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    1. The real recompence of labour, the real quantity of the necessaries and conveniencies of life which it can procure to the labourer, has, during the course of the present century, increased perhaps in a still greater proportion than its money price

    2. If it is employed in procuring future profit, it must procure this profit either by staying with him, or by going from him

    3. They invented, therefore, another method of issuing their promissory notes; by granting what they call cash accounts, that is, by giving credit, to the extent of a certain sum (two or three thousand pounds for example), to any individual who could procure two persons of undoubted credit and good landed estate to become surety for him, that whatever money should be advanced to him, within the sum for which the credit had been given, should be repaid upon demand, together with the legal interest

    4. By saving, however, the exchange between Edinburgh and London, it was less expensive than that mentioned in the foregoing part of this note ; but then it required an established credit with more houses than one in London, an advantage which many of these adventurers could not always find it easy to procure

    5. The labour of the meanest of these has a certain value, regulated by the very same principles which regulate that of every other sort of labour; and that of the noblest and most useful, produces nothing which could afterwards purchase or procure an equal quantity of labour

    6. Abundance, therefore, renders provisions cheap, and encourages a great number of workmen to settle in the neighbourhood, who find that their industry can there procure them more of the necessaries and conveniencies of life than in other places

    7. There may be good policy in retaliations of this kind, when there is a probability that they will procure the repeal of the high duties or prohibitions complained of

    8. To procure both the gold which it wants for its own use, and the consumable goods, would, in this way, employ a much smaller capital than at present

    9. In a country where the expense of the coinage is defrayed by the government, the value of the coin, even when it contains its full standard weight of gold and silver, can never be much greater than that of an equal quantity of those metals uncoined, because it requires only the trouble of going to the mint, and the delay, perhaps, of a few weeks, to procure for any quantity of uncoined gold and silver an equal quantity of those metals in coin; but in every country the greater part of the current coin is almost always more or less worn, or otherwise degenerated from its standard

    10. would be, of necessity to build or procure a spaceship,

    11. In time of war, they are all of them naturally disposed to muster themselves under his banner, rather than under that of any other person ; and his birth and fortune thus naturally procure to him some sort of executive power

    12. His birth and fortune thus naturally procure him some sort of judicial authority

    13. In those days, the administration of justice not only afforded a certain revenue to the sovereign, but, to procure this revenue, seems to have been one of the principal advantages which he proposed to obtain by the administration of justice

    14. But in order to render that produce both as great and as valuable as possible, it is necessary to procure to it as extensive a market as possible, and consequently to establish the freest, the easiest, and the least expensive communication between all the different parts of the country; which can be done only by means of the best roads and the best navigable canals

    15. The teachers had no jurisdiction over their pupils, nor any other authority besides that natural authority which superior virtue and abilities never fail to procure from young people towards those who are entrusted with any part of their education

    16. The private tampering of some of the neighbouring clergy, sometimes to procure, but more frequently to prevent this concurrence, and the popular arts which they cultivate, in order to enable them upon such occasions to tamper more effectually, are perhaps the causes which principally keep up whatever remains of the old fanatical spirit, either in the clergy or in the people of Scotland

    17. That of those of other European nations was compiled from such information as the French ministers at the different courts could procure

    18. visited by whalers from all countries to procure provisions and to exchange goods with the natives

    19. New Bedford, and to procure provisions for the long voyage

    20. He stated then that he would nevertheless procure some sort of food since he was quite literally the only reliable and responsible person in this world, a world which might or might not be an entirely different one from the one they called home

    21. Elizabeth poured herself a glass of Moselwein that the innkeeper had managed to procure from some source that he refused to reveal

    22. Some would have made their own arrangements concerning food, perhaps going out of their way to procure some meat either by hunting or by making certain trades, sometimes of a dubious nature

    23. goodness and for all the prosperity that I procure to it

    24. children, lest peradventure he should procure to himself great hatred of the people: 18 Who might have said, because I sent him not

    25. 33 And many of the sons of men came to procure some of Jacob's flock, and Jacob gave them a sheep for a man servant or a maid servant or for an ass or a camel, or whatever Jacob desired from them they gave him

