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Frasi con pimp (in inglese)

  1. He was a pimp.
  2. The pimp was dead.
  3. The boss had a problem with a pimp.
  4. Did pimp dude even have the surgery?
  5. Not just any pimp, the legendary Daddy K.
  6. I don't consider myself a player , or a pimp.
  7. Marc was a successful drug dealer and a pimp.
  8. Or tryin’ to pimp hookers outside in the parking lot.
  9. The pimp purchases the prostitute and then pays off the.
  10. I should have left you wallowing with that old pimp of yours.
  11. You’re Nothing More Than a Pimp and Your Wives Prostitutes.
  12. She was here when I got here, been here since her pimp shot her.
  13. He couldn’t understand why Michigan pimp dude seemed to be in no.
  14. The son of a pimp and the daughter of a drug dealer getting together.
  15. What about pimp dude? Why were all the questions pointed at Blake the.
  16. How promising it is that the pimp told me to expect better fare in future.
  17. The man who tried to grab her and whom your deck hand punched was her pimp.
  18. The pimp was counting all the money in Hank’s wallet and looking pleased.
  19. Only she can answer that, but I bet you 1,000 rupees that the pimp did it.
  20. Do you mean that your stepfather prostituted you? That he was your pimp?
  21. What if that pisses her boss or pimp off and he or they retaliate against Jason.
  22. The pimp came running out from the ground level of the garage right on cue, baseball bat in hand.
  23. Jack got out of his car and walked over to the pimp; with cell phone in hand he called an ambulance.
  24. I left quickly in case he thought I was trying to pimp myself out and put me on the Most Wanted list.
  25. After all, it was one thing for a woman to take a lover and another for her man to act as a pimp for her.
  26. He was a small time crook and pimp, and he was one of my regular informants–though not by his own choice.
  27. When the pimp had taken all the cash and thrown the wallet back to Hank, he turned and whistled behind him.
  28. Travis Bickle goes to rescue Jodie Foster’s character from her pimp, who has sold her to an aging mobster.
  29. He was as fair with his girls as any pimp could be, giving them half the takings after deducting a few expenses.
  30. I am equally confident that they know that Prosecutor Prevaricator Pimp Parrish was a willing puppet of the BATF.
  31. What was I? The monster that had slain this man? A helpless man, patron of the whores perhaps, but not their pimp.
  32. The pimp, with a look of greedy curiosity, watched him as his arms loosened, letting the bat rest against his shoulder.
  33. I try to take care of her and I'm a pimp? But the mage does so and suddenly she speaks his name as though he were a god?
  34. As to the Pimp and Prostitute angle I’m the only person who sleeps with my wives and so how are they being prostituted?
  35. Aquana almost peed in her pants when Sonja told her he was the son of a pimp, an actual bonafide Max Julien's Goldie type pimp.
  36. No one knows where you are and very few people are likely to care except perhaps your pimp and he will assume that you have run away.
  37. Does that mean we can eat out at restaurants, get our groove on at discos then pimp off Jags? I hear there are plenty of desperados around.
  38. Who the hell is that? A husband? A boyfriend? Her father? Her pimp? Every scenario carries its own implications, and few promise anything good.
  39. It wasn't long after that he found out Starla and her pimp were infiltrated and given a chance to regain their freedom by luring in would-be customers.
  40. Needless to say, after their initial introduction to the pimp and his whores, Alec and Solo Ki spent their days and nights at the Timber Wall Tavern undisturbed.
  41. And with her husband turning a pimp, wouldn’t she be reduced to a prostitute? So, for her to bed with an unknown character even at his behest would be demeaning.
  42. This latter was a convicted pimp, an ex or perhaps still current member of the notorious C-Block gang of Bethnal Green, a suspected pedophile, rapist and drug peddler.
  43. I narrowed in on the pimp, and the big rawboned oversold bodyguard who was hovering around him, a drone in a badly cut dinner jacket with traces of white powder on his lapels.
  44. Early on the pimp and whores had learned to mind their own, especially when it came to the One Elf, for Solo Ki was far beyond the temptations of flesh or tactics of intimidation.
  45. Even though the only inhabitants of the tavern were; Alec, Solo Ki, a pimp, his three whores, and the barkeep, the tiny inn seemed more cramped and uncomfortable than sitting in a coffin.
  46. His critics argued that he was nothing more than a glorified pimp, and he was a professed enemy of the local Baptist churches (even though one of their ministers and several deacons had been regular customers).
  47. The bald-headed man from Dallas pushed his way to the pimp: how much for the redhead? He wanted a right to top anybody's price, "hear me?" They were all giving him the word in passing whispers, and he was now staring at me full-time.
  48. He had been working with them from his days in Vancouver, and his experience there and at the club taught him that, for each there is usually someone – pimp, boyfriend, parent – lurking in the background taking their money and keeping them slaves to their profession.
