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Frasi con land (in inglese)

  2. First I land in the.
  3. They can't go on land.
  4. In terms of land area.
  5. In his days the land.

  6. This has been our land.
  7. I’m not a land Baron.
  8. In this arid land? Yes.
  9. The pair came to land.
  10. The land is oddly silent.
  11. Entering The Land Of Oz.
  12. E LIL: Ruler of the land.
  13. Pain is a land of bliss.
  14. We went to the Holy Land.
  15. In the Land of the Light.

  16. The farmer tills his land.
  17. I will go to the old land.
  18. The land was full of life.
  19. Jake was the last to land.
  20. His army lived off the land.
  21. He tilled the land by hand.
  22. Father had escaped the Land.
  23. The push west was about land.
  24. And the land is in disarray.
  25. The land is wild and untamed.

  26. Land us as close as you can.
  27. He never received that land.
  28. To rain no rain on the land.
  29. They had taken all the land.
  30. I want to land at Mt Hutt.
  31. When we reach land, that.
  32. Calneh, in the land of Shinar.
  33. I have sent you to this land.
  34. He looked up the slanted land.
  35. No-man’s land was a morass.
  36. To speculate light in the land.
  37. It was a very attractive land.
  38. Jacob is in a land where the.
  39. What is this land then?
  40. Is she from the old land?
  41. A land of perpetual snow and.
  42. Phillips was the land man who.
  43. The Land of the Gods beckoned.
  44. The land was virtually empty.
  45. To Bury is to cleanse the land.
  46. And calls to stroll in the land.
  47. They’d be better off on land.
  48. How no one else wanted the land.
  49. The land was flat and windswept.
  50. You can let him come in and land.
  51. Life in the new land was not easy.
  52. Beautiful Land and will have the.
  53. Over the years, additional land.
  54. I’ll check in and we’ll land.
  55. And the land is a desolate waste.
  56. You will eat the good of the land.
  57. And so they will cleanse the land.
  58. He escaped the Land of the Home -.
  59. Lord passed over the land of Egypt.
  60. The innumerable souls of the land.
  61. Otto picked up a Land Rover rental.
  62. Manda stared at the land around her.
  63. The land which pays it produces it.
  64. This mass of land is the northern.
  65. Still guardians of that holy land?
  66. Ryato had appeared in the open land.
  67. For he was cut off from the land of.
  68. What do they expect - to land here.
  69. We just couldn’t leave our land.
  70. That land won’t be decommissioned.
  71. Again, the land of Goshen was spared.
  72. They wanted seed to replant the land.
  73. I was about to be cast onto the land.
  74. She had to land on him to prevent it.
  75. Owner of all seeds in this land sown.
  76. Mass Extinctions of sea and land life.
  77. None in the land of dragons survived.
  78. Heavy mist covered the land blocking.
  79. We rarely land directly on our planet.
  80. The land was sold but the title stuck.
  81. The Promised Land is said to be very.
  82. For me, I’m leaving the land I love.
  83. Jason considered the issue of the land.
  84. He fell in the icy wilds of this land.
  85. The Promised Land will soon be ours.
  86. And the Canaanite was then in the land.
  87. The tithe, for example, is a real land.
  88. Yankee land, had not been paid by the U.
  89. And is this bird from your land?
  90. They shall be as refuse upon the land!.
  91. Egypt, and fill the land with the killed.
  92. Lost, together in their own private land.
  93. Should they land, sir? asked Jones.
  94. By land they carry themselves to market.
  95. In a web spread over all land and sea—.
  96. And all the wrongs that destroy the land.
  97. God to cities and the land will be healed.
  98. The use of the land would be absolutely.
  99. The land of dragons divided among them-.
  100. You still exist in the land of the living.
  1. Sue had a soft landing.
  2. It was a hard landing.
  3. We will be landing in.
  4. This is the landing pad.
  5. They stand on the landing.
  6. On the second landing, a.
  7. The landing gear comes out.
  8. On the landing stood Rose.
