mistaken frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con mistaken (in inglese)

  1. He could not be mistaken.
  2. Jo was mistaken in that.
  3. Yes, I was not mistaken.
  4. Ned Land was not mistaken.
  5. He had mistaken her for me.

  6. In this he'd proved mistaken.
  7. You were mistaken, no doubt.
  8. Was I mistaken? he asked.
  9. Blair must have been mistaken.
  10. Still, perhaps I was mistaken.
  11. But no, she must be mistaken.
  12. Leach could not be mistaken.
  13. The Canadian was not mistaken.
  14. That mistaken idea came later.
  15. That's where you are mistaken.

  16. You are mistaken, says he.
  17. In this case quite mistaken was.
  18. Father Quimper must be mistaken.
  19. I was not mistaken to call you.
  20. But you may have been mistaken.
  21. They were not mistaken in terms.
  22. What Can ADHD Be Mistaken For?
  23. Saddler must have been mistaken.
  24. Garth might be mistaken about Mr.
  25. But in that, too, she was mistaken.

  26. It is mistaken because the Heruka.
  27. Tell him that you were mistaken.
  28. I told you how mistaken this was.
  29. At first he thought he was mistaken.
  30. You are mistaken about that woman.
  31. But, if so, he was greatly mistaken.
  32. That trader would be sorely mistaken.
  33. The general (and mistaken) view was.
  34. Their identity could not be mistaken.
  35. Now he saw that he had been mistaken.
  36. Or was he mistaken? He began to worry.
  37. Then she thought she had been mistaken.
  38. Splendid! I was not mistaken in you.
  39. The event showed that he was mistaken.
  40. They have mistaken us for my father.
  41. At first, he thought he must be mistaken.
  42. I saw her distress and I was not mistaken.
  43. However, the free will view is mistaken.
  44. This myopia is thinking totally mistaken.
  45. You see, you were mistaken, said I.
  46. He was badly mistaken in this impression.
  47. You are mistaken, Furl, Hosan warned.
  48. You are mistaken; there I am ahead of you.
  49. If I’m not mistaken, she’s Star Fleet.
  50. We have mistaken your kingdom with another.
  51. Chang Sun brothers, you have been mistaken.
  52. And I tell you, sir, that you are mistaken.
  53. It is possible that I am utterly mistaken.
  54. So it seemed to us; and yet we were mistaken.
  55. I may have been mistaken in what I said; 50.
  56. She could see that she had not been mistaken.
  57. You are mistaken in calling this eccentricity.
  58. This is the only wisdom that has no mistaken.
  59. But if he is one of the deniers, the mistaken.
  60. Once more, you’re sadly mistaken, my dear.
  61. The idea proved to be mistaken but he enjoyed.
  62. Carpenter ants are often mistaken for termites.
  63. We’ll see that we were mistaken as we looked.
  64. At first she wondered had she mistaken the hour.
  65. It’s possibly a mistaken identity or something.
  66. Clearly the old woman and the lion were mistaken.
  67. He could hardly believe that he was not mistaken.
  68. He deprecated her mistaken but well-meaning zeal.
  69. His mother was mistaken; he was very fond of her.
  70. I HAT) not 'forgotten ' Liza; mother was mistaken.
  71. I am sure I am not mistaken as to the impression.
  72. I could have mistaken him for a Seventh Day Ad-.
  73. Here they come already, unless I'm much mistaken.
  74. She was mistaken if she thought I was judging her.
  75. Where were we? Had I been mistaken? Was it still.
  76. If I am not mistaken sir, it's the Rolling Stones.
  77. But she said in a firm voice, No, you are mistaken.
  78. Without even the name of mistaken impure appearance.
  79. How could she have been so mistaken about him? Pa-.
  80. Sometime its symptoms mistaken with prostate cancer.
  81. It could, however, be mistaken for a parking garage.
  82. Then I’m not mistaken, thought Countess Mary.
  83. Rather than following such mistaken minds, we should.
  84. If Tom wasn’t mistaken, he was being invited to eat.
  85. Unless I’m mistaken, the Teriz are not aware of.
  86. MICHAEL WAS SADLY MISTAKEN if he thought things would.
  87. Will lead to speak in the same way and mistaken memory.
  88. He had always mistaken her sleeping pose for innocence.
  89. At first Greg thought it was simply a mistaken address.
  90. For half an hour she sat on and hoped she was mistaken.
  91. I thought I had been deceived— had mistaken the spot.
