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Frasi con perceive (in inglese)

  1. That I perceive, he said.
  2. To perceive him is wis-.
  3. We perceive this as fear.
  4. And you will perceive, Mr.
  5. The world you perceive is.

  6. You will perceive that Mr.
  7. We perceive the Holy Spirit.
  8. But where did he perceive it.
  9. He can perceive, if he bends.
  10. What one might perceive as the.
  11. In clouds of steam above perceive.
  12. We only perceive things relatively.
  13. Somewhere In The Boughs I Perceive.
  14. My two eyes perceive (forgive the.
  15. You just perceive it in your spirit.

  16. In the same way, you perceive, you.
  17. That means that people perceive love.
  18. It is only designed to perceive the.
  19. But I can not perceive why you do not.
  20. The truths men perceive by inspiration.
  21. But I perceive thou dost not heed—.
  22. Humans perceive death as being absolute.
  23. We can readily perceive that if their.
  24. Fear causes you to perceive that your.
  25. They already perceive you as a weak.

  26. Sir, I perceive that you are a prophet.
  27. Now I perceive that she hath made compare.
  28. Those who do perceive the real needs the.
  29. And that is true of everything you perceive.
  30. All he could perceive was the great glass.
  31. It is as if their own capacity to perceive.
  32. Whence it came we did not at first perceive.
  33. She would perceive it as a sign of loss of.
  34. Sir, I perceive no reason in this assertion.
  35. And, I didn’t perceive any threats in my.
  36. Everything you perceive has already happened.
  37. It angered him to perceive that Rosamond's.
  38. I perceive that you have been unwell lately.
  39. But we have learned a good deal, you perceive.
  40. So when an event occurs that you perceive as.
  41. We only perceive things in the present moment.
  42. We only perceive things in a very limited way.
  43. Could this energy that scientists perceive as.
  44. I perceive myself again only in this now.
  45. Moreover, everything you perceive is in the past.
  46. When I died I was able to perceive Jenny’s soul.
  47. But alas, our limited senses cannot perceive this.
  48. First now did she perceive the screams around her.
  49. What we are is not separate from what we perceive.
  50. Its actually timing that we can perceive things.
  51. Gaze past the people, and you will perceive truth.
  52. Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them.
