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Frasi con grasp (in inglese)

  1. I was in its grasp.
  2. Let me grasp my soul.
  3. A knife in her grasp.
  4. It was hard to grasp.
  5. He reaches out to grasp.

  6. Is there for your grasp.
  7. The grasp had slipped away.
  8. I backed out of her grasp.
  9. It is important to grasp.
  10. He was in the grasp of Mr.
  11. Then we must grasp the truth.
  12. I still couldn't grasp the.
  13. This is what I cannot grasp.
  14. I grasp her hand and hold it.
  15. She is what you cannot grasp.

  16. I want you to try and grasp.
  17. I grasp her along both sides.
  18. He tore his arm from my grasp.
  19. Angela reached out to grasp it.
  20. He tightened his grasp on her.
  21. With a smile and a grasp and a.
  22. They didn’t grasp the basics.
  23. And grasp a stirrup fortunate—.
  24. Nothing that you can grasp yet.
  25. What the anvil? what dread grasp.

  26. Before I could grasp the events.
  27. Colleen twisted free of his grasp.
  28. We grasp that salvation by faith.
  29. Again, sleep held him in its grasp.
  30. Sim thrashed in his mother's grasp.
  31. Vain was all hope his grasp to flee.
  32. He escaped from her grasp and ran.
  33. She did not grasp anything he said.
  34. The strength in her grasp made him.
  35. Lezura pull the key out of his grasp.
  36. Sim thrashed in his mother’s grasp.
  37. She writhed and moaned in his grasp.
  38. Q: There is one thing I cannot grasp.
  39. He had to grasp a moment and reason.
  40. As you’ll be able to grasp after.
  41. Grasp the soul of a dreamless child.
  42. The mind-cane lay quiet in his grasp.
  43. The grasp upon Canler's throat relaxed.
  44. Not to him, which I failed to grasp.
  45. It is thereby important to grasp the.
  46. It was an area Marie couldn’t grasp.
  47. Can you grasp how important that is?
  48. Paragoy is not within their grasp yet.
  49. Cherish pulling her arm from his grasp.
  50. Grasp not too eagerly at your purpose.
  51. Yet it still held the key in its grasp.
  52. Its reach has vastly exceeded its grasp.
  53. With a sigh, she eased out of his grasp.
  54. The grasp of his fingers was weakening.
  55. To grasp the truth the scriptures teach.
  56. Kent kept a firm grasp on his machete.
  57. It is vital to grasp and remember that.
  58. What is more difficult to grasp is the.
  59. Then Heather was torn from Holly's grasp.
  60. Thereby, it is vital to grasp that the.
  61. How shall I grasp it? Do not grasp it.
  62. A tiny pulse ticked once under his grasp.
  63. Someone pulled the dagger from my grasp.
  64. To improve the ability to grasp an object.
  65. He was losing his grasp on affairs, and.
  66. But she caught herself in a strong grasp.
  67. The feeling had slipped out of her grasp.
  68. Geeta, they fail to grasp its real import.
  69. Yasmela caught her in a convulsive grasp.
  70. What most have yet to grasp is that the.
  71. I try to wrench my body out of his grasp.
  72. She saw it, but she still did not grasp it.
  73. This is something that many don’t grasp.
  74. First, it is important to grasp that the.
  75. They’re trying hard, this game to grasp.
  76. She could not break free of Fyna’s grasp.
  77. This is fundamentally what I don’t grasp.
  78. I slowly extricated my hand from his grasp.
  79. Grasp it and I will lead you out to safety.
  80. You don’t have a proper grasp of reality.
  81. It was large and firm; it filled his grasp.
  82. It is vital to grasp that this is only so.
  83. Sim felt himself torn loose from her grasp.
  84. She was trying get a grasp of her emotions.
  85. And a wish that you would one day grasp it.
  86. He was quickly retrieved from her grasp by.
  87. At the time, I could not grasp that concept.
  88. And I grasp this precious moment of clarity.
  89. Feeling she at least had a partial grasp on.
  90. I was able to release myself from her grasp.
  91. She heard his words, but did not grasp them.
  92. Teeth and claws fear what they cannot grasp.
  93. Jane held the plug up high out of his grasp.
  94. Maintaining grasp using tweezers and a coin.
  95. However hard you try to grasp it, you cannot.
  96. Our hero could not yet grasp his new position.
  97. Muddling through the present within our grasp.
  98. The vil ains will have victory in their grasp.
  99. Their hands tremble and seem unable to grasp.
  100. Our minds that grasp at these eight extremes.
