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    1. They had a load of stuff to dress the hall with … you know the sort of thing

    2. Top dress with compost

    3. Top dress with compost to allow lawn to come back

    4. Zitteraal as in the opening scene, dressed again in the pressed white lab coat, a dress shirt and a tie,

    5. finally to make the prefect little black dress for her to wear

    6. contours of the plastic body under her dress, and in touching her fantastically

    7. This dress is more beautiful than that dress

    8. A couple of other customers -- an enormous bearded BEDOUIN in traditional dress, a

    9. Her abaya -- and dress -- are now practically up around her waist

    10. away was the fact that he was wearing the most elegant set of dress frock and tails,

    11. terror coursing through his veins, he managed to shake his clothes out and dress,

    12. The second dress is better

    13. ‘Now that is what I call a winter’s evening dress

    14. ‘So it looks like the red dress …’

    15. cotton dress, she drifted out of her apartment, cascaded down the steps to the taverna

    16. However, despite all this encouragement, I’m still preparing myself for the worst as I dress myself in my best suit, and, with a pounding heart, present myself at the offices of the charity in Bristol on the 5th of the month at 11

    17. Unbelievably, it takes us a further two hours to dress the tree and put up the festoons of streamers around the walls

    18. ’ I replied graciously, ‘As I’m having a day off I thought it appropriate to dress accordingly

    19. Once out of the shower, Robbie helped me to towel off and then dress while the other guard kept me carefully in his sights

    20. She rolled up his other two pair of shorts and put them under the arch of his foot, then wrapped his foot much tighter with Desa's dress

    21. When she wakes in the morning and I watch her dress,

    22. she is convinced of victory, wearing a dress

    23. Once in the main auditorium, he saw that there was a cage on the stage lit by a single spotlight and in the cage he saw the crumpled form of a young woman, who was, he was sure, wearing the very same dress that his beloved had been wearing when she was so cruelly snatched away from him the previous evening

    24. He had a kit bag over his shoulder and wore his cap all askew upon his head, because he was coming home from the wars and although not yet formally and officially de-mobbed, he simply didn’t feel like complying with dress regulations anymore

    25. He sent his old army clothes for dry-cleaning and the cleaners simply couldn't believe that someone so rich could dress so scruffily

    26. He caressed her and she made the rest of her clothing disappear and replaced it with a short dress made of as open a mesh as the hammock so his fingers went thru to her skin everywhere

    27. diverse backgrounds and with different hobbies makes for great dates, right? But, it doesn't stop there – the benefits of using an online dating service right are plenty; from not having to dress up for the date as in real life, to spending less money (only internet time) and staying in the

    28. Depending on the state of their dress, their general fashion sense, their hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate their “Naughty” ratio

    29. If you had it in casual dress, that setting would also change the emblem on its shirt

    30. He will wait for the right moment, when you're under the greatest stress; you've broken up with your boyfriend, you just lost your job, or you spilled red wine all over your favorite ivory dress

    31. Duncan nodded; he was in his dress blues

    32. He clearly finds the concept of what he calls a big white powder puff of a wedding dress appalling but, until he knows how I feel about it, is trying to suppress his feelings

    33. As for the dress … oh, well, we’ll have a look and see what there is … don’t want a ‘wedding dress’ as such … more something special which I can wear for other occasions as well perhaps

    34. I fall in love with a dress in pale green … full length and layered with an underskirt of a deep green silk with a sort of shimmery, floaty heavyweight pale green chiffon over the top with embroidered flowers round the edges

    35. He asks if he can see the dress so we carefully disinter it from the tissue paper and Jane holds it up against me while he again stands back, hand on chin again, contemplating

    36. I try to visualise it with the dress

    37. ‘I’ve splashed out on a new suit – not morning dress or anything like that, but smart

    38. It’s not long before she excitedly drags me upstairs to show me the dress she’s bought for the wedding

    39. She looks through the items hanging in my wardrobe and then selects a brown dress

    40. ’ He declared as he opens the door for me, ‘I haven’t said it before tonight, but you look stunning in that dress, Sally