  53. And this gets to the heart of how we perceive risk.
  54. We also perceive it as being a traumatic separation.
  55. I perceive a spatial breach that has been sealed.
  56. Motivation for change is created when we perceive a.
  57. What they may have failed to perceive was Kubrick's.
  58. Chitta Individual consciousness, ( chit, to perceive).
  59. The inner self can perceive it but the senses cannot.
  60. He has been buying things for children, you perceive.
  61. His only perceptions were of his attempts to perceive.
  62. As a result, they fail to perceive the real needs and.
  63. Thinking in this way, when we perceive as non-dual the.
  64. And this is how reality, as we perceive it, is created.
  65. And… what is it like when you perceive magic?
  66. We can only perceive the in-between aspects of Infinity.
  67. Roughly pyramidal in shape and hollowed out, I perceive.
  68. Rather than dreaming, yogi perceive the act of becoming.
  69. Yours is the power of perception, not what you perceive.
  70. I perceive that Your Excellency also wants the woman.
  71. Sotillo, too, seemed to perceive its valuable appearance.
  72. The editor was quick to perceive the seriousness of the.
  73. The jailer advanced; Dantes appeared not to perceive him.
  74. M: The world you can perceive is a very small world indeed.
  75. Q: The only motive I can perceive is my own causeless and.
  76. He was unable to perceive well because he’s in a state.
  77. Within themselves: all humans perceive separation fearfully.
  78. To perceive, we know, is to become aware through the senses.
  79. And afterwards, it will perceive this order as its own idea.
  80. Would that you perceive what is that which percusses!.
  81. What we perceive as matter would merely be a representation.
  82. You should perceive the ball in its spiritual interpretation.
  83. Through contemplating this point we try to perceive the mere.
  84. Consequently, they only perceive and value the material and.
  85. The punishment came at them from where they did not perceive.
  86. Seeing is simply perception and how we perceive is our choice.
  87. I perceive strong forces, certainly equal to those of Chaos.
  88. We can only perceive the ongoing Splitness of actual Infinity.
  89. It is, as you perceive, the first cross road on the east side.
  90. That woman said to him My Lord I perceive you to be a prophet.
  91. It is, as you perceive, the first cross-road on the east side.
  92. It further symbolizes that souls with the ability to perceive.
  93. As matter is constantly being created then what we perceive as.
  94. We can perceive this with our senses such as sight and hearing.
  95. But how can spirit perceive what is in things of evil or good?!.
  96. Often something that we perceive as a poison is medicine indeed.
  97. What I saw I didn't perceive, what I heard, I didn't hearken to.
  98. Possessed of this knowledge he will perceive all beings in his.
  99. That is what’s being conveyed and you are able to perceive it.
  100. There he begins to be able to perceive this universal knowledge.
  1. Perceiving our use of IT.
  2. And to his perceiving the thoughts.
  3. The morbid humour of perceiving the.
  4. A perceiving eye can see the mystery.
  5. Perceiving a trace of hesitancy in the.
  6. On perceiving the count he rose quickly.
  7. Victor, you’re perceiving the truth now.
  8. Perceiving me in the crowd, he signed to me to approach.
  9. On perceiving the sister, his first movement was to retire.
  10. Q: But is there such a thing as perceiving without naming?
  11. Consider the possibility that you aren't simply perceiving.
  12. And you yourself, he continued earnestly, perceiving me alone.
  13. M: Not even the perceiving, but that which makes all this pos-.
  14. Villefort, perceiving the abbe, passed his hand across his brow.
  15. Then, they all crossed themselves devoutly, perceiving that this.
  16. One acquires the knowledge of life by perceiving the impressions.
  17. Humans are incapable of perceiving the Totality of Actual Infinity.
  18. This is the same perspective that leads to perceiving concepts as.
  19. What if we could shift our perspective? Rather than perceiving new.
  20. The morbid humor of perceiving the melodramatic occultist in this.
  21. Going beyond thought is perceiving with interpretation or labeling.
  22. Perceiving the young man, she stopped and turned to him inquiringly.
  23. I’m neither the perceived nor the perceiver; I’m the perceiving.
  24. This means that emphasis was placed in perceiving events in aggregate.
  25. Perceiving the effect her conversation produced on the countenance of.
  26. What, she wondered, was he perceiving in this rag-tag bunch before him.
  27. About that time the Persian, perceiving that the room was lit by only one.
  28. Heathcliff out?’ I inquired, perceiving that the wretched creature had.
  29. Joe's perceiving that he was not favorable to my being taken from the forge.
  30. The drovers that were left, perceiving their sudden peril, quickly stampeded the.
  31. Perceiving herself in the same boat with Prasad, she was overcome with pity for him.
  32. Sometimes perceiving the recurrent lessons of history could be an exercise in subtlety.
  33. Heathcliff, perceiving us all confounded, rose, and expeditiously made the tea himself.
  34. And this, in turn, motivates us to go on perceiving that same person – the activator.
  35. Now he perceiving old, familiar sounds and smells -- those of the field where he was born.
  36. In short, knowing (perceiving, postulating, framing) good and evil creates good and evil, i.
