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Frasi con penchant (in inglese)

  1. He seems to have a penchant for my children.
  2. Cassy has a strong penchant in collecting cars.
  3. Mom, what is with this penchant for hanging out.
  4. With an unmistakable penchant for unprofitability.
  5. Mathematically minded individuals with a penchant.
  6. They knew, of course, of Madeline's penchant for dirty nameless sex.
  7. They smiled at him as Hayes noted his penchant for seafood – the likely.
  8. One penchant of rationalists and action-heroes is to make choices count.
  9. And it was there that I discovered Roy's penchant for public speaking after.
  10. It was a risk, he knew; bankers had long memories, and a penchant for records.
  11. It so happened that my little Irish friend had a penchant for accessing the lost and.
  12. That was unusual given his standard modus operandi and penchant for keeping to a fixed schedule.
  13. I had a feeling he would be attentive to Kelly considering his penchant for attractive young women.
  14. I know your penchant for such things and almost the first thought I had was that you'd prefer it that way.
  15. Perhaps they had also learned their penchant for grisly sacrifice and blood offerings from the old ruins to.
  16. He established himself as successful businessman with roots in the waterfront and a penchant for philanthropy.
  17. Song, the other member of their company who shared Senta's penchant for over-dressing, insisted, Do put it on!.
  18. They were undeniably bright, well-read academics with a penchant for dissecting and analyzing Old Testament passages.
  19. He also acknowledged that the Jewish penchant for anxiety probably played a role in their collective attraction to Buddhism.
  20. His penchant for “crossing the aisle” in a “bipartisan spirit” was rewarded as might have been expected in the 2008.
  21. I’ll be glad to, Buster replied eagerly, having a penchant for assisting his older cousin in his complex investigations.
  22. He will not be expecting you, so make sure Carla flutters her eyelashes and turns on her charm, he has a penchant for young girls.
  23. I’ve spent the better part of my life trying to balance my penchant for maniacal overthinking with the desire for peace of mind.
  24. They knelt over the body and said aloud all of the good things they knew of Mac, laughing a little at his penchant for mess hall pie.
  25. What is this penchant you have for dead bodies and intrigue, Brother? asked the Bishop, when Brother Francis was just about seated.
  26. He had a penchant for attractive mature women and was visiting the casino with the idea that he might find someone for a one night stand.
  27. And the result was the penchant for taboo-less sex, which eventually transformed into free sex in the hippy movement of the sixties of the 20th century.
  28. However, things had changed—Trevain found himself suddenly searching for the proverbial Devil whom he understood to have a penchant for haunting the details.
  29. His interest and expertise in Japanese candlesticks came from his penchant to study, learn, push beyond the status quo, and pass those insights onto his students.
  30. Yeah, one of those shallow creeps who only care about making money! The third fat-cat said, absent-mindedly fiddling with the golden penchant hanging around his neck.
  31. Calm down Katie I’m sure that neither of the strange occurrences since last I was here have a penchant for chewing up feisty little blondes, but you never know though.
  32. My pet peeve in dealing with the four roomies was their penchant for stealing my long neck Blatz bottled beers and leaving me a dime on top of the few remaining full bottles.
  33. Well, the penchant of the Musalmans to perceive that Islam is in Danger over issues trivial, not to speak of matters prophetical, is the bane of social harmony in this world.
  34. The man depicted in bronze was King Solomon, who more and more to me was nothing but a man of vanity with a penchant for roving maliciousness in order to get his way at any cost.
  35. In the meantime, do not become fixated with the solution residing in the concept of time, for all times are simultaneous and reason has a penchant for creating that which it does not grasp.
  36. People have a penchant for believing that they’re here for a higher purpose and that they’ll certainly bear witness to unprecedented achievement, such as the final triumph of good over evil.
  37. As soon as I got back home from the honeymoon, though, my penchant for worry reasserted itself—provoked by a conundrum at work that I simply could not figure out how to handle in a Buddhist way.
  38. Even beyond the boundaries of belief, it is the penchant of the faithful, not just the Musalman, to assert that all that is there to know can be found in between the covers of their religious scriptures.
  39. Three months sharing food, tent and transport with five others was going to make concealment of my penchant for attractive young men somewhat difficult, so after much agonising I'd decided to come clean.
