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Frasi con bar (in inglese)

  1. Get out of my bar.
  2. He sits at the bar.
  3. Jim took in the bar.
  4. The bar is so loud.
  5. It had a light bar.

  6. They ate at the bar.
  7. Senor Burro in a bar.
  8. If I were in a bar.
  10. Bar lady He has one.
  11. The door of the bar.
  12. But that was this bar.
  13. Press on the space bar.
  14. At the bar that Mick.
  15. The Milk Bar was empty.

  16. He headed to the bar.
  17. At the end of the bar.
  18. Have a meal in the bar.
  19. And headed for the bar.
  20. Stephi spoke to the bar.
  21. The Blue Moon Wine Bar.
  22. He passed the bar the.
  23. Sam was wiping the bar.
  24. His father owns the bar.
  25. Bar one spell of leave.

  26. There was a bar at the.
  27. Give me a chocolate bar.
  28. He brought me to a bar.
  29. The Trolls Bar the Door.
  30. That is a bar of steel.
  31. All was silent, bar the.
  32. We walked over to the bar.
  33. Knox gazed around the bar.
  34. Maybe stop off at the bar.
  35. And a voice at the bar.
  36. The bar tender helped them.
  37. He stood up from the bar.
  38. The front bar however does.
  39. It began with the bar exam.
  40. Where is the crow bar?
  41. The bar was dark and musty.
  42. The bar was hard and heavy.
  43. A bar stool sat beside him.
  44. The bar emptied in seconds.
  45. Staring at a bar (of gold).
  46. Going down to the wine bar.
  47. I left my parents at the bar.
  48. The bar room was still quiet.
  49. Lydia was sitting at the bar.
  50. And a bloody great gold bar.
  51. Silence reigned over the bar.
  52. It was hours after the bar.
  53. People in the bar applauded.
  54. There was a bar along part.
  55. Behind the bar there was a.
  56. In the bar, he ignored the.
  57. The silence in the bar was.
  58. The women stayed at the bar.
  59. Diane D enters the hotel bar.
  60. The bar was slowly filling up.
  61. He looked over the gravel bar.
  62. Sandra looked down at the bar.
  63. The bar tender reached down.
  64. Chapter 8: The Red Light Bar.
  65. Finally Jartis spotted a bar.
  66. The bar is designed in an L.
  67. Sundays at the bar with Terri.
  68. The bar is on the other side.
  69. The bar stood alone without.
  70. We need a bigger bar!.
  71. She was new at the bar, and.
  72. He walked up to the bar ex-.
  73. Roidon sat perched at the bar.
  74. Bar – a measure of pressure.
  75. Friday at the bar was hectic.
  76. The bar marked A in Figure 6.
  77. Chris took us to near by bar.
  78. At the bar, twenty or thirty.
  79. Stanley turned back to the bar.
  80. Everybody in the bar applauded.
  81. Emily and Gary entered the bar.
  82. She reached for the bar again.
  83. Where was the dam snack bar?
  84. He points over towards the bar.
  85. The boss is up at the top bar.
  86. He walked into the crowded bar.
  87. There was a bar at the motel.
  88. Over his cups in the long bar.
  89. It was another bar room brawl.
  90. The bar is open, and although.
  91. He relaxed back against the bar.
  92. The breakfast bar is between us.
  93. Bill headed straight to the bar.
  94. After Medusa Bar was completed.
  95. He sat at the bar for most of.
  96. Then he entered the public bar.
  97. Heather hit the space bar and.
  98. Nathan wandered over to the bar.
  99. We have to get over to the bar.
  100. Every time someone in the bar.
  1. There was an elf barring their way.
  2. Barring a change of heart in the ex-.
  3. The chain at the entrance was still barring.
  4. Barring their way was a swift underground river.
  5. Barring those blizzards I mentioned, at any rate.
  6. Q: Barring the death of the body, how does one die?
  7. The silence barring the song of the wood pigeons was.
  8. Barring that, I could not let the rescue attempt fail.
  9. That is, of course, barring water serving as a firewall.
  10. A black figure barring the way stops the wild beast short.
  11. Suddenly he strode across in front of her, barring her way.
  12. Barring that, Henning said, we could always take the carrot-.
  13. Manuel raised his arm, barring Rafael’s sudden lunge at Max.
  14. He looked up and Batistuta noticed that, barring his hair, he.
  15. So, it will grant you some of your wishes while barring others.
  16. Now, barring all that, I mean to say she is a deuced fine girl!.