    41. the very same dress that his beloved had been wearing when she

    42. Their dress was very much as she had seen in the popular press, the architecture and the lay of the land were as she had seen, but the thousands and thousands of mud brick and rough timber structures around the palace were never shown on any reproduction she had seen

    43. She left him standing there and went to dress

    44. couldn't believe that someone so rich could dress so scruffily

    45. They hardly even looked at her except to note her underwear and talk about that as they had about the dress

    46. They inspected the dress carefully, inspected the stitching in detail

    47. “The Queen has need of you; dress quickly!”

    48. Adjusting her dress she spied herself in the mirror

    49. I’ve checked that my dress still fits too

    50. If we have to stop to dress up for dinner, that will complicate things

    1. Travis liked this stage of construction, when you could see the parts that kept everything from falling apart, before it got all dressed up

    2. She was dressed for the Nightday chill and held her cup close

    3. She turned around to see a woman, about eighteen years old, dressed all in black

    4. Zitteraal as in the opening scene, dressed again in the pressed white lab coat, a dress shirt and a tie,

    5. In one of the windows of the building he just exited, he sees himself, dressed in hospital patient attire, looking out the window

    6. He is just as we saw him before, unconscious, dressed in hospital garb

    7. Bush is dressed casually in jeans and a gray cloth jacket and cashmere sweater

    8. They dressed slowly that evening, with Jen taking as long as she could over

    9. She was dressed in an impeccable hand tailored business suit

    10. He looked up at the well dressed agent without recognition

    11. She was dressed in

    12. He is dressed in thobe and ghutra, wears midnight frames

    13. Terry Bolt, now dressed to the hilt in traditional garb, sits on one side of the bus, furiously studying a copy of the Koran and mumbling to himself

    14. John wanders in, dressed now

    15. The ranks part for the MAIN GUARD, a muscular swarthy man with a bandanna on his head, dressed in military fatigues and covered in tattoos

    16. Peadar lowered his head but looked furtively at the sharply dressed Theo

    17. As he went in, the first person in the queue, a small, shabbily dressed man, stopped him

    18. the man dressed in black

    19. "The way you're dressed for one thing, I think you are the only other women in this room with her breasts covered

    20. She had the kind of looks you couldn't ignore; statuesque, blonde, athletic figure and dressed to kill

    21. She was fully dressed in roller derby outfit underneath and had travelled through the streets with her skates on

    22. Deliberately making as little noise as I can, I shower and get myself dressed

    23. From behind the columns of the flanking courtyards, the men of the crew began to emerge, dressed in white, coifed with heavy turbans, long black beards down their chests, long sideburns on their shoulders

    24. He was a tall, lean man with only a clean goatee, a pencil mustache and a brush of brown hair, dressed in his trimly tailored commandant's uniform with shined boots and fez

    25. My friend Mandy, who is with me, suddenly talks about a whip and moves her hands accordingly; she is dressed exactly like Sandra in a similar scene, where Venor holds a whip

    26. Betty’s memories are of her older sister getting dressed up to go out with some of the Poles who were stationed in Bristol and how Betty had to draw dark lines up the back of her sister’s legs as they didn’t have any stockings

    27. Dressed in my soiled and tatty towel and shirt, I guessed that I must look like a comic book version of a shipwrecked mariner

    28. They are all dressed in white ceremonial regalia

    29. They were dressed only in sheer wrap-skirts and were very sweetly shaped, though nothing like the size of Shingcress

    30. It felt good to be dressed again, and the bruising didn’t look nearly as bad as she’d anticipated …

    31. The assassin dressed in

    32. Son went into the kingdom dressed as a beggar

    33. Iain was standing staring out of the window into the garden, waiting for the kettle to boil when she appeared in the kitchen, dressed and ready to face whatever the day had to throw at her