  1. The man grasping as he said.
  2. It is through grasping the.
  3. I remember grasping the gun.
  4. He strained to stand grasping.
  5. The man nodded, grasping her hands.
  6. After grasping the remote control.
  7. Grasping the New Order of the Ages.
  8. His grasping reflex went into effect.
  9. Clive was grasping his gun carelessly.
  10. Grasping the truth about Astrotheology.
  11. Cindy sat on the bed, grasping his hand.
  12. But she knew he was grasping at straws.
  13. Grasping the dual groups of Seven Angels.
  14. She then fell to her knees, grasping her.
  15. Grasping the importance of this, he won-.
  16. He stood up quickly, grasping at the empty.
  17. Gently grasping her arm, the woman tried to.
  18. The result of grasping at phenomena in this.
  19. Grasping the Symbolic Keys to Ancient Wisdom.
  20. Grasping this instantly, he resigned himself.
  21. Give extra support by grasping clothing at hip.
  22. This fact is vital to grasping the truth about.
  23. M: The difference is between giving and grasping.
  24. Her grasping hand hits the phone, sends it flying.
  25. He then boards a boat and grasping Utnapishtim's.
  26. Grasping the doorknob, he could see that it had.
  27. One puts on gloves before grasping a thorn cudgel.
  28. He stared at me, obviously not grasping my meaning.
  29. Once more, out of mere grasping for the political.
  30. Grasping at an addled resolution, he began to stir.
  31. I felt that a hand was grasping me hard by my ankle.
  32. In a second, Aquarius was on his feet grasping two.
  33. They are thereby vital to grasping the truth about.
  34. Nevertheless, Barron knew he was grasping at straws.
  35. Grasping at some hope that he wouldn't have to leave.
  36. Grasping for reality, Scott sat in the chairman’s.
  37. After grasping the cold beverage, Mitchell felt faint.
  38. Grasping her head in his hands, his lips devoured hers.
  39. Grasping at straws, trying to deny the probable truth.
  40. He instinctively grabbed it, grasping it for dear life.
  41. Grasping the back of a chair, he tried to appeal to her.
  42. Grasping his sword firmly, he glided down the corridor.
  43. Grasping a tendril, he massaged it through his fingers.
  44. The hand which wasn’t grasping his damp handkerchief.
  45. When she snagged the ring, grasping it tightly between.
  46. Cass sees each lady grasping one another by their elbows.
  47. He began grasping at it but was unable to catch anything.
  48. By grasping the door to hold it down flatly against the.
  49. The grasping hands released Elowen and she spun round to.
  50. Cam moved in behind her, grasping the bench on either side.
  51. I-I used to live here, Jonas said grasping for each.
  52. Glen ran around to the side of the bed, grasping her hand.
  53. Grasping the journal in my hands, I moved closer to Willow.
  54. Marut and Sorrel came into the cave grasping hold of each.
  55. Grasping meaning does not, however, imply that you under-.
  56. Grasping the importance of the question, Helga at once told.
  57. Pleasure, said Claire brightly, grasping Cindy’s hand.
  58. That which remains when there is no more grasping is the soul.
  59. His hands still grasping his guts, the soldier's body toppled.
  60. He mind was having a difficult time grasping what just occurred.
  61. He reached out a hand to stop me, grasping mine loosely in his.
  62. Cœur de Gris was grasping his aching temples between his hands.
  63. And grasping his sword, he ran straight at the oncoming figures.
  64. Grasping her temples, it was all she could do to remain focused.
  65. His fist turned into a grasping hand that clutched at his chest.
  66. Mannequin lost his grip because he was initially grasping stiff.
  67. Her fingers keep grasping at the coat, trying to draw it closer.
  68. They are very proficient tree swinging apes, grasping vines and.
  69. Grasping for a lungful of air served as Sophia’s initial answer.
  70. Roman, still grasping Heather’s hand, led her over to the couch.
  71. Grasping her fingers firmly, Damien pushed her hands away gently.
  72. That force, combined with grasping the carotid artery, can cause.
  73. He never made stupid jokes about women not grasping technicalities.
  74. Mac turned to Ella, grasping her hand and said, good idea, Chief.
  75. She began grasping at the sides of the unfinished well, trying to.
  76. Execution: Grasping the dumbbells, raise your hands above your head.
