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Sensitive in una frase (in inglese)

I was sensitive on this.
He's a very sensitive boy.
She can be very sensitive.
He’s very sensitive about it.
Vitamins are sensitive to air.
I became sensitive to the touch.
He knew it was sensitive for me.

This illness was life sensitive.
Chickens are very sensitive birds.
My eyes were more sensitive, too.
The surface is sensitive to touch.
Mares are a little more sensitive.
You’re a very strong sensitive.
He’s always been so sensitive.
That was a sensitive subject for me.
She was very sensitive at the sides.
Left one is more sensitive, I think.
Witty and sensitive, just like her.
The most sensitive part of the male.
Packing away, he braved a sensitive.
Be intelligent and sensitive about it.
The Methodists are sensitive about it.
He told himself not to be so sensitive.
Learning To Be Sensitive To The Spirit.
Very often the penis is highly sensitive.
I failed to be sensitive to your needs.
Hardworking men sensitive to their task.
Imagine being very sensitive to sunlight.
Then I have a sensitive heart, you know.
The Abbess was more sensitive, but just.
And they're very sensitive to footsteps.
Interest sensitive stocks took off with.
All of her most secret, sensitive places.
His moustache brushed the sensitive flesh.
Be careful, though: it is quite sensitive.
This is where it all gets sensitive.
People are more emotionally sensitive now.
Being sensitive to wrongs was a good thing.
He’d only ever been sensitive and gentle.
Once upon a time, they were very sensitive.

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