    34. Most African tribes dressed their hair in plaits wrapped in thread, tight to the scalp, either in straight rows (hence the name) or intricate patterns and the ends were secured with thread and/

    35. The endless cars stopped as the red light held them in its thrall and, in company with two women chatting about their husbands, one with a dog on a lead, a teenage boy listening to music on headphones and two casually dressed men, she crossed to the other side

    36. when I stood, smartly dressed, in a bar, knee-high to real giants,

    37. bathed and dressed her with the help of Shibani, but

    38. were dressed in their own clothes

    39. "Probably not, even field dressed

    40. He’s dressed for travelling in sensible hosen and mantel … but I cannot help but note the quality of his garments

    41. He dressed in his finery

    42. dressed in your loving and in the knowing of love

    43. She took the clothing that Beth had given her and quickly dressed

    44. “You had better get dressed my Viking queen,” he said with a sly smile on his face

    45. They were interrupted by the sound of boots on the deck, two hefty guys in dressed long loincloths and capes

    46. dressed now in the same skin

    47. dressed in the frill and spill of anticipation,

    48. Dressed in swanky velveteen of burgundy and rust, her windows were curtained from top to bottom, giving a distant effect of luxurious chic

    49. In a bare lime-washed yard behind the house, I found my aunt dressed in dismal black

    50. The family made its usual peremptory visit to the world of personal hygiene, got dressed in whatever reasonably clean clothes came to hand and set out on the number seventy-eight bus that would, with a couple of changes, take them to the black heart of the city

    1. to impress others with their status, hairstyle, new dresses

    2. She was wearing another one of her loud polka dot dresses and Johnny couldn’t understand how someone could wear such ugly clothes that made them stand out to such a high degree; it was almost as if the dots and varied colors were specifically made to clash as much as possible

    3. heaving bosoms and impossible head dresses, with gentlemen officers of the dragoons

    4. Her dresses were simple, worn only

    5. The Countess rose and walked over to the rustic, blue painted wardrobe and pulled from its hanger one of a number of simple cotton summer dresses, long and plain, cream in colour, with just a hint of flow and swirl towards the hem

    6. Her dresses were simple, worn only the once, and never stained when she put them on

    7. (SAMANTHA rushes to a chest of drawer and pulls out a pile of her dresses

    8. On either side of the first step a few young scallywags had positioned themselves in such a way to have a clear view up the skirts and dresses of any visiting females

    9. Maybe she’s singing tonight … I hang on a minute to see if she’s dressed up – Jo has some absolutely lovely evening dresses

    10. God, who wears ivory dresses anymore? That's so yesterday

    11. While Rob showers and dresses, I get a few minutes with Simon alone

    12. It is obvious that I’m going to have to give some thought to renewing my wardrobe – Italy will be hot and although jeans are practical, I will need some dresses

    13. After twenty years of evolution in club land white stilettos and plastic handbags may have given way to belly button piercings and porthole dresses, but the ritual stand-off between groups of rhythmic girls and leery boys is alive and well

    14. With his hair gelled and armpits sanitised, Billy dresses; jeans and a white polo shirt

    15. Titania and Hipolyta were dressed up for the send off, they had insisted that since he wore nice new clothes, they definitely would be wearing their best dresses

    16. She dresses hurriedly

    17. dresses were tore, masks fell off faces, and the precious betting slips flew though

    18. Dresses to be made or bought– Presents to be wrapped–A tree to be picked, but mainly there was excitement in the air, even romance

    19. She then put all of her jeans in a drawer, and pulled all of her dresses to the front of her closet

    20. “All this requires more dresses, hats, shoes, etc

    21. "Beautiful dresses," said the one

    22. So he bought beautiful dresses, pearls, and jewels for his two stepdaughters

    23. then tried to give her two dresses as well, insisting there

    24. What happens next is that the jailer’s daughter dresses Toad up as a washer woman and helps him to escape from jail

    25. The Dort Valley people returned with heads bowed and various pieces of fruit and veg plastered over their suits and dresses