  40. Or to paint the elderly shoeshine boy sitting on a small stool behind the wooden chest with the footrest, waiting for the odd client with a few drachmas, the time to spare and a penchant for shiny shoes.
  41. I -um- guess I forgot to mention my mother’s other tendency, which is her penchant to feed anyone within a fifty mile radius of her, especially if she feels they aren’t eating properly or well enough.
  42. This truth about our ancestors must be faced and dealt with if we are ever to evolve beyond our penchant for mindless mass destruction and mass slaughtering… which our ancestors practiced for at least 3.
  43. O‘Connor‘s penchant for statistics as useful points of reference, I find it equally appropriate to inquire into the (relative) absence of White Athletes in certain sports or positions, for that matter.
  44. Maybe the plight of Pakistan then could shape the mind of the Indian Musalman but one should be wary of the Muslim penchant to blame the kafirs for the Islamic ills of their own and of their God’s making.
  45. The New York Times reported as early as 1980 that his penchant for contradictory statements, forgetting names and general absent-mindedness were considered by some to be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease.
  46. The only son of one of the most prominent and ancient families in the Colovian Highlands, he had, reluctantly, been allowed to train and nurture his penchant for tactical studies as a purely intellectual exercise.
  47. Is not the world better off owing to the penchant of the Christian missionaries in setting up schools to impart secular education and build hospitals to provide health care in every nook and corner of the globe?
  48. This miraculous incident, more fantastic than the one at the Battle of Badr, would illustrate the Arab penchant for the fanciful ‘birds of war’, much before the Quran gave them authenticity with its scriptural sanction.
  49. On the whole though favouring preferably light opera of the Don Giovanni description and Martha, a gem in its line, he had a penchant, though with only a surface knowledge, for the severe classical school such as Mendelssohn.
  50. What did you just almost call me? Were you starting to say ‘Brother Cadfael,’ the mystery novel monk from the middle ages who was an accomplished herbalist and who had a penchant for finding dead bodies and solving crimes.
  51. What did you just almost call me? Were you starting to say ‘Brother Cadfael,’ the mystery novel monk from the Middle Ages who was an accomplished herbalist and who had a penchant for finding dead bodies and solving crimes.
  52. The security videos might have revealed whether Grobut had actually been in the bar or not, but a bar owner with a penchant for grainy black-and-white 15 fps silent videos of ugly girls undressing in front of even uglier bikers, had shattered his hopes.
  53. One day, actor Gregory Ratoff declared of her, “That girl will be a big star!” Celeste Holm rolled her eyes and said, “Why, because she keeps everyone waiting?” Indeed, much has been made over the years about Marilyn’s penchant for being late.
  54. I finally reached the Place of No Pity almost ten years later, at the end of another partnership with a person who was trashing me emotionally (in my younger days I had a penchant for pretty, young, witchy women; which of course implies self-centered, immature, conflictive women).
  55. What happens, in reality, is that the clever white men use their religious sermons and subtle compulsion tactics to weaken our spirit and courage of resistance, and by so doing actualise their penchant for domination and exploitation, penchant for our wealth and the control of all aspects of our life.
  56. And compounding their misery is their penchant to rear more children than their means would will, and that either forces them to reduce their progeny into child labor or consign them to the madrasa education, which only cultivates the fundamentalist mindset that is inimical to their economic wellbeing.
  57. The first of these, Erasing Personal History, was what appealed greatly to me, now, because I had once experienced its positive affects: In what became my last year as a staffer at the CBC, I had been severely embarrassed by my fiancé leaving me, my own inexplicable (to me) penchant for unremitting profanity, and utter hubris in thinking that I was a shoe-in for a job I was not qualified for.
  58. If one were to count the maimed Shias and the mutilated Sunnis; the vicious nature of the self-directed Islamic terror would be apparent, but won’t the silence of the maulanas eloquently expose the hollowness of Islam that is touted by the umma as the religion that has everything to know, whatever is there to know? But, try as they might, the moulvi-mufti combine would find nothing in the Quran-hadith-sunna trilogy that remotely can be seen as a clue to the worst challenge Islam had to face more than ever now; that is, given the penchant of the Musalmans to take every illusory in ‘the trilogy’ for a lamppost on the ‘straight path’ of life.

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