  9. The landing had woken Jim up.
  10. The fat old idiot was landing.
  11. She came landing on her feet.
  12. Then they were landing, the.
  13. Shy about landing, I think.
  14. His footfalls cross the landing.
  15. On landing in India, he said:.
  16. A helicopter was landing nearby.
  17. She followed him, landing on top.
  18. The landing struts of the MAV.
  19. She could sleep on the landing.
  20. I leaped into it landing on the.
  21. Hilde was waiting on the landing.
  22. Sir, they're landing on the roof.
  23. It was going to be a hard landing.
  24. Instead of landing on a 737 with.
  25. A news story of a landing on Mars.
  26. The village was King’s Landing.
  27. On the landing he kissed her close.
  28. The visitor was now on the landing.
  29. And the landing and the carrier bags.
  30. Garcia, landing him hard on his back.
  31. For a moment, the landing was perfect.
  32. Create a FB landing page for your biz.
  33. I twisted as we fell, landing on top.
  34. We will be landing shortly to refuel.
  35. The bedroom was on the second landing.
  36. Affirmative, the Eagle is landing.
  37. Someone waiting on the landing above.
  38. He was on final approach for landing.
  39. The landing was five by five, at best.
  40. The winds are what make the landing.
  41. They strolled up the old landing strip.
  42. He jumped out landing on his feet as.
  43. I ended up landing on the carpet with.
  44. The Argosy had to make a crash landing.
  45. Who is that landing next to him?
  46. The whole landing procedure was sloppy.
  47. Smoke this and have a smooth landing.
  48. Anna’s waiting at the landing!.
  50. Look! The assault troops are landing.
  51. However, your landing page is different.
  52. When landing your fish, keep it in the.
  53. On the landing Tess stopped and started.
  54. The landing light has failed to come on.
  55. Landing in a puddle in the alley, Mick.
  56. Katherine’s landing was a less dramatic.
  57. Our landing continued without molestation.
  58. The sentry on the landing presented arms.
  59. The expected landing time is in 20 hours.
  60. Ensure that your knees bend when landing.
  61. At the top landing the boy entered a flat.
  62. Climbing to the second story landing, he.
  63. Ensure that their knees flex when landing.
  64. I had to stop to rest on the third landing.
  65. Tommy and goons bounced west, landing in.
  66. An old suit of armour stood on the landing.
  67. Landing on soft grass, his mind was ablaze.
  68. The floor was not visible from the landing.
  69. He fell to the ground landing on all fours.
  70. They had arrived on the third-floor landing.
  71. Ensure that their knee flexes when landing.
  72. I bolted out of bed landing onto the carpet.
  73. Before long we were landing at the airport.
  74. But, it was just the pilot landing the SST.
  75. A door on the return landing is flung open.
  76. There’s no telling how my landing would.
  77. The plane came in to a fine, smooth landing.
  78. At the landing, Alex slowly approached the.
  79. They stood on the landing of the witch’s.
  80. Better than the landing of the airplane.
  81. After landing, they went their separate ways.
  82. Not long after landing it began to rain hard.
  83. The balloons absorbed the impact of landing.
  84. A buzzer sounded in the landing control room.
  85. He looked up toward the landing where I stood.
  86. He had swooped low over the landing area in.
  87. Once, Super Man’s brakes failed on landing.
  88. By 11:30 we had arrived at our landing place.
  89. Which of the Landing Pages will you promote?
  90. Please secure yourselves for landing, D.
  91. Con twisted in the air, landing on all fours.
  92. You are welcome to land on the landing pads.
  93. What about that landing? asked Trenchard.
  94. The ships reported no damage from the landing.
  95. A landing page isn’t the official home page.
  96. The landing crew would take care of her craft.
  97. Rich's plane was landing in over an hour and.
  98. So, that's all for now about the landing pages.
  99. You need landing pages for those programs too.
  100. At the third floor landing, he paused to listen.
