nervous frasi

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Frasi con nervous (in inglese)

1. I was nervous as hell.
2. And now he IS nervous.
3. She was a bit nervous.
4. He gave a nervous smile.
5. She is a nervous wreck.
6. Each of us was nervous.
7. No need to be nervous!.

8. Al began to get nervous.
9. Maybe he was too nervous.
10. He seemed a bit nervous.
11. I think I'm nervous also.
12. Kelly seemed a bit nervous.
13. He was shaky and nervous.
14. I was nervous and agitated.
15. Okay, I was a lot nervous.
16. I am really nervous though.
17. He really made me nervous.
18. Remi is a nervous invalid.
19. She was also really nervous.
20. I can see you’re nervous.
21. He started to get nervous.
22. She was a nervous wreck.
23. With a mixture of nervous.
24. She gave him a nervous grin.
25. Drew felt nervous but safe.
26. He was nervous and scared.
27. I was as nervous as I had.
28. He was still very nervous.
29. I was nervous and exhausted.
30. She looked as nervous as a.
31. Too nervous to speak, though.
32. She wasn’t at all nervous.
33. I laugh, nervous but curious.
34. Paul began to feel nervous.
35. I shoot him a nervous glance.
36. He was probably just nervous.
37. The kids were nervous wrecks.
38. I was not nervous, or scared.
39. He was nervous and excitable.
40. Aunt was frenzied and nervous.
41. I’m so excited and nervous.
42. It was because I was nervous.
43. Sorry to make you so nervous.
44. Even so, it made him nervous.
45. Both looked sick and nervous.
46. He’s still a little nervous.
47. Her Mom was naturally nervous.
48. They act as nervous as I feel.
49. Of the central nervous system.
50. The gods would be more nervous.
51. They could tell he was nervous.
52. It made him decidedly nervous.
53. Olsen seemed the most nervous.
54. I was starting to feel nervous.
55. It made the guards nervous.
56. They are all nervous and tense.
57. He appeared clumsy and nervous.
58. Except to his nervous system!.
59. He was nervous, but determined.
60. He is nervous inside, but you.
61. I have had a nervous breakdown.
62. After a while I became nervous.
63. Instantly the men were nervous.
64. She looked nervous, so serious.
65. His nervous shyness amused her.
66. This store is making me nervous.
67. Was he nervous Jesse asked.
68. Are you nervous? She asks.
69. But I was still feeling nervous.
70. They are all scared and nervous.
71. Jeff was nervous, Evan frowning.
72. The earthlings are quite nervous.
73. So they bring a lot of nervous.
74. He was starting to feel nervous.
75. The town was making her nervous.
76. The staring made Travis nervous.
77. The news was making her nervous.
78. I‘m just nervous that‘s all.
79. I was very nervous and terrified.
80. Nervous energy filled his being.
81. Nervous that I will chicken out.
82. He suffered a nervous breakdown.
83. It was like a nervous obsession.
84. I could tell when he got nervous.
85. She was feeling suddenly nervous.
86. I was so nervous, unreasonably so.
87. Afterwards she was still nervous.
88. I'm nervous about later tonight.
89. He seemed quite nervous about it.
90. Smith thought she looked nervous.
91. I was suddenly very, very nervous.
92. I could tell she was nervous too.
93. Loren’s face was pale, nervous.
94. The young woman was very nervous.
95. He wasn't nervous, very friendly.
96. We were both too shy and nervous.
97. Saturday nights made her nervous.
98. He became more nervous, sensing.
99. That made Fred even more nervous.
100. I was nervous, but my voice did.

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