  37. As you experience this sensation, notice how you begin perceiving objects in the outside.
  38. Dantes, perceiving the affectionate eagerness of his father, responded by a look of grateful.
  39. The young girl, perceiving that there was something extraordinary, looked at him steadfastly.
  40. Somewhere inside a me, I knew not where or what, was perceiving without senses or sensations.
  41. The unprecedented and heart-rending thing about it was that he had fallen without perceiving it.
  42. But if you consider the European situation you will have no difficulty in perceiving the motive.
  43. As we look around, perceiving the wonders of creation, we can‘t help but know that there is a God.
  44. Love is gratitude for the other’s existence, never perceiving nor acting as if they are a burden.
  45. Perceiving that the men were unable to offer any resistance, he turned his looks on her he valued most.
  46. Perceiving a light in the front room he advanced into the passage and again knocked, but without reply.
  47. Perceiving that she did not speak or smile, Easton concluded that she was angry and became grave himself.
  48. Perceiving a light in the front room, he advanced into the passage and again knocked, but without reply.
  49. This inherent flaw is the result of perceiving politics as a necessary and permanent feature of society.
  50. When the media model makes form out of the world for us, we give away our perceiving the world ourselves.
  51. Form being only its perceiving, there remains no room for a perceiver as such, and no ‘thing’ perceived.
  52. Perhaps then, there is something fundamental that stops us perceiving those dark, powerful areas of our souls.
  53. Sick of the farce, and perceiving that I could not avoid the hated interview, I opened the door, and he entered.
  54. The entire thought is abruptly condensed around an idea, and it is no longer capable of perceiving anything else.
  55. The drovers that were left, perceiving their sudden peril, quickly stampeded the animals after the fleeing throng.
  56. He started perceiving interested glances from a number of women and wondered when, how and if these would fructify.
  57. Be not afraid of your sins, even when perceiving them, if only there be penitence, but make no conditions with God.
  58. And with Ev x's pause, ED collapsed through his perceptions into senses perceiving themselves perceiving themselves.
  59. Instead of perceiving acts as either morally good and evil, they could have chosen will to be the freedom of self-74.
  60. He stared at the public, and, perceiving that they were laughing, and not understanding why, he began to laugh himself.
  61. She looked all loveliness, and what might not be the end of it? Her own musings were brought to an end on perceiving Mr.
  62. His daughter-in-law, on perceiving him through the window, immediately escaped to the kitchen, so that I remained alone.
  63. If our awareness extended into the past and the future, we would not be capable of perceiving anything separately at all.
  64. She looked all loveliness—and what might not be the end of it? Her own musings were brought to an end on perceiving Mr.
  65. Perceiving the potential of this new technology, he predicted that they too would bring the ‗Omega Point‘ even closer.
  66. Our renegade took the trunk containing Zoraida's wealth and dropped it into the sea without anyone perceiving what he did.
  67. Morrel rushed forward to tear it from him, but Monte Cristo perceiving his intention, seized his wrist with his iron grasp.
  68. While cooling their heels as lifers there, both of them took it all stoically, perceiving themselves as the martyrs of a cause.
  69. Eleazar also, surnamed Savaran, perceiving that one of the beasts, armed with royal harness, was higher than all the rest, and.
  70. Heathcliff out? I enquired, perceiving that the wretched creature had no power to sympathise with his cousin's mental tortures.
  71. Maccabeus saw that Nicanor began to be churlish to him, and that he entreated him more roughly than he was wont, perceiving that.
  72. But perceiving no relation between the rock nitre and the masses of this substance, my examination of it was much too superficial.
  73. Negative information – this is information about the organism or from its side, carrying the danger for the organism, perceiving it.
  74. Christian perceiving that, made at him again, saying, "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us".
  75. Stepping into the artificial illumination, those who dared to keep watching saw that they could not conceive what they were perceiving.
  76. While talking, the man contrived to tear and pull off behind, without the assassin perceiving it, a bit of the assassinated man's coat.
  77. But by slow degrees, without at all perceiving how it came about, Archie found that somehow his passenger was a very delightful old lady.
  78. You don’t understand why he needs to have it so loud, and you have difficulty perceiving your friend’s want for loud music as a feeling.
  79. They developed a new invention of perceiving the entire world as being against them, as an outer external enemy: whether it was true or not.
  80. Awareness is wasted on going through the library, the internal simulator instead of being focused on perceiving reality as it is happening now.
  81. He advanced into the room mechanically; but perceiving Nina Alexandrovna and Varia he became more or less embarrassed, in spite of his excitement.
  82. Miss Crawford, untouched and inattentive, had nothing to say; and Fanny, perceiving it, brought back her own mind to what she thought must interest.