  17. The Soviets are the leading producers of gold barring South Africa.
  18. They are little children rioting and barring out the teacher at school.
  19. As my dad is able (barring loss of cell phone service, electricity, etc.
  20. In some states laws were passed barring teaching or even speaking German.
  21. The enemy stands in the entrance, barring escape for both Simon and the boy.
  22. Mot d’ordre, repeated the sentinel, barring the way and not replying.
  23. The windows were locked and the curtains were drawn, barring any observation.
  24. Santi was suddenly barring the way out, and there was real despair in his face.
  25. Laws barring interracial marriage and racist immigration quotas were overturned.
  26. The warriors inside the house were fighting a very large Scather barring the way.
  27. There is no blame on you if you err therein, barring what your hearts premeditates.
  28. It doesn’t put the rest of the business in danger (barring certain other exigencies).
  29. EMS was on standby, with patrol units barring the street a block away in each direction.
  30. The perfect rock for barring the door was in the troll caves, and he was sitting on it!.
  31. One of the Sydney General Managers needed a report sequence that the system kept barring.
  32. The UN succeeded in barring nuclear weapons from Antarctica, the ocean beds, and in space.
  33. Lewis is furious with the nurse for barring his way and answers calmly; I am going home.
  34. Barring a terrible tragedy--flood, fire, famine, epidemic--deaths usually came one at a time.
  35. Satan embellished for them their deeds, barring them from the path, even though they could see.
  36. Twice two makes four is a pert coxcomb who stands with arms akimbo barring your path and spitting.
  37. Nine tenths of them all could be caged or trained, nothing beyond the art of man barring the bees.
  38. First, light emanates outward from the center and barring obstruction will uniformly fill a void.
  39. Barring remarkable hubris, no arbitrageur can be completely confident that his model or view is correct.
  40. Medraut of course was already there, expecting our arrival and the barring of our way was purely official.
  41. But desire to know and understand is barring you from the participation into this opportunity of encounter.
  42. It has been said that the life of iron ships, barring disasters at sea, is unlimited, that they cannot wear out.
  43. Hey! What do you want back here? a cop yells, barring the way to the grad student office as you try to pass.
  44. Verhovensky instantly jumped up too, and mechanically stood with his back to the door as though barring the way to him.
  45. No matter how I figured it, I couldn’t see a way through what was waiting ahead across the border, barring the miraculous.
  46. Unfortunately, Tran Ming was one of the council members who had voted for barring the Time Patrol from returning to Imperium space.
  47. Barring no unforeseen setbacks, this kind of momentum is definitely in the cards and should be counted as a strong continuing asset.
  48. The second ring wall had stairs leading to its top, but only one gate, which was now closed barring us from the inner citadel grounds.
  49. Caroline’s first official act as general manager was a gratifying one: barring the insolent prostitute, Herminia, Mike’s Chiquita.
  50. For reply he whipped out his own sword, calling to the others to join him, and thus the four stood, with drawn weapons, barring my further progress.
  51. Sometimes it is possible to draw a trendline on both sides of the pullback, but, barring that, a parallel trend channel (see Chapter 3) can be used.
  52. Casaubon's codicil, barring Dorothea's marriage with Will, except under a penalty, was enough to cast unfitness over any relation at all between them.
  53. But if the stock started to move up from here, then my position’s upside potential was much greater than my potential loss barring a price gap down.
  54. I ascended the last of the rise to a flat width of dirt and wild grass, beyond which a white-plank-and-chicken-wire fence ran east-west, barring my way.
  55. Helium lies a thousand miles southwest of Zodanga, and with my compass intact I should have made the trip, barring accidents, in between four and five hours.
