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    1. first, his bandage unraveling like a streamer in the wind and his hairpiece

    2. As he fell, his base bar clipped the last two feet of Glenn’s left streamer and ripped it about ten feet out from the wingtip

    3. As Ken recovered from his temporary sail deflation, triumphantly trailing part of Glenn’s left streamer from his base bar, Glenn banked around in an efficient 360-degree turn to end up on Ken’s tail and now fifty feet above him

    4. His rapid change of direction completely fooled Ken whose left side wire ultimately only just managed to collect the end of Glenn’s right streamer

    5. He got another streamer, but in the process he squandered his precious altitude

    6. Without a break in the flow of his flight, not giving Ken time to react, Glenn came out of his 360 and immediately pulled into a steep dive aiming for a spot about thirty feet behind Ken’s last remaining streamer

    7. He pulled out of the dive about twenty feet below the streamer and, with the luxury of abundant airspeed, cut that last streamer with his left wing tip, right at the apex of a graceful, ninety degree wingover

    8. and spat out a streamer of web that connected to the barrel of

    9. Next, compare the seal and zodiac to see that this streamer correctly spans the seven ages from

    10. Even more interesting, the streamer tips touch the

    11. streamer have been drawn to simulate flowing waves, another symbol for the flow of time

    12. Egypt and Zep Tepi, as the pyramid and timeline traced by the streamer beneath it demonstrates

    13. Thereby, just as the streamer on the

    14. Pluribus Unum on the streamer in the eagle’s mouth on the

    15. On the desk behind him, the fax machine was rolling out a vast streamer of glossy paper, which was draping itself elegantly into a loosely folded pile

    16. Fumbling under the desk, he tried unsuccessfully to find the start of the streamer; however, it seemed to have formed itself into a loop and he couldn't find a cut edge

    17. Out in the garden stood a stately snow maiden, crowned with holly, bearing a basket of fruit and flowers in one hand, a great roll of music in the other, a perfect rainbow of an Afghan round her chilly shoulders, and a Christmas carol issuing from her lips on a pink paper streamer

    18. The next morn broke off the coast of Aleria; all day they coasted, and in the evening saw fires lighted on land; the position of these was no doubt a signal for landing, for a ship's lantern was hung up at the mast-head instead of the streamer, and they came to within a gunshot of the shore

    19. He looked at me stone-faced as a soldier, while the white plastic wrappers of a dozen ultrathin nonlubricated Trojan condoms made a clickety-clack sound as they unfurled like a party streamer from his hand

    20. A streamer bearing the legends Cead Mile Failte and Mah Ttob Melek Israel Spans the street

    21. “Actually,” Sarmouth exhaled a long streamer of smoke, “that ought to be more than soon enough, since Yu-shai’s thirty-six hundred miles from Claw Island and over a thousand beyond his cruisers’ current operational area

    22. A slow, thundering salute to his own admiral’s streamer rippled from the lead galleon, HMS Vindicator, and a fresh wave of cheers roared up from the crowds of men gathered along the harbor seawall to welcome her home

    23. A few clicks later and he was in his brokerage account, clicking on his real-time streamer, getting up to fix some coffee

    24. After a few hours of brooding he started to look at his streamer again

    25. New Trader still didn’t understand how he was not glued to CNBC and his stock streamer

    26. When the villagers were lighting their fires beyond the horizon, I too gave notice to the various wild inhabitants of Walden vale, by a smoky streamer from my chimney, that I was awake

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