  1. He had landed on his.
  2. My match landed in a.
  3. She had landed a job.
  4. Then I landed on the.
  5. It landed with a thump.
  6. She landed with a roll.
  7. He landed hard on the.
  8. The bee landed on the.
  9. Once they landed at St.
  10. They landed on a branch.
  11. One landed on the car.
  12. He had landed onto the.
  13. One of them had landed.
  14. It landed with a rocky.
  15. They landed in the back.
  16. She landed a couple of.
  17. Hey, I landed 30 of them.
  18. He landed on the ground.
  19. I’d landed in the sand.
  20. He landed in the grounds.
  21. I landed on the window.
  22. She landed a great job.
  23. It landed in the stands.
  24. Victor landed on his feet.
  25. The penny landed on tails.
  26. He landed on his shoulder.
  27. The second landed in the.
  28. His gun landed in his lap.
  29. He landed without a sound.
  30. Babsy landed onto the sand.
  31. She landed on his back and.
  32. Presque landed a few yards.
  33. Her finger landed on France.
  34. He landed me on the pavement.
  35. They should have landed at.
  36. Blackjack landed next to me.
  37. And he landed in a skylight.
  38. The ships landed as directed.
  39. As I landed in the water by.
  40. Plaza when he landed his LIMO.
  41. Look at the way she landed.
  42. He landed some nice punches.
  43. It landed on top of her head.
  44. Maybe he landed in the water.
  45. The first thing I landed on?
  46. A hand landed at his shoulder.
  47. One bee landed on Walt’s arm.
  48. What landed him in DB?
  49. We landed with a jarring thud.
  50. They always landed near rivers.
  51. One of the fingers landed in.
  52. It looked at them then landed.
  53. She barely landed on the seat.
  54. McCoy landed on his feet and.
  55. The copter landed at LaGuardia.
  56. The scroll landed at the curb.
  57. She landed on the spiked fence.
  58. The boat finally landed with a.
  59. The bird responded and landed.
  60. Shoop landed deftly on his feet.
  61. They landed next to the feathers.
  62. It landed squarely on his chest.
  63. We just landed in Manila, sir.
  64. Just landed two hours ago from.
  65. The ball landed on a black zero.
  66. Just then, another volley landed.
  67. Her tail swished as they landed.
  68. It's landed in the high meadow.
  69. It landed on the bed next to her.
  70. I landed hard and could not move.
  71. They always landed on their feet.
  72. We landed on his bed, which was.
  73. I’ve just landed at Heathrow.
  74. Ultimately, they landed in Miami.
  75. Instead I landed with a loud thud.
  76. Cortez landed in their territory.
  77. They landed smoothly on the far.
  78. A petite figure landed beside him.
  79. She fell in and landed on a ledge.
  80. We saw them miles before we landed.
  81. They landed in and around the jeep.
  82. Louis landed in the United States.
  83. Chen, landed on his outstretched.
  84. She landed in a kneeling position.
  85. We landed, and proceeded to Paris.
  86. It landed on the same place that.
  87. It landed on the floor by his feet.
  88. His M4 landed a few metres farther.
  89. It landed with a satisfying crunch.
  90. He landed at the mouth of the cave.
  91. He landed with a crash on his back.
  92. A meteor landed and people were ill.
  93. He landed as he always did, in the.
  94. Every set of eyes had landed on her.
  95. Onn landed and rushed towards Heliri.
  96. It must have landed on the track.
  97. A glowing ember landed on the wizard.
  98. I landed beside the driver’s seat.
  99. The shuttle had landed; and Rex was.
  100. She landed on her feet on the floor.
  1. He lands on the roof.
  2. She lands on both feet.
  3. Out of bounds it lands.
  4. A tear lands on her face.
  5. He would build new lands.
  6. Monument to all the lands.
  7. Our lands and our families.
  8. And lands atop my vein that.
  9. The lands are safe in truth.
  10. Something lands on my shoulder.
  11. They showed unknown lands to.
  12. City of Zion, The Temple Lands.
  13. I am at home in the high lands.
  14. Far over the lands and through.
  15. Thus foreign lands call to you.
  16. I will visit lands in the past.