    26. 33 And many of the sons of men came to procure some of Jacob's flock and Jacob gave them a sheep for a man servant or a maid servant or for an ass or a camel or whatever Jacob desired from them they gave him

    27. Having reached initial goals of broadcast acquisition, Park applied himself with the same energy to procure small daily and weekly newspapers

    28. Should you wish to accomplish anything that is beyond your financial means, we would be sincerely thankful for the opportunity to contribute funds, or anything else we own or can procure, in support of your plans

    29. However, the IT Department said that there are no more available phone units with screen on them and they still have to procure additional phone units

    30. 15 So he spoke to them peaceably and swore to them saying we will procure the harm neither of you nor your friends

    31. 17 Hereupon Simon albeit he perceived that they spoke deceitfully to him yet sent he the money and the children lest peradventure he should procure to himself great hatred of the people: 18 Who might have said because I sent him not the money and the children therefore is Jonathan dead

    32. You simply need to procure the services of a competent

    33. The restaurants in Germany had to procure butter and other foodstuff which had to be smuggled through the closely guarded borders mostly from Denmark and Holland

    34. food, clothing and shelter In order to procure these he must have money

    35. world? Dine at fine restaurants? Surround yourself with beautiful things? Procure the

    36. By the last square he needed to procure trillions and trillions of tons of rice, more than even the world could produce

    37. Procure a cheap edition of modern speeches, and by cutting out a few pages each day, and reading them during the idle minute here and there, note how soon you can make yourself familiar with the world's best speeches

    38. Vual: His Office is to procure

    39. procure the Love of

    40. The spirits of the air of Thursday are subject to the south wind; their nature is to procure the love of women, to cause men to be merry and joyful, to pacify strifes and contentions, to appease, enemies, to heal the diseased, and to disease the whole, and procure losses, or restore things lost

    41. Then, thinking to cheer her, he had casually mentioned that Master Reave’s efforts to procure her a wondrously fashionable hat for the Autumn Ball appeared to be progressing well

    42. But the paralytic refused to accept defeat; he directed his friends to procure ladders by which they ascended to the roof of the room in which Jesus was speaking, and after loosening the tiles, they boldly lowered the sick man on his couch by ropes until the afflicted one rested on the floor immediately in front of the Master

    43. Mallei had sent Juniper to the market to procure an order of herbs and baled hay for me

    44. When the other apostles saw Judas hasten off after Jesus had spoken to him, they thought he had gone to procure something additional for the supper or to do some other errand for the Master since they supposed he still carried the bag

    45. Greg would have gladly accepted the limitations of these “dumb” missiles if he had been able to procure any

    46. Captain Curra joined the flight crews and munitions specialists to see what they could procure

    47. Peter will return to Headquarters with Faye Anne to procure the supplies we will need if we move on to find another planet

    48. This was the database that the Colony Service had used to procure his services in the past

    49. It was already nearly out of the inventory in 2051, so I will have to go procure some AS

    50. For food, she had her white bus driver go into the restaurant and procure dinner for the group

    1. creditable a profession, in which education is so easily procured, the hopes of much more

    2. The quantity of silver, of which they had the disposal, was a good deal less than what the command of the same quantity of labour and subsistence would have procured to them in the present times

    3. His services generally perish in the very instant of their performance, and seldom leave any trace of value behind them, for which an equal quantity of service could afterwards be procured

    4. The labour of some of the most respectable orders in the society is, like that of menial servants, unproductive of any value, and does not fix or realize itself in any permanent subject, or vendible commodity, which endures after that labour is past, and for which an equal quantity of labour could afterwards be procured

    5. Their service, how honourable, how useful, or how necessary soever, produces nothing for which an equal quantity of service can afterwards be procured

    6. The exclusive privileges of those East India companies, their great riches, the great favour and protection which these have procured them from their respective governments, have excited much envy against them

    7. By advantageous treaties of commerce, particular privileges were procured in some foreign state for the goods and merchants of the country, beyond what were granted to those of other countries

    8. By the establishment of colonies in distant countries, not only particular privileges, but a monopoly was frequently procured for the goods and merchants of the country which established them

