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Frasi con lumbering (in inglese)

1. Chevy pickup lumbering up the road.
2. Lumbering, ox-like, he drew closer.
3. The troll was lumbering towards Selene at speed.
4. The mounted lich-troll turned to his lumbering ally.
5. There was a heavy lumbering of wheels within hearing.
6. With that, the farmers lumbering form disappeared into.
7. Behind them, keeping pace with the lumbering beast, were the.

8. She felt light, no longer the lumbering elephant she’d become.
9. The big female came to a lumbering halt, her sides heaving for breath.
10. A lumbering stone troll emerged from a straw-covered shack on a hilltop.
11. A bear was straightforward—a lumbering rage that could be anticipated.
12. Harvey? Claire assumed such a large man would have a more lumbering tread.
13. But tomorrow brings the lumbering party and the dawn brings a new adventure.
14. But Mammy was showing her age and rheumatism was slowing her lumbering tread.
15. Crew and conscripts alike gave the lumbering devil a wide berth as he passed.
16. The lumbering stone troll stooped to fit, dragging his metallic club behind him.
17. Ida Walsh was breathing hard, lumbering down the stairs, coming fast behind her.
18. Behind us, Cai moaned about the loss of his drink, but he came lumbering after us.
19. But aren’t galleys supposed to be agile? How could a lumbering cog catch you?
20. Like two lumbering condors, the shuttles clawed for air as they rose over the landscape.
21. No one could outrun a sabre cat; as stout as they were, their lumbering was treacherous.
22. Preparations for the 22,10,23rd annual Yoonbarla Lumbering Party were coming along nicely.
23. Out the window facing the lake, Fred could make out a dark shape lumbering toward the school.
24. Stacey backed away into the cave, the huge man’s lumbering silhouette drawing ever nearer.
25. Lucy only took a dozen steps before she was noticed by one of the trolls that was lumbering about.
26. Shaggy called back, lumbering into the towering pine forest ahead, and her adorable baby followed.
27. The Wyverns looked awkward, lumbering, animals on land, a far cry from their native aquatic home.
28. Crawling up the mountain behind the lumbering truck, thoughts of Beth slipped again into his mind.
29. He watched for signs of movement; lumbering troop trucks, alert soldiers or sweeper cars in pursuit.
30. It should be lumbering, but instead it was lithe and unimaginably graceful, like a house doing ballet.
31. Within a few minutes, the huffing bear, snuffing and still emitting whining growls, came lumbering back.
32. Our lumbering government bureaucracy is unbelievably efficient in selling assets of bankrupt companies.
33. But that lumbering beast who broke my tea-set! How could I possibly explain that at the Bridge Club!.
34. Every lumbering season Michael the Red went up north where there was plenty of work for a good lumberjack.
35. While swishing past lumbering trucks, Leon improved the story, himself more the victim with each rehearsal.
36. Flitting around in a P I is not the same as lumbering through space in kind of monster you’re flying now.
37. Jed came lumbering towards them, grasping Blossom’s collar whilst the dog snapped and barked hysterically.
38. Though it does seem a shame you can’t have a lumbering party without the actual lumbering, Desa said.
39. I scowl when the lumbering Hummer nearly tosses me into Ryodan’s lap, and brace myself better on the console.
40. With a deafening roar, the lumbering giant lifted reluctantly from the runway, into the clear blue sky over Egypt.
1. I lumbered to my feet.
2. Mack lumbered to his feet.
3. And to the doorway lumbered.
4. He didn’t walk, he lumbered.
5. With a growl it lumbered forward.
6. He shook his head and lumbered past.
7. Marshall lumbered behind the others.
8. All six planes lumbered into the air.
9. The vehicle lumbered slowly out of the.
10. It lumbered past the more nimble humans.
11. All the Coveits lumbered toward the glow.
12. Behind her, Books lumbered onto the bridge.
13. He stifled a cough as he lumbered through.
14. He lumbered off in the direction of his jeep.
15. One lumbered straight towards him, blocking his.
16. It was all there, and I lumbered my way toward it.
17. Tom started the engine and the truck lumbered away.
18. He lumbered off down the worn ruts in the grass on a.
19. Then he lumbered away and was lost among the boulders.
20. Vogel slowly lumbered from his bunk, checking his watch.
21. The majestic beast lumbered over to his fallen comrade.
22. Oh, bother, thought Carl as he lumbered around once more.
23. He was taking his time; he lumbered slowly down the path.
24. He lumbered over to a cracked mirror on the wall next to.
25. The Giants' caravan lumbered to a stop a short while later.
26. He lumbered toward them, bigger and wider than his brother.
27. The barge lumbered in dangerously close to the line of trees.
28. The team of mules obeyed and lumbered away from the feed mill.
29. The car lumbered over the ground to the end tent, and stopped.
30. He lumbered in and didn't have his jacket off yet when he heard it.
31. Miller lumbered towards them, polishing a large apple in her apron.
32. The hippo lumbered back and forth, apparently looking for the pesky.
33. At that, the bear had lumbered into the forest without looking back.
34. This means that users aren’t lumbered with downloading a bloated.
35. Her mind was fixed on the rumps of the horses as they lumbered along.
36. Finally, the truck jerked forward and lumbered through the outer gate.
37. A speed which, once it had lumbered up to it, it could maintain for a.
38. The very first patient of my new practice finally lumbered into my office.
39. The sergeant slowly lumbered across in time to let two more couples escape.
40. At this Glad climbed over several sleeping bodies and lumbered towards them.
1. These lumbers contain natural oils or profiling compounds that resist rot and.
2. It doesn't seem sure what to do at first, but then decides it has seen enough and lumbers off into the forest.
3. His legs quiver as he lumbers across the row of Recruits, knocking into several pairs of knees and avoiding eye contact with anyone who looks at him.

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Le’s git that lumber in.
There was more lumber than.
The rent and the lumber he had to.
The opportunity in lumber has long passed.
He expected the lumber mill target was one.
In conjunction with their lumber yards they.
The place would be nothing but a lumber camp.
Look at the chart of lumber on the next page.
I had big dreams of becoming a lumber baron.
This plan cal s for six pieces of lumber 30.
There was some lumber scattered on the ground.
Then I can spend my time in town selling lumber.
But I’ll need a lot of men and a lot of lumber.
That we sell the lumber overseas, or to Mexico.
Seattle had been growing on the wealth of lumber.
The site was nothing more than a civilian lumber.
Common grade lumber may have flaws and knots that may.
Gary would not want to lumber Emily with his workload.
If you follow lumber, you know what happened afterwards.
Select lumber is nearly free of any knots and blemishes.
There is a lumber mill in Northwest Thailand in an area.
A classic example of this is the lumber market (chart 19.
Because of the lack of blemishes, select grade lumber is.
For many primates, the lumber industries are equated with.
Silas looked up nervously at the tons of lumber above him.
When you go to the lumber store, look through the racks of.
It is a community rich in agricultural products and lumber.
In your real world men have cut down these trees for lumber.
Dust settled over the heap of collapsed lumber and roofing.
Let us now imagine that a carpenter has bought some lumber.
I haven’t seen this much lumber in town since the flume.
Anybody could, with lumber selling at such outrageous prices.
Why, I could run this store better than he lumber business!.
Go into the lumber business myself, was the way she put it.
The price of lumber skyrocketed in January, reaching a peak of 44.
He recognized her instantly had sold him lumber to build his house.
What is even more ironic is that the lumber companies are the ones.
So do lumber companies and mining companies, and chemical companies.
Even the booth, with its cheap timbers and used lumber was familiar.
Petrov and the gamers had built a small cottage out of lumber taken.

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