  17. Roman legions from Celtic lands.
  18. State your purpose in our lands.
  19. The lands to the far north did.
  20. To other lands the famine swept.
  21. Just stay off the king’s lands.
  22. The tribal lands of Pakistan are.
  23. There are gorgons in these lands!.
  24. All employees lived on pack lands.
  25. Beleriand & the Lands of the North.
  26. It was a fine day in the Bad Lands.
  27. Out in the Bad Lands, where the sun.
  28. It is so in the lands they now live.
  29. And bind it with the Star that lands.
  30. Scorch laughs as she lands the copter.
  31. And bind it with the star that lands.
  32. It is forbidden to go to those lands.
  33. I too will leave these lands although.
  34. Lord of himself though not of lands;.
  35. The lands were usually of low quality.
  36. This was The farm lands of Lancaster.
  37. They did not migrate to fresher lands.
  38. I am adding the northern lands myself.
  39. On lands bestowed upon him by Batory;.
  40. He plans to be there when Ares 4 lands.
  41. There are lands beyond what you know.
  42. There were those who owned lands became.
  43. Indian lands within a State, rights over.
  44. Land of lands and bards to corroborate!.
  45. The Valley Lands were preparing for war.
  46. Habiru, who went back to their own lands.
  47. LANDS OF THE NATIONS [Psalms 105:43-44].
  48. But colonists still invaded Native lands.
  49. As are many across the lands, my lord.
  50. On your own lands, the boy insisted.
  51. So the Lemurians escaped to other lands.
  52. Give him back the lands his father held.
  53. And now all those lands lie under the wave.
  54. Those who committed excesses in the lands.
  55. The Roadrunner lands and lies still in a.
  56. Pharaoh's lands was the Great Northern Sea.
  57. This will not be tolerated in my lands.
  58. He showed Elowen dusty old maps of lands.
  59. The Temple, City of Zion, The Temple Lands.
  60. I know it is going towards the fuman lands.
  61. When a player lands on a Hallows (H) square.
  62. That’s why we wondered these lands from.
  63. Mother told them everything about our lands.
  64. At least, not in the old lands or the West.
  65. He thinks he is losing control of his lands.
  66. They would have had tribal lands down there.
  67. The mag sails through the air and lands in.
  68. Cathay, and all the lands that lie between;.
  69. He throws my coat and it lands softly on me.
  70. She smiled to herself the lands are free at.
  71. ALLAN ADAIR; or, Here and There in Many Lands.
  72. Means more to me than trips to far-off lands.
  73. Zogar Sag summoned me out of the Misty Lands.
  74. It falls to the ground and lands with a crash.
  75. Her gaze lands on the rose and its macabre vase.
  76. Their owners ripped from their lands and homes.
  77. Whose house and lands are these? I asked.
  78. Crossing wild grazing lands, the Fife and his.
  79. A bird lands on the fingers that hold the knife.
  80. Some of it lands on her shoes and lower tights.
  81. Mateo was still ravaging the emperor’s lands.
  82. At the time, the lands were splintered into.
  83. Jaden falls over and lands on top of the doctor.
  84. The strong vision of burned out lands plus the.
  85. In some lands, they rule only behind the throne.
  86. Greg lets Randy shoot… the shot lands above it.
  87. He’s going to get you out of the Temple Lands.
  88. The French Smack, the first battle on our lands.
  89. To reclaim our swamp lands, howl at the Chinese.
  90. Plunk: it lands on the ground two stories below.
  91. In the night the Bad Lands had become Good Lands.
  92. The men led their army to the lands of Lord Ignor.
  93. He had run into them in the lands of the Totonaca.
  94. That is what distinguishes us from foreign lands.
  95. I’d rather have Jesus than houses or lands;.
  96. The same methods are prescribed in Christian lands.
  97. Father was clearly ashamed to have lost his lands.
  98. Soon we were crossing into the lands of the Ychma.
  99. Remember, the burden of proof always lands on the.
  100. Whatever it lands on, give it love and acceptance.

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