    26. In countries where masquerades are common, it is a trade to let out masquerade dresses for a night

    27. dresses are strange, the author wanted to

    28. Most of them wear black dresses, as they would

    29. Liam’s mother, Diamante strode forward in one of the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen

    30. Only the roasted edges of dresses on some poor souls pointed to a gender

    31. The rich, not being able to distinguish themselves by the expense of any one dress, will naturally endeavour to do so by the multitude and variety of their dresses

    32. He had not seen Jack since the previous night when he had set out in high spirits for Maureen's, with the fancy dresses

    33. boobies pushing out of their new dresses

    34. I saw petite white women dressed in nice dresses and heels

    35. The woman never wore skirts or dresses

    36. Some women wore dresses completely formed of colourful feathers, and in some cases, they exposed more flesh than feathers

    37. dresses, in order to prepare them for bed, not a single costume would

    38. We lifted up the skirts of our dresses and made our way to the car that would be our carriage to get us to the church not on time but at a respectable time…On my time

    39. Now call me old-fashioned but I subscribe to the notion that the way a person dresses says a lot about that person and how that person regards himself…and (perhaps) other people, as well

    40. People generally presented themselves with distinction; jacket and tie, (even at sporting events) much like everyone dresses today, only down-graded in tattered shirts, (torn) designer jeans and Gucchi shoes

    41. clad in the typical dresses of females, not build concrete

    42. Anne and Jessica were decked out in their finest dresses, their faces beaming with delight

    43. In the recruit it often means a gradual change which is seen in the way he dresses and acts

    44. Everybody was dressed in early 20th century attire; the ladies wore long dresses, couples walked arm-and-arm, and the men sported white straw hats like the kind they used in the political campaigns of the seventies

    45. Most of the residents wore long dresses that looked like caftans embroidered and interwoven with oriental motifs

    46. Marcos saw his wife eye the dresses he’d just tossed from the suitcase, but knew she wouldn’t argue with him, she never did

    47. However, he lay in bed and watched her getting dresses

    48. Red Cross patches were sown on the front of their dresses

    49. I explained to Isabel how it was so hard to get around without a lot of unwanted attention when both of us are in uniform, and she has offered to lend me a couple of her dresses, and she tells me Joào has an extra suit or two that you can borrow

    50. But I must say that my esposa is unlikely to miss a ‘couple’ of dresses from this inventory she has carried from Sao Paulo

    1. Who on earth enjoyed that? Her legs shaking from the unexpected stress, she made her way to her dressing room at the far end of the opulent suite

    2. ” Sam ended the call and used the rougher towel to stimulate his skin before dressing

    3. with dressing to kill when you go into house of God [at

    4. She had been sleeping in the spare bed behind the dressing rooms

    5. They also can be used as a side dressing as needed

    6. Top dressing with compost will help conditions

    7. who could charm the stars into existence as though he were dressing a Christmas tree

    8. ’ Liz said, appearing in her dressing gown

    9. He takes off his specs and carefully cleans the lenses on his dressing gown

    10. The bedroom door bursts open and, by the light spilling in from the sitting room, Stephen rushes in, his hair all awry, wearing his dressing gown

    11. ’ I said, waving a finger in the direction of the open jewellery box at the back of the dressing table

    12. Sitting in the kitchen in my dressing gown, I munch on a slice of toast and try to decide what to wear

    13. His car is parked in the car park on Sunday – I see it from my bedroom window as I am dressing … it hits me so hard that I throw myself onto the bed and sob into the pillow … I wish, oh how I wish I could see him

    14. In fact he could see his hand in a box in the shelves above her dressing area

    15. Bathing and dressing took a little longer than usual; the simple act of drawing a comb through her long dark hair more troublesome and the plaiting more fiddly

    16. She got up and went toward the back of the cave where she had a dressing room

    17. Lost in my thoughts, I push open my bedroom door and stop short … one of the girls is dusting the dressing table as I mentally call it – I’m not sure what they call that particular item of furniture here on Errd