  83. O'Really? Faith incredulously found herself perceiving an 83% probability of a future her watching a political lampoon of a cultural Moby Clown.
  84. So when morning was come, he goes to them in a surly manner as before, and perceiving them to be very sore with the stripes that he had given them.
  85. Emotion is both indicator of the moment, a quality statement about what is occurring, and also an intelligence, a way of perceiving what is occurring.
  86. They have an asset that isn’t currently priced in, because it got delayed, and people are incorrectly perceiving that as a rejection, says Weyland.
  87. Because we are afraid of being punked by believing a charade, we are skeptical of what we are perceiving, since we have grown accustomed to being deceived.
  88. At the same time, building such topographic maps may be useful in perceiving parameters’ interrelationships and selecting their acceptable values ranges.
  89. On perceiving the similarity of the two corridors it became clear that she might very easily have made such a mistake, and in that case it was evident that.
  90. If a man quails before the truth, and, on perceiving it, does not accept it, but does accept a lie for the truth, then he never will learn what he ought to do.
  91. Our working definition of the becoming self implies autonomy and individuation, perceiving and conceiving the world in the way best our becoming self can muster.
  92. The twin cities of Helium, perceiving that we were friends, sent out hundreds of vessels to aid us, and then began the first real air battle I had ever witnessed.
  93. Samuel looked at Sage, noticing the sorrow in her eyes, perceiving that her sudden errand had to do with Cristian, and it was something she had to do without his aid.
  94. On Thursday morning we slept in until 9:30 AM and Kelly was extra attentive, perceiving that our relationship had gone to the next level with the meeting of my parents.
  95. On perceiving Monte Cristo, she arose and welcomed him with a smile peculiar to herself, expressive at once of the most implicit obedience and also of the deepest love.
  96. By the chains the horse slowly swerved to turn, which perceiving, Bloom, who was keeping a sharp lookout as usual, plucked the other's sleeve gently, jocosely remarking:.
  97. Perceiving for the first time the cold nakedness of her father's house, the poor girl felt a sort of rage that she could not put it in harmony with her cousin's elegance.
  98. But perceiving there was no field for my ambition I purchased an estate in Vermont, near the Canada line, and there studied law for five years without stirring from home.
  99. They put the surcoat on him, and on the back, without his perceiving it, they stitched a parchment on which they wrote in large letters, This is Don Quixote of La Mancha.
  100. After a few minutes of acclimatizing herself again with the old atmosphere, she paced towards the balcony, perceiving the scent of burgeoning flowers of their ample garden.