  77. Thanks, Roman said, grasping his teacher’s hand as he smiled.
  78. He said he was having problems grasping his spiritual understanding.
  79. The cold numbed his hands and he had difficulty grasping the ground.
  80. Grasping his rifle his looks were again bent on the Indian near him.
  81. She lunged, stretching to the trunk grasping it beneath her fingers.
  82. Grasping the gravity of the situation, I immediately used my rolodex.
  83. She stumbled blindly in the nothingness grasping for anything at all.
  84. Grasping the pillow tighter, she closed her eyes dreamily, recalling.
  85. Amen was likewise shown with a male head, and those not grasping the.
  86. Nicolas landed on the bed with his hands grasping the raven’s wings.
  87. Grasping the door handle, he unlatching the lock, allowing the door to.
  88. He struggled to turn himself onto his knees, grasping for his trousers.
  89. A young woman knelt at the other end of the altar, grasping her ankles.
  90. Did you all drink a potion of grasping the obvious this morning?
  91. Standing at the edge of the of the lake firmly grasping the staff with.
  92. Grasping the staff once more, he stabbed it into the waters of the fast.
  93. Albert, with his eyes closed, was standing grasping the window-curtains.
  94. I stand there for five solid minutes grasping and coming up empty-handed.
  95. With her blade she chopped off any branches that were grasping for them.
  96. He walked all night long, scared, lost, and vainly grasping at lucidity.
  97. Grasping the knob with the fingers of her right- Alaysia turned the knob.
  98. It is a covetous grasping, a recognition that the other is indispensable.
  99. Because he has spent his life grasping at her and coming up with nothing.
  100. His mother was still in the yard, grasping the bridle of William's horse.
  1. He grasped at his leg.
  2. I grasped it and nodded.
  3. The girl grasped at his arm.
  4. Bev grasped the little girl.
  5. Kate grasped her wand firmly.
  6. Once all this is grasped we.
  7. He grasped the frightened Mr.
  8. When he has grasped the very.
  9. And grasped a beam of stardust.
  10. He grasped his son's hand again.
  11. Holmes grasped the doctor's hand.
  12. Panny then grasped it with his.
  13. He grasped the outstretched hand.
  14. He finally grasped the situation.
  15. While he grasped her at the nape.
  16. His employees never grasped, why.
  17. Mei Yinxue and the old man grasped.
  18. Sophia quickly grasped for some air.
  19. He grasped her mound, cupping its.
  20. Grasped a long knife and instantly.
  21. She grasped it tightly in her hand.
  22. Fingers grasped the side of the boat.
  23. Capturing the moment, Tom grasped Mr.
  24. Marius grasped both her arms at once.
  25. Nangong Ping was startled and grasped.
  26. I noticed that he never grasped the.
  27. She reached out and grasped his hand.
  28. She seemed to have grasped something.
  29. Conversely, substance is grasped in.
  30. Reaching out his hand, he grasped a.
  31. The fatal hand had grasped him again.
  32. Folik grasped his arm and helped him.
  33. Nangong Ping was jolted and he grasped.
  34. Ye Manqing was startled as she grasped.
  35. Johan reached out and grasped his arm.
  36. He only grasped her hand even tighter.
  37. Her fan lay half grasped on her knees.
  38. Turning, Caius' hands grasped empty air.
  39. She came back to Danny and grasped his.
  40. He quickly grasped the the problem and.
  41. A guard grasped his elbow to steady him.
  42. Suddenly the young man grasped in shock.
  43. Reaching up, he grasped a thin silver.
  44. He grasped her hand and checked her palm.
  45. Nangong Ping was startled and he grasped.
  46. Bob grasped his chest and faced the elf.
  47. He grasped his head in agony as he felt.
  48. He grasped the pulse of the sunburned man.
  49. Of course I grasped the position at once.
  50. Westwood bent down and grasped the handle.
  51. Philander grasped Professor Archimedes Q.
  52. Ruth grasped my hand, Go with it, Mary.
  53. I grasped his hand and tried to shake it.
  54. Once you have grasped the truth that the.
  55. He was startled and grasped for something.
  56. The elven-sheath glittered as he grasped.
  57. He grasped his pike and spurred his horse.
  58. Holms grasped the implications immediately.
  59. Grasped by the forelock, yielded to my will.
  60. Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top.
