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Outlaw in una frase (in inglese)

He belongs to the outlaw.
Being an outlaw was too easy.
A New Regular at the Outlaw Saloon.
But the cagey outlaw wasn’t behind me.
Nacho was an outlaw all the way through.
This week it was The Outlaw Josey Wales.
It was part of my sentence as an outlaw.
It could be they were in some outlaw band.
On the outlaw teardrops that escaped down the.
These were nice credentials for a drug outlaw.
She is just like a plain outlaw hated by society.
Now America is trying to outlaw all forms of welfare.
The Black Hat Man’s Odiferous Honky Tonk and Outlaw.
The others fell silent as they gazed at the dead outlaw.
At that, the outlaw jumped off and I scrambled to my feet.
Tom felt he ought to comment on the outlaw on the picture.
Tom heard the great outlaw crawling on the floor behind him.
The sheriff told Tom of an outlaw who was staying at the hotel.
Getting mixed up with an outlaw turned out to be a bit hectic.
With the skill of a rodeo star, the outlaw stayed in the saddle.
One does not have to value human life to outlaw killing/murder.
The same thing had happened with Alwyn the outlaw in the forest.
Every child enters the world as a potential if not actual outlaw.
I could see the outlaw a few yards ahead, staggering to his feet.
The outlaw wasn’t the only reason that Tom was on his way again.
After tonight, the Outlaw Saloon would lose a little of its shine.
I was watching from a thicket when the outlaw was about to shoot.
Indeed it did! My yes! It ended with that fierce outlaw in custody.
Holding his hands in the air, like an outlaw in a western - his face.
I wondered why Diondra had chosen to live in the hometown of an outlaw.
Maybe he can just outright kill him and then go back to being an outlaw.
Jack had shot the third outlaw and so most probably saved Tom’s life!.
Godwyn has fired me, you’ve rejected me and my brother is an outlaw.
Because I was an outlaw, girls my age were not allowed to socialize with me.
It creates so many health problems in the body that the FDA should outlaw it.
Olli is to return them to Joran in seven days, or will be declared an outlaw.
Possibly, the two older girls had not heard of my close call with the outlaw.
It was too late: the outlaw was out of the window and running away on the roof.
I refuse to live as a slave, yet I'm too scared to live as a rebel or an outlaw.
Killing them was not even murder, for it was no crime to do away with an outlaw.

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