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    1. ’ The outlaw took a quick look at the scrap of

    2. This outlaw actually told the University of Texas to disregard a Supreme Court ruling that made racial quotas unacceptable at the University of Texas Law School

    3. In truth, Adem had started the rebellion, by informing a number of Alit’aren and Gai’den of Carl’s new declaration to outlaw male wielding

    4. an animal welfare law that would outlaw such cruelty

    5. I’ll admit that the thought turns my stomach, but that doesn’t mean we can outlaw it if it does no harm

    6. “As for fornication in public, I was raised to think it unspeakably outrageous, but I still see no valid reason to outlaw it, as long as the participants are licensed for the activity, and they’re not blocking traffic or otherwise infringing on the rights of others

    7. By the old thinking, rather than making a rational evaluation of the risk of roses, you might simply outlaw them from your empire in an attempt to eliminate the risk completely

    8. The only difference being an outlaw meant to Haki was that he could no longer force other men to duel; as an outlaw, his challenges could be ignored without shame

    9. Olli is to return them to Joran in seven days, or will be declared an outlaw

    10. It was Dublin! The determined outlaw was looking for me and would probably investigate this cave as a likely hiding spot near where my footprints had ended

    11. If I lived through this ordeal who would ever believe my story? Napping with a cougar while being stalked by a desperate outlaw? Pretty far fetched stuff!

    12. But the cagey outlaw wasn’t behind me

    13. With a cry of surprise, the outlaw lunged again, and I instinctively used my cast as a shield deflecting his long shiny blade

    14. “He belongs to the outlaw

    15. “I was watching from a thicket when the outlaw was about to shoot

    16. Possibly, the two older girls had not heard of my close call with the outlaw

    17. Lear Bennett had rescued me, my tracking the outlaw with deputy TJ Torgeson, and something of the Connors

    18. “Indeed it did! My yes! It ended with that fierce outlaw in custody

    19. At that, the outlaw jumped off and I scrambled to my feet

    20. When I released and rolled away, the ferryman fell on the outlaw and knocked him out with one mighty swing of his fist

    21. Had he been able to control the outlaw? If not, that black-hearted villain would be free to hunt me down again

    22. We would have invited you to go with us, but thought you needed the rest after your ordeal with the outlaw and several days of fishing

    23. Back on the ferry, while we’d struggled, the outlaw had wildly fired his pistol and he’d not only wounded the ferry captain, HE HAD SHOT JASPER!

    24. Half crazed with pain, I clutched my bleeding side and scurried to the loading platform while the outlaw, shouting profanity and covered with muck, climbed back up seeking vengeance

    25. I could see the outlaw a few yards ahead, staggering to his feet

    26. With the skill of a rodeo star, the outlaw stayed in the saddle

    27. Getting mixed up with an outlaw turned out to be a bit hectic

    28. Because I helped bring in the outlaw who knocked me off my horse, the court has awarded me a sixty-two foot fishing boat

    29. It was part of my sentence as an outlaw

    30. Until I paid off the cost of the bull, the loss of income for the farmer, and the fine, I was labeled an outlaw

    31. Because I was an outlaw, girls my age were not allowed to socialize with me

    32. George had found another occasional lover to seduce in his attic and Marvin took me to a private house where an oleaginous Catholic priest held court among a gaggle of somewhat histrionic and nervous queers overburdened by their unwanted outlaw status

    33. 'You are Olgerd Vladislav, the outlaw chief

    34. To what a state I have fallen! My old-time peers and rivals would stare indeed could they see Thoth-amon of the Ring serving as the slave of an outlander, and an outlaw at that; and aiding in the petty ambitions of barons and kings!"

    35. "You grow over-bold, dog," growled the outlaw

    36. "In, rogues!" yelled the outlaw

    37. The king took Ascalante's point in his left arm, and the outlaw barely saved his life by ducking and springing backward from the swinging ax

    38. Conan did not look toward the door because he was watching the outlaw with the burning eyes of a dying wolf

    39. The others fell silent as they gazed at the dead outlaw

    40. They fed me, provided me with maps and a guide sending me out into the forests like the legendary old world outlaw Robin Hood

    41. as an outlaw in Sherwood forest? Were restored to your lands by good King

    42. outlaw, or has been busted for insubordination or any of half a dozen other minor infractions of the rules at some point in their career

    43. On the outlaw teardrops that escaped down the

    44. “She is just like a plain outlaw hated by society

    45. Holding his hands in the air, like an outlaw in a western - his face

    46. A New Regular at the Outlaw Saloon

    47. The Black Hat Man’s Odiferous Honky Tonk and Outlaw

    48. To be fair, though, the inhabitants of the Black Hat Man’s Odiferous Honky-Tonk and Outlaw Saloon were less afraid than the typical resident of Lone Tree might have been

    49. The regulars at the Black Hat Man’s Odiferous Honky Tonk and Outlaw Saloon appreciated someone who appreciated beer

    50. echoed its last, the newest regular of The Black Hat Man’s Odiferous Honky Tonk and Outlaw Saloon stood up to leave

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    Synonyms for "outlaw"

    criminal crook felon malefactor outlaw criminalise criminalize illegalise illegalize lawless illegitimate illicit outlawed unlawful

    "outlaw" definitions

    someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime

    declare illegal; outlaw

    contrary to or forbidden by law

    disobedient to or defiant of law