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    1. Nourishing Food, those produced only with the interaction of soil, water and sun, in moderate quantity

    2. · Have only a moderate intake of sugar; use unrefined or fruit sugar or honey in place of refined sugar

    3. He was of the moderate faction of the Brazilians, he would preserve what he could of their heritage as any other ethnic group would

    4. She brought her feet down gently to the sand on a beach of moderate surf, one of the exposed sides of this island

    5. Moderate exercise is powerful; however, it has to be aligned with a proper diet

    6. Even at that, the Bible says to be moderate with alcohol, but does not insist on total abstinence

    7. The water temperature in rivers is a bit more moderate than lake temperatures

    8. moderate could fix it

    9. If, in these places, therefore, the labouring poor can maintain their families in dear years, they must be at their ease in times of moderate plenty, and in affluence in those of extraordinary cheapness

    10. If masters would always listen to the dictates of reason and humanity, they have frequently occasion rather to moderate, than to animate the application of many of their workmen

    11. Double interest is in Great Britain reckoned what the merchants call a good, moderate, reasonable profit; terms which, I apprehend, mean no more than a common and usual profit

    12. These are so great, that in a country where thirty years purchase is considered as a moderate price for the property of a landed estate, ten years purchase is regarded as a good price for that of a coal mine

    13. been reckoned a very moderate price of wheat, since it required a particular statute to oblige servants to accept of it in exchange for their usual livery of provisions ; and it had been reckoned a reasonable price ten years before that, or in the 16th year of the king, the term to which the statute refers

    14. Four ounces of silver, Tower weight, therefore, equal to six shillings and eightpence of the money of those times, and to near twenty shillings of that of the present, must have been reckoned a moderate price for the quarter of eight bushels

    15. This statute is surely a better evidence of what was reckoned, in those times, a moderate price of grain, than the prices of some particular years, which have generally been recorded by historians and other writers, on account of their extraordinary dearness or cheapness, and from which, therefore, it is difficult to form any judgment concerning what may have been the ordinary price

    16. From about the middle of the fourteenth to the beginning of the sixteenth century, what was reckoned the reasonable and moderate, that is, the ordinary or average price of wheat, seems to have sunk gradually to about one half of this price; so as at last to have fallen to about two ounces of silver, Tower weight, equal to about ten shillings of our present money

    17. to the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth, during the space of more than two hundred years, six shillings and eightpence, it appears from several different statutes, had continued to be considered as what is called the moderate and reasonable, that is, the ordinary or average price of wheat

    18. Six shillings and eightpence, therefore, containing about the same quantity of silver as thirteen shillings and fourpence of our present money (one-third part less than the same nominal sum contained in the time of Edward III), had, in those times, been considered as what is called the moderate and reasonable price of wheat

    19. This price had at this time, therefore, been considered as what is called the moderate and reasonable price of wheat

    20. In 1688, Mr Gregory King, a man famous for his knowledge in matters of this kind, estimated the average price of wheat, in years of moderate plenty, to be to the grower 3s

    21. Mr King had judged eight-and-twenty shillings the quarter to be at that time the ordinary contract price in years of moderate plenty

    22. It was to take place, therefore, till wheat was so high as fortyeight shillings the quarter; that is, twenty shillings, or 5-7ths dearer than Mr King had, in that very year, estimated the grower's price to be in times of moderate plenty

    23. This lowest price is that which barely replaces, with a moderate profit, the stock which must be employed in bringing the commodity thither

    24. The profits of the undertakers of gold mines, too, as they more rarely make a fortune, must, in general, be still more moderate than those of the undertakers of silver mines

    25. When the Romans, therefore, had occasion to order more corn than the tithe of wheat amounted to, they were bound by capitulation to pay for the surplus at the rate of four sestertii, or eightpence sterling the peck; and this had probably been reckoned the moderate and reasonable, that is, the ordinary or average contract price of those times; it is equal to about one-and-twenty shillings the quarter

    26. There are many authentic records which demonstrate that, during the reign of that prince (towards the middle of the fourteenth century, or about 1339), what was reckoned the moderate and reasonable price of the tod, or twenty-eight pounds of English wool, was not less than ten shillings of the money of those times {See Smith 's Memoirs of Wool, vol

    27. Tenpence was then reckoned what is called the moderate and reasonable price of a bushel of wheat

    28. When they observed, that within moderate periods of time, the repayments of a particular customer were, upon most occasions, fully equal to the advances which they had made to him, they might be assured that the paper money which they had advanced to him had not, at any time, exceeded the quantity of gold and silver which he would otherwise have been obliged to keep by him for answering occasional demands; and that, consequently, the paper money, which they had circulated by his means, had not at any time exceeded the quantity of gold and silver which would have circulated in the country, had there been no paper money

    29. It is this part of his capital only which, within moderate periods of time, is continually returning to every dealer in the shape of money, whether paper or coin, and continually going from him in the same shape

    30. If the advances of the bank had commonly exceeded this part of his capital, the ordinary amount of his repayments could not, within moderate periods of time, have equalled the ordinary amount of its advances

    31. A bank cannot, consistently with its own interest, advance to a trader the whole, or even the greater part of the circulating capital with which he trades ; because, though that capital is continually returning to him in the shape of money, and going from him in the same shape, yet the whole of the returns is too distant from the whole of the outgoings, and the sum of his repayments could not equal the sum of his advances within such moderate periods of time as suit the conveniency of a bank

    32. From England it was brought into Scotland, where, in proportion to the very limited commerce, and to the very moderate capital of the country, it was soon carried on to a much greater extent than it ever had been in England

    33. Pennsylvania was always more moderate in its emissions of paper money than any other of our colonies

    34. was of a moderate length, and though it was a rich brown, too, early flecks of silver were laced like veins of precious ore

    35. Even if you look at a moderate increase in your sales of one or two percent, this

    36. The introduction of the feudal law, so far from extending, may be regarded as an attempt to moderate, the authority of the great allodial lords

    37. For the sake of the superior security, indeed, a man of moderate circumstances, when he retires from business, will sometimes choose to lay out his little capital in land

    38. In times of moderate plenty, the importation of foreign corn is loaded with duties that amount to a prohibition

    39. The high duties upon the importation of corn, which, in times of moderate plenty, amount to a prohibition, give a like advantage to the growers of that commodity

    40. Upon his refusing to moderate them in favour of the Dutch, they, in 1671, prohibited the importation of the wines, brandies, and manufactures of France

    41. they turned onto a residential street, Nerissa kept the cart to a moderate pace, as if their errand were routine

    42. Feeling only moderate discomfort, she flexed it at the knee

    43. Even upon this very moderate supposition, the great body of the people, over and above contributing the tax which pays the bounty of 5s

    44. I answer, that this might be the case, if the effect of the bounty was to raise the real price of corn, or to enable the farmer, with an equal quantity of it, to maintain a greater number of labourers in the same manner, whether liberal, moderate, or scanty, than other labourers are commonly maintained in his neighbourhood

    45. Our country gentlemen, when they imposed the high duties upon the exportation of foreign corn, which in times of moderate plenty amount to a prohibition, and when they established the bounty, seem to have imitated the conduct of our manufacturers

    46. The freest competition cannot lower it, Through the world in general, that value is equal to the quantity of labour which it can maintain, and in every particular place it is equal to the quantity of labour which it can maintain in the way, whether liberal, moderate, or scanty, in which labour is commonly maintained in that place

    47. In an extensive corn country, between all the different parts of which there is a free commerce and communication, the scarcity occasioned by the most unfavourable seasons can never be so great as to produce a famine ; and the scantiest crop, if managed with frugality and economy, will maintain, through the year, the same number of people that are commonly fed in a more affluent manner by one of moderate plenty

    48. This contract price is settled according to what is supposed to be the moderate and reasonable, that is, the ordinary or average price, which, before the late years of scarcity, was commonly about 28s

    49. When the tax upon a commodity is so moderate as not to encourage smuggling, the merchant who deals in it, though he advances, does not properly pay the tax, as he gets it back in the price of the commodity

    50. When the tax upon coinage, therefore, is so moderate as not to encourage false coining, though every body advances the tax, nobody finally pays it; because every body gets it back in the advanced value of the coin

    1. You know about logic and you know the physiology of the human brain, you know it is logic conducted by nerve cells with a form of electrical charges, and you know it is moderated by chemicals and hormones

    2. It was about the same time that the French and English began mutually to oppress each other's industry, by the like duties and prohibitions, of which the French, however, seem to have set the first example, The spirit of hostility which has subsisted between the two nations ever since, has hitherto hindered them from being moderated on either side

    3. Whatever pleasure he gained was moderated by a growing undercurrent of impatience, and whatever monies he won, when he won, was more than offset by the devastating impact that Mr Pinscher invariably had upon his larder

    4. pays you the commission, which could be moderated through a site

    5. The weather moderated, and the sky was blue again

    6. is gone, replaced with a moderated "hide" button, aimed at combating "the bury brigades", as Rose calls them

    7. Time had moderated his early impulse for growth and he was a man of average height marked by smallpox scars, but his amazing power for manual destruction remained intact

    8. Most blogs will be moderated so if you write something positive and constructive, you have a better chance of your comment being accepted which will hopefully include a link back to your site

    9. She also moderated herself at the disco hall, dancing a lot but only drinking mineral water in order to stay sober

    10. The concept of a regional coalition offered, not the certainty, but the possibility anyway; to have moderated extreme influences, offered border security, and encouraged internal cooperation

    11. and ideas have value and can be moderated or revised according to

    12. The Lord is heaven in full with an impulse absolutism shed and moderated by the Lord in matching state

    13. An impulse with its absolutism moderated by God is the unit of heaven viewed with delight

    14. When the night falls and shields the universe by its darkness, the temperature becomes moderated and the calmness and tranquility prevail

    15. To provide a less-expensive alternative, we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars to develop a simpler, much more affordable test to nutritionally type you, and an online evaluation and support forum, which is moderated by one of the nutritionists that works in our clinic

    16. She moderated her voice

    17. unseen and unrecognized – the downward trend is moderated

    18. (We are not a bounce-back list, but a moderated one

    19. requirements may be moderated according to the risk perception e

    20. This directory is moderated by a professional team and you can have a certain level of trust in the items published here

    21. Her father died several years earlier and there was no counterbalancing authority in their household that might have moderated this implacable hold on her

    22. In the presentation your breathing should be moderated

    23. By mid-November the weather had moderated, which is to say that it had become cold and rainy as it always is in Seattle in November

    24. The first was moderated by her and included moving testimony from three successfully treated patients, including Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes, who was now speaking openly about his three major bouts with depression (the first one had come during a high-profile lawsuit against CBS; the other two, he explained, happened mostly because he kept going off his medication)

    25. Then the Vice President walked stage right and moderated a conversation about how families and communities and businesses can respond to mental health issues, with a mother from his home state who had to navigate the system for her bipolar child, and the medical director of Bank One Corporation, who discussed how offering better mental health coverage to the company’s employees saved them money

    26. My mom never drank in public, but it was obvious when she arrived that way; my dad had substantially moderated his drinking after marrying Vicki, but still loved indulging at a summer party

    27. These maneuvers and losses suggest that the claim of “almost absolute safety” frequently made in behalf of equipment issues will have to be moderated; but it cannot be denied that this form of investment enjoys a positive and substantial advantage through the realizability of the pledged assets

    28. Research suggests that drug relapse is a complex phenomenon moderated by

    29. Moreover, his language, which was stamped with a sort of moderated, subdued insolence and crafty insolence, was reserved and almost choice, and in that rascal, who had been nothing but a robber a short time previously, one now felt "the man who had studied for the priesthood

    30. Such was the home which was to put Mansfield out of her head, and teach her to think of her cousin Edmund with moderated feelings

    31. Another one made desperate efforts to stand on the table, to propose a toast, and only the officer, who seized him by the tails of his coat, moderated his premature ardour

    32. The cold air refreshed me and somewhat moderated my indignation

    33. To advise that the statement concerning the equality of the radii in a circle be rejected or moderated is the same as not understanding what a circle is

    34. To advise that the commandment about non-resistance to evil in the vital teaching of Christ be rejected or moderated means not to understand the teaching

    35. And in man's soul there are not moderated rules of justice and of philanthropy, but the ideal of the complete, infinite, divine perfection

    36. A moderated perfection loses its power to act upon men's souls

    37. But who will see to it that war cannot be begun? Who will see to it that men must do so and so? Who will compel the power to wait until the proper time? All the other powers need just as much to be moderated and placed within bounds and compelled

    1. This group put forward their intentions, theories and ideas as a serious alternative to the reformists – otherwise thought of as moderates – who were still to commence with that first assignment

    2. Yet the Moderates believed an ideal world is as true as any opinion (is valid)

    3. Such designs may one day trigger sizeable defections of (Democratic) Party Moderates, especially members of the African American and Hispanic Communities who, despite party loyalties, remain staunchly conservative on a number of social issues, especially religion

    4. The list includes both sides of the political spectrum and both parties, from moderates like Eisenhower, Carter, Bush Sr

    5. What won them praise is their doing exactly what moderates or liberals would have done, negotiate for peace and arms control

    6. Moderates who were willing to listen to the arguments of both sides of an issue, and perhaps help fashion a compromise, comprised 37 percent of the House in the 1970s, but only 8 percent in 2005

    7. moderates to secede in 1981 and found the Social Democratic party, which merged (1988) with the Liberal party to form the Social and

    8. “Thermidorians,” the moderates who had overthrown Robespierre

    9. without the help of moderates

    10. As in the traditional classroom, the faculty member moderates the discussion

    11. The prefrontal cortex is involved in delaying gratification and impulse control and moderates the impulses from the limbic system

    12. The moderates wanted a

    13. Moderates have a strained “peace” but even they believe that one day

    14. The moderates will either side with him completely or death

    15. understand that Islam is incomplete without Jihad, moderates offer little

    16. balance between zealots and moderates is hard to ascertain, and

    17. - Karmanye Thadani, ‘The Solution Moderates in the Valley Suggest’, available at http://www

    18. “The modern free market technocrat, and you know who they are,” moderates, centrists and coopted extremists laughed on cue, which was always better than applause for the popular Prez Porn

    19. had been among the more moderates of the Party

    20. We are also attempting to obtain support from Palestinian moderates living abroad

    21. In the Assembly they called themselves Moderates, and opposed every energetic measure with philanthropic pensiveness

    22. Sometimes, even, and this has been actually seen, fear turns to passion; fright may change into fury, as prudence does into rage; hence this wise saying: "The enraged moderates

    23. The truth was that little could be done to remedy the situation militarily and arming moderates in the region was a strategy almost certain to backfire

    24. And a life of simplicity and indigence, which moderates the sexual desires, now seems to me good

    1. The peace of Nimeguen put an end to it in 1678, by moderating some of those duties in favour of the Dutch, who in consequence took off their prohibition

    2. Maybe sleeping with her has had a moderating effect on you

    3. The forming of the Eastern Alliance was intended to have a moderating influence on the more extreme practices of ancient law, but the relaxing of state (autocratic, some would say) control to allow temporary zones of tolerance only resulted in an increased crime rate

    4. I mean to say, gambling was always interesting to me but Henrietta had been a moderating influence on me regarding gambling and drinking

    5. consider religion the best sedative, the best moderating and consoling force in life’s tragic moments

    6. I will be moderating the conversations as they occur for all seated here

    7. The day before the Delhi assembly election results, I was moderating a session at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit with Pakistan cricket captain-turned-politician, Imran Khan

    8. 16) Moderating of values of (SGOT-SGPT) in the venous blood after cupping

    9. the privilege of moderating newly added media files

    10. His top staff noted how much of a calming and moderating influence his two closest friends - his wife Catherine and National Policy Advisor Brown - had been, when they were still around

    11. and to insure the duration of his pleasures by moderating their use, and

    12. "Undoubtedly," said Villefort, moderating the tones of his voice, "a marriage once concerted and then broken off, throws a sort of discredit on a young lady; then again, the old reports, which I was so anxious to put an end to, will instantly gain ground

    13. But what was yet at least agreeable, as well as more nattering, the love I had inspired him with, bred a deference to me, that was of great service to his health: for having by degrees, and with much pathetic representations brought him to some husbandry of it, and to insure the duration of his pleasures by moderating their use, and correcting those excesses in them he was so addicted to, and which had shattered his constitution and destroyed his powers of life in the very point for which he seemed desirous to live, he was grown more delicate, more temperate, and in course more healthy; his gratitude for which was taking a turn very favourable for my fortune, when once more the caprice of it dashed the cup from my lips

    14. It was only the moderating influence of the presence of large numbers of ladies which prevented an absolute riot

    15. Farebrother: he seemed a trifle milder and more silent, the chief talker being his mother, while he only put in a good-humored moderating remark here and there

    16. He needed to recover the full sense that he was in the right by moderating his words

    17. In the interest of moderating expectations, it might be useful to lay out a rough road map of the typical path of trader development

    18. This has the effect of moderating P/E for the rate of profit growth

    19. Note that bond prices do not fluctuate in the same (inverse) proportion as the calculated yields, because their fixed maturity value of 100% exerts a moderating influence

    20. There has been considerable recent interest in the moderating effects of genetic

    21. ‘Don’t you like it?’ said a laughing voice, and moderating their tones the men moved

    22. “Don’t you like it?” said a laughing voice, and moderating their tones the men moved forward

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