    9. When there is no probability that any such repeal can be procured, it seems a bad method of compensating the injury done to certain classes of our people, to do another injury ourselves, not only to those classes, but to almost all the other classes of them

    10. Those virtues procured them the highest respect and veneration among all the inferior ranks of people, of whom many were constantly, and almost all occasionally, fed by them

    11. She sometimes, at least, from an affected concern for the peace of the parish, delays the settlement till this concurrence can be procured

    12. Such was the supposed instability of government, that even these terms procured few purchasers

    13. have to be procured from captured ships along the way

    14. A sack was procured from somewhere, into which the dog, now silenced

    15. Bush procured that sensational win over an Europeanized Kerry in spite of an undeniable and, in my view, shameful machination of the United Nations, which is in disrepute because of scandals such as the oil for food program, and the media that has become, from beginning to end, the “misinformation column” for the Democrat candidate’s campaign

    16. The doctor reached into his sweat-stained shirt’s pocket and procured a pack of Camels

    17. perfumes and other requisites were procured and the Lord was

    18. 17 Have you not procured this for

    19. 18 Your way and your doings have procured these things to you; this is your wickedness, because it is bitter, because it reaches to

    20. I asked him why there was such a variety of cannon and he said that almost all were procured from other countries, especially Francia and the empire

    21. I had to be a bit careful for a while after that, as the local Crime Squad procured a new guy, who was not as easy to buy, so I played low key with the hunts for a while

    22. Worthy nuptials he procured from a lady with dowry abundant

    23. versus mills, had to be procured and installed

    24. He stepped back to admire me in my newly procured

    25. "And you procured a small annoying boy to replace her

    26. He snorted a couple of lines of the cocaine he had procured from Andrew and sat watching television restlessly

    27. carefully the book from which they are taken; it can be procured from The

    28. building that Joe and Bridget had procured, they having now lived in three of them 275

    29. It was a much more elaborate chamber than Conan could have procured for the price nearer the center of the city—a fact that had first attracted him, when, that morning, he discovered how slim a purse his roisterings for the past few days had left him

    30. He took up his cloak and flung it over his shoulders, then donned a helmet Publio had procured for him

    31. while they lead the teams of Marines and assorted personnel that procured what the ship needed

    32. I procured them when we were in New St

    33. “We have procured a Class Two cargo ship to use as a tender and provisioned it for a year’s voyage

    34. We procured two bottles of water for our hike and got onto the highway

    35. The need to produce the next generation, procured by status and power

    36. Sam had agreed to this, after studying the dossier the Duke had procured about Max

    37. Maybe he could bribe them into joining his mating programme (and the occasional sex session with Elsie on CCTV) if he procured enough tasty victims to keep them happy? He would need a lot more biscuits, though, especially after the number of custard creams Read had munched his way through before having the decency to pass out

    38. Saving precious metals inaccurately procured – then striding on without a word

    39. respect and reverence are procured; that

    40. “No, but Soren was given a potion that Iluxia had procured from the tree of souls to extend his life, so that he could remain in Midgard until Lucia succeeded in destroying Eiess

    41. It was the last of six bottles procured just

    42. “Instantly bring us all up to speed on the information I just procured regarding the details of Rip’s bet

    43. in his room, with Rosie who had procured many

    44. You had it all under control—you will have to tell me how on earth you procured those mighty weapons

    45. The procured pages described Patrick James as having been a decorated soldier during the original outbreak

    46. they were all laid out far from the cabin, they procured shovels

    47. She wished, unhappy girl, to enjoy the advantages and privileges of the forgiven state while continuing in the sin that had procured the forgiveness

    48. The meaning was that he had procured ownership of the land, any animals upon it and any goods that might be in storage upon it

    49. When she first heard that he had procured more than ten square miles of rocks and scattered forest she had been completely mystified, as had been the remainder of the town folk

    50. 45 each and he had procured a rooster and sixteen hens so that the boys would have fresh eggs

    1. As subsistence is, in the nature of things, prior to conveniency and luxury, so the industry which procures the former, must necessarily be prior to that which ministers to the latter

    2. It is thus that the single advantage which the monopoly procures to a single order of men, is in many different ways hurtful to the general interest of the country