  56. While that was being done discreetly, he'd have to start discussions with the Computer Manager about the feasibility of barring System staff access to Operations areas.
  57. Therefore, barring a killer frost, the market goes from a frost premium in price to a situation where orange supply is the highest it will be at any time during the year.
  58. Their momentum barring progress the inevitable happened, and he dropped in a heap to be smothered by Porky and two of the Drong’s comrades, one having freed himself from Jason.
  59. Barring many of the major integrated O&G businesses, investors rarely get to see the cash flow through to them because the cash flows are constantly reprocessed back into the business.
  60. By heaven, Theodore Purefoy, thou hast done a doughty deed and no botch! Thou art, I vow, the remarkablest progenitor barring none in this chaffering allincluding most farraginous chronicle.
  61. Who could she call, this late at night? Who might have any knowledge of Victoria Moon King’s fence? Or, barring that, could go have a look at said fence? Her mind raced through possibilities.
  62. This could not be done and was not done, because Poniatowski, advancing on the village through the wood, met Túchkov there barring his way, and could not and did not turn the Russian position.
  63. Barring some kind of miracle, the older boys would race as the varsity crew at Poughkeepsie; the sophomores would almost certainly be demoted to junior varsity status, despite winning in California.
  64. The straps was broke off of it, but, barring that, it was a good enough leg, though it was too long for me and not long enough for Jim, and we couldn't find the other one, though we hunted all around.
  65. If we were to buy shares at this point, and if the stock price subsequently declined below the lowest point of the retest, then we would be stopped out for a very small loss barring any price gaps down.
  66. And suddenly there, barring their way, standing very still in one spot, not seeing them, but looking on down at the moving lights and the body and listening to the official voices, was Douglas Spaulding.
  67. Trade secrets also don’t contribute to the valuation of the company to the degree that patents do, since a competing company may file a patent application, potentially barring the company from using its trade secrets.
  68. That event still haunted him and even though he knew rationally speaking that the walls on either side of him were fourteen inches apart and barring any unexpected earth movement, they would stay that way, it didn’t matter.
  69. If you are considering a certain strike and want to get a rough idea of what your option will be worth in 30 days (barring more than a moderate price move), simply look at the same strike price that is set to expire one month sooner.
  70. Thus, even as the interests of the minor deities of the Indian politics are well served, the democratic temples of Bharat are being ruined by their political parties, which, barring exceptions, are but family owned hereditary setups.
  71. They remained in great quietness till the caretaker should have come to shut the windows: as a precaution, putting themselves in total darkness by barring the shutters as before, lest the woman should open the door of their chamber for any casual reason.
  72. The disproportionate severity of punishments inflicted upon the unfortunate people, and the methods of carrying them out, we are convinced, are without parallel in the history of civilized Governments, barring some conspicuous exceptions recent and remote.
  73. A form of timing could always be adjusted out better still whenever we strive for higher virtues that could transport us from across this barring fence and position us over `here and now` that could only be made possible if we accept that we are always being.
  74. Barring the occasional and accidental acquirement of wealth, the material rewards of the temporal life are found to flow in certain well-organized channels, and only those who have access to these channels may expect to be well rewarded for their temporal efforts.
  75. Our best science suggest that people who exercise regularly and have access to good nutrition, and keep their mind stimulated, barring diseases such as Alzheimer’s, can function into their eighties and nineties while maintaining the activity level of a sixty year old.
  76. A form of timing could always be adjusted out better still whenever we strive for higher virtues that could transport us from across this barring fence and position us over `here and now` that could only be made possible if we accept that we are always being `there and then`.
  77. Not unlike the proverbial calm before the storm, the operating room at Duke Medical Center at the moment was nearly empty – barring one anesthetist and her attendant who watched as the fourteen-year-old male patient silently lying next to them dropped into a deep peaceful sleep.
  78. All the time they ate, Beorn in his deep rolling voice told tales of the wild lands on this side of the mountains, and especially of the dark and dangerous wood, that lay outstretched far to North and South a day's ride before them, barring their way to the East, the terrible forest of Mirkwood.