  92. Well, the first time was a case of mistaken identity.
  93. Is there any possible way you could be mistaken?
  94. It never occurred to me that he had mistaken her for me.
  95. But what if I were mistaken? A shudder passed over him.
  96. There is so much misinformation, and mistaken assumption.
  97. I really think I made a mistaken effort in that respect.
  98. The signal transmits slowly and can be mistaken as noise.
  99. Giving monkeys and apes in africa the mistaken impression.
  100. Rhett had spoken of could not have been mistaken that day.
  1. There was no mistaking it.
  2. There was no mistaking the.
  3. But there was no mistaking it.
  4. There was no mistaking the words.
  5. There was no mistaking his anger.
  6. There was no mistaking the ill-.
  7. Mistaking his accent, the locals.
  8. There was no mistaking who that one.
  9. There was no mistaking the underlying.
  10. There was no mistaking that this was Fred.
  11. There was no mistaking its great antiquity.
  12. There was no mistaking the angular form of.
  13. Mistaking my actions for alarm, Sarah went on.
  14. There could be no mistaking the cats intentions.
  15. But there’s no mistaking that it is my brother.
  16. Carefully inspecting it, there was no mistaking its.
  17. There is no mistaking that the tree of knowledge of.
  18. He realized this lady was mistaking him for Clarence.
  19. When one is in one’s bliss, there’s no mistaking it.
  20. There was no mistaking the driver’s intention this time.
  21. My mother smiled with relief, clearly mistaking my meaning.
  22. There was no mistaking his resemblance to a praying mantis.
  23. There was no mistaking their wide eyes and dilated nostrils.
  24. There was no mistaking the look of pride on my father’s face.
  25. There was no mistaking her and the big man was easy to identify.
  26. There could be no mistaking her for anyone other than the woman in.
  27. There was no mistaking that tall brown figure with its springy step.
  28. He was still quiet but there was no mistaking the firmness in his voice.
  29. His one error was mistaking the jack of hearts for the jack of diamonds.
  30. The pupils - and there was no mistaking this - twisted around in their.
  31. But there was no mistaking it—Charles Danko was the image of his father.
  32. She heard the sound again, but this time there was no mistaking the source.
  33. But there was no mistaking it, there was little justice in this contention.
  34. There was no mistaking it: it was certainly Everard, for she heard his voice.
  35. Are you one of those transvesters…? The woman uttered, mistaking the.
  36. Quietly, he said, Come with me, but there was no mistaking his authority.
  37. There was no mistaking the similarity to those which had been on Lucy's throat.
  38. A brougham was coming down it, and there could be no mistaking those gray horses.
  39. It took awhile before she understood that he was mistaking a syllable for a letter.
  40. Confusing one of my files with one of Jenny’s would be like mistaking Dad for Mr.
  41. Mistaking me for Mommy, he rolled towards me; seeming to place an affectionate hug.
  42. There was no mistaking the appeal that the rocking whirl of the rhythmic dance made.
  43. His look could not be called insolent, but for Ralph there was no mistaking the threat.
  44. She could hardly see, but there was no mistaking the running steps hurtling towards her.
  45. Scarlett was not sure what an aeon was, but there was no mistaking the baiting quality.
  46. There’s no mistaking the huddle of ancient shapes that emerged suddenly on the horizon.
  47. There was no mistaking the derision on her face, her pink mouth thinning into a cutting smile.
  48. But by the fifth day the symptoms were so unique there was no mistaking it for something else.
  49. Even though the photo was about thirty years old, there was no mistaking who I was looking at.
  50. The guard gave him a short nod and began to lift Taj, mistaking the man’s thrashing for panic.
  51. Well, maybe she wasn’t that senile— mistaking me for a witch was, after all, an honest mistake.
  52. The cat, mistaking the food on the woman’s hat as real food to eat, jumped onto the back of the hat.
  53. Still, there was no mistaking the black Escalade when it pulled off the highway and parked at the pump.