  1. Yet, I perceived a marked.
  2. It may be perceived, said Mr.
  3. He perceived also that the.
  4. The Perceived can not be the.
  5. But truth cannot be perceived.
  6. You guys may be perceived as.
  7. Which lowers the perceived risk.
  8. Faith perceived herself a threat.
  9. Souls, who have perceived reality.
  10. Here God means perceived divinity.
  11. You perceived the illusion as real.
  12. The essence perceived by all true.
  13. Sola perceived that his end had come.
  14. Goodall; it was perceived as „un-.
  15. She perceived a movement to her left.
  16. And he perceived that she was crying.
  17. Then he perceived that she was weeping.
  18. The whole family perceived it, and Mrs.
  20. His saviour perceived, he proceeded to.
  21. I perceived that he thought I was dying.
  22. I perceived that I was standing in the.
  23. Again the issue is perceived culpability.
  24. The Perceived can not be the Perceiver.
  25. My heart sank when I perceived that the.
  26. I perceived that this also was a chasing.
  27. When Hunter perceived this he was furious.
  28. It perceived the United States as a free.
  29. His mother who had perceived Bharavi’s.
  30. Does the perceived value of what I’m.
  31. He perceived that he had said too much now.
  32. Anxiety through intimidation for perceived.
  33. Both of them are perceived very differently.
  34. She perceived his emotions and smiled again.
  35. They were perceived very clearly but there.
  36. And Eli perceived that the LORD had called.
  37. You want to be perceived in a different way.
  38. They can only be perceived by magnification.
  39. Ah, but now some movement could be perceived.
  40. I perceived that she was trying to ignore me.
  41. You see, I perceived that you did not love me.
  42. Father Conmee perceived her perfume in the car.
  43. He perceived the irony, but did not comment it.
  44. When he perceived it as threatened, so was he.
  45. They correctly perceived physical reality as.
  46. They could never have perceived this day, in.
  47. Perceived freedom of choice is a magical thing.
  48. The origin of this opinion is easily perceived.
  49. In a moment of insight she perceived the sofa.
  50. It represents actual or perceived limitations.
  51. So there are real and perceived needs, as well.
  52. It will be perceived that I do not agree with Mr.
  53. John, and perceived that they were unlearned and.
  54. Kitty perceived that Anna knew what answer would.
  55. How did he see it? He perceived it in his spirit.
  56. Jesus’ Words to reflect what they perceived to be.
  57. He is neither the perceived nor the perceiver, but.
  58. He was quite disgusted with his perceived impotency.
  59. The other party is perceived as an object, an enemy.
  60. Wellington perceived it, and thought of his cavalry.
  61. I perceived, of course, the drift of my interlocutor.
  62. The totality of the perceived is what you call matter.
  63. He waited to pounce on any little perceived openings.
  64. Use a product image that creates high perceived value.
  65. It will be perceived that he exaggerated it a trifle.
  66. In other words, at some point he perceived that I had.
  67. Annie afterwords perceived the world around her in a.
  68. At the same moment, he perceived a pale girl standing.
  69. Any perceived information will be for it near and dear.
  70. Hotheaded and coldhearted, he is provoked by perceived.
  71. The car accident changed how I perceived life and death.
  72. Kitty perceived that Anna knew what answer would follow.
  73. They then perceived two men conversing in the obscurity.
  74. Because of this, their perceived risk is usually quite.
  75. Manstein, a brilliant strategist, perceived the obvious.
  76. Pigeon shoots are organized activities perceived by the.
  77. Levin, and looking round he perceived with satisfaction.
  78. She buys, or does not buy, based on this perceived value.
  79. His nerves twitched and jumped at every perceived motion.
  80. Dantes turned and perceived that they had got out to sea.
  81. Then she perceived what had been going on to disturb her.
  82. I scanned the hallway, only to see what I perceived as a.
  83. Even then this had been perceived and understood by many.
  84. She saw the wayfarer, and perceived what he was looking at.
  85. But the death of perceived God is not the end of Real God.
  86. As Gordon felt and perceived containment as not good.
  87. This craning of the neck is often perceived as admiration.
  88. Hardly had he concealed himself, when he perceived a light.
  89. The levels of time, as I perceived them, were not confusing.
  90. That done, she perceived that she was worn out with fatigue.
  91. Manstein, a brilliant strategist, now perceived the obvious.
  92. He closes his eyes in what might be perceived as surrender.
  93. As with many illnesses, the cure is simple, once perceived.
  94. This war then is without final hope, as Denethor perceived.
  95. Although hackers have railed against this perceived misus-.
  96. I was glad that they perceived the conviction in my speech.
  97. It cannot be understood, only perceived in the nothingness.
  98. He never relented once he seethed at some perceived offense.
  99. Being overwhelmed by the perceived massiveness of the task.
  100. I opened my mouth to reply, and I perceived that there was.
  2. The way it perceives CHABGES.
  3. The seeker who perceives the.
  4. That perceives itself by a soul.
  5. In every atom he perceives the whole.