    18. LUIS: There's a middle ground somewhere between dressing as a nun and dressing as a hooker

    19. Dressing in the fashion of glittering magazines,

    20. Quickly dressing, and with no accurate idea of what the time may be, I wander up onto the deck

    21. to the dressing station, where lymphatic orderlies

    22. He touched my arm, 'I have heard he had a strong disagreement with someone in his dressing room the night he died

    23. Andrew wasted no time in dressing and rushing down to breakfast to announce to his friends the news to that Emily had been called

    24. Despite my arguing myself blue in the face for the chance to spend some of the money I have been assured lurks somewhere for me, Betta refuses to forego what she calls ‘the fun of dressing her new daughter’

    25. Once the pattern of snoring and grinding teeth settled down in the next room, Kirk slipped out of the bed he shared with his little sister, pulled on a threadbare dressing gown two sizes too small for his arms, and crept downstairs

    26. The photographer did at least have the dignity to let her change out of her dressing gown and slippers, but everything was still rushed and she looked as if she’d just gone three full minutes with a welterweight boxer

    27. Ah, there they are, on the dressing table

    28. They’re doing ‘Mack & Mabel’ and my American accent is dire … however, I’ll be dressing Mabel during the run

    29. She threw open the curtains, letting the room flood with glorious summer sunshine, and as she stood there, silhouetted in her curlers and her power-shouldered dressing gown, she started to sing

    30. 'Before I came back, I went to Pani's dressing room

    31. You were both fervent, dedicated people - you had to be - but, as he grew older I think his conflicts began to take their toll and so his heart grew weaker until, in that dressing room, in that final moment, it gave out and without warning his struggles were over

    32. Katie’s dressed very casually in jeans and a t-shirt; if you didn’t know that she’d spent the better part of two hours dressing you’d never have guessed

    33. way of dressing, and although his choice of clothes wasn’t

    34. ’ I told her, busying myself with the stuff on the dressing table in front of me but she is not fooled

    35. have the dignity to let her change out of her dressing gown and

    36. Clothed in my dressing gown with a towel round my head, I stand at the fridge contemplating food

    37. He left the dressing room and stopped in his tracks

    38. I pick up my dressing gown from the chair by the window and struggle into it, I’m shivering with cold … probably because I’ve not eaten … firmly tying the belt, I wobble through the hallway into the kitchen and, leaning against the work surface, I contemplate my options

    39. shouldered dressing gown, she started to sing

    40. ‘I think you’ll find everything you need in there …’ he said, reaching for his dressing gown and waving a hand in the vague direction of the shower room

    41. half finished patio in her dressing gown, madly sniffing the air and

    42. She crosses the room, steps up onto the stage and heads off towards the dressing room

    43. In the bedroom, Dave has created a dressing table area for me where I can sit to do the little bit of titivating which amounts to making up as far as I am concerned though I have to say that seeing my bits of toiletries looking so at home, feels extremely strange

    44. ’ Hilary said as I arrive in the kitchen … Dave is still dressing upstairs

    45. Sensibly, she swallowed her regret and went through the usual motions – showering, dressing, talking to Ozzie as normal

    46. She’d been touched by the earnestness of his feelings for the dead woman and done her best to tidy up the corpse, dressing it in the clothing Mickey had selected from Sheila’s limited wardrobe

    47. Alex hears the kettle click off as it spits water out onto the dressing table veneer but pays no attention to his primary need for stimulation

    48. There is a spare bed behind the dressing rooms that is dark and cool for Noonsleep and she was delighted to spend Noonsleep in the dark

    49. With the dressing applied, Maggie scrubs her hands and returns to the kitchen, sweeps up the broken glass with a dustpan and brush, and then wipes the sticky alcoholic liquid up with reams of kitchen roll

    50. Dinner would be served around seven, so he had a bit of time before dressing for the event to duck down into the Gent's lavatory to freshen up a bit

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