  54. No mistaking it was Johan, trying to use sign language since that was the only safe method of communication.
  55. Mistaking her stiffness for hurt rather than anger, Trask went over and put a sympathetic hand on her shoulder.
  56. Bryony blinked, but there could be no mistaking the beautiful features that looked down at her from the heavens.
  57. One can be forgiven for mistaking the soldier caste for another species when comparing a soldier with a worker.
  58. There was no mistaking my own face tattooed on his back, for a moment I blinked thinking my eyes were deceiving me.
  59. Well, it’s as if she’s shaped for sex, isn’t she? She is the woman to be laid, and there’s no mistaking it.
  60. I also mowed the lawn, often mistaking her strawberries (too damn close to the house!) for weeds and cutting them, too.
  61. There was no mistaking their destination, the Kingarin Forest, where they would attempt to recruit Dremelden Immortals.
  62. The gypsies may not have known the language, but there was no mistaking the tone, in whatever tongue the words were spoken.
  63. I stopped in my tracks, gazing at the tan-skinned man I had not seen in twelve years, but there was no mistaking who he was.
  64. He jerks his body away from my touch, and for a moment I fear that he will turn to attack me, mistaking me for the dead bride.
  65. But for a few minutes I kept accidentally confusing the two kingdoms, mistaking zoophytes for water plants, animals for vegetables.
  66. And couldn’t she have poured out her heart in reciprocity? It’s apparent that she’s attracted to me, there is no mistaking that.
  67. There was no mistaking that honk of the goose many times strengthened, and, following this, the low, steady sputter of a gasoline engine.
  68. Mistaking the Nautilus for the corpse of a whale, some of them alighted on it and prodded its resonant sheet iron with pecks of their beaks.
  69. This time there was no mistaking it for imagination or dream and it came from the far side of the house where Nicholas's studio was situated.
  70. Besides, with an all knowing air, the banker was wont to aver that mistaking ripples for the waves would only lead to the lowering of the standards.
  71. There could be no mistaking the glut of stolen goods, equipment and as it turned out enslaved peoples from the majority of the closest systems and beyond.
  72. Then, distinct and might have come from the cold spaces of the dark sky outside, so unearthly and beyond mistaking, they heard -- they all heard -- words.
  73. It was low—so low that it was only in that still night air that we could have heard it, but, hushed as it was, there was no mistaking its feminine timbre.
  74. And although you might not have a complete recollection of it, I do not believe I am mistaking when I say your spirit senses this is not your first life.
  75. Amy was learning this distinction through much tribulation, for mistaking enthusiasm for inspiration, she attempted every branch of art with youthful audacity.
  76. A good deal changed, of course--shrivelled and so on, but there was never any mistaking that fellow's strongly marked features, and I'd have known him anywhere.
  77. Even in the caricature of native cold-weather costume that he was dressed in, there was no mistaking the machine that had pretended to be his father thru his childhood.
  78. They had sacrificed it for brute strength, but there was no mistaking that one hit from their axes could easily end his life, so he was very cautious about staying away from it.
  79. However, by dint of beating about a little in the dark, and now and then knocking up a peaceable inhabitant to inquire the way, we at last came to something which there was no mistaking.
  80. God knows what the girl was doing wandering around the hospital at that time of night, but whatever she was doing there, I'm convinced Tony killed her, mistaking her for me in the darkness.
  81. We were mistaking when we thought that witches could never predict anything in relation to us and we were mistaking when we thought that we could handle by ourselves anything that comes our way.
  82. You can forgive a man perhaps, because in your heart in spite of all experience lurks the comfortable belief that he means what he says; but how shall you forgive a woman for mistaking you for a fool?
