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    1. all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (2 Peter 1:3)

    2. It had caught his attention because it could pertain to one of his most passionate interests, travel beyond the sky into the great void beyond

    3. Instead they pertain to the rendering of simple acts of kindness between people

    4. even pertain to this country but applied only to another country – the rebel states

    5. The Federal government is entitled to use land for specific purposes that pertain to their operation and

    6. 25 The lips of talkers will be telling such things as pertain not to them, but the words of such as have understanding are weighed in

    7. which did not pertain to the account of the sacrifices, was innumerable, and that it was possible to bring all into the king's hand

    8. treasuries of Jerusalem which do not belong to the temple, but pertain to king Seleucus

    9. elements in the community that pertain to

    10. The first five commandments pertain to

    11. 20 But the soul that eateth of the flesh of the sacrifice of peace offerings, that pertain unto the LORD, having his uncleanness

    12. 5 And when he could not overcome Onias he gat him to Apollonius the son of Thraseas who then was governor of Celosyria and Phenice 6 And told him that the treasury in Jerusalem was full of infinite sums of money so that the multitude of their riches which did not pertain to the account of the sacrifices was innumerable and that it was possible to bring all into the king's hand

    13. 2 How are you coming to Apollonius the military governor of Syria and Phoenicia and Cilicia he said 3 Having good will to the king's affairs I am come to inform you that infinite private wealth is laid up in the treasuries of Jerusalem which do not belong to the temple but pertain to king Seleucus

    14. 2 For there are written concerning him certain things that pertain unto Israel and certain other that pertain unto us

    15. 1 So far as it is possible for me to show you these things with simplicity my mind and soul hopes that I have not omitted any of the things that pertain unto salvation;

    16. 1 Since therefore we are a portion of the Holy One let us do all such things as pertain to holiness avoiding evil-speaking foul and impure embraces drunkenness disorderliness abominable desires detestable adultery execrable pride; 2 For God he says resists the proud but gives grace to the humble

    17. 1 You are contentious brethren and are zealous concerning things that pertain not to salvation

    18. 1 Concerning the things that pertain to our religion and the things that are most useful to a virtuous life for those who are willing to live piously and righteously we have sufficiently charged you men and brethren

    19. to death or to entropy, nor is it subject to the laws of gravity that pertain to the

    20. Emotions pertain to the

    21. and those that pertain to the Personal SELF and the Cosmic SELF

    22. These pertain to different functions

    23. the links to portions of the akashic records that pertain to it

    24. The glossary entries are included to explain or better define words used in the book on awakening as they pertain to the stage of enlightenment

    25. That was the evaluation, a book of forms filled with questions that did not pertain to me at all

    26. Stalking laws in most states pertain to a relatively new crime involving a clear pattern of conduct in which the offender follows, harasses, or threatens another person, putting that person in fear for his or her safety

    27. A running store is described or named as such, due to the fact that they specialized in shoes and other things that pertain to running

    28. Questions that you can ask can pertain to what he is wearing in bed, whether or not he likes the girl to make the first move, and such

    29. If you are in high school, check to see if there are any classes that could pertain to babysitting

    30. Join groups that pertain to

    31. understand the definitions that pertain to your disease

    32. Presently there are regulations that pertain to each industry but many of the corporations aren’t following them

    33. You have begun your formal Dreaming lessons, as these pertain to your current quest to teach you what else our emissaries can do

    34. Business users will typically use applications that help their business, increase their productivity or pertain to their particular personal interests

    35. You have begun your formal Dreaming lessons, as they pertain to your current quest

    36. Although they all could pertain to matters unrelated to the events that had unfolded over the last two days, it was highly likely that the murders were in some way represented by the clairvoyant’s visions, but there was no immediate significance to any of the people or events portrayed in them

    37. Stocks that pertain to these

    38. consulted when there are questions on issues, or to make announcements that pertain to their

    39. “Your orders pertain to the operation of this vessel

    40. orders pertain to the security of the guests

    41. be appropriate and pertain to the rest of

    42. round all three of the scrolls that pertain to your father, your sis-

    43. In the commands given to the Levites we find a few that pertain to

    44. that this judgment will only pertain to the unsaved

    45. Remember, an inexperienced agent is not going to understand the depth and range of these duties as they pertain to the short sale

    46. This courage requires a decision to challenge maternal power and all of the death threats that pertain to it

    47. This book is incomplete because of my lack of energy and I could not add all the other ideas and hypotheses that I had in mind; why don’t you readers make some of your own hypotheses regarding how Ulysses’ actions transform himself and others to create secondary beauty, doing so in a way that they pertain to Cosmo-Art and your own lives?

    48. Psychological factors pertain to the narcissist's

    49. All of these pertain to Fear

    50. , for exporters provided the said complaints pertain to the bank's

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