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    1. The reflection of the red sky glows on the paintwork of the wall … yes, a very good omen for the future

    2. Funeral: If you attend a funeral in your dream, it is an omen of stress and sorrow

    3. Midwife: She is an omen of imminent health problems

    4. Minister: An omen of benevolence and success in business and studies

    5. Snow: A negative omen, signifying disappointments, difficulties and delays

    6. Storm: An omen of imminent danger; it also means that you have great power inside you, which you have to harness and use correctly so as to succeed in life

    7. Treasure: In general, it is a very good omen; if you dream of a chest full of coins, jewels, ancient objects and that sort of thing, it means that you have a strong will and a good potential, which could be used to help yourself and others around you

    8. As seafarers knew, it was an ill omen of the weather to come

    9. But as she crossed the brook, the bright sun showed Nerissa an ill omen

    10. To me, it felt an omen of our future marriage

    11. In fact, he believes it to be an omen of sorts

    12. He’s like a bad omen to me, everything about him

    13. And when meaningful coincidences occur like the aforementioned incidences, we need to pay attention and take action for it could be an omen from the Divine to nudge us in the right direction of life

    14. “The 1st of July that sounds like a good omen lets hope we get the luck”, and so the bombardment continued

    15. It seemed that a spiritual hand had thus emblazoned the heavens in omen of the flag so soon to float over that benighted land

    16. Like an omen, a portent

    17. “It’s a fucking omen,” I whispered; and he laughed! “As I recall; we planned on relentless communications discipline

    18. An ill omen, but who would challenge the will of the Law and the Patriarch, Reverent and Beloved of the Gods, the Holy Avatar? Not a lowly guard, that much was certain

    19. The heavy afternoon blanket of clouds had cleared and in the west, Venus and the tips of the crescent moon were in perfect alignment: a legendary good omen according to Truman

    20. His thoughts were, "this could be an omen, if I overtake and leave this sign behind, would I be abandoning Jay

    21. It could be the omen that

    22. The Pinco told us this was a good omen since the plant (it was called puya) only flowered once in a hundred years, and it was unusual to see so many flowering at one time

    23. “The raven’s a bad omen

    24. harbingers of some unforeseen ill omen, symbolic as they were of the darkness,

    25. But whether it was a blessing veiling itself under the misty form of some ill omen or was in reality a curse is something that depnds on the point of view with which it is looked at

    26. All that is a favorable omen, Roger thinks, of an intense, and perhaps irrevocable, eagerness for progress and eventual freedom

    27. I take this as an inauspicious omen and hurry to finish my journey's final leg

    28. It was not a great omen to hear such noises at the start of the day; more so that which wakes one up

    29. mean he'd survive? Was the dream an omen?

    30. Perhaps it’s an omen, thought Alison

    31. Those who had seen the omen flash across the night sky spoke excitedly to those who had been asleep during the heavenly display

    32. Is this some kind of omen? Moshe wondered, rubbing his neck, even as he relished his

    33. “Do you suppose that it is an omen of what we are about to do?”

    34. Those who had seen the omen flash across the night

    35. I took it as a good omen when the smoke continued to rise after she smudged

    36. An ill omen, if he believed in such things

    37. If it's a bad omen for them, is it trying to

    38. warmly at me that I thought that I had received another good omen

    39. the sign of a mole is about as welcomed as a death omen

    40. Nem took that to be a good omen that there would be food prepared somewhere

    41. We had taken that as a good omen

    42. Chapter 2: The Omen

    43. Thursday arrived hot and still, a good omen for Sebastian who ran best in the heat

    44. And that seemed a good omen to him

    45. particularly the traditional Chinese folk song “Jasmine Flower”! Also, as a matter of interest, “Turandot” had become the National Opera of Korea…perhaps this is an omen that Hu Lyang (whom we have discovered to be Korean) should think about! - especially the aria “Nessun dorma” (None shall sleep)…

    46. “Birds of ill omen,” Dad said

    47. Jessica had been told that some cultures see them as an omen

    48. It was definitely an omen of my pending layoff on the

    49. a dream, it could be an omen that you are about to be stricken by a sudden

    50. Although he had never thought of it as an omen, Colonel Aureliano Buendía had foreseen the tragic end of his sons in a certain way

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    omen portent presage prodigy prognostic prognostication augur auspicate betoken bode forecast foreshadow foretell portend predict prefigure prognosticate sign premonition foreshadowing foreboding divination