    3. He who diligently seeks good procures favour, but he who seeks mischief, it shall

    4. (1) by threats or intimidation of any kind procures a

    5. procures for its chosen people

    6. not supply the merchandise himself but but procures goods from the

    7. "May I know the cause which procures me the pleasure of seeing M

    8. 17 The Submissive will ensure that she procures oral contraception and ensure that she takes it as and when prescribed to prevent any pregnancy

    1. The Spanish armies, though they scarce ever exceeded five hundred men, and frequently did not amount to half that number, found almost everywhere great difficulty in procuring subsistence

    2. Secondly, of all those profitable buildings which are the means of procuring a revenue, not only to the proprietor who lets them for a rent, but to the person who possesses them, and pays that rent for them; such as shops, warehouses, work-houses, farm-houses, with all their necessary buildings, stables, granaries, etc

    3. In all countries where there is a tolerable security, every man of common understanding will endeavour to employ whatever stock he can command, in procuring either present enjoyment or future profit

    4. If it is employed in procuring present enjoyment, it is a stock reserved for immediate consumption

    5. If it is employed in procuring future profit, it must procure this profit either by staying with him, or by going from him

    6. Though the whole annual produce of the land and labour of every country is no doubt ultimately destined for supplying the consumption of its inhabitants, and for procuring a revenue to them; yet when it first comes either from the ground, or from the hands of the productive labourers, it naturally divides itself into two parts

    7. A capital may be employed in four different ways; either, first, in procuring the rude produce annually required for the use and consumption of the society ; or, secondly, in manufacturing and preparing that rude produce for immediate use and consumption; or, thirdly in transporting either the rude or manufactured produce from the places where they abound to those where they are wanted ; or, lastly, in dividing particular portions of either into such small parcels as suit the occasional demands of those who want them

    8. Though Britain were entirely excluded from the Portugal trade, it could find very little difficulty in procuring all the annual supplies of gold which it wants, either for the purposes of plate, or of coin, or of foreign trade

    9. In this situation of things, the sovereigns in the different states of Europe endeavoured to recover the influence which they had once had in the disposal of the great benefices of the church; by procuring to the deans and chapters of each diocese the restoration of their ancient right of electing the bishop ; and to the monks of each abbacy that of electing the abbot

    10. Where church benefices, on the contrary, are many of them very considerable, the church naturally draws from the universities the greater part of their eminent men of letters; who generally find some patron, who does himself honour by procuring them church preferment

    11. The principal attention of the sovereign ought to be, to encourage, by every means in his power, the attention both of the landlord and of the farmer, by allowing both to pursue their own interest in their own way, and according to their own judgment ; by giving to both the most perfect security that they shall enjoy the full recompence of their own industry ; and by procuring to both the most extensive market for every part of their produce, in consequence of establishing the easiest and safest

    12. The sovereigns of China, those of Bengal while under the Mahometan govermnent, and those of ancient Egypt, are said, accordingly, to have been extremely attentive to the making and maintaining of good roads and navigable canals, in order to increase, as much as possible, both the quantity and value of every part of the produce of the land, by procuring to every part of it the most extensive market which their own dominions could afford

    13. forward to in terms of the South procuring, and his commanding,

    14. Along with the prisoner settlement, the business of procuring the supplies

    15. So what further clues could they have uncovered to give away his once secret alliance that wasn’t already revealed in the interrogation? It was simply a matter of procuring evidence

    16. Hawes was the primary procuring

    17. Ironically, laws on top of laws, that seek to reduce the (legal) possession of firearms, may actually produce unintended results by creating an imbalance between criminal elements procuring them through alternative (illegal) sources and law-abiding citizens denied or restricted legal access

    18. “What about Martin procuring drugs for Davis? What about his groupie girlfriend? What about the fight? And how can you dismiss the fact that he engineered the death of a former boss?” I said, getting loud again

    19. Nor would he object to wholesale conception for the purpose of procuring and selling the resulting plenitude of spare parts