  6. The man understands why he perceives.
  7. The mind is that part of you which perceives.
  8. The average investor perceives a crisis rather.
  9. But by some strange chance no one perceives this.
  10. He now perceives with his higher faculties that D.
  11. The race perceives things coprehended unconsiously.
  12. The buyer will buy from you when he perceives the.
  13. How physical man perceives himself is very important.
  14. With this mind, the meditator perceives an appearance of.
  15. He no longer beholds himself; he perceives only his Friend.
  16. An unborn child is aware, it perceives feeling in the mother.
  17. In desperation, to preserve what it perceives as its own life.
  18. The mind enveloped by the pall of ignorance perceives through.
  19. Perceives that it waits a little while in the door, that it was.
  20. The mind lying in the abyss of ignorance perceives through one who.
  21. It’s something to do with the signal, and how the brain perceives it.
  22. The populace, which perceives no jest in holy deeds, was touched, and admired him.
  23. He perceives his delicate constitution, and the necessity of treating him tolerably.
  24. It is said that the dead do not know anything was only, The way the world perceives.
  25. When Self looks at them externally, and perceives others as mere superficial veneers.
  26. A leader can become angry when he perceives a rebellion taking place in his organization.
  27. This is why Science incorrectly perceives the emergence of our Universe as an explosion.
  28. It is said that the dead do not know anything was only, The way the world perceives the.
  29. Again, the body perceives a treat and will replace the lost water at the first opportunity.
  30. Each variant of “you” perceives itself as the only one who is there, in “its now”!.
  31. It is said that the dead do not know anything is only, "The way the world perceives the dead".
  32. It perceives only pictures, and enjoys delights by means of the physical senses from behind a veil.
  33. Individual responsibilities are so manipulated that no man perceives precisely what he is incurring.
  34. It perceives only pictures and enjoys delights by means of the physical senses and from behind a veil.
  35. All other particles involved by other Consciousness (Spirits), the particle perceives to it as "Not-I".
  36. Said another way the differences really are a warp in the way the mind perceives how to cope in society.
  37. Trying always be perceives as matching the likes of God science can’t face the fact that they can’t.
  38. It simply proves one more time that a human consciously perceives only a small part of that diverse 187.
  39. So the Creator perceives and experiences all humans as His friends, His children, His sisters and brothers.
  40. That which changes is only what the spirit perceives or contains of truth or false, of facts or illusions.
  41. He’s lashing out at a system that he perceives as unjust, due to an inequitable distribution of resources.
  42. As your brain perceives these tones, it creates a ―pulse‖ that triggers a different brain wave frequency.
  43. Bloom at the halldoor perceives Corny Kelleher who is about to dismount from the car with two silent lechers.
  44. The watcher perceives and interacts back with the projector, and so the perpetual interaction cycle continues.
  45. Life will begin when the world perceives its own weakness and the necessity for a different source of strength.
  46. The choice of extremes is the only one he perceives because he does not know himself well enough to be an equal.
  47. It is said that the dead do not know anything is only, "The way the world perceives the dead" but that is not true.
  48. Job 14:21; His sons come to honor and he knows it not, and they are brought low and he perceives it not of them.
  49. He gazes so much on humanity that he perceives its soul, he gazes upon creation to such an extent that he beholds God.
  50. This is another piece of proof that the plant perceives the spoken words, but cannot hear the electronic communicator.
  51. Like the rest of the imperfect Unseelie, it wants to finish or perfect itself, to attain that which it perceives it lacks.
  52. It perceives everything as is: if we suggest to someone that he is a singer, and he has never sung in his life, he will sing.
  53. Moreover, each ant, elephant, bird, sunflower or banana also perceives the outer world and itself in this world in its own fashion.
  54. That is, a person adjusts to a completely different frequency of reality and consequently perceives this world only as the lowest illusion.
  55. And third, protein keeps you fuller longer—in part because that intense digestive process means your body perceives you as being satiated.
  56. The spirit is our conscious self that allows things to enter our minds and perceives what is indicated by them by means of cerebral thinking.
  57. I thought to myself, This is the constant struggle between the sexes and how differently each views and perceives the same set of circumstances.
  58. Thereby, his or her spirit assimilates these attributes of perfection and perceives them, so that they settle into it and become its own attributes.
  59. One perceives, without understanding it, a hideous murmur, sounding almost like human accents, but more nearly resembling a howl than an articulate word.
  60. In the Superman comics, Bizarro is a twisted clone of Superman that perceives things backwards such as bad being good, up being down, and left being right.
