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Frasi con fountain (in inglese)

  1. A fountain of a Unicorn.
  2. But it was the fountain.
  3. At the fountain so clear.
  4. This is a Mako fountain.
  5. You are the fountain opened.

  6. I walked passed the fountain.
  7. John glances at the fountain.
  8. I leapt up onto the fountain.
  9. There is the Fountain of the.
  10. A fountain will flow out of.
  11. From the fountain and the caves.
  12. The only fountain of Knowledge.
  13. There wasn't a fountain, so I.
  14. Zitteraal stop by the fountain.
  15. Don’t whizz into the fountain.

  16. Sebastian gazed at the fountain.
  17. There use to be a fountain and.
  18. Come to the fountain of Living.
  19. The Fountain often has flooded.
  20. Foul, I to the fountain fly;.
  21. Once more we stood by the fountain.
  22. Even my fountain pen was bourgeois.
  23. When the fountain rises once again.
  24. Like sir Philip Crampton's fountain.
  25. You are my fountain of living waters.

  26. Fountain, Living fountains of water.
  27. She really loved that fountain.
  28. Andrew turned away from the fountain.
  29. The fountain was spewing forth and.
  30. Fountain, Fountains of Living Waters.
  31. They both looked back at the fountain.
  32. The Fountain of Youth: For Kids Only.
  33. The fountain was going to be stunning.
  34. I realized what the fountain was for.
  35. There was a water fountain next to us.
  36. A sweet fountain played there in the.
  37. The fountain in the plaza has run dry.
  38. A fountain of youth, Nowhere Man!.
  39. The fear of the Lord is a fountain of.
  40. A mighty fountain momently was forced:.
  41. There is a Fountain Filled with Blood.
  42. Carlisle was racing around the fountain.
  43. The school had no indoor water fountain.
  44. He was at the Fountain at five past two.
  45. The fountain in the avenue of lime-trees.
  46. Where Youth the ageless Fountain fills?
  47. He heads for a drinking fountain up ahead.
  48. On one occasion she lost her fountain pen.
  49. The music leaped in a clear fountain, high.
  51. Add several plants, a fountain and about.
  52. I scurried behind a broken statue fountain.
  53. Hippies playing guitar in the dry fountain.
  54. Yahweh's angel found her by a fountain of.
  55. And to the east, dimly, the Great Fountain.
  56. Pretty-Boy carried me to the water fountain.
  57. He stopped at the edge of the fountain and.
  58. Stop dropping things in the fountain!.
  59. The fountain and the lore that goes with it.
  60. You change your fountain into a waste water.
  61. They stopped by a large marble water fountain.
  62. In this fountain lived a female creature of.
  63. There was a drinking fountain next to me….
  64. They jumped into the forgotten fountain and.
  65. He passed the large circular water fountain.
  66. Is the fountain of youth bottled, then?
  67. Venus walked with him back toward the fountain.
  68. There was a fountain of clear water in his room.
  69. On the bottom of the fountain were orange and.
  70. The Fountain of Knowing had taken care of that.
  71. A little courtyard with a fountain was in the.
  72. Now there seemed to be a never ending fountain.
  73. But now as he sat beside the fountain in Lurien.
  74. That is, from a hot fountain of excessive boiling.
  75. A dry fountain is a symbol of poverty and misery.
  76. The Fountain of Knowing did this in just one sip.
  77. There was even a small, bubbling fountain nearby.
  78. Eureka, the fountain of youth bursts forth from.
  79. Fearghal, who was seated at the fountain, had a.
  80. No ones claiming they’ve found the Fountain of.
  81. A fountain gurgles in the middle of the courtyard.
  82. I believe I saw it flying towards the fountain.
  83. Life took leave in a gushing red fountain of death.
  84. He crossed to the fountain the photographers were.
  85. For lack of a better word, The Fountain of Youth.
  86. David or the fountain representing the birth of Venus.
  87. The blood mixed with the still water of the fountain.
  88. We walked towards the park reaching a water fountain.
  89. It took me a minute or so to reach the water fountain.
  90. The fountain took the sting out of the afternoon heat.
  91. She walked to the drinking fountain and had her fill.
  92. You saw it figure out how to open the water fountain.
  93. It even had a spring that bubbled up into a fountain.
  94. The Spanish Steps, The Trevi Fountain, The Colosseum.
  95. Francis Fountain? They have a fabulous breakfast menu.
  96. We stopped at a large fountain in the center of a lane.
  97. He shook his head, not taking his eyes off the fountain.
  98. The mouth of the fountain had been carved into an arch.
  99. It bubbles up through the paving stones like a fountain.
  100. Olivia led us behind the fountain and through the trees.
  1. Blood spurted out from his carotid artery, fountaining out, spraying the floor and nearer vats with his life-blood.
  2. Blood sprayed up from Egil's torn throat, fountaining into Halfdan's face, turning the nearby snow dark red, with steam rising in the cold air.