  83. Because it’s against Federation Law to genetically alter a subject simply to perfect the organism, mistaking his perfect genome structure as anything other than specific sampling could lead to unwarranted.
  84. He heard the steps of Stepan Arkadyevitch, mistaking them for the tramp of the horses in the distance; he heard the brittle sound of the twigs on which he had trodden, taking this sound for the flying of a grouse.
  85. It is, we hold, an invention of the apostatising church, founded partly on sensuous and magical ideas, and partly on mistaking the baptismal miraculous 'gifts’ of the Holy Spirit for His renewing action, and for His 'fruits.
  86. There was no mistaking the distinguishable features of Ed Carter, with his potbelly and signature suspenders, and Jerry Barkley, with his crooked nose and obvious hairpiece, two of the members of the Convention Center Committee.
  87. Money, position, fashionable accomplishments, and elegant manners were most desirable things in her eyes, and she liked to associate with those who possessed them, often mistaking the false for the true, and admiring what was not admirable.
  88. Bagration called to him from the hill not to go beyond the stream, but Rostov pretended not to hear him and did not stop but rode on and on, continually mistaking bushes for trees and gullies for men and continually discovering his mistakes.
  89. Bagratión called to him from the hill not to go beyond the stream, but Rostóv pretended not to hear him and did not stop but rode on and on, continually mistaking bushes for trees and gullies for men and continually discovering his mistakes.
  90. He only cuddled with her, when other people were around, and Kathy was afraid she was mistaking his attention to herself, as being more than it was - in spite of what he'd said to her mother and herself the day after she came home from Colorado.
  91. By you mistaking their instant sudden, unexpected poison as yours, as it being your gut reaction… when it is not you that felt this instant, unnatural, sudden, unexpected instinctive reaction to something: that later you regret, that later you realize was wrong.
  92. There was no mistaking the growling mutter of the mountain pouring its stream of treasure under the stamps; and it came to his heart with the peculiar force of a proclamation thundered forth over the land and the marvellousness of an accomplished fact fulfilling an audacious desire.
  93. But there was no mistaking that this was primarily a labor of love for Tipper Gore, who wanted to make it clear that mental health would be her primary concern if she got to be First Lady but also wanted to make a difference right away just in case there wasn’t a Gore presidency.
  94. In the course of the next fortnight distaste for Mr Samgrass came to be a little unspoken secret throughout the house; in his presence Sir Adrian Porson's fine old eyes Hungarian cousins who, mistaking the status of tutor, took him for an unusually seemed to search a distant horizon and his lips set in classic pessimism.
  95. An hour had passed since the sun had set, when Franz fancied he saw, at a quarter of a mile to the left, a dark mass, but he could not precisely make out what it was, and fearing to excite the mirth of the sailors by mistaking a floating cloud for land, he remained silent; suddenly a great light appeared on the strand; land might resemble a cloud, but the fire was not a meteor.
  96. This problem is only solvable if we cease arbitrarily to substitute for the unknown x itself the conditions under which that force becomes apparent-such as the commands of the general, the equipment employed, and so on- mistaking these for the real significance of the factor, and if we recognize this unknown quantity in its entirety as being the greater or lesser desire to fight and to face danger.
  97. The first misapprehension which relates to the impracticability of the Christian doctrine arises from the fact that men who believe in the social life-conception, not comprehending the rule obeyed by men who hold the Christian doctrine, and mistaking the Christian standard of perfection for the guiding principle of life, believe and declare that it is impossible to follow the teaching of Christ, because implicit obedience to this doctrine would end by destroying life.
  98. One evening, tired with his experimenting, and not being able to elicit the facts he needed, he left his frogs and rabbits to some repose under their trying and mysterious dispensation of unexplained shocks, and went to finish his evening at the theatre of the Porte Saint Martin, where there was a melodrama which he had already seen several times; attracted, not by the ingenious work of the collaborating authors, but by an actress whose part it was to stab her lover, mistaking him for the evil-designing duke of the piece.
