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    1. through any orifice it could find

    2. Ome floated down the glassy hall, the single, circular orifice on his face hissing as it sucked in air

    3. Monty had put his live-in slave into the cage with another young, barely clad nubile, ordering them to put their tongues in every orifice until they were both licked clean, he of course would decide when that would be

    4. Four velvet paws, joined like the fingers of a monkey's hand, showed themselves immediately near the orifice

    5. The cave seemed to be hollowed out artificially, swaths of incandescent light pouring out from the large orifice he was instructed the Patriarch was awaiting his presence

    6. from every orifice, as if she was in a sauna

    7. Then he shouted as loud as he could “Shut your primary communication orifice!!”

    8. From this time onward, you are to shut your primary communications orifice, and keep it closed until I order you to open it

    9. “Do not say that again!! If you say that again, I will place a large stone in your primary communication orifice

    10. She Who Gathers Stones Together opened her primary communication orifice and spoke to those she was to train

    11. “Then shut your primary communication orifice and tell it

    12. ” Light beams through the orifice, Ren walks back up to watch the fireworks

    13. After an intrusive but not unpleasant inspection of every orifice, I was declared haemorrhoid free, infection free and disability free with the heart and lungs of a horse and the reflexes of a fly

    14. ‘We carry the developing embryo in our bellies for two hundred and seventy days, then contract our muscles and he pops out the same orifice the sperm went in

    15. he removed one and held this to the key-slot orifice on one of the drawers – not right…

    16. For the most part I managed not to cry, but my joy must have been leaking out of every orifice

    17. ‘’Well, there is a liquid evacuation orifice at the end of that frontal cavity, on top of what must be a solid waste evacuation hole at the bottom center of the seat

    18. from every possible orifice

    19. Kandras took a blood sample and placed it in another orifice

    20. Although the amount of care I can endure has its limits: when I leak from every bodily orifice, whilst I shiver, sweat and cry, I'd prefer that no one witnessed my misery

    21. orifice with a pressure hose

    22. Let A = cross-sectional area of the orifice = (π/4)d2

    23. Towhee was agitated, he undressed and got onto his bed, thinking of how he intended to push himself into the tight little orifice and thrust when the girl screamed

    24. The bugs themselves crawled into every orifice of her body: her ears, her nose and her mouth

    25. blaring from every open orifice of the house, and all the windows were open despite it being a ten-degree December night

    26. through the orifice in the wall and cast a small circle of

    27. The series has a machine that is round and has 12 numbers around an opening and closing orifice that can be adjusted to connect to any point in space in the entire universe to any other by simply turning the huge, round dial

    28. Neil was standing at the orifice of the narrow passage

    29. orifice, not being able to enter

    30. The orifice of the cave flickered as the light emitted by the

    31. orifice created by the flying plate bearing the pie

    32. into the orifice in the wall that closed a few seconds later

    33. No longer did it smoke a cigarette, for with each allusive toke, each one dreamier than the after most, did it post to its lips a handsome Pipe and leaning in towards me, whilst the cannabis glowed in the Pipes orifice, did say:

    34. The remaining lead is for the center orifice that leads to the coil

    35. handling: the orifice dilated and inflamed, the lips swollen with their

    36. orifice came into view, and with respect to the white that dazzled round

    37. orifice in the least open to it, but I gave such a timely jerk as seemed to

    38. orifice, which I had the cruelty not to let him finish there, but threw him

    39. A large stone had served as a wedge; flints and pebbles had been inserted around it, so as to conceal the orifice; this species of masonry had been covered with earth, and grass and weeds had grown there, moss had clung to the stones, myrtle-bushes had taken root, and the old rock seemed fixed to the earth

    40. The Indian youths instantly comprehended his meaning—for this time he spoke in the Delaware tongue—and tearing the gourd from the tree, they held it on high with an exulting shout, displaying a hole in its bottom, which had been cut by the bullet, after passing through the usual orifice in the center of its upper side

    41. Ben Dollard halted and stared, his loud orifice open, a dangling button of his coat wagging brightbacked from its thread as he wiped away the heavy shraums that clogged his eyes to hear aright

    42. disappeared through the orifice without being seen by any one

    43. Thus he nicked, at length, the warm and insufficient orifice; but he was made to find no breach impracticable, and mine, though so often entered, was still far from wide enough to take him easily in

    44. a compliment on my looks, which he was proceeding to bask the sincerity of with proofs, and that with so brisk an action, as made me tremble for fear of a discovery from the condition those parts were left in from their late severe handling: the orifice dilated and inflamed, the lips swollen with their uncommon distension, the ringlets pressed down, crushed and uncurled with the over flowing moisture that had wet everything round it; in short, the different feel and state of

    45. moderately gaping from the influence of her bended posture, so that the agreeable interior red of the sides of the orifice came into view, and with respect to the white that dazzled round it, gave somewhat the idea of a pink slash in the glossiest white satin

    46. Fired, however, now beyond all bearance of delay, he remounts, and begged of me to have patience, stroking and soothing me to it by all the tenderest endearments and protestations of what he would moreover do for me; at which, feigning to be somewhat softened, and abating of the anger that I had shewn at his hurting me so prodigiously, I suffered him to lay my thighs aside, and make way for a new trial; but I watched the directions and management of his point so well, that no sooner was the orifice in the least open to it, but I gave such a timely jerk as seemed to proceed not from the evasion of his entry, but from the pain his efforts at it put me to: a circumstance too that I did not fail to accompany with proper gestures, sighs and cries of complaint, of which, "that he had hurt me

    47. But now, after repeated attempts, in which he had not made the least impression towards gaining his point, at least for that time, the pleasure rose so fast upon him, that he could not check or delay it, and in the vigour and fury which the approaches of the height of it inspired him, he made one fierce-thrust, that had almost put me by my guard, and lodged it so far that I could feel the warm inspersion just within the exterior orifice, which I had the cruelty not to let him finish there, but threw him out again, not without a most piercing loud exclamation, as if the pain had put me beyond all regard of being overheard

    48. This huge sack had been sewn up at one end and only a small orifice left at the other

    49. Mercer, for his part, lay awake listening to the motorcoaches downshifting on the street below and the come-ons of hookers working the orifice of the Lincoln Tunnel

    50. Three of them refrain’d, owing to her Great Belly, but another hideous Rogue, with a greater Belly than her own, a Beard of flaming red, and Pustules that stood out upon his Cheaks, rose, as ’twere to the Challenge, and ravish’d her both above and below; and not being content with the Conquest of two Orifices, drew her whimp’ring to her Knees, caus’d her to thrust her Bum in the Air and ravish’d that Orifice, too, until it bled copiously and she scream’d for Mercy

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    opening orifice porta aperture mouth entrance hole