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Frasi con pierce (in inglese)

No blade can pierce me.
Pierce had out an automatic.
Pierce wasn’t in the car.
Thomas Pierce had loved her.
My name is Thomas Pierce.
Pierce was near the Steel Pier.
Would pierce me with a fashion.

Pierce was in charge of the Mr.
Pierce had left another message.
I wasn’t in love with Pierce.
Pierce reacted first, then Small.
Thomas Pierce was in control here.
The elusive Pierce, or was it Mr.
Bert is the computer guy at Pierce.
The bullet did not pierce the wood.
I wasn’t thinking about Pierce.
I despised everything about Pierce.
According to Crandall, Pierce & Co.
Getting wood with Brixby and Pierce.
Pierce didn’t make it to Dr.
Pierce had felt passion and emotion.
Then I heard Pierce from the bedroom.
Hey Pierce, this is Amori… again.
He grabbed Pierce and spun him around.
Could I pierce my ears? Sure, I could.
Second, Pierce was extremely organized.
Pierce was still struggling beneath me.
Pierce watched her, his eyes sharpening.
Now it seemed to pierce her very bones.
For Enid Pierce, on her 100th Birthday.
Pierce stared at him, murder in his eye.
Pierce his Flesh then, and thine own.
They were afraid of tipping off Pierce.
First, Pierce was curious about language.
He had his Glock up and aimed at Pierce.
I wrote: Thomas Pierce was deeply in love.
Quickly pierce each popover with a thin.
Pierce was very cool in the beginning.
Smith; and about Thomas Pierce of the FBI.
Pierce walked slowly down toward the heap.
The piercing cry of a.
His were both a piercing.
It is the piercing star.
There is a piercing scream.
A piercing rattle in his head.
Piercing screams filled the air.
I avoid her piercing green eyes.
The silence was as piercing as.
Kane piercing it into his stomach.
Piercing His hands and His feet!.
Piercing the air above the crowd.
Pat gave him a long, piercing look.
Piercing, sharp and endlessly strong.
The piercing silence now smeled evil.
It was piercing my skin with her nail.
The unholy sound of leather piercing.
Another piercing pain into his stomach.
I felt his piercing stares within his.
How the hell was a piercing symbolic?
Bruce looked into Otto’s piercing eyes.
His eyes were still piercing through her.
Her piercing eyes didn’t miss anything.
Jai heard a piercing screech and looked up.
There came a sharp, piercing drone in his.
He stares directly at me, piercing my soul.
Piercing chest pains came with each breath.
Suddenly, a piercing pain shot through the.
He stands before me, his dark eyes piercing.
The piercing eye of Peppino had noticed all.
Lorelei saw it and let out a piercing scream.
So clear and piercing was the note that the.
A thousand fiery darts are piercing my brain.
His piercing eyes squinted as he sized me up.
Fenya uttered a piercing shriek on seeing him.
His piercing eyes look into the soul of Moses.
Her piercing green eyes locked on his and he.
Mitchell turned back to her piercing blue eyes.
There was a pitchfork piercing one of the bales.
His glance was like a gimlet, cold and piercing.
The Pierced One is Jesus.
He is pierced with blood.
The skin is being pierced.
The point pierced my chest.
The knife pierced my skin.
He had a steel ball pierced.
The words pierced the valued.
I could have pierced your.
A bullet had pierced his skull.
The quiet sob pierced his heart.
In truth, a dagger pierced her.
He pierced the shell with his beak.
Her fiery red eyes pierced my soul.
But it was I who pierced his heart.
The quiet was pierced only by the.
To the royal road is rarely pierced.
Shafts of light pierced through the.
Pistons howled, headlights pierced a.
A shriek pierced through the air, and.
He pierced my skin here, with his beak.
This mournful appeal pierced the darkness.
His second shot pierced a reptilian skull.
Sharp needles pierced his neck, his hands.
The knives pierced Tiamok’s wicked smile.
High up, the cry of a hawk pierced the air.
The afternoon sun pierced his dark glasses.
Somehow that thought must have pierced the.
Radiant shafts pierced the clouds and sent.
Darek lunged into Liam and pierced his side.
This vitriolic remark pierced into his heart.
This horseman had pierced the English lines.
He was pierced by one bullet and then another.
The hand, with all its nerve-endings, pierced.
You need to touch my pierced side, here it is.
After a pause that pierced the air, Vera spoke.
They shall all be pierced and struck through!.
Trevor flushed, and his eyes pierced into Aidme.
Another scream pierced the sky as we drove away.
In that split-second, his eyes pierced her soul.
Holly! Jo's concerned voice pierced the air.
That which pierces.
A scream pierces the air.
The sharp slap pierces my ears.
He always pierces his victims.
The sight pierces me like a needle.
It only hurts when the weapon pierces you.
The lovely maid, she pierces now the wall;.
When the Kundalini is awakened, it pierces.
He pierces her skin with the point of his blade.
The siren wail sharpens, and the sound pierces Ciere.
The beetle is such an insect which pierces the earth like a.
It pierces Ralph’s flesh and he drops the pouch containing them.
For me, beauty is Eross arrow that pierces my heart and tortures me.