  99. Alexander commenced a series of quotations from English poets and journalists to show that to take the verb in the sense of giving a blow would make nonsense in places were naval actions and trades unions are spoken of? I feel certain that the bystanders would consider that the foreigner was being unfairly treated, and that the teacher ought to be supported in his general doctrine; since it is of the last importance that foreign people should learn the proper meanings of our common words, and not be seduced into mistaking special and idiomatic uses for normal significations.
  100. There was no mistaking his nature,.
  1. If there are past mistakes.
  2. Let them make the mistakes.
  3. He never makes any mistakes.
  4. Learn from the mistakes of.
  5. I make mistakes all the time.
  6. It‘s okay to make mistakes.
  7. Forget the mistakes of the.
  8. The mistakes are stacking up.
  9. And learn from your mistakes.
  10. You said you made mistakes.
  11. He never makes mistakes, ever.
  12. My mistakes taught me how to.
  13. It was one of those mistakes.
  14. We all make mistakes, I guess.
  15. Mistakes are the best teachers.
  16. Jesus, he never made mistakes.
  17. Though he makes mistakes, and.
  18. Mistakes costing them the game.
  19. Captain Ahab mistakes; it is I.
  20. We made and still make mistakes.
  21. I admit to millions of mistakes.
  22. The mistakes in the grocery ads.
  23. You made a couple of mistakes.
  24. Mistakes will happen this I know.
  26. We have had enough of mistakes.
  27. His two main mistakes were obvious.
  28. People die for mistakes like this.
  29. The truth is that mistakes cannot.
  30. It was not for the mistakes I did.
  31. There was no room for mistakes now.
  32. You had a tendency to make mistakes.
  33. God does not make mistakes and as.
  35. They died for the mistakes they made.
  36. The secret is to learn from mistakes.
  37. Learn from your mistakes as a leader.
  38. The verdict would cure past mistakes.
  39. Just try to learn from your mistakes.
  40. Few profit by the mistakes of others.
  41. One of the most common mistakes I see.
  42. Anger and fear would lead to mistakes.
  43. And in space, mistakes got you killed.
  44. In addition to mistakes flowing from.
  45. What sort of mistakes? he asked.
  46. It is here that many mistakes are made.
  47. Learning from our mistakes if you will.
  48. The purpose is simple: mistakes happen.
  49. Finding own mistakes is self appraisal.
  50. Those mistakes were greatly compounded.
  51. Someone had to be blamed for my mistakes.
  52. You're going to make mistakes in life.
  53. All the mistakes have already been made.
  54. My past, my mistakes, what I did to you.
  55. She always did that when I made mistakes.
  56. In this way you note mistakes, overcome.
  57. He was aware that he was making mistakes.
  58. You have to make the mistakes to learn it.
  59. They had both made mistakes with suits!.
  60. You want to make mistakes once in a while.
  61. Humans have learned only through mistakes.
  62. He uses the information to avoid mistakes.
  63. He had to let Brett make his own mistakes.
  64. Then our mistakes would never be repeated.
  65. Two guests preaching about the mistakes.
  66. I kept smearing the paint, making mistakes.
  67. And this is where I made one of my mistakes.
  68. They made all sorts of mistakes and messes.
  69. Wedding Reception Mistakes that are Common.
  70. Law gives man power to rub out his mistakes.
  71. Yet, they did not learn from their mistakes.
  72. Most of these things are mistakes which we.
  73. How to avoid the most common newbie mistakes.
  74. This Lynch law was complicated with mistakes.
  75. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I want.
