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Frasi con ponderous (in inglese)

He is both ponderous and profound.
Malcolm was ponderous and a little scared.
Like a monument lay the bright brown, ponderous coffin.
There was below the sound of hasty and ponderous footsteps.
The seven ponderous ramps were well saturated with sewage water.
A noise of rending and crashing came dully through the ponderous stone.
Oh, do they? How interesting! Godwyn spoke with ponderous sarcasm.
But, no way, we had to listen his long and ponderous lectures, deaf-ear.
Metal shuddered, but the wall continued its ponderous route along the track.
Was there nothing Mammy did not overhear? Scarlett wondered how that ponderous.
The accountant once more stood up and moved away from the desk in ponderous strides.
The upstairs hall seemed to shake as Mammy’s ponderous weight came toward the door.
For such a ponderous subject, the students were lighthearted on the way to Larchfield.
But it is a ponderous task; no ordinary letter-sorter in the Post-Office is equal to it.
My skin grew cold, and my hair stood on end as I listened to that steady and ponderous footfall.
She was wheeling a ponderous brass urn on a trolley, which she obediently uncapped for her master.
He stands mask'd, clothed in red, with huge legs and strong naked arms, And leans on a ponderous axe.
That was the longest two or three minutes of my life, he added, in a ponderous kind of profundity.
It was after me then with a ponderous stumble of heavy steps even as it wailed out its avarice to kill me.
The ponderous machine leaped forward as if released from a spring, gathering power and speed each half second.
And then suddenly I heard it! From far away down the tunnel came those muffled steps, so soft and yet so ponderous.
The extra mobility of flight prevents your being easily surrounded, or targeted by large, ponderous artillery pieces.
The surrounding buildings were ponderous and depressing, as was the ugly cement cemetery filled with modern mausoleums.
This ponderous person exemplifies the peculiar tendency of the black jailer uniform to elevate the ego of the weak minded.
Squirrels chattered back and forth incessantly, occasionally stopping to cast a curious gaze at the ponderous trio down below.
One was such a ponderous, dignified voice, the other softly suave; I should not have believed it if I had not heard it myself.
The “Boiler-plate” looked very foolish in an old Yale rowing shirt, with the “Y” stretched taut across his ponderous chest.
Ay, I’ve had little time for jollity this many a year, agreed Master Ogilvie, with a ponderous wink behind his daughter’s back.
He had scarcely read this note, and frowned at its contents, when he heard below the ponderous tramp of the servants, carrying something heavy.
I heard Jacobi’s voice and that of the building manager downstairs, then Jacobi’s ponderous footsteps as he huffed and wheezed up the stairs.
Into the depths of the truck, and subsequently surrounded by equipment too ponderous for unloading except by oversized forklift, they concealed the cocaine.
This was a blessing, bright, vivid, and exhilarating;—not like the ponderous gift of gold: rich and welcome enough in its way, but sobering from its weight.
There is the flashiness and affluence of Europe with many of the shortcomings of the Middle East such as a ponderous bureaucracy and the mentality of the 135.
For one thing, contrary to Nancy’s typical plans, the pace was too ponderous, with invading troops arriving in many successive waves on too many targets at once.
Lord Marchmain showed no inclination to move, so presently we drew up chairs - the little, heraldic chairs, for everything else in the hall was ponderous - and sat round him.
Oh, do be careful, Arch! cried Lucy, for the ponderous machine ground through the soft bank that hemmed in the road on that side, and canted dangerously for a second or two.
The massive section of tree, still wet with sap and weighing too much and more, swayed in the chain sling with the ponderous gravity of a boulder balanced atop an eroded pedestal.
The foundation does not penetrate the deck, but the masonry is firmly secured to the surface by ponderous knees of iron bracing it on all sides, and screwing it down to the timbers.
Argon came to his feet in a series of ponderous motions that made for a major production; once risen to his full height Tel was uncomfortably reminded of how large a man his father was.
After each halt the truck then began its ponderous attempts at acceleration, jerking through the gears, sliding me slowly towards the rear of the box where my head would hit hard metal.

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