  61. When Andrew grasped these words, he became.
  62. I stopped and grasped the fence and stared.
  63. Nathaniel grasped his shoulder and squeezed.
  64. The convulsing man was startled and grasped.
  65. I grasped the knob, but it wouldn’t turn.
  66. She made no indication she was being grasped.
  67. He reached down and grasped her hand tightly.
  68. He grasped Nangong Ping’s hands and asked.
  69. In a fog, Simon grasped the ring and turned.
  70. She grasped Alice's hands and held them tight.
  71. Lamely, I reached out and grasped at thin air.
  72. She moaned and grasped the sides of his head.
  73. The muscle bound bouncer grasped my arm hard.
  74. He grasped her hand and raised it to his lips.
  75. He grasped the latch, and tried to shove the.
  76. Ollie Harris grasped at once what had happened.
  77. Relieved, he grasped it and flicked the switch.
  78. Hosea, but he still hasn't grasped its message.
  79. Nangong Changshu stared at his son and grasped.
  80. The Patriarch grasped Philo’s head once more.
  81. Glen snickered as Russell grasped his stomach.
  82. In a flash our hero grasped the whole position.
  83. One hand still grasped a knotty-headed bludgeon.
  84. Lucy’s mother grasped that diagnosis, and ran.
  85. Alarmed, he grasped it and extinguished the rune.
  86. Monty held out his hand which the Doctor grasped.
  87. In one hand, he grasped a single piece of paper.
  88. Reaching forward, Mike grasped the green crystal.
  89. Pater Dominic grasped his scribe's hand tightly.
  90. Unperturbed, he grasped the visor, and raised it.
  91. He had hardly grasped what his brother was saying.
  92. I blinked once, twice, as I grasped what he said.
  93. Carroll reached out and lightly grasped her wrist.
  94. Felicity lent towards her and grasped her wrists.
  95. He grasped his jacket and gloves and flung them on.
  96. I started breathing once I grasped the information.
  97. Challenger's quick brain had grasped the situation.
  98. She grasped her hands together and shook violently.
  99. She grasped for something that would throw him off.
  100. Reaching out his hand, he grasped a particularly.
  1. For what he grasps.
  2. He grasps the handlebars and---.
  3. For what he grasps, just cannot be.
  4. It grasps nothing; it refuses nothing.
  5. He instinctively grasps our predicament.
  6. It grasps the same root without reframing.
  7. He then grasps my hand gently, reassuringly.
  8. Loki grasps the point and click concept immediately.
  9. The hand that held the teat now feebly grasps a cane.
  10. His left hand grasps a huge crayfish by its two talons.
  11. The hand that grasps the pen, the mind that catalogues.
  12. Reaching up, he grasps my left hand and he tugs me over his knees.
  13. His hand grasps Johan’s tunic collar and he raises one quizzical eyebrow.
  14. His mind grasps in its view the past and the future, as well as the present.
  15. He watched the Oikumies ascended to the heavens with the souls in their grasps.
  16. Acting on instinct alone, Duncan grasps the Lost One by the arm and begins to run.
  17. A part of me grasps the deadly consequence of such a decision, whereas another cares little.
  18. And we’d love to hear you talk about it on the show, he grasps my hand and squeezes it.
  19. With the strength of a hundred years in his muscles, he grasps a crust of bread, and asks for more.
  20. His hand comes up, and he grasps my chin, tugging it so my lip is released from the grip of my teeth.
  21. Of course, everyone grasps the basics of moving averages: add higher prices and the average will go up.
  22. He places a large shopping bag on a chair and grasps each end of the towel that he has around his neck.
  23. Sara sees the conflict in Julie’s eyes as she grasps the two letters in both hands as if to tear them up….
  24. Opponents use various grasps to restrict the movements of their adversary, thus preventing harmful consequences.
  25. He stands behind me and grasps my hips, and then quickly lifts me backward so I’m bending forward, holding the post.
  26. Every man of our time, if he grasps the contradiction between his consciousness and his life, is in a very desperate condition.