  76. Mistakes don‘t cancel or stop your harvest.
  77. He’s made too many mistakes in the past.
  78. With horses mistakes always cost you lots of.
  79. Thatcher’s bad season caused more mistakes.
  80. Can’t let anybody else pay for my mistakes.
  81. Be open about any mistakes that have occurred.
  82. We humans have made so many arrogant mistakes.
  83. What will you gain by making mistakes in fast.
  84. And mistakes could kill you, couldn’t they?
  85. So, here are the most common newbie mistakes:.
  86. The more mistakes that are made the better.
  87. The only mistakes you made were the movies.
  88. Me cleaning up Elly’s mistakes, her Mother.
  89. He makes the same mistakes over and over again.
  90. All mistakes are but the mistakes of ignorance.
  91. I was not going to repeat my mother's mistakes.
  92. Holland proceeded to make several more mistakes.
  93. The really big undervaluation mistakes in the U.
  94. They will have learnt from their mistakes and.
  95. You may do the top 10 mistakes, or the top 10.
  96. Obvious mistakes, and decisions that were poor.
  97. In retrospect all mistakes become crystal clear.
  98. We all make mistakes; intentional or otherwise.
  99. His ‘practicing’ simply embeds the mistakes.
  100. Vyry: Sit, this time there should be no mistakes.
  1. And the youth mistook by me.
  2. I mistook her for an au pair.
  3. She mistook this to mean he.
  4. And, in this upshot, purposes mistook.
  5. Evidently he mistook the bishop for a priest.
  6. Though he claimed he mistook her for a burglar.
  7. They of course, mistook him for a lost hunter.
  8. He mistook the action and bent down and kissed it.
  10. Strangely, they mistook me (Jody Wilson) for my mother.
  11. Segall mistook the man's restraint to be a form of approval.
  12. Now how in the world can the clap be mistook for being pregnant?
  13. The king mistook him to be a deer and shot Shravan with his arrow.
  14. He thought himself strong enough, for he mistook fever for energy.
  15. She meant it kindly, but Amy mistook her meaning, and said quickly.
  16. No-one that knew her mistook this for either weakness or friendliness.
  17. Apparently he mistook her breathless state as an indication of passion.
  18. He dropped his eyes, and she mistook it as a reference to her waistline.
  19. And now I think he hates me because—because you mistook him yesterday.
  20. A passing hunter mistook his feet for the ears of a deer and killed him with a single arrow.
  21. Most were the undead – which were spiritually drained the moment they mistook him for a snack.
  22. We’d find out later that Clydie mistook a red light on a third floor whore house on 11th Avenue.
  23. Her wide brown eyes a mix of compassion, sadness, and something that Alec might have mistook for love.
  24. When in the end, they joined the queue to the sanctum sanctorum, the devotees around mistook them for newly weds.
  25. Russell must have been misinformed as to the cause of the seizure, or that the custom-house officer mistook his duty.
  26. One of their number mistook her teeth for her lips as she applied a red stick carelessly in the murky orange shadows.
  27. In fact, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat was really the spark that ignited my interest in neuroscience to begin with.
  28. I once mistook them as Akito's junk collection and I was subjected to a three hour lecture about the importance of every one.
  29. Yes, off-worlders have roamed about your world, filling it with with their junk, which you Curators then mistook for important.
  30. A group of customers from the Bear Flag mistook Western Biological for a rival house and charged up the stairs whooping with joy.
  31. He had called the police for protection, but some of the black men taking refuge there mistook them for the mob and shot at them.
  32. Conseil, whom I hadn't alerted, mistook it at first for a gigantic sea snake and was gearing up to classify it in his best manner.
  33. For several minutes they mistook the form of David for that of the prisoner; but the very accident which Hawkeye had foreseen occurred.
  34. The Moslem scholars and the Christian ones mistook the Hour of the returning of the Messiah Master (cpth) for the Hour of resurrection.
  35. It was worth it though just to see Nobby Clark’s jaw hit the deck if it had gotten any wider the train might have mistook it for a tunnel.
  36. That is, it denied the truth and mistook the way of its happiness as it mistook the right way which leads to its advantage and its real life.
  37. Darkside hatred and righteous indignation welled up to overflow in screams of agony which the audience mistook as a spiritual sign from heaven.
  38. He, as frequently happens, mistook his pet hypothesis for an axiom, and imagined that his whole theory was erected on the very firmest of foundations.
  39. He told Correlli about how Shawn's untrained eye mistook the holed hull of the M113 command vehicle for a bus and the VC in the open as the passengers.
  40. The meaning is that it denied the truth and mistook the way of its happiness, just as it mistook the right way which would lead to its advantage and its real life.
