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    1. It wasn’t like he was in some horror movie and a raving lunatic was about to jump out at him and lop off his head with a big, blood dripping axe

    2. Whenever they needed pruning, I’d have to wait until Nic was out of sight before daring to lop off a branch

    3. 33 See, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, shall lop the bough with terror, and the high ones of

    4. ‘We don’t go in, and lop off heads,’ he said

    5. He said, “I just center the subject as best I can and lop off whatever hangs over on either end

    6. He raised the axe above his head, steeling himself to lop her head from her

    7. “Won’t be kicking, neither, when I lop your toes off

    8. “Mom said I should leave it long, but I told her to lop some off

    9. It had a smal colection of miniatures a used pen, a hair pin, a tissue with pink lop gloss on it, a bookmark, my poem from grapevine and a blazer folded and wrapped in a transparent plastic paper, the one I wore once

    10. But m y own e xpe rie nce ha s give n m e the conviction tha t, quite a pa rt from a ny such te rrors or im a ginings, the re ligious se ntim e nt te nds to de ve lop a s we grow olde r; to de ve lop be ca use , a s the pa ssions grow ca lm , a s the fa ncy a nd se nsibilitie s a re le ss e xcite d a nd le ss e xcita ble , our re a son be com e s le ss trouble d in its working, le ss obscure d by the im a ge s, de sire s a nd distra ctions, in which it use d to be a bsorbe d; whe re upon God e m e rge s a s from be hind a cloud; our soul fe e ls, se e s, turns towa rds the source of a ll light; turns na tura lly a nd ine vita bly; for now tha t a ll tha t ga ve to the world of se nsa tions its life a nd cha rm s ha s be gun to le a k a wa y from us, now tha t phe nom e na l e xiste nce is no m ore bolste re d up by im pre ssions from within or from without, we fe e l the ne e d to le a n on som e thing tha t a bide s, som e thing tha t will ne ve r pla y us fa lse –a re a lity, a n a bsolute a nd e ve rla sting truth

    11. Real combat was far uglier and far more brutal than any of those stories ever admitted, and real soldiers couldn’t simply lop heads off with a single sidearm blow

    12. The Hobbits of the Westfarthing said that one could see the Sea from the lop of that tower; but no Hobbit had ever been known to climb it

    13. Lop off a little of this Executive power, and let the Legislature pass laws which he may negative, and the General Government will have an opportunity of seeing that the Governor will not consent to proper laws

    1. And I marvelled within myself saying "How is the tree sound after so many branches have been cut off?" And the Shepherd said to me "Do not be surprised if the tree remains sound after so many branches were lopped off; [but wait ] and when you shall have seen everything then it will be explained to you what it means

    2. lopped myself on top of it

    3. But what sort of giant could have lopped off the head of monster Eros? In fact, the previous oversight by the Romans and

    4. He turned round, and only just avoided having his head lopped off by a curved swinging blade

    5. The size of a mountain summit, the tail was flat and raw, a gruesome mixture of open flesh and half-healed wounds, as if it had been lopped off with a colossal axe a thousand years ago and left to scar over and decay

    6. "Well," he growled, "this creature would have killed us if I hadn't lopped off his head

    7. He had stripped off his belt and lopped it around his hand to make a whip out of it

    8. It might have been when he was getting his head lopped off

    9. You yourself once lopped off a most luxuriant growth that was, I agree, best away, and now these buds of friendship, of easier circumstances, are going to be nipped off too, and when they are gone what will be left, I wonder, but the uncompromising and the rugged? Is it possible I am so base as to be envious? In spite of my real pleasure I can't shut out certain wistfulness, a certain little pang, and exactly what kind of wistfulness it is and exactly what kind of pang I don't well know unless it is envy

    10. All must be lopped

    11. And the East Prussian pastor was a branch that must be lopped with the cleanest final cut before real submission could be said to have set in

    12. But though she set about this new life with solemnity--for was she not a lopped and lonely woman whose husband had left off loving her and whose children had been taken away?--cheerfulness kept on creeping in

    13. What if this species extolled the beauty of humans, and painted us, and took photos of us? And grew us, and had picnics under us? But never gave a thought to the possibility that we might have feelings, or feel pain, or might not like being killed? What if this species lopped off our limbs whenever they felt like it? And shaped us to grow as they wanted us to? All for their own benefit? What would we think of such a species? And…all of their behaviour was rationalized and justified by, and based-on the sacred idea-concept of a guaranteed return on their investment because they wanted to make a tidy profit without actually themselves working to earn it?

    14. It was my turn to laugh, only there was no humor in it or the warmth that Maria loved, “It does you no good to lie to me familiar spirit, as it would seem you have forgotten that it was I that lopped your earthly host’s head off

    15. She swept forward and lopped off the straining unnatural aberration of a reproductive part and then she stepped in close and slammed both sworded arms into the gorilla’s gut to the hilt and twisted hard

    16. His mullet was lopped

    17. The magistrate, harassed and fatigued, had descended to the garden of his house, and in a gloomy mood, similar to that in which Tarquin lopped off the tallest poppies, he began knocking off with his cane the long and dying branches of the rose-trees, which, placed along the avenue, seemed like the spectres of the brilliant flowers which had bloomed in the past season

    18. But when Pulaski pressed the button on the blade, it might as well have lopped off a finger, is how surprised they all looked

    19. She needed time to get used to her maimed consciousness, her poor lopped life, before she could walk steadily to the place allotted her

    20. And all the while there was no more foretaste of enjoyment in the life before him than if his limbs had been lopped off and he was making his fresh start on crutches

    21. It was lying lopped and dead in the field

    22. But that he never had meant to say that the Berlin decree and Orders in Council were not injurious, because they lopped off a large portion of our commerce

    23. They lopped great wads from her past, and huge excrescences from her present, and by the time that she had reached the last act, the audience sat dazed at the delicate beauty of her character

    1. Her blades moved invisible, their presence marked only by a faint whisper as they sliced through the air, lopping off her enemies black limbs and wolf helms

    2. It sunk it into the head of Telkit and swung outward, lopping off a piece of his head

    3. With one forceful swing and a loud grunt Tylin send the honoi flying off the sword in a short arc, lopping off the lieutenant’s head, just as he set to punch the air once more

    4. He knew the weed-wacker was for him the first time he had it in his hands, lopping off the heads

    5. He took out his frustrations on Hench as he passed him by, lopping off the creature’s blubbery head with his battle-axe on the way by

    6. “She returned home with every intention of lopping his

    7. the spider"s leg lopping it off in a spray of yellow fluid

    8. lopping off branches, along with the women and children,

    9. had clambered out of the stream and begun lopping branches

    10. For in that case, too, he might or might not have been justified in mentally lopping off part of the cost of his holdings because of the impact of the 1938 recession—depending on what had happened to his company

    11. While we’ve paraded around with trumpets, lopping off each other’s countries and heads, they have been living beneath the sea twelve miles deep and cold in a time as old as the beard of a comet

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