  79. The door was locked and bolted from the inside, barring any unwelcome visitors to the lurid crime scene, but the window in the parlour had been left unlatched, as if to invite the perpetrator of the crimes to once again make the daring journey into the lovely suite that had fallen victim to evil and treachery.
  80. The French army melted away and perished at the same rate from Moscow to Vyázma, from Vyázma to Smolénsk, from Smolénsk to the Berëzina, and from the Berëzina to Vílna—independently of the greater or lesser intensity of the cold, the pursuit, the barring of the way, or any other particular conditions.
  81. The primary problem with socialist ideas being promulgated in economics classes is, of course that, barring intervention from those who have studied and absorbed the ideas of the classical economists or, a bit later, the Chicago School of Economics under Milton Friedman, such a slant tends to get handed down from generation to generation.
  82. Millions of people who once spent time outdoors: are huddling inside their artificial houses and barring the doors and battening down the hatches and fighting off all awareness that the whole world and the nature they once knew a few short decades ago; is getting sicker and dying so fast: they cannot stand to go outside and see how horrible the trees look.
  83. Colonel Aureliano Buendía, convinced that the majority of those who came into his workshop to greet him were not doing it because of sympathy or regard but out of the curiosity to meet a historical relic, a museum fossil, decided to shut himself in by barring the door and he was not seen any more except on very rare occasions when he would sit at the street door.
  84. Though Star Trek has explored this concept a little, with usually a negative spin, such as in the movie, Insurrection, one would think that, given 24th century’s advance knowledge of genetics, where the whole ship can mutate and de-evolve into their primal states, and be returned to normal, all in one episode, with no negative side effects, it is reasonable to speculate that McCoy could technically live forever, barring accident or encounter with a unknown disease.