  1. Blood fountained out of the corpses, their clothes.
  2. Caramarin punched the man twice in the face, blood fountained from his.
  1. The lord of silver fountains.
  2. Of Water Tanks and Fountains.
  3. The fountains didn’t bother them.
  4. His wealth shall flow in fountains.
  5. Fountain, Living fountains of water.
  6. The tombs, mausoleums and fountains.
  7. Fountain, Fountains of Living Waters.
  8. Theory of Springs and Fountains, 273.
  9. If the fountains of sorrow are not.
  10. The deep's fountains and the sky's windows.
  11. The skies, the fountains, every region near.
  12. Trevannion looked at the fountains and frowned.
  13. Stream– See: River, Water, Fountains of Waters.
  14. There were various wells and fountains that were.
  15. Fountains and stone pillars folded into themselves.
  16. These twin fountains created a perpetual salt mist.
  17. The earth doth rest, heaven move, and fountains flow.
  18. I came across two beautiful fountains that were still.
  19. As she reached the stage, blue fountains of water danced.
  20. During the flood the fountains of the deep were broken up.
  21. Having seen water fountains before, I knew how to use them.
  22. Fountains made in the form of statues spewed water into the air.
  23. Mark, Fountain, Water, Fountains of Waters, Metal, Things, Mind.
  24. They strolled on old mosaic paths, beside still-pumping fountains.
  25. California, we built a large shopping plaza, complete with fountains.
  26. Fountains spurted from between the piles and splashed into the basin.
  27. Public fountains had become his drinking water for the last few days.
  28. Fountains provide serenity and the element of water in the environment.
  29. A lot of water fountains out there allow for easy bottle refills as well.
  30. Streams of water shoot from circular fountains on both sides of the plaza.
  31. Hardscape is things like fences, rocks, landscaping stones, and fountains.
  32. There are also distinctions made between the sea and the fountains of water.
  33. You can see the fountains very well from here, Mama, the child went on.
  34. White dwarves and red giants stand segregated at separate drinking fountains.
  35. He told her about the sweet grass, the water fountains and the nasty neighbour.
  36. Gabriel stopped at one of the fountains and rested on one of the marble benches.
  37. Both fountains were going furiously and both pumps bailing with might and main.
  38. Shiva heard nothing except the gentle tinkle of the fountains in the temple compound.
  39. Zechariah are part of the spiritual wisdom that fountains of living waters symbolizes.
  40. Similar to rivers and fountains of water, just a slightly different viewpoint and usage.
  41. They were part of Heinz’s display down there, along with gardens, fountains and pools.
  42. Others carried screens, urns, and statues, even rolling in ice sculptures and fountains.
  43. Dead, The Dead, Fountains of living waters, Wisdom, Simple, Heaven, Set in Heaven, God of.
  44. The courtyard had fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, and even fountains, benches, and a walkway.
  45. Jennifer is enchanted with the sound of running water and she sells small, indoor fountains.
  46. The Egyptologist remembers that the Bible´s Paradise is an idyllic garden full of fountains.
  47. Fountains of Living Waters–The Wisdom of the Seven Spirits of God, which are life-affirming.
  48. Pro 8:28 When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:.
  49. Great Eagle, Star, Sun, Light, Water, Earth, Fountains of Waters, Without Hand, Spirit of Life.
  50. Fountains of Waters–Symbolizes primary inspirations of the mindsets and deeds of like-minded.
  51. When there was no depths, or fountains abounding with water, you came forth to be betrayed for me.
  52. And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became.
  53. Fountains are becoming more and more popular nowadays within the backyard landscape and many are.
  54. On the sides were palm trees, gardens and fountains, all immaculate in their appearance and upkeep.
  55. Some of these looked like gigantic branching ferns, some like fountains of green spray, softly frozen.
  56. And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.
  57. And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters ; and they became blood.
  58. Crimson fountains overflowed into cascading waterfalls that flooded his world in liquid-red drowning pools.
  59. Pro 8:24 When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water.
  60. Now, this very night, he stood half naked in the darkness, watching the fire fountains murmuring in the air.
  61. There were drinking fountains and water troughs for the working draft animals and a few streams in the Park.
  62. Bright flowers and leafy shrubs and young trees decorate the fountains and ponds scattered around the clearing.
  63. The fountains of fluid arcing out and over the pass ignited instantly to reveal itself as a light flammable oil.
  64. And here and there �and this was the most exciting bit- were massive water fountains shooting over the paddock.
