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    1. Home treatment is merely a very simple and widely practiced form of interventionist treatment for mild health problems like pain, indigestion, constipation, mild diarrhea, nasal congestion, general weakness, mild skin rashes and so on

    2. “When we’re on a mission, my name is Seventy-Seven,” she replied with a mild tone of annoyance

    3. He was trying to project an aura of mild disappointment, like he was strong enough to take this, but Ava could see each piece of paper shaking as he put it back in its folder

    4. Before you repot plants, bathe it in a mild soapy water solution

    5. Kulai was always mild and even and sweet and gave the impression of being naive

    6. mused, he must be in a mild state of mental discomfort made hallucinogenic by

    7. public drama out of the long drawing down of a cancer, or the slow meander of a mild

    8. None of it’s dramatic, not in your way…I mean, how do you make a public drama out of the long drawing down of a cancer, or the slow meander of a mild epidemic, or that fatal nudge into oncoming traffic? Oh, I do things with a flourish sometimes, I suppose, the knife and the psychosis, but no, my book is made up of dark matter, whereas yours lists the stars that shine for bright, sparkling mortality

    9. When we think of meek, we think of mild, deferring, quiet, lowly, placid, soft, and docile

    10. The Obagi Blue Peel is a mild chemical peel that al ows for the removal of damaged layers

    11. Why not try one of the dark honeys, brown as a nut, with the strong and heady sweetness of sunshine? Why not try one of the mild, creamy white honeys, thick and subtle flavoured? There is such a bewildering variety of honeys from all over the world that I could not possibly name them all, but perhaps the most delectable of all, though it is a matter of personal preference, are the clover honeys, smooth and mellow as butterscotch, and with an unforgettable bouquet, and the dark-toned, exotic honeys of the Caribbean

    12. This mild intimidation was over in a minute but for some reason it was unsettling

    13. She was given a mild sedative and she was now sleeping under the watchful eye of her mate, Kai

    14. The mild jolt of electricity pouring through his body

    15. equally grubby dog was one of mild disgust

    16. “Yes, we’re going to have to give you something,” she said, “just a mild sedative to relax you a little

    17. “It must be the substrate translation that makes you more vulnerable,” she said, “what I gave you was very mild, I was afraid I was going to have to give you more if that wasn’t enough to calm you

    18. There is a definite mild feel to the air tonight

    19. watching the excited group of Guardians with mild interest

    20. It is one of those mild evenings you sometimes get in the spring, not at all cold

    21. Instead he tried to remain mild

    22. Mackie, who looked up at him with a mixture of what Harry perceived to be mild contempt and incredulity

    23. It’s nice strolling home in the mild spring air

    24. For example, an early autumn, followed by a mild

    25. She was delicate, reserved and mild, not the athletic beauty favored by most of the native girls, though she was a smidgeon taller than Desa

    26. Beauchamp stood before them with a mild look of surprise

    27. They like living there because of the mild winters

    28. look of mild reproof, but nevertheless did as he was

    29. OCD can range from mild to severe

    30. It has hot humid summers and mild winters

    31. Sharing its land border with Brazil, this mild country is the home of doves: eared,

    32. handed him a large phial of the liquid mixed with a mild

    33. The day remained mild, but the rain continued

    34. The weather was mild but, as the sun began to sink low, the temperature started to drop rather dramatically

    35. coupled with a mild fever – that’s all

    36. Even mild dehydration

    37. misery that made this mild in comparison, but she’d never been so alone

    38. It began with a mild sore in

    39. went smoothly out, and hit the ground with a mild thud, which

    40. The horses held their heads high as they set off willingly, stomping their hooves every now and then in mild frustration that they couldn’t head out at a faster pace

    41. A mild dizziness began to set in and she bit her tongue in hopes of jolting herself out of it

    42. The weather here was very mild

    43. It was Micheq who answered the king in a mild yet strong, unwavering voice

    44. As soon as she heard his feet crunching on the grass, her breath hitched in mild panic

    45. But the cruellest of our revenue laws, I will venture to affirm, are mild and gentle, in comparison to some of those which the clamour of our merchants and manufacturers has extorted from the legisiature, for the support of their own absurd and oppressive monopolies

    46. Torbin is it?’ It was her, and he felt comforted by her mild tones, even though it was as if she’d forgotten him

    47. Firstly they had never experienced anything more than mild winds on the planet, certainly nothing strong to stir up clouds of dust like they could see now, and secondly, the lack of movement was more than a little suspicious

    48. The disorders in the government of Indostan have been supposed to render a like precaution necessary, even among that mild and gentle people; and it was under pretence of securing their persons and property from violence, that both the English and French East India companies were allowed to erect the first forts which they possessed in that country

    49. Raiya considered telling Dr Heigener what she’d learned and what as a result she now intended to do, but she imagined his words of caution and even mild paternal forbadence

    50. ‘I truly am sorry for what you have been through,’ Roidon said in a mild tone that was some attempt at sincerity

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    balmy mild soft meek modest calm moderate pacific temperate peaceful placid tranquil gentle tender amiable easygoing clement compassionate indulgent soothing mellow bland emollient smooth mollifying