  1. It is barred by rocks.
  2. A troll barred her way.
  3. An old wire gate, barred.
  4. A barred door can only be.
  5. It was barred in the morning.
  6. They are barred from hearing.
  7. The rocks that barred the bay.
  8. Then it was barred after them.
  9. His sister had barred contact.
  10. Alan barred her way with his arm.
  11. The doors were barred from the.
  12. She jumped up and barred the door.
  13. Marcus snarled and barred his teeth.
  14. The fourth story’s door is barred.
  15. All windows are barred front and back.
  16. I peer out the barred window in my room.
  17. Something barred his way in that direction.
  18. Locke saw Ned unlock the first barred door.
  19. All windows are frosted glass, and barred.
  20. Sheriffs often barred the carrying of guns.
  21. The opposite wall was barred its full length.
  22. The exterior wall had one small barred window.
  23. The ‘twins’ barred the way to the chamber.
  24. Gun control is not barred by the Constitution.
  25. He pushed the button and the barred door slid open.
  26. When he got there two of the soldiers barred his way.
  27. The entrance was barred as Soldiers had barricaded it.
  28. I ducked into a room and closed the door and barred it.
  29. The doors and windows were locked, barred, and unbroken.
  30. It was barred off, beginning with the Rue du Pare-Royal.
  31. Rochester, as he closed and barred the heavy yard-gates.
  32. Gandalf was speaking to the men that barred his way, and.
  33. Because of him the demons were barred from the Great Tree.
  34. Each entrance had a stout door that could be firmly barred.
  35. Two Warriors patrolled the corridor beyond the barred wall.
  36. The chimney is wide, but is barred up by four large staples.
  37. He should be barred from the courtroom until he testifies.
  38. There were many who barred my way, and others along the road.
  39. Azura rushed to the entrance but a barred gate came crashing.
  40. We have opened barred windows, and widened our life's horizon.
  41. Golyadkin, formed a group round him and almost barred his way.
  42. No holds barred, no question or topic is too silly to bring up.
  43. Dane Tevid was not as gracious as he barred the ruffians’ way.
  44. The many casements were barred and masked with curtains within.
  45. The high windows were barred from the inside, and one security.
  46. A barred window gave a view of the inner courtyard of the fortress.
  47. There was a small chimney, heavily barred across, a few feet within.
  48. The other side of the cage was open, save that it was heavily barred.
  49. Each a block rectangle with a flat roof and many tiny barred windows.
  50. People still think in terms of padded cells and barred windows when.
  51. The portcullis was raised and the large, bronze doors were not barred.
  52. All I could see, though, was black plastered against a barred window.
  53. To Isengard! Though Isengard be ringed and barred with doors of stone;.
  54. His power – the power of the Maker – was barred from the Sanctuary.
  55. The barman seeing it told him to leave and barred him from the premises.
  56. Polished stonework around its barred doorway was covered in hieroglyphs.
  57. There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses our safety.
  58. There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses our health.
  59. There was a young man peering in at him through the barred window of the.
  60. And with that Ben realized who it was and turned back to the barred window.
  61. Contrary to the windows of the two first floors, this one wasn’t barred.
  62. There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses our society.
  63. The genius leans against a little barred window, and suddenly hears a sigh.
  64. But now that I am done with my research project, there are no holds barred.
  65. A low growl filled the air behind me and I spun to see Ash’s teeth barred.
  66. Small barred windows in bare rooms that opened onto the echoing central well.
  67. It stood now as a great barred canopy over the crouching figure in the corner.
  68. A sign behind the counter said ANYONE FOUND DRINKING WHISKEY WILL BE BARRED.
  69. Many non-Hawaiians voted, mostly US servicemen, while many Asians were barred.
  70. She pauses, considering, but the way back to official silence is already barred.
  71. She unfastened one that was not barred with ice and peered inside the dark well.
  72. It was a six-foot wall which barred our path, but he sprang to the top and over.
  73. At the top of the stairs, another glass door with lettering on it barred the way.
  74. He noted that they were within a smallish barred area - not unlike a prison cell.
  75. The two decrepit leaves which barred it were ornamented with an old rusty knocker.
  76. However, during the day of March 16, these tracts of ice completely barred our path.
  77. The postern was closed again, the iron door was barred and piled inside with stones.
  78. She approached the barred portal and pressed her face against the cold, metal rods.
  79. With a soft whimper, and a pained look at the barred window, she re-entered the house.
  80. It was locked with a barred bolt on the inside but this was not a problem for Teller.
  81. From here, we can consider the divine restrainer from which there are no holds barred.
  82. I rode on and as I cleared the last rise that barred my view I came to an abrupt halt.
  83. But after a little I made out a low bed against the wall, under a small barred window.
  84. The night was barred with long clouds, fleeting on a chill wind, when they arose again.
  85. I told her to tell them whatever it took to keep them out, and to keep the door barred.