The animal’s howling pierces Ralph’s mind-wall but he pays it no heed.
Haley pierces my flesh inside the wound with the needle and injects the fluid.
The sharp circular blade pierces Jaden’s chest causing him tremendous pain.
A sharp cry pierces his mind and he knows the same fate has befallen the scribe.
We are not ready for this, Isabella speaks softly, but her voice pierces him.
No, no, the old man whispers in a rising note which pierces through the wind.
It makes a swooshing sound, and with a thud, pierces and embeds itself into the bag.
The sound of it pierces his mind, dividing thought from imagination, bone from flesh.
His eyes are as black as a winter night; the anger in them pierces through the falling snow.
From his right Ralph hears a great cry that pierces the fragile mind-silence he has structured.
Then suddenly, my attention cuts to a bloodcurdling scream that pierces above the chatter of the crowd.
We’re in the process of eating way too much of it when the ringing of Tom’s cell pierces the room.
From nowhere the darkness pierces his ears and he flinches as words come hammering into his head: Simon.
Ralph cries out, one long sharp note that pierces the noise of the huddle of people witnessing this death.
A sliver of hope pierces me, strangely painful, when combined with the guilt I feel for how I deceived him.
Although there are no guarantees, it's not surprising if a stock reverses direction when it pierces the upper or lower band.
When the Kundalini is awakened, it pierces one Chakra after another and finally unites with Lord Siva and enjoys the Highest Bliss.
Now and then the net is too quick, the lance pierces, the gun flicks and that frog is gone, but it is all fair and in the framework.
Then his brow decreases, a little hair quivers above the sand; a hand projects, pierces the surface of the beach, waves and disappears.
But when would they ever be prepared for what was to come? The truth of it pierced her as the sun pierces the morning mist at the time of the wine harvest.
Unfortunately, I have next to no reserves left, so if the enemy pierces through Edson, the Japanese just may enter the airfield and cause all kind of mayhem.
The handle in the ensuing cup-with-handle formation forms the right shoulder of the head & shoulders formation, which eventually pierces the neckline and plummets to the downside, as we see in Figure 6.
Sancho changed the subject, and said to his master, I marvel, senor, at the boldness of Altisidora, the duchess's handmaid; he whom they call Love must have cruelly pierced and wounded her; they say he is a little blind urchin who, though blear-eyed, or more properly speaking sightless, if he aims at a heart, be it ever so small, hits it and pierces it through and through with his arrows.
This is the science which, according to the Phaedrus, is the true basis of rhetoric, which alone is able to distinguish the natures and classes of men and things; which divides a whole into the natural parts, and reunites the scattered parts into a natural or organized whole; which defines the abstract essences or universal ideas of all things, and connects them; which pierces the veil of hypotheses and reaches the final cause or first principle of all; which regards the sciences in relation to the idea of good.
And now, with conspiring nature, and my industry, strong to aid him, he pierces, penetrates, and at length, winning his way inch by inch, gets entirely in, and finally, a home made thrust sheaths it up to the guard; on the information of which, from the close jointure of our bodies (insomuch that the hair on both sides perfectly interweaved and incircled together), the eyes of the transported youth sparkled with more joyous fires, and all his looks and motions acknowledged excess of pleasure, which I now began to share, for I felt him in my very vitals! I was quite sick with delight! stirred beyond bearing with its furious agitations within me, and gorged and crammed, even to a surfeit.
What must it be, for example, for an indevout scientific man to pass into a condition where atheism is no more possible; because the Divine Wisdom,—no longer beheld at a distance in the order of revolving planets, in the laws of sidereal motion, in the arrangements of far-off universes, in that remoter magnificence which shrouded it from view while he inhabited the body,—has now come near as the Ruling Authority, and closely encompasses the soul, and pierces its secret darkness through, in one calm, intolerable blaze of the Excellent Glory? What must it be to perceive, with a clearness which profane defiance and dishonest speculation can overshadow no longer, that Almighty God is holy, and that Omnipotence is everywhere,—or to review in thought those inner and outer evidences of a Divine Revelation of truth, which, made light of on earth, will seem so appallingly real in their power of condemnation now that they are remembered in perdition? Those must be very ignorant of much that is passing in this world, in the solitudes of enforced thought, in prisons and on beds of sickness, who peremptorily decide that such experiences are improbable beyond.
A dagger that pierces through,.

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