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    1. thereby reducing your cash outflow

    2. from the floor to the center of the outflow

    3. Please note: The topmost hot outflow

    4. praise and worshipping in the Spirit are an outflow of the Spirit-

    5. This is concerned with the population mobility, its size and outflow to other

    6. He stands and takes the Dustbuster from his satchel, flips the switch from Intake to Outflow and starts blowing the accumulated dust and hair all over her face, neck and breasts

    7. As their name implies, they are formed from volcanic outflow (lava)

    8. In exultation Earth was gone; this time imparting as She left an outflow of

    9. A short-term capital outflow induced by a monetary shock creates a payments imbalance that

    10. When actually you were not wondering that, but rather the cause of his detained flatulence and why he hasn’t sought medical help to alleviate his postponed gaseous byproduct outflow dysfunction

    11. similar outflow of force on the other side

    12. The robot labour force improves the efficiency and there seems no let up in the continuous outflow of rifles, pistols, hand phasers and bombs

    13. exhalation so there is one apparently seamless inflow and outflow of air

    14. projection of the business using different layers of cash inflow and outflow

    15. It is clear that this quantity of water outflow should be used to actuate a time measuring mechanism

    16. It was where the monks discharged the outflow from the extensive system of conduits and drains that served the monastery

    17. “I know where the outflow grates are

    18. is that this outflow of attention, when measured from the standpoint of the creators, might

    19. Innocent face! Dead to the world as her wounds persisted to outflow more blood

    20. This is hard to do when you do not have any savings, and harder to do when debt is giving your money an outflow rather than an inflow

    21. the hypostasis in interstition and reinforcement of lymphatic outflow

    22. the outflow of the energy from Muladhara (related to vital force) to oth-

    23. there is an energy outflow

    24. ties of the body and the outflow of energy from lower chakras

    25. hanced the blood inflow (in the third variation) or its outflow (the 2nd

    26. long-lasting outflow from a chakra, where the tail

    27. the moon is decreasing, function of outflow

    28. and 18th days on the contrary favours the outflow

    29. whose outflow is so considerable, it desalts the sea over an area of

    30. Increases in working capital are considered a cash outflow even though the capital does not leave the business

    31. The CCC calculates the number of days that cash is invested in inventory and accounts receivable, and the extent to which the cash outflow is covered by accounts payable

    32. The March 31, 1987, 10Q cash flow defined in those terms was an outflow of $24 million, compared to an inflow of $31 million in March 1986 (operating cash flow from the Statement of Changes minus the purchase of property and investments plus collections-see Table 7

    33. They simultaneously withdrew millions of dollars from the New York banking system, already seasonally low in funds in autumn because of the outflow of money for the grain harvest in the West, to create an artificial depression and liquidity crisis

    34. It was heavy, this vapour, heavier than the densest smoke, so that, after the first tumultuous uprush and outflow of its impact, it sank down through the air and poured over the ground in a manner rather liquid than gaseous, abandoning the hills, and streaming into the valleys and ditches and watercourses even as I have heard the carbonic-acid gas that pours from volcanic clefts is wont to do

    35. These encouragements are stimulating the outflow of population from the older States, and it is this outflow, coupled with the better conditions for living in the West through the development of industries, that is equalizing in such a healthy and natural way the great manufacturing and agricultural forces

    1. To catch outflowing tides, it’s often necessary to rise before the sun

    2. Nerissa left the fissure on the next outflowing tide

    3. “The divine soul will be aware of all variation of being, consciousness, will and delight as the outflowing, the extension, the diffusion of that self-concentrated Unity developing itself, not into difference and division, but into another, an

    1. It still rumbled quietly and smoked tenuously, and it’s copious outflows of lava and ash had hardened, making it noticeably larger

    2. When all were up and starting off, we were forced to head almost directly into the wind so as to gain offing, not willing to risk grounding on any bars the river outflows might have created

    3. their inflows and outflows (flows), and the controlling

    4. firm can reliably count on and only cash outflows that the firm is committed to

    5. they outflows point in different directions to create the turbulent effects

    6. way that makes their outflows smash into each other

    7. It gives the net position of inflows and outflows of funds during the course of

    8. In this fashion, the infringements constitute as many outflows of energy in the

    9. soid, but this ball can have many holes, punctures and energy outflows

    10. All these states cause outflows of energy, its «stick-

    11. It may have been due to the investment scheduling requirements of individual lenders, all of which have schedules of cash inflows and outflows, or it may have involved things peculiar to these transactions

    12. As a result, dollar-weighted returns (which reflect inflows and outflows and better capture actual returns that fund investors have earned) are much lower than the same funds’ time-weighted or buy-and-hold returns (which reflect average manager performance)

    13. Are they unaware that trading volume has been steadily increasing for decades, not decreasing? That average domestic mutual fund turnover has increased from 30% to over 90% in the past 25 years? That a recent survey of over 66,000 accounts at a large West Coast discount brokerage showed an average annual portfolio turnover of 75%? That only 7% of mutual fund investments are indexed? That the historically modest market declines of 1987, 1990, and 1997, far from resulting in inflows from legions of long-termers buying cheap, produced dramatic mutual fund outflows? Most authoritatively of all, in an elegant study published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics in 1993 Shlomo Benzarti and Richard Thaler calculated that the risk horizon of the average investor was just one year

    14. The height of outflows from equity funds came right around this time

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