  27. Just as he has done so many times at the firing range, Hinckley grasps the butt of the pistol with two hands for maximum stability.
  28. It provides food for rational thought grounded in Experience that, whenever properly applied, without prejudice or bias, grasps the Intuitive, as well.
  29. Not giving them the opportunity to test out his theory Grailem attacks; standing quickly he extends both arms and grasps each robot around the thick neck.
  30. There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer grasps the fleshy nature of the human beast to allow spiritual fruit to blossom in the spirit of humanity.
  31. Because the mind grasps simple concepts more quickly and effectively, we need to speak the mind’s language in the most basic way in order to get the work done.
  32. Standing at the border of where a once thriving community village stopped, a uniformed lone figure faced the shrinking rear of the car escaping the grasps of Lucifer.
  33. It says much for Karen’s power in the classroom, that Lucy mumbles a ‘sorry’ in my direction … before I can respond, Karen grasps my elbow and steers me away towards another group.
  34. His last words that night were: Grow in grace by means of that living faith which grasps the fact that you are the sons of God while at the same time it recognizes every man as a brother.
  35. What is it that grasps, and then lets go of grasping? It is this permanence that is forever changing, the flame of this truth that dances and flickers a thousand different ways and yet is always only burning.
  36. Without waiting for any kind of response, though Ralph already knows what that will be, he grasps the boy’s shoulders and knees and swings him up into the air so his thin face is level with his master’s chest.
  37. Practitioners of medical qigong, unlike acupuncturists, often take the twelve pulses by placing one hand near the organ being diagnosed while the other hand lightly grasps the fingertip or toe associated with that organ meridian.
  38. He means to offer liberal payment for permission to lodge at the Heights; and doubtless my brother's covetousness will prompt him to accept the terms: he was always greedy; though what he grasps with one hand he flings away with the other.
  39. He means to offer liberal payment for permission to lodge at the Heights; and doubtless my brother’s covetousness will prompt him to accept the terms: he was always greedy; though what he grasps with one hand he flings away with the other.
  40. Nevertheless, the attacking column, constantly recruited and enlarged under the shower of bullets, drew inexorably nearer, and now, little by little, step by step, but surely, the army closed in around the barricade as the vice grasps the wine-press.
  41. But the frightened master comes to him, and shrieks in his dead ear, 'What meanest thou, O, sleeper! arise!' Startled from his lethargy by that direful cry, Jonah staggers to his feet, and stumbling to the deck, grasps a shroud, to look out upon the sea.
  42. This is the grade that man attains and the reality that he finds after his continues thinking, he grasps it (the reality) and his true belief in God:’ There is no god but Al’lah’ becomes based on the knowledge of certainty as God the Almighty commands.
  43. As he reaches the well, the women stumble over the ramshackle stone of the ruined dwelling and disappear from sight beneath the walls and, as the dogs finally catch up with him, his hand grasps the sides of the well and he feels the hint of water on his flesh.
  44. He somehow manages in his hurry to pull the shirt over him, after missing the sleeves, somehow puts on his trousers and leg-rags, draws on his boots, looks for his shawl and cap, grasps his fur coat, and is led into the hall, where he is placed behind a bench.
  45. We were all sent from the heavens with the intentions of being loved, cherished, and cared for with parental protection The thunder in the sky filled the world with adversities and strife The time has come to rise graciously from being a victim To become a survivor through love and inspiration The sun grasps its loving hold.
  46. How hurried was their first glance! But how they fix! How he starts! How he suddenly and vehemently clasps in both arms the form he dared not, a moment since, touch with his finger! How he calls aloud a name, and drops his burden, and gazes on it wildly! He thus grasps and cries, and gazes, because he no longer fears to waken by any sound he can utter—by any movement he can make.
  47. During that summer on his aunts’ estate, Nekhludoff passed through that blissful state of existence when a young man for the first time, without guidance from any one outside, realises all the beauty and significance of life, and the importance of the task allotted in it to man; when he grasps the possibility of unlimited advance towards perfection for one’s self and for all the world, and gives himself to this task, not only hopefully, but with full conviction of attaining to the perfection he imagines.

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