  61. But, ultimately, prayer is an inherently personal interaction and communication between Self and who Self perceives Self’s Creator or Higher Power to be.
  62. So the problem here is that all paintings and human creations are personal interpretations or abstracts of how the ‘artist’ perceives the subject matter.
  63. When blacks move “beyond grievance” and begin to succeed “by dint of their own hard work,” Steele perceives, the entire grievance structure becomes redundant.
  64. Whatever determines the outcome, it must be strongly correlated with what the group perceives to be its needs and firmly founded upon its definition of an acceptable life.
  65. A fish taken out of water perceives the Medium of Air to be just as much of a vacuum with nothing there, as humans perceive the medium of Space to be a total vacuum with nothing there.
  66. However, at the same time, each UU-VVU-copy, just like us, is absolutely unaware of this and always perceives itself only as one-and-only (moreover one and the same!) personality.
  67. A Call option may not gain as much value as expected, when the underlying price rises, if the market perceives the increase in price in a way that causes fear of falling prices to diminish.
  68. That liberation, Scruton perceives, was not only liberation from truth and reason, but also from the very thought of the human community as something more important than yourself.
  69. A wise culture perceives the maintenance of the social system and institutions as nurturing labor: all participate in the nurturing of the society, which allows for society to nurture all.
  70. He had always resented the attention Michael received; it is an unfortunate feature of life that one child often perceives the other to receive all the praise whilst he accumulates only reprimands.
  71. Tom Bethell a senior editor at The American Spectator, perceives that liberals are convinced that renewables such as wind and solar can form a viable substitute for oil and coal within a few years.
  72. Consequently, man’s spirit perceives and recognizes a part of the Greatness of God and knows that there is no steerer of this uniVerse other than God the Almighty, and there is no ruler other than Him.
  73. It's apropos of smell, he said, that the stench one perceives here is, so to speak, moral—he-he! It's the stench of the soul, he says, that in these two or three months it may have time to recover itself.
  74. Former Berkeley professor of linguistics John McWhorter perceives that an American society that relies on the spoken rather than the written word is a society that marginalizes extended, reflective argument.
  75. The self exists as a conscious, independent entity which perceives the world, takes information from that perception, learns from that information, makes choices based on that learning, and acts on those choices.
  76. The self exists as a conscious, independent entity which perceives the world, takes information from that perception, learns from that information, makes choices based on that learning, and acts freely on those choices.
  77. All that he sees in this is the tragedy of human life, and having given us a detailed description of the horror of this state of things, he perceives no reason why human life should not be spent in the midst of this horror.
  78. As the reader perceives, slang in its entirety, slang of four hundred years ago, like the slang of to-day, is permeated with that sombre, symbolical spirit which gives to all words a mien which is now mournful, now menacing.
  79. And you (the one who perceives herself as “Liifmmida” in her own “now”) are, for the time being, focused in rotation Cycles of Worlds whose scenarios provide for the maximum, say, of 86 years of Life programmed for your NUU-VVU.
  80. She soon finished her eating, and having a consciousness that Clare was regarding her, began to trace imaginary patterns on the tablecloth with her forefinger with the constraint of a domestic animal that perceives itself to be watched.
  81. The self (or the becoming self) exists as a conscious, independent entity which perceives the world, takes information from that perception, learns from that information, makes choices based on that learning, and acts freely on those choices.
  82. Whatever man ascends of the ladders of sacredness in perfection and science, and whatever he perceives of the intellectual and mental facts, he will find the Qur'an not only preceding in showing them, but also explaining and detailing them greatly.
  83. There one perceives everything as forms of consciousness or information, just as a man can close his eyes and realise that he exists, even though his body is invisible to his physical eyes and is present only as an idea (or useful information) to him.
  84. For the enjoyment the mind feels must come from the beauty and harmony which it perceives or contemplates in the things that the eye or the imagination brings before it; and nothing that has any ugliness or disproportion about it can give any pleasure.