  65. He had built fountains and temples and monuments and all sorts of architecture in cities that weren’t in Israel.
  66. Everything was painted in bright colors with lots of marble and mosaics, fountains with running water and greenery.
  67. We hustle through the crowd of visitors who always come here to admire the Nair’s glorious lines of water fountains.
  68. The ever-flowing fountains made for enjoyment and health offer their breasts without fail to sustain the lives of men.
  69. Stepping stones, statues, and fountains are just a few more elements that can be considered in addition to the plants.
  70. In the squares there are crystal fountains kissed by the light, and everywhere the asphodel blooms-the flower of heaven.
  71. Crashed against by the waves, these fling back fountains of spray; and curlews circling above, calling out in sad voices.
  72. In the absence of such bodies of water like water fountains and aquariums, the "chi" would easily be dispersed by the wind.
  73. How often had he seen Pegasus flying in the sky ceiling, or seen fountains of red fireworks, or heard angel voices singing.
  74. And the eighth mountain was full of fountains and every kind of the Lord's creatures drank of the fountains of that mountain.
  75. Rooms where blue tiled fountains splashed water that was as changing as the sky and glimmered softly as if it were underwater.
  76. Wine, beer, champagne and gin flowed as if in fountains, and it wasn't simply the well-connected and well-heeled in attendance.
  77. The nearest towers are several hundred yards away, so the only noises are the crashes of the fountains and the chirps of birds.
  78. I wasn’t so bent on the present that I didn’t wonder which streets, which fountains, and which trees my work had demolished.
  79. The fountains covered a zone at least fifty yards across and ten yards deep, and the flat, staccato explosions hammered his ears.
  80. I helped design the layout of snack bars and soda fountains for a couple of rec centers in Paris, and then trained the employees.
  81. Fountains complement metal elements so make sure that you are able to position it with the metal elements in your home or office.
  82. A new interest and enthusiasm laid hold of the community, an almost tribal pride of their bubbling fountains of Arts and Education.
  83. We see that Proverbs talks about the fountains of the deep that were strengthened – this shows that it contained a body of water.
  84. The Bible mentions the fountains of the great deep that were broken up, all on the same day that a flood was caused in Genesis 7:11.
  85. All these pretended fountains of knowledge had long been proved to be man-made cisterns, broken cisterns, which could hold no water.
  86. The rain began to fall even harder, peppering the street furiously now, the drops splashing upward in a parade of tiny white fountains.
  87. He threw lightning from his hands that split boulders, and he turned the fields around the city walls into fountains of earth and fire.
  88. The largest tree was about six inches in diameter, leaving nothing more than a few widely spaced fountains and a couple of parked cars.
  89. Across the fountains and lawns, past the residential roof tops, his gaze fell on the apartment building where his friends were harbored.
  90. I saw Roy vanishing into the Men’s outside, and found him standing at the white porcelain shrine worshiping Respighi’s Fountains of Rome.
  91. Near at hand a fountain tinkled silverly, and other unseen fountains in various parts of the great garden whispered an everlasting symphony.
  92. I just wonder at the worth of all this, he waved his arm at the harem, the fine carvings, the fountains, the sky and fields in the distance.
  93. Other feng shui items such as essential oils, crystals and water fountains can also be used to cleanse or raise the energy levels in the office.
  94. The Bible describes these as the windows of Heaven that were opened and the fountains of the great deep that were broken resulting in the Flood.
  95. Sepilar was the Tianist who supervised the construction of the Tower, while Osilar created the fountains inside the walls with his Flaran powers.
  96. As Lord Taliesin and his allies cut their way through the overgrown roses they saw obsidian fountains and elaborate statues of gargoyles and Lykanthros.
  97. Before the fountains of the deep were broken up at the time of the global flood there was far less water upon the surface of the land than there now is.
  98. Ones with hors d’oeuvres, and charitable donations, and chocolate fountains, and mason jars with paper straws, and souvenir bags with human ears in them.
  99. Every so often, openings appeared between the tall, ancient trees, and he had brief glimpses of silver, domed structures, and parks with white, stone fountains.
  100. The Negro sergeant called out to a group of his subordinates, telling them they needed to load one of the soda fountains onto the Henschel truck parked outside.

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