  86. God is looking for a maximum intense kind of personal relationship with no holds barred.
  87. The cat-man arched his back, barred his teeth, claws attempting to penetrate the floor.
  88. I need a ticket to Caladia, I told the ticket seller behind the barred cage window.
  89. They live in caged, barred exclusive compounds: much like animals in a barred fenced zoo.
  90. He opened a metal barred gate to a large solitary building, most likely an old farm house.
  91. They traded away God's revelations for a cheap price, so they barred others from His path.
  92. An iron gate closed over two massive wooden doors that were no doubt barred on the inside.
  93. Madelyn turned to run but she found her way barred by the most terrifying creature of all.
  94. Put them into prisons, into cage, into beds that have bars, into barred cages called cribs.
  95. There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses the way we express ourselves.
  96. He could see no obstacle, but something too strong for his will to overcome barred the way.
  97. She moved to step forward, but Rugar suddenly barred her way with one of his powerful arms.
  98. They extinguished their glows, because ahead was a barred gate, and cloudy, dying daylight.
  99. All the other doors had been closed and barred by a group of dark clad men numbering twelve.
  100. The tavern was dark and silent, and he knew all the doors and windows were barred and bolted.
  1. Now I had two bars.
  2. He went to the bars.
  3. Are bars of the mind.
  4. The bars opened at six a.
  5. Number of bars in each leg.
  6. They stole two gold bars.
  7. Its bars are filled with.
  8. There were two metal bars.
  9. They were soon behind bars.
  10. I avoid the bars we visited.
  11. That’s why they have bars.
  12. Mann banged on the cell bars.
  13. Cut into 20 equal bars and.
  14. He backed away from the bars.
  15. On his collar were two bars.
  16. And he give you candy bars.
  17. And through the lattice bars.
  18. Carter played the first bars.
  19. With both hands on two bars.
  20. There were eleven other bars.
  21. He frequented bars with live.
  22. He grabbed two chocolate bars.
  23. There were bars on the windows.
  24. I stopped, checked the bars on.
  25. He’ll probably go to the bars.
  26. The bars clanged shut behind me.
  27. The window has iron bars over it.
  28. I started shaking the cell bars.
  29. The bars and Sonic closed at two.
  30. The cool bars chilled his cheeks.
  31. Not until this guy is behind bars.
  32. In normal bars around here, yes.
  33. I put the shawl back over the bars.
  34. I steal candy bars, he said.
  35. The bars of iron fell into place.
  36. She grabs the bars of the barrier.
  37. She checked the bars on her phone.
  38. He stuck his hand through the bars.
  39. I want her behind bars, in shackles.
  40. Yes, I want to see him behind bars.
  41. Hamilton stepped away from the bars.
  42. We’ll go check by the snack bars.
  43. Something at the bars spoke his name.
  44. He reached for her through the bars.
  45. Precariously to bars as the bus jars.
  46. Dana and Landa are still behind bars.
  47. After a few bars of Piano Concerto no.
  48. Desperate, I reached between the bars.
  49. A sackshouldered ragman bars his path.
  50. Like a gymnast on the unparallel bars.
  51. Suppose we start with 64 bars of data.
  52. There’s a couple muesli bars left.
  53. He can’t fit between the bars anymore.
  54. Do not accept price bars at face value.
  55. Men and women cavorted in front of bars.
  56. He whistled a few bars from La Traviata.
  57. He spent 10 years behind bars for this.
  58. Separated by a window & chain link bars.
  59. Each tank had bars with a swinging door.
  60. I'll just prop it up on the handle bars.
  61. A jar of coffee, muesli bars and shampoo.
  62. Hamilton stood inches from the cell bars.
  63. Every opening was covered with bars and.
  64. Then I’d have two brothers behind bars.
  65. Till its blood is red on the cruel bars;.
  66. I shall not rest until he is behind bars.
  67. A line of stout bars extended across the.
  68. Locke rested his forehead on the cool bars.
  69. God, I wish you could still smoke in bars.
  70. In these early hours, when bars and cafes.
  71. Cara stood up and approached the cell bars.
  72. I started hanging out at the same old bars.
  73. The default values are 40 bars and 80 bars.
  74. Do all the windows have these bars?
  75. Got her major’s bars too in the meantime.
  76. Upon fine bars the bank gives 340 per mark.
  77. The bars are closed, everyone’s gone.
  78. The bars came down, blocking off the chute.
  79. Three gold bars stopped on the centre line.
  80. That is, until a lag of 10 bars is reached.
  81. As an aside, many of the bars in Figure 13.
  82. They were al armed with bal bats and bars.
  83. It made him wonder why the bars and dance.
  84. He almost pressed his face between the bars.
  86. He was an innocent man behind bars for life.
  87. Okay, Hamilton leaned against the bars.
  88. The bars ran out of beer a few nights before.
  89. Misty metal bars fall upon the men of magic.
  90. Tip: Place Heath bars in freezer till frozen.
  91. No, I won’t, I’ll see her behind bars.
  92. Ashley stood up and approached the cell bars.
  93. I saw some extra bars in the grass beside it.
  94. There is almost never any need to count bars.
  95. Then, I leaped onto the cage bars and bared.
  96. Peel off the foil, slice into bars and serve.
  97. But what can I do? Locke grabbed the bars.
  98. Bars on the windows would have prevented this.
  99. Some cages had their bars pulled or bent to.
  100. When he beats his bars and he would be free;.

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