  85. But savage man, living dispersed among other animals, and finding himself betimes in a situation to measure his strength with theirs, soon comes to compare himself with them; and perceives that he surpasses them more in adroitness than they surpass him in.
  86. There, man’s spirit itself will truly listen to the words of its Provider and understands them, absorbs them and starts moving gradually to the truthful ones ((the true obedient people of Al’lah)) and perceives grasping in itself the high meanings of the holy Qur’an’ Verse s.
  87. If Techine perceives, believes, knows it not only does not need us, but also does not need organic life, then the inventions of our mind giving rise to the GlobalMind will have recreated the dualism of our own mind/body schism within Techine's indifference for its own body, Eartheart.
  88. Hence, man moves to this fifth important point where the spirit truly perceives the greatness of this High Will, the unlimited Power which organizes this uniVerse including all the things in it, from the highest thing to the lowest, the biggest and the smallest, the exalted and the low one.
  89. Moreover, this “personality” (that lives “now” in the 13th century in its own self-perception) and I (the one who perceives himself living “now” in 2011) are different Formo-Types of one and the same LLUU-VVU-Form, but each of us is a manifestation only of his own Stereo-Form to “himself”.
  90. So, the power of thought is the system which God has put into humanity in order to help the spirit find out the facts and recognize all that surrounds it; thereby, it perceives and pays attention to these facts, and becomes satisfied and pleased with the knowledge it has attained by means of this ability to think.
  91. It is not always the expression, the physical outward view of the emotion that a person perceives in another that makes them react in a certain manner or behavior, it is the energy being expressed through these areas in that one person that are being received and interpreted by the viewer that have the greatest impact.
  92. After collapse, the lens of the biological eye facilitates the conscious capture of retinal images of these holograms of objects and sends them to the brain for further processing and holographic storage (in the void and as represented in the brain) — which in turn determines the nature of the future holograms it perceives.
  93. When someone resorts to their enemy, what can the latter do to them? What proves this spiritual domination is that a bewitched person keeps their eyes open throughout the process of hypnotism, and perceives all that happens around them, but is able to answer no one save the magician, with the help of the devils who are his brothers.
  94. Sometimes, the moment of “dying” happens in one’s sleep, but this changes nothing in the process itself, — it’s also usual refocusing, in due form, and that is why any of NUU-VVU-Configurations that participate in this quite necessary and natural (for all living Forms) process never perceives itself “a dead human being”.
  95. As I have mentioned, each creature perceives the dynamics of Time differently, because the density of the VVU-Information used by them determines the degree and the Direction (in the universal holographousness of this S-T-Continuum) of the frequency-rotation displacement in the Self-Consciousness of this Form during this instant.
  96. American Community whose ―converts‖ generally fall into one of two groups: Its more radical members with traditional ―axes to grind‖ who have lost confidence in the American way of life or notions of a color blind society and a softer version that perceives the Christian Community as an extension of an oppressive ―White Society.
  97. That is why none of you really feel and experience yourself to be structured by different-qualitative Forms of Energy-Plasma that manifests in the Self-Consciousness from different Levels and consists of different frequencies and many various Forms, but always (in normal psychological states) perceives oneself as one and integral personality.
  98. And the soul is like the eye: when resting upon that on which truth and being shine, the soul perceives and understands, and is radiant with intelligence; but when turned towards the twilight of becoming and perishing, then she has opinion only, and goes blinking about, and is first of one opinion and then of another, and seems to have no intelligence?
  99. The fact that it perceives this very situation, with these participants and their particular psychological reactions, doesn’t mean at all that exactly “this” action also happens for other Formo-copies that are “spatially” as if also located within its outer Reality, which is slloogrently structured by the simultaneous realizational dynamics of all other Formo-copies of this conglomerate.
  100. You “personally”, just as I and all others, constantly only use someone’s Experience in your subjective emotions (for instance, on the level of the cause-and-effect dynamics of Stereo-Types of your Stereo-Forms), and someone else on this planet or in other galactic systems successfully uses “our” Experience, not even knowing about our existence, and perceives it as “one’s own” Experience.

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