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    1. Then something glittered ahead, and a single golden pennant came into view on the other side of the range of hills

    2. I opened it to find orders to embark on the ship in the Longjiang harbor that was flying a white pennant

    3. There were about twenty ships in the harbor, but only one was flying a white pennant

    4. It was flying the pennant of the Khakhan, but I doubted he was on board

    5. All that could be seen were the tops of the pennant poles with the cloth emblems hanging slack in the dead air of dusk

    6. All that could be seen were the tops of the pennant poles

    7. A real example of a bearish pennant in the Japanese yen chart

    8. The wedge formation is a close relative of the triangle and the pennant formations

    9. It resembles both the shape and the development time of the triangles, but it really looks and behaves like a pennant without a pole

    10. The Bucs won the pennant and now had to face the American League Champions, New York Yankees

    11. Taking off the gold chain and Star of David pennant he was wearing around his neck, he then put it around her neck and kissed her forehead, whispering to her at the same time

    12. They were about to approach their planes to do a summary check of them when what looked like a convoy of civilian cars escorted by three armed jeeps and led by a big army staff car flying a red pennant with three stars on it rolled on the airfield

    13. Where the steam-ship trails hind-ways its long pennant of smoke,

    14. With the banner and pennant a-flapping

    15. And the shore-sands know and the hissing wave, and that banner and pennant, Aloft there flapping and flapping

    16. To be that pennant would be too fearful,

    17. But I'll swear it's a warship, because there's a long pennant streaming from the peak of its mainmast

    18. The classic chart patterns (head and shoulders, double top, pennant, flag, wedge, etc

    19. The pennant pattern is so called as it resembles a flag on a flagpole

    20. Again as with all these formations, the law of cause and effect applies, and in the case of the pennant the longer the tension continues, the more the price action creates what I call a 'coiled spring'

    21. The fact that Chiquita’s stock traded within a relatively narrow range in the days leading up to the earnings report and continued to do so in the days following gave rise to the possibility that a continuation pennant or flag was forming

    22. I say anticipatory because there was not yet a decisive breakout from a well-formed pennant or flag

    23. 9% next day and broke out of a 2-week pennant

    24. It is sometimes the case with small continuation patterns like this pennant that we see the pattern only after the breakout

    25. With the earnings release out of the way and a decisive breakout from a pennant, entering a smaller position that kept our potential loss under our maximum risk was a worthwhile trade to make

    26. And we were rewarded with an opportunity to enter this trade through a continuation pennant that formed within 3 weeks of the 18% jump

    27. Small patterns like this pennant can start big moves

    28. The next chart focuses on the price action after prices broke out from the first pennant:

    29. This second pennant failed decisively

    30. But we had good reason to trade the breakout from the second pennant

    31. Buying shares after a clean breakout from the second pennant was a good trade even if the trade resulted in a loss because the trade had a favorable reward-to-risk possibility

    32. We were justifiably, but not overly, disappointed when the pennant failed but we could confidently move on knowing that we limited our losses to just a small fraction of our trading capital

    33. We have to remember that the breakout from the second pennant failed only 6 weeks ago

    34. As we have learned, some breakouts are so powerful that they are untradeable, at least until another tradable pattern, such as a continuation pennant, forms

    35. In addition to its good shape, this symmetrical triangle in Basic Energy also had a small pennant that formed just below the upper boundary that might launch a powerful breakout from the larger triangle – the always interesting pattern within a pattern

    36. The breakout from the pennant was initially powerful

    37. In addition to providing a more favorable reward-to-risk possibility than the initial breakout, this pennant had another favorable attribute: greater likelihood of producing an immediate follow through

    38. I would buy shares on the day of the breakout from the pennant and set my stop using the last day rule

    39. If the breakout was to reverse and the pennant fail, then I would simply move on

    40. If a promising pennant fails, I accept it, and I think about how I focused on doing the right things, such as waiting for a more favorable entry spot

    41. In addition, a continuation pattern might form after the price target is hit so we’ll just stay with our position instead of risk missing a fast breakout from a pennant or flag

    42. It was reasonable to think that a possible continuation pennant or flag was forming

    43. But instead of a fast uptrend out of a pennant or flag, prices dropped to the upper boundary of the ascending triangle

    44. We were counting on a continuation flag or pennant forming and riding another powerful uptrend

    45. What we must do now is move on knowing that we took a reasonable risk by not selling at the price target and counting on a continuation flag or pennant to develop

    46. It was possible that prices were forming a bullish flag or pennant that would propel them through the 200-day resistance

    47. A pennant is like a flag in the sense that it also is a continuation pattern

    48. Even so, price then declined into a pennant before declining further

    49. I called Alan Fournier of Pennant Capital Management [he formerly worked for David Tepper’s Appaloosa Management], and I said, “This is it

    50. Keep in mind that a pennant is similar to a small triangle, but its trendlines converge as the pattern is formed

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