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    pick up

    1. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    2. We are free to pick up past interests and develop new hobbies

    3. Our approach to the situations will be more positive and will enable us to identify and pick up any opportunities

    4. He would stop on his way home from work to pick up his favorite cherry-flavored cigarettes and watch the girls dance from the curb

    5. Cockroaches utilize their antennae to pick up chemical signals from the air

    6. He stepped inside the house, and then went back outside again to pick up the paper that was just delivered and the thermometer gadget he had just used to open the door

    7. "Herndon; I've had a geosynchronous out there since 2267, its still operational," Ava in heaven said, "I have all the probes that can pick up its signature in close orbit, no point on the surface will be out of sight for much more than an hour at a time

    8. I pick up the phone before he rouses sufficiently to respond

    9. I pick up the phone

    10. He starts to pick up the sign

    11. It gave me a chance to pick up the pieces

    12. He bends to pick up a long stick and starts beating idly at the nettles standing harmlessly along the fence line

    13. Even that far below a dirty old burner like that, she was likely to pick up some damage to her flesh, unless they were still running on fans and thrusters when they passed over

    14. "The containment will be hot awhile, I might pick up some neutrons from a dirty old thing like they were flying

    15. "I have all the probes out that can pick up its trace, no point on the surface will be out of sight for much more than an hour at a time

    16. The terminator reached his home on the ground, Ava waited until she was sure there was enough light for his station to pick up a station in Gengee City before she tried him again

    17. ‘I suppose it’ll take you a few days to pick up

    18. ‘Merry Christmas!’ my sister proclaimed, as I pick up the phone

    19. "I learned something new and frightening in Alan's latest report yesterday," Alfred told her before she could pick up her book

    20. She’d stayed seated until it stopped, uncertain and unfamiliar with the motion … yes, the bus had stopped and she’d risen, turned to pick up her bag … walked quickly down the gangway to the door … there’d been footsteps behind her … heavy ones – the men

    21. ‘Can you imagine it? Me living in a manor house with staff!’ he chuckled, stooping to pick up another stone and throwing it with some power towards the same rock where it smashed

    22. He probed ahead as soon as he could with the thermal sensors and within a few minutes he was able to pick up individuals in the area

    23. ’ He said, bending to pick up a stick and bashing absently at a shock of nettles growing beside the stone

    24. I held my breath hoping it would not pick up my scent

    25. The wind is starting to pick up and I believe that it will rain soon

    26. They started to pick up speed and cycled towards Buttercup

    27. She was quick to pick up on it

    28. But he says that it’s a good job if you want to pick up information

    29. After snapping once, it began to pick up speed, chasing the thongas once again

    30. They went over and helped Desa pick up the shards of their gear

    31. I see him pick up the letter, fold it carefully and stow it in the pouch on his belt

    32. He told Cyberia that there were some instructions in an envelope in one of the boxes and that he would be back that evening to pick up the first three hundred cards

    33. Technically he was, within the bounds of three-d reality he can shine a lantern on that native eye and it can pick up the network

    34. They were still hurtling by these bodies at almost two thousand miles per second giving them millions of miles of berth so there was no way they could pick up a sample

    35. "It's late evening where I'm from, but as soon as I get rested, I hope we can pick up close to where we left off

    36. Of all the dreadful shocks experienced that day, nothing compared to the sudden and degrading catastrophe that he had just suffered as he’d bent down to pick up the soap in the prison shower

    37. pick up lines in history remember, they have feelings too

    38. To prevent this from happening, avoid the traditional pick up lines

    39. Berndt had been quiet for a day or so after our conversation – neither of us caring to pick up the thread of that particular subject again

    40. Pick up the phone and ask him”

    41. As I read through my notes, yet again, the telephone on my desk rings and, almost grateful for the distraction, I pick up the receiver, not really concentrating on it

    42. She rises, as I put on my coat and pick up my bag

    43. Is that the phone ringing – who can that be at this hour? I rush back into the house and pick up the receiver, ‘Hello?’

    44. If you had a largish lunch on Tuesdays, we could go straight to the church, put in a couple of hours, then either go out for a meal or pick up a take away

    45. "Did your people pick up anything from outside?" he asked his colonel of security

    46. Fuck, business is never going to pick up,' I said as I

    47. Mrs Ganguly came in two hours later to pick up Babloo

    48. Alastair promises to pick up some new ones when he goes to the music shop tomorrow

    49. Since he had been an Angel for more than two hundred years now, he was no longer amazed by the fact that he could pick up the plain paper envelope from the screen of the phone

    50. I glance across at Jo – coincidence that she should pick up on the astrology thing -

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