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    1. however, give less obstruction to the free circulation of stock from one place to another, than

    2. distance from one another, is probably owing to the obstruction which the law of settlements

    3. To see an obstruction on the railroad refers to the obstacles standing in your way toward your goals

    4. Chuang Tzu identifies two types of obstruction that can get in the way of happiness — those on the outside and those on the inside

    5. uncultivated land, besides, is the greatest obstruction to its improvement ; but the labour that is employed in the improvement and cultivation of land affords the greatest and most valuable produce to the society

    6. There were a lot of obstacles to deal with – obstruction, damage, freaks – that it slowed our progress to a crawl

    7. clear the obstruction and smoothly glided away

    8. Some of the little Italian states which are situated upon the Po, and the rivers which run into it, derive some revenue from duties of this kind, which are paid altogether by foreigners, and which, perhaps, are the only duties that one state can impose upon the subjects of another, without obstruction in any respect, the industry or commerce of its own

    9. For Leahy to blame such obstruction on his part to the aftermath of 9/11 is unethical, unconscionable, and untruthful

    10. Care should be taken in treating animals with bile duct problems, gall bladder inflammation or any type of intestinal obstruction as dandelion may exacerbate the problem in these cases

    11. In one year alone, I was hospitalized three times because of a bowel obstruction, and it was hard to stay optimistic when the fear of having a colostomy again was very real

    12. Many observers thought Libby's obstruction was to hide the fact that the one who exposed the CIA agent's identity may have been adviser Karl Rove or even Bush himself

    13. lacking? Fear is the main obstruction to the flow of love

    14. Continuing on, where it met with no obstruction, it traveled 10,000 miles across the Pacific where it struck the western shores of America with a recordable wave front

    15. the obstruction, the delays and the actual allegations of what they were,

    16. "I was met with inaction, delays, roadblocks, obstruction and lies," retired

    17. "I was met with inaction delays, roadblocks, obstruction and lies

    18. dogged by deliberate foot-dragging and obstruction at the most senior

    19. obstruction of justice, and corruption in the Mounties’ top ranks,

    20. Followed closely by Benjamin, they quickly erased the obstruction to their view ahead

    21. Finally, he was able to see Yigal and Naaman, his rearguard, as they came through the broken face of the rocky obstruction and hurried down the terraces toward the spilled loads

    22. The wildly curling crest sailed over the abutment unopposed by anything that this puny obstruction offered only to come crashing to ground as its base of support disappeared

    23. Benjamin, they quickly erased the obstruction to their view ahead

    24. obstruction, there could be seen many cracks in what had been perceived from a greater

    25. face of the rocky obstruction and hurried down the terraces toward the spilled loads

    26. over the abutment unopposed by anything that this puny obstruction offered only to come

    27. Bar: shallow water obstruction to navigation composed of sand, gravel or other sediment

    28. Lightship: small ship equipped with distinctive light and anchored near an obstruction to navigation or in entrances or shallow water to warn ships

    29. Villard could not compete, so he resorted to political obstruction to restrict James Hill

    30. “It appears there has been some form of obstruction at the

    31. there's an obstruction up ahead!” Mythos cal ed

    32. With this type of sleep apnea treatment, levels of obstruction will be

    33. is constantly interrupted with total obstruction of breathing

    34. These can all cause obstruction in the air passage

    35. The noisy sounds of snoring occur when there is an obstruction to the free

    36. I promise you if you're not frank with us, you'll be up on obstruction of justice charges

    37. This obstruction greatly annoyed Siri, but Jim was not to be put off

    38. Her sharp eyes, focused on a coming obstruction

    39. investigation of child abuse and obstruction of justice

    40. obstruction has been caused by misuse

    41. I call that an obstruction of justice in the investigation of a murder case of a US president and treasonous behavior

    42. In seeking the actual experience of this Mystery, your image of God becomes the final obstruction

    43. He just happened to see the enormous vehicle lurch over the unyielding obstruction and went to investigate

    44. Any attempt to hide or distort the information given to my commission will attract charges of outrage to and obstruction of the Congress

    45. Williams knew he was beaten and there was no point in offering any obstruction or resistance, he could only go with the flow

    46. And many times he was lied too, before the requirements were met, and still these obstruction did not detour Jacob in any way; not for the love-ofhis-life

    47. If there was darkness to come, it would be an artificial night, some sort of large obstruction that would pass above to temporarily block out the sun

    48. Coughs: Coughing in dogs may be caused by an obstruction of the throat in which case removal of the obstruction will prevent further coughing

    49. fury best, reject public opinion avoid the mass obstruction – well broken out of leathered

    50. The need for privacy is an obstruction for an individual seeking to win the unrelenting battle to capture hearts and minds, and in the end family concerns invariably give way to political ambition

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    obstruction impediment impedimenta obstructer obstructor obstacle blockage stoppage blocking restraint bar difficulty trouble hindrance