  41. Unbeknownst to our acquaintance, Rapsar’s spirit had entered her body when she had visited the peak, and she mistook his memories as her own from another lifetime.
  42. If hallucinations can appear this ‘real’ to us, to anyone, if hallucinations are catching and almost believable, it’s no wonder they mistook us for psychotics.
  43. If hallucinations can appear this real to us, to anyone, if hallucinations are catching and almost believable, it’s no wonder they mistook us for psychotics.
  44. Unfortunately, they mistook our publicity stunt for a political demonstration and inadvertently scrambled what would probably now be called the Anti-Terrorist Squad.
  45. Hence, the umma mistook the bravado of Saddam Hussein, in leading up to the fiasco of the ‘Mother of All Battles’, for the bravery of Saladin at the Horns of Hattin.
  46. Knowlan at first mistook him for a tumbleman, a man who’d fallen so low from his station in life that all he possessed were breeches, tunic, and perhaps a stolen tool.
  47. When she saw an indistinct shape in the corner, and mistook his knees raised under the quilt for his shoulders, she imagined a horrible body there, and stood still in terror.
  48. The reader, however, was not to suppose they were his last word or final effort in the drama, for he had in hand a comedy called "Engano a los ojos," about which, if he mistook not, there would be no question.
  49. She beheld in the Master's face the countenance of an upright and holy man, but she mistook friendliness for commonplace familiarity, and she misinterpreted his figure of speech as a form of making advances to her.
  50. I suspect that because of his brilliance and accuracy on the map, that the other side, the active, paid for, counter intelligence of the corporatocracy has hassled him endlessly and that he mistook me for one of them.
  51. Proving that bigots do not have the best grasp of other cultures, they also imprisoned many people they mistook for Germans and Austro-Hungarians: Greeks, Dutch, French, Belgians, Ukrainians, Polish, Serbs, and Italians.
  52. In ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,’ Oliver Sacks wrote about the twins who amused themselves for hours trading six-digit prime numbers — although they were incapable of performing even simple multiplication.
  53. Engaged in a most extensive and lucrative practice of the law, he mistook in one instance the side of the cause on which he was retained, and addressed the court and jury in a very splendid and convincing speech in behalf of his antagonist.
  54. This spirit was bestowed for the purpose of qualifying believers more effectively to preach the gospel of the kingdom, but they mistook the experience of receiving the outpoured spirit for a part of the new gospel which they were unconsciously formulating.
  55. An off-duty African-American police sergeant was shot to death while trying to break up a fight at a diner, by two white police officers who mistook him for one of the armed suspects (even though he had been in the same academy class with one of the officers).
  56. Travellers did not often carry full information on Christian art either in their heads or their pockets; and even the most brilliant English critic of the day mistook the flower-flushed tomb of the ascended Virgin for an ornamental vase due to the painter's fancy.
  57. Andrey Makarovitch," the young man began lisping, coming up to me with an extraordinarily free-and-easy air and seizing my hand, which I was incapable of withdrawing, "it was all the fault of my Stcpan ; he announced you so stupidly that I mistook you for some one el.
  58. The town did not awake; or, if it did, the drowsy slumberers mistook the cry either for something frightful in a dream, or for the noise of witches; whose voices, at that period, were often heard to pass over the settlements or lonely cottages, as they rode with Satan through the air.
  59. What I know is, that, like a fool, a greater fool than he of whom I spoke just now, I mistook for this peasant girl a young bandit of fifteen or sixteen, with a beardless chin and slim waist, and who, just as I was about to imprint a chaste salute on his lips, placed a pistol to my head, and, aided by seven or eight others, led, or rather dragged me, to the Catacombs of St.
  60. This seems like it’s a terrible way of keeping records, but I can assure you that it’s much better than the year I meticulously attempted to keep all of my receipts in a box under my desk until the cat mistook it for a litter box, or the year I kept a bunch of receipts in a clear plastic envelope and then when I went to pull them all out half of them were just blank pieces of paper.