    20. He speaks with assumed dominance, “You will handle procuring the poppy and getting it into Pakistan

    21. ‘Alger and Begum have the joint responsibility of organising the workforce, procuring all materials, and following your orders during the life of this project which has temporarily replaced every other undertaking of the engineering department

    22. procuring the services of an expert on, ‘being shot out of a cannon’

    23. After a full day of procuring supplies and hauling the food they would need for the trip, Kim, Wren and Tracker lifted off the moon to meet their freighter client

    24. It appears that a really abused animal when it comes to procuring laughs is the goat

    25. The operation of returning the club was as simple as procuring it should have been

    26. If you can’t even answer this question, your chance of procuring the sale is ZERO

    27. Hours after their near miss with the Giants while procuring Hanna's rescue, Timonus and the members of the Lupa Faction arrived at the edge of the sparse forest of Odalia, positioning themselves so close to the White Palace that they could actually see its eastern walls from where they stood

    28. he was really just procuring a pawn in a much larger bet with me involving Greegs in general

    29. It was locked, but the witch had taken the pains of procuring the key, there was a faint click as it unlocked

    30. To quote their former manager, Graham pointed out that this “was a nice little earner” and was funding his rock’n’roll lifestyle – to the extent of procuring some pretty nice vintage Rickenbackers, at least

    31. Procuring a handgun from a friend off the street, Lex and Michelle had snuck into the dorm master’s suite in the dead of night

    32. In Madaba over an hour later, Juliana and Olin finished procuring and donning new outfits

    33. procuring resources for us

    34. of divine inspiration, but were for procuring innovations

    35. We desire that we may have no more to do with sin, and pray as earnestly that the power of sin may be broken in us, as that the guilt of sin may be removed from us: and we rely only upon the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and upon the merit of his death, for the procuring of thy favour

    36. Hence, procuring a business license is the first step that needs to be undertaken

    37. Palmer's sympathy was shown in procuring all the particulars in her power of the approaching marriage, and communicating them to Elinor

    38. So, procuring a horse, they mounted me upon it,

    39. "You would, however, do us a great service in procuring us some," said

    40. The cares of children, the necessity of procuring money for their support, the flatteries of the rich by the poor, the exclusiveness of caste, the pride of birth or wealth, the tendency of family life to divert men from the pursuit of the ideal or the heroic, are as lowering in our own age as in that of Plato

    41. The life there depicted appeared to him wholly unlike that of Christian commonwealths, in which 'he saw nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of the Commonwealth

    42. find one, in tenderness to that pain which he had put me to, in procuring

    43. submitted to these extraordinary means of procuring it at the hands of

    44. begin, at the same time, my assistance in procuring her this satisfaction

    45. Of course, there was a certain amount of difficulty in procuring it, but it would not be impossible to find some pretext for buying some laudanum: one could buy several small quantities at different shops until one had sufficient

    46. Signor Pastrini had already set about procuring their disguises for the morrow; and he assured them that they would be perfectly satisfied

    47. Now, Valentine, I firmly believe that he knew of my wish to possess this horse, and that he lost expressly to give me the means of procuring him

    48. And the old prostitute of a mother procuring rooms to street couples

    49. , though views of conveniency made me, at first, exert myself to regain his affection, I was giddy and thoughtless enough to be much easier reconciled to my failure than I ought to have been; but as I never had loved him, and his leaving me gave me a sort of liberty that I had often longed for, I was soon comforted; and flattering myself, that the stock of youth and beauty I was going to trade with, could hardly fail of procuring me a maintenance, I saw myself under the necessity of trying my fortune with them, rather, with pleasure and gaiety, than with the least idea of despondency

    50. Cole was gone, he seated me near him, when now his face changed upon me, into an expression of the most pleasing sweetness and good humour, the most remarkable for its sudden shift from the other extreme, which I found afterwards, when I knew more of his character, was owing to a habitual state of conflict with, and dislike of himself, for being enslaved to so peculiar a lust, by the fatality of a constitutional ascendant, that rendered him incapable of receiving any pleasure, till he submitted to these extraordinary means of procuring it at the hands of pain, whilst the constancy of this repining consciousness stamped at length that cast of sourness and severity on his features: which was, in fact, very foreign to the natural sweetness of his temper

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