. The soil in the valley was a combination of loam and

    7. “Addar is the closest to Loam next to Aion, but it is a far more serious threat

    8. So the rules were set in place, one of them being that we are not allowed to invade Loam

    9. Bringing them back to Loam might slow down the Prophecy, if it were possible, but what is written no one can reverse, no matter how hard they tried

    10. The time was nearing, he smiled, the Leith Moon happened once every century, but this was to be the first time that Loam, Addar, and Enos would watch the Red Moon at the same time

    11. Eldrid knew better than any that it was getting harder for Theron to stay in Eldon and not Loam with his family

    12. I know it makes little sense when you think of it from how Loam and many of the other realms operate

    13. The group stood at the bridge that would lead them back into Aion and then to Loam and from Loam Eldon

    14. “If the camp of Tselel is watching the way into Loam, then we cannot go by that route we have to head back to Addar, and from there into Loam

    15. Their excursion to the passageway that would lead to Loam held no excitement

    16. ” The three females rolled their eyes as the two continued on and they passed one by one into Loam

    17. “We would still need the consent of the leaders of Eldon to be able to create a crossway between Loam and its mid-plane

    18. “I believe they have made it back to Loam by now

    19. Dryan looked to his wife, they had been married four months prior and had both agreed with the permission of his father, to stay in Loam, at least for the time being

    20. was sinking so far into the loam with each step it

    21. With a wet splorch he popped out of the loam

    22. He hastily followed the tracks of the spearmen, which lay plain in the damp loam before him

    23. In the shape of a man he reeled, but it was not the shape of a man that struck the loam

    24. Under the bushes at the edge of the path there was a footprint, made in blood on the hard loam

    25. Then I dropped down and hid the noose beneath the loam, and dirtied the rope so that it blended in the dark with the trunk

    26. For example, what does it mean to contextualize a verse that calls for a massacre of the Jews? Does it mean explaining the call as function of the period, of the historical context, of the reason for writing and thinking such thing in the tribal moment? and afterward? Does anti-Semitism disappear when we show that its roots reach down into a loam fertilized by its history and geography? Does the call to crime suddenly and magically cease to be a call to crime? Whatever we think of the context, we cannot alter the fact that the words were written down in black and white

    27. This is what niche organics is offering the starving world: return to your toxically slain and loam dead land, with no hope to raise healthy food from sterile soil and poisoned water

    28. The ditch was deep, uneven and composed of soft loam

    29. From the loam of Jutta’s memory rises a sentence: What I want to write about today is the sea

    30. Within the remote depths of his constitution, so gentle and affectionate as he was in general, there lay hidden a hard logical deposit, like a vein of metal in a soft loam, which turned the edge of everything that attempted to traverse it

    31. Beyond the window, dew coaxed scents from inert earth: the loam of treeboxes, the faintly salty asphalt, the whole summer perfume of rotting fruit peels and faisandés coffee grounds wafting from the trash piled at the curbs

    32. An aged and falling apple-tree leans far over to one side, its wound dressed with a bandage of straw and of clayey loam

    33. The old man pointed with his pipe and the stranger looked and indeed, by a nearby wall was a sizable hillock some ten feet long by about three feet high, loam and grass tufts of many shades of tan, brown, and burnt umber

    34. And while my parents slept unaware, and while our house was asleep, all the automatic bakers and servers and robot cleaners in an electric slumber, I stared down upon brilliant motes of meteor dust, comet tail, and loam from far Jupiter glistening like worlds themselves which drew me down the tube a billion miles into space, at terrific accelerations

    35. A farmer’s hands, with the farm blown out from under them by the dry, hungry wind that never got enough good loam to eat

    36. The land was down upon itself, a land of black loam, but nothing on it, not even grass

    37. A farmer's hands, with the farm blown out from under them by the dry, hungry wind that never got enough good loam to eat

    38. Some man or other must present Wall; and let him have some plaster, or some loam, or some rough-cast about him, to signify wall; and let him hold his fingers thus, and through that cranny shall Pyramus and Thisby whisper

    39. This loam, this rough-cast, and this stone, doth show

    40. One eye was buried in the soft loam; the other, rolling sidewise, was fixed in awe upon the strange gyrations of Professor Porter

    41. That at the surface, being a thick loam, wears away with more difficulty than the deposit below it, which consists of a loose sand

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