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Frasi con pertain (in inglese)

  1. Emotions pertain to the.
  2. All of these pertain to Fear.
  3. Join groups that pertain to.
  4. Stocks that pertain to these.
  5. These pertain to different functions.

  6. The first five commandments pertain to.
  7. Psychological factors pertain to the narcissist's.
  8. Your orders pertain to the operation of this vessel.
  9. In the commands given to the Levites we find a few that pertain to.
  10. Put poverty and all things that pertain to poverty completely behind you.
  11. That uncertainty generally does not pertain to the actual earnings number.
  12. To live to our highest in all things that pertain to us, to lend a hand as best.
  13. Instead they pertain to the rendering of simple acts of kindness between people.
  14. You have begun your formal Dreaming lessons, as they pertain to your current quest.
  15. It shows that there are 23 items or 3 pages of items that pertain to Beginners IM.

  16. Keeping the picture clear with only those Fibonaccis that pertain to my time frame helps that.
  17. Employees appreciate it when their leaders acknowledge them in ways that don't pertain to work.
  18. That was the evaluation, a book of forms filled with questions that did not pertain to me at all.
  19. If you are in high school, check to see if there are any classes that could pertain to babysitting.
  20. The Federal government is entitled to use land for specific purposes that pertain to their operation and.
  21. These types of donations typically do not pertain to the company but are instead used for social leverage.
  22. This courage requires a decision to challenge maternal power and all of the death threats that pertain to it.
  23. Presently there are regulations that pertain to each industry but many of the corporations aren’t following them.
  24. You have begun your formal Dreaming lessons, as these pertain to your current quest to teach you what else our emissaries can do.
  25. Remember, an inexperienced agent is not going to understand the depth and range of these duties as they pertain to the short sale.

  26. Questions that you can ask can pertain to what he is wearing in bed, whether or not he likes the girl to make the first move, and such.
  27. A running store is described or named as such, due to the fact that they specialized in shoes and other things that pertain to running.
  28. Some of these assumptions pertain to the way business is transacted in the marketplace, while others pertain to the mathematics of the model.
  29. It had caught his attention because it could pertain to one of his most passionate interests, travel beyond the sky into the great void beyond.
  30. The glossary entries are included to explain or better define words used in the book on awakening as they pertain to the stage of enlightenment.
  31. I will focus on writing newsletters that pertain only to my own trading, instead of writing about what I think other people want to know about.
  32. Business users will typically use applications that help their business, increase their productivity or pertain to their particular personal interests.
  33. His pallor was so peculiar, that it seemed to pertain to one who had been long entombed, and who was incapable of resuming the healthy glow and hue of life.
  34. This means that the same Sharpe coefficient can pertain to a strategy with evenly growing capital and to a strategy with an unacceptable maximum drawdown value.
  35. There are several threads and articles online that pertain to the single mother and provide them with tips and information that will help them get their rights and other benefits that come with raising a child alone.
  36. Stalking laws in most states pertain to a relatively new crime involving a clear pattern of conduct in which the offender follows, harasses, or threatens another person, putting that person in fear for his or her safety.
  37. One day the ancient hieroglyphs will surround all three of the scrolls that pertain to your father, your sister, and your grandmother, all of whom are members of the order of The Time Walkers! All three of the scrolls of the Eternal are all made from the flesh of The Immortal!.
  38. Although they all could pertain to matters unrelated to the events that had unfolded over the last two days, it was highly likely that the murders were in some way represented by the clairvoyant’s visions, but there was no immediate significance to any of the people or events portrayed in them.
  39. This book is incomplete because of my lack of energy and I could not add all the other ideas and hypotheses that I had in mind; why don’t you readers make some of your own hypotheses regarding how Ulysses’ actions transform himself and others to create secondary beauty, doing so in a way that they pertain to Cosmo-Art and your own lives?
  40. A characteristic wave (frequency) range, which allows for the combination of some of these Stereo-Doubles in our Self-Consciousness into “one material” object, represents that particular manifestation range that makes it possible at every instant to “materialize” only those objects in front of us that pertain to the development scenarios of this particular group of Worlds.
  41. In the course of these notandums, I have, here and there, touched on divers matters that did not actually pertain to my own magisterial life, further than as showing the temper and spirit in which different things were brought to a bearing; and, in the same way, I will now again step aside from the regular course of public affairs, to record an occurrence which, at the time, excited no small wonderment and sympathy, and in which it was confessed by many that I performed a very judicious part.
  42. Matthew marveled at the words that didn’t pertain to him,.

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