  49. I should like to go farther, and give reasons to show that it is advisable to choose those who are to hold so necessary an office in the state, but this is not the fit place for it; some day I will expound the matter to some one able to see to and rectify it; all I say now is, that the additional fact of his being a sorcerer has removed the sorrow it gave me to see these white hairs and this venerable countenance in so painful a position on account of his being a pimp; though I know well there are no sorceries in the world that can move or compel the will as some simple folk fancy, for our will is free, nor is there herb or charm that can force it.
  1. This is pimping at its worst.
  2. Paul was pimping him out but lost the reigns.
  3. You’re either paying for them, or pimping them.
  4. I was probably around six or seven for the pimping out.
  5. What? You’re pimping out your cousin, you sick bastard.
  6. But those two instances – the pimping me out instance and the.
  7. I havent seen Ben since that day, last I heard was he was pimping his girlfriend to pay for drugs.
  8. In the beginning, pimping came in handy to him to make both ends meet, but soon enough, he had his first peep into the underworld.
  9. Either accept the suspension or it's the FBI for the DELJIS tampering, altering client's records and removing court records from files! I also got a call from Susan Nester about a pimping operation.
  1. I had written before that my dad pimped me out when I.
  2. He bashed up gays, pimped, blackmailed old men, dealt in drugs and was probably going to do Nikelseer in before long himself.
  1. Pimps are usually violent.
  2. Prostitutes, pimps and that kind of thing.
  3. The first thing the pimps do is break-in.
  4. It could have been all the pimps I drank earlier.
  5. What I hate most are the pimps and traffickers of women.
  6. The pimps use elevator eyes and study the ‘merchandise’.
  7. At one time, mobsters ran the prostitution business, being pimps for whores.
  8. Rose had seen that look before in Imperium prostitutes beaten by their pimps.
  9. No cherry-picking of prospective tenants to eliminate drug dealers and pimps.
  10. There were no emails, no advertising, and no contact with other pimps in Crete.
  11. S, where the pimps treat the prostitutes as vassals and abuse them in unimaginable ways.
  12. Pimps prowled the Petit Socco offering women, girls, men, boys, or whatever took one’s fancy.
  13. Because someone has been spreading unfounded malicious rumours that we are pimps, replied Roger angrily.
  14. As he drove, information about pimps, brothels, gangland figures and tattoo parlors was downloading to his phone.
  15. For the most part his old comrades seemed to have turned into losers, depraved bandits, revolting pimps or small-time crooks.
  16. As it was, Vietnamese shopkeepers, bar girls, black marketeers, and pimps, who preferred hard currency, would accept funny money from G.
  17. He agreed instinctively that there was something unusual about the girls disappearing with no real trace, and no complaints except from pimps.
  18. A very long time ago, The Chief Of Police had pledged to his force that the war with pimps and forced prostitution was a war he intended to win.
  19. Others waited in the upstairs rooms of established brothels like the Red Rooster and Gracie’s, while out in the street pimps dressed in cheap suits tried to steer customers their way.
  20. Though Khanna had all along put a couple of pimps on call to clear the bumps on the way to the short list that the facilitation should be through their doorsteps didn’t appeal to Gautam’s sensitivities.
  21. Others that had been similarly punished on the Temple Mount included foreign organized crime figures, petty dictators, serial murderers, violent drug dealers, pimps, human traffickers and predatory pedophiles.
  22. We paused for Lily to take joint selfies of us in front of a theatre, a Chinese sign and a man dressed as a large bear (apparently every event had to be marked by photographic evidence), then wove our way through crowded streets in search of a night bus, past the late-night kebab shops and the bellowing drunks, the pimps and the gaggles of screeching girls.
  23. Of what avail is it now that G realizes that doomed are men who make light of the feminine sixth sense? Poor G, how I pity him! Didn’t the old jackal reduce G to sparing his wife as a sex bowl for someone’s cum! Not even Eskimo like, is it? Where is the reciprocity, leave alone any cultural constraint? Wonder, how life can make pimps out of husbands! Well, out of fathers for that matter.
  24. But, does not my colleague know that one and the chief cause of the superiority of the British navy over the army, is, that in the navy men rise by merit—that they do not get in, to use a seaman's phrase, at the cabin windows—and that the army, if we give credit to the Parliamentary investigation, is a mere sink of corruption—a mere engine of patronage—a place in which a corrupt commander-in-chief acts according to his vile pleasure, and the pleasure of all the pimps and parasites and harlots who environ him.
  25. Maybe the corporate health sector symbolizes the Goring Syndrome like nothing else; the assorted diagnostic reports sought by the self-serving doctors that rob their patients’ savings would only serve the auxiliary health services; even conceding that the capital involved in setting up a corporate hospital is mind-boggling, begging for returns on investment, that the doctors there allow themselves to turn into con men to trick the sick is in deed sickening; I wonder how these are better than the pimps fleecing the whores; in spite of their daytime black deeds, the fact that they are able to sleep at nights shows that they have self-anesthetized their collective consciences; even as Hippocrates could be turning in his grave, wonder how these fare in hell as and when they reach there.
  26. But watch out for the pimps,.

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