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Fondness in una frase (in inglese)

In her, fondness he showed:.
She held a particular fondness for.
The Younger melts in fondness in his arms.
I thought of Colleen often, and with fondness.
Wherever she went, for whoever lacked fondness.
She seemed to have a special fondness for the.
I look back with great fondness on those games.

This one-act comedy illustrates Benavente's fondness for.
But leopards are known to kill livestock, have a fondness.
I recalled with great fondness the days sitting around the.
You see, Nova had a fondness for taking a mundaine-guise.
Norvel Morris was a typical Aussie/Brit with fondness for gin.
It depends on if we have fostered that much fondness of you.
Nicholls had a look of fondness in his eyes as he answered back.
Many people recall his extreme fondness for you as a little boy.
Abanir also landed her a stare, a blend of fondness and curiosity.
Bev said, I know you will always look back at it with fondness.
While the psychopath has likes and dislikes and fondness for the.
Mindful of her mother’s fondness for this unique piece of fur-.
Guardians, and he recalled with fondness the warm welcome they had.
I remember with great fondness that my science teacher in Standard.
And sad fondness, the painful hollowness of loss, stirred within him.
It turns out that Lester has a fondness for squatting in vacant houses.
After exchanging numerous marks of fondness with him, his cousin went to Mr.
After mutually professing our fondness, we began with mutual interrogations:.
These wild and indigenous trout are renowned for their fondness of the dry fly.
Knowing your fondness for your Snotaks, I thought you would appreciate this.
I was developing a fondness for Theodore and could see that he had much to learn.
Yes, sir, he replied with fondness for the reference to his esteemed family.
The blind fondness which was for ever producing evil around her she had never known.
Many of us can recall with fondness the original television series of ‘Star Trek’.
Cami smiled, liking the way fondness entered his voice when he talked about his family.
This was a prospect to be dwelt on with a fondness that could be but half acknowledged.
Listen Professor, there is not one of us here who is not aware of your fondness of her.
He had developed a real fondness for the country, as if it were a part of Seraphia herself.
She, meanwhile, has achieved a certain notoriety for her fondness for large cheeseburgers.
And I remember recording a mental note of Margery’s fondness for sweetbreads en coquille.
But as she fondly gazed at her address in Sandhya’s hand, her eyes glistened with fondness.
His fondness for his daughter, and my eligibility otherwise, made us man and wife in the end.
Actually it wouldn’t have been that bad, if her husband hadn’t had a fondness for boys.

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