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Frasi con outlaw (in inglese)

1. He belongs to the outlaw.
2. Being an outlaw was too easy.
3. A New Regular at the Outlaw Saloon.
4. But the cagey outlaw wasn’t behind me.
5. Nacho was an outlaw all the way through.
6. This week it was The Outlaw Josey Wales.
7. It was part of my sentence as an outlaw.
8. It could be they were in some outlaw band.
9. On the outlaw teardrops that escaped down the.
10. These were nice credentials for a drug outlaw.
11. She is just like a plain outlaw hated by society.
12. Now America is trying to outlaw all forms of welfare.
13. The Black Hat Man’s Odiferous Honky Tonk and Outlaw.
14. The others fell silent as they gazed at the dead outlaw.
15. At that, the outlaw jumped off and I scrambled to my feet.
16. Tom felt he ought to comment on the outlaw on the picture.
17. Tom heard the great outlaw crawling on the floor behind him.
18. The sheriff told Tom of an outlaw who was staying at the hotel.
19. Getting mixed up with an outlaw turned out to be a bit hectic.
20. With the skill of a rodeo star, the outlaw stayed in the saddle.
21. One does not have to value human life to outlaw killing/murder.
22. The same thing had happened with Alwyn the outlaw in the forest.
23. I could see the outlaw a few yards ahead, staggering to his feet.
24. Every child enters the world as a potential if not actual outlaw.
25. The outlaw wasn’t the only reason that Tom was on his way again.
26. After tonight, the Outlaw Saloon would lose a little of its shine.
27. I was watching from a thicket when the outlaw was about to shoot.
28. Indeed it did! My yes! It ended with that fierce outlaw in custody.
29. Holding his hands in the air, like an outlaw in a western - his face.
30. I wondered why Diondra had chosen to live in the hometown of an outlaw.
31. Maybe he can just outright kill him and then go back to being an outlaw.
32. Godwyn has fired me, you’ve rejected me and my brother is an outlaw.
33. Jack had shot the third outlaw and so most probably saved Tom’s life!.
34. Because I was an outlaw, girls my age were not allowed to socialize with me.
35. Olli is to return them to Joran in seven days, or will be declared an outlaw.
36. Possibly, the two older girls had not heard of my close call with the outlaw.
37. It creates so many health problems in the body that the FDA should outlaw it.
38. It was too late: the outlaw was out of the window and running away on the roof.
39. Killing them was not even murder, for it was no crime to do away with an outlaw.
40. I refuse to live as a slave, yet I'm too scared to live as a rebel or an outlaw.
41. During his days as an outlaw Ralph had murdered innocent men, women and children.
42. On Earth, in the last half of the twentieth century they began to outlaw our books.
43. But then, to kill an outlaw was no crime so, in all probability, few lived to be old.
44. In another corner of the battlefield, Shiva swung his shield sideward at the outlaw he.
45. He put down the paper roll in front of the outlaw who slowly looked up, mildly surprised.
46. He remembered one outlaw Ser Arlan had helped hang, who’d been fond of stealing rings.
47. Was that a reason to kill him, to waste a bullet and to become an outlaw? Definitely not!.
48. The three companions of the great outlaw who was at this very moment writhing on the floor.
49. The outlaw was jumping from roof to roof and was just landing on the street next to a horse.
50. The twentieth century saw many attempts to outlaw war altogether, but none of them succeeded.
51. We can assume nothing in the robber outlaw but the most rudimentary forms of popular belief.
52. When the news got here that an outlaw named Miller was wanted, he would be suspected anyway.
53. An outlaw worth quite a bit of money had been seen there last, and Tom wanted to go and get him.
54. Gwenda knew instantly who the man must be: the most famous outlaw in the county, he was called Tam.
55. It was a question she normally sidestepped, but she felt that this dying outlaw deserved a true answer.
56. The idea was to close down the bars and saloons, though not to outlaw a social glass of sherry at home.
57. Juicys Outlaw Grill in Corvallis, Oregon, USA, serves up a calorific beast of a burger weighing 352.
58. Lear Bennett had rescued me, my tracking the outlaw with deputy TJ Torgeson, and something of the Connors.
59. I’ll admit that the thought turns my stomach, but that doesn’t mean we can outlaw it if it does no harm.
60. Conan did not look toward the door because he was watching the outlaw with the burning eyes of a dying wolf.
61. Had he been able to control the outlaw? If not, that black-hearted villain would be free to hunt me down again.
62. Until I paid off the cost of the bull, the loss of income for the farmer, and the fine, I was labeled an outlaw.
63. The suicide that found no charm in life, and purposely discontinued it, became equal to the outlaw and murderer.
64. The regulars at the Black Hat Man’s Odiferous Honky Tonk and Outlaw Saloon appreciated someone who appreciated beer.
65. Tom, on the other hand, would be on his way somewhere with his horse, seeking out an outlaw worth ten thousand dollars.