  61. But meantime the point of the young warrior's sword was getting unpleasantly near the left breast-pocket of the author's dressing gown (which he wore at the time), and the latter happened to recollect, with a nervous thrill, that this was the sword which mortally wounded the traitor lover (for whom Sam evidently mistook him) during the stirring combat so vividly described in the twenty-second chapter.
  62. At instants of momentary wakefulness he mistook a bush for his associate sentinel; his head next sank upon his shoulder, which, in its turn, sought the support of the ground; and, finally, his whole person became relaxed and pliant, and the young man sank into a deep sleep, dreaming that he was a knight of ancient chivalry, holding his midnight vigils before the tent of a recaptured princess, whose favor he did not despair of gaining, by such a proof of devotion and watchfulness.
  63. Herne mistook her shivering for the cold, Come inside, he said quickly,.

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1. That is a big mistake.
2. It was a huge mistake.
3. He had made a mistake.
4. This is a bad mistake.
5. This is a HUGE mistake.
6. It was a fatal mistake.
7. This was all a mistake.
8. Jo, it was a mistake.
9. This is a huge mistake.
10. It has to be a mistake.
11. That is a grave mistake.
12. This was a big mistake.
13. He never made a mistake.
14. It was my worst mistake.
15. That was a mistake, too.
16. It proved a bad mistake.
17. And I made this mistake.
18. No, they made a mistake.
19. There must be a mistake.
20. I think I made a mistake.
21. Could a mistake be made?
22. That was a big mistake!.
23. When they make a mistake.
24. Perhaps it was a mistake.
25. Fear of making a mistake.
26. Now let no one mistake me.
27. Les could see his mistake.
28. This is all a mistake.
29. Sir Peter made a mistake.
30. This is a HUGE mistake!.
31. That was my third mistake.
32. It was a very big mistake.
33. That was my first mistake.
34. And that was a big mistake.
35. There could be no mistake.
36. Perhaps this was a mistake.
37. That is a serious mistake.
38. I think there is a mistake.
39. That was my second mistake.
40. That was my fatal mistake.
41. Do not commit this mistake.
42. We must avoid this mistake.
43. It was a mistake, let’s.
44. Maybe that was his mistake.
45. It is really a big mistake.
46. Had there been a mistake?
47. Here we have made a mistake.
48. In the wild, this mistake.
49. That was an honest mistake.
50. Bad mistake, as the Wendy.
51. Ok, the goanna was a mistake.
52. SOMEBODY has made a mistake.
53. Maybe P will make a mistake.
54. There had to be a mistake!.
55. But that would be a mistake.
56. You mistake me for another.
57. Cam: that was just a mistake.
58. That would be a big mistake.
59. I made the foolish mistake.
60. That was mistake number one.
61. But this is a great mistake.
62. It was her mistake putting.
63. He has never made a mistake.
64. Then he made a fatal mistake.
65. What was the mistake? he said.
66. There you make a mistake, Mr.
67. A mistake he would not repeat.
68. That had been his big mistake.
69. I thought I did not mistake.
70. A huge marketing mistake in.
71. They made the mistake of.
72. It had been a costly mistake.
73. You made a mistake, Maggie.
74. I was covering up my mistake.
75. There is got to be a mistake.
76. Now he knew it was a mistake.
77. This had been a huge mistake.
78. That was my bank’s mistake.
79. There is no mistake about it.
80. One mistake and I was a dead.
81. Why was that a mistake?
82. He had to have made a mistake.
83. It was a mistake to marry him.
84. Maybe that had been a mistake.
85. I told you that was a mistake.
86. By ignoring the mistake, for.
87. I think that I do not mistake.
88. There was no mistake about it.
89. I think that is a big mistake.
90. It had been a mistake to leave.
91. This is all a complete mistake.
92. What if it was all a mistake?
93. This, he claims, was a mistake.
94. There is some mistake, I tell.
95. I’d made a mistake, Father.
96. If you make a mistake, admit it.
97. The next mistake is interesting.
98. There's been a terrible mistake.
99. This turned out to be a mistake.
100. Jack instantly knew his mistake.

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