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Frasi con platter (in inglese)

  1. Sue placed this platter on the.
  2. Ill bring her to you on a platter.
  3. Dunk shoved the platter aside, and stood.
  4. Remove fish to warm platter, and serve.
  5. Slice pork thinly and arrange on a platter.

  6. Place a serving platter over it and invert.
  7. Dish on a hot platter, dust with the chopped.
  8. We’ll have a big platter of fried chicken.
  9. And the damsel gave the platter to her mother.
  10. Ra set down the platter and wobbled to his feet.
  11. I went back to the counter with a small platter.
  12. Unmold into a platter and sprinkle with cinnamon.
  13. Take him in tow, platter face and a large apron.
  14. A platter of food floated by, distracting Tammas.
  15. Rhea brought a silver platter of whisky and soda.

  16. After a bit Achtan came in with a platter of food.
  17. On a platter, as it were, he said gesturing.
  18. It was a decorative shallow platter with a couple.
  19. Place dip in a bowl and place on a chilled platter.
  20. She then passed the platter to Duncan with a smile.
  21. I handed Sue the now empty platter that the containers.
  22. He laid it on a platter, which he presented to his wife.
  23. There is not one bit of duck left on the platter that I.
  24. What is this? he asked of the platter she handed him.
  25. Than brought the platter to the table and passed it around.

  26. Don’t ask for everything on your platter, she said.
  27. A good-sized roast on a wooden platter was something Bane.
  28. He ignored her and began placing food for her onto a platter.
  29. Here is your red horse, served on a silver platter, with a.
  30. The seafood platter she’d prepared would sit there uneaten.
  31. Fastened to its back was a golden platter with a cup of water.
  32. Especially the woman, he said holding a platter in his hand.
  33. There are so many out there who want your head on a platter.
  34. Place the chicken on a platter and cover with foil to keep warm.
  35. Hermit with a platter of pulse keep down the stings of the flesh.
  36. I took the platter and went to place the containers on the table.
  37. Lord Tregannon smiled and pushed the platter of bread towards him.
  38. Place the prawns on a serving platter and pour the honey over them.
  39. If he did nothing, Grand Admiral Wa would have his head on a platter.
  40. He had John beheaded and the head brought to the banquet on a platter.
  41. Alice pointed to several slabs of flesh laying on a tin platter on the.
  42. Operation Reckoning stared her in the face, in the form of that platter.
  43. She put the platter down on the counter and swept her dog up in her arms.
  44. Vikkis speared a piece of meat from a platter in the center of the table.
  45. The merchant Ossipov offered Napoleon bread-and-salt on a silver platter.
  46. A platter of horse-meat sausages appeared on the table and I ate them too.
  47. Not only dead, but her Mother told her to ask for his head on a platter.
  48. He concentrates while attempting to grab a treat from the trembling platter.
  49. Place the coated cookies on a platter, liberally sprinkling each layer and.
  50. Use a slotted spoon to transfer apples and apricots to the serving platter.
  51. Staring at the platter of minced orgot pies, Rheus looked nothing but confused.
  52. It was a shock to have your life's dream offered on a platter so unexpectedly.
  53. He set the platter on the floor, and she was suddenly aware of a ravenous hunger.
  54. He places the platter on my lap and stands ready to catch it if I should drop it.
  55. Then came a platter of eggs, ham, milk, fresh bread, fruit salad, and cigarettes.
  56. Luckily she righted the platter and continued into the dining room without mishap.
  57. Luka had, at Max’s offhand request, joined us on the couch with a platter of food.
  58. I told Joe about the slayings, then peeled the dome of aluminum foