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Frasi con misrepresentation (in inglese)

  1. Misrepresentation fancied its own tail.
  2. This is, however, a misrepresentation of the.
  3. This is a blatant misrepresentation and misinterpretation of.
  4. The metal lead represents fraud and misrepresentation in this context and.
  5. Yes! Others may call him ‘God’, even though that would be a misrepresentation.

  6. The Apocalypse and the fraudulent and methodical misrepresentation of the same symbolism.
  7. Next thing we know, the first gay parade called Heroes Parade - what a misrepresentation of what a hero is.
  8. Bodfield Hooper's misrepresentation of the doctrine of Irenaeus deserves a harsher name than I shall give to it.
  9. Great is the power of steady misrepresentation; but the history of science shows that fortunately this power does not long endure.
  10. But it goes without saying that an artifice of this kind lends itself far too readily to concealment and possible misrepresentation.
  11. Cadwallader, and I believe this is false too," said Dorothea, with indignant energy; "at least, I feel sure it is a misrepresentation.
  12. This document, sir, is so illy understood, and has been the source of so much misrepresentation, that I must be allowed slightly to review it.
  13. The misrepresentation of the scientific paper is the most formal aspect of the misrepresentation of science as an orderly process based on a clearly defined method.
  14. It touched a reservoir of anger against an enemy that had been able to conceal its true intent behind a barrage of false promises, personal attacks, and misrepresentation.
  15. Depicted on the tapestry was, as some citizens of Lycania would argue, a slight misrepresentation of the Peacebringer's triumphant return to Odalia atop a resplendent elephant.

  16. Deliberate falsification of the data is rare; most of the misrepresentation flows from the use of accounting artifices which it is the function of the capable analyst to detect.
  17. Reading fiction is fun, but when fiction is portrayed as fact, fiction becomes at best, a distortion of the truth, and at worst, an absolute misrepresentation of the truth, and thus a lie.
  18. The Securities Act of 1933 aims to safeguard the security buyer by requiring full disclosure of the pertinent facts and by extending the previously existing liability for concealment or misrepresentation.
  19. Here is a simple dating system: act as though you are happy, successful and from a united happy family! The trouble is that relationships do not last long when misrepresentation – or outright lies - becomes apparent.
  20. Those who were opposed to them always failed to refute their arguments, and feared, and nearly always refused, to meet them in fair fight - in open debate - preferring to use the cowardly and despicable weapons of slander and misrepresentation.
  21. In that case, sir, the Count De Palm presented a memorial to the British King by the express order of his Government, complaining of the misrepresentation of facts made in the King's speech to Parliament, which complaint the British historians admit was well founded.
  22. The character of our Government had been so depressed in Europe, not more by foreign than domestic misrepresentation, as much even within these walls as without them, it had become necessary to make war to place our backs against the wall and prove to European marauders there is a point beyond which we will not recede.
  23. Upon this question, which presents itself in every point of view too clear to admit of a single doubt; equally unsusceptible of sophistical perversion or misrepresentation; a question which involves a political truism, and which is undenied; a debate has grown out of it, embracing the whole foreign relations of this country.
  24. Petty politicians have used the war for their own purposes, thimbleriggers have not been idle; but to the close observer it was evident that the war was a war of the people, the will of the multitude, inflamed perhaps by much exaggeration and misrepresentation, but nevertheless exerted for a just purpose when unvarnished facts stand forth.

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