66. When I released and rolled away, the ferryman fell on the outlaw and knocked him out with one mighty swing of his fist.
67. Because I helped bring in the outlaw who knocked me off my horse, the court has awarded me a sixty-two foot fishing boat.
68. The insane Capitalist attempt to outlaw unhappiness by media blitzes of showing only happy people, and no unhappy people.
69. Eventually the sheriff would come, with armed deputies, to arrest him; and if he evaded them he would be declared an outlaw.
70. They fed me, provided me with maps and a guide sending me out into the forests like the legendary old world outlaw Robin Hood.
71. With a cry of surprise, the outlaw lunged again, and I instinctively used my cast as a shield deflecting his long shiny blade.
72. During the last heyday of English Piracy: Captain Kidd was finally brought to justice as an outlaw privateer gone turned pirate.
73. Lions defend territory at all costs: if a lion does not defend its territory: it is killed: it dies: it becomes an outcast, an outlaw.
74. We would have invited you to go with us, but thought you needed the rest after your ordeal with the outlaw and several days of fishing.
75. If you knew it, then that was because you had thought about it, and by thinking about it you acknowledged the existence of that outlaw.
76. Therefore, they should abdicate the courts and police when one's lover is attacked and be self-responsible by becoming outlaw vigilantes.
77. The king took Ascalante's point in his left arm, and the outlaw barely saved his life by ducking and springing backward from the swinging ax.
78. In truth, Adem had started the rebellion, by informing a number of Alit’aren and Gai’den of Carl’s new declaration to outlaw male wielding.
79. Come with us! We’ll be the happiest Outlaw Band since Robin Hood’s an’ raise yer Babe up in the Forest as the Child o’ all the Merry Men.
80. To love the prisoner, who is the enemy of society, an outlaw, is an insurrection against the State and its policy of poison, plunder, and penalize.
81. Back on the ferry, while we’d struggled, the outlaw had wildly fired his pistol and he’d not only wounded the ferry captain, HE HAD SHOT JASPER!.
82. And you are infidel and cousin, neighbour and outlaw, beckoned and offered baskets of berries, nuts and dried fruit in the harvest of the glowing spirit.
83. He was aware of his crime – he had overpowered a state official on duty, and he had just facilitated a bank robbery for the worst outlaw of the country.
84. If I lived through this ordeal who would ever believe my story? Napping with a cougar while being stalked by a desperate outlaw? Pretty far fetched stuff!.
85. It was Dublin! The determined outlaw was looking for me and would probably investigate this cave as a likely hiding spot near where my footprints had ended.
86. That would be the end of his knighthood, to be sure; he would be no more than an outlaw henceforth, until the day some lord took him and struck off his head.
87. Thus, we seem to see that, as regarded Hester Prynne, the whole seven years of outlaw and ignominy had been little other than a preparation for this very hour.
88. Of course, he had tortured people in the king’s service, and he had raped Annet, and he had murdered several men, women and children in his days as an outlaw.
89. In short: to arrive at a way of life that is good for all, where all can be happy, and not waste their entire lives pursuing happiness; you must outlaw legality.
90. This outlaw actually told the University of Texas to disregard a Supreme Court ruling that made racial quotas unacceptable at the University of Texas Law School.
91. The only difference being an outlaw meant to Haki was that he could no longer force other men to duel; as an outlaw, his challenges could be ignored without shame.
92. Everyone had to stay together or die outside of the band as a lone-lonely-crazed outlaw who was banished because of their unacceptable behavior toward other people.
93. How can any one ever want war again? The nation that makes an aggressive attack on another should be regarded as an outlaw and treated as such by the rest of the world.
94. To be fair, though, the inhabitants of the Black Hat Man’s Odiferous Honky-Tonk and Outlaw Saloon were less afraid than the typical resident of Lone Tree might have been.
95. If it had not been for the lawless tyranny of your Government, Don Pepe, many an outlaw now with Hernandez would be living peaceably and happy by the honest work of his hands.
96. By the old thinking, rather than making a rational evaluation of the risk of roses, you might simply outlaw them from your empire in an attempt to eliminate the risk completely.
97. If that was the true goal, if that was what he needed his freedom for, if that was supposed to be his mission, then what on Earth was he chasing after an outlaw named Nacho for?
98. Half crazed with pain, I clutched my bleeding side and scurried to the loading platform while the outlaw, shouting profanity and covered with muck, climbed back up seeking vengeance.
99. He was not quite able to hide his indignation as he said: Ralph was an outlaw, guilty of numerous thefts, murders and rapes, until he obtained a royal pardon by joining your majesty’s army.
100. I was not related to the outlaw, or connected with him by any recognizable tie; he had put his hand to no writing or settlement in my favor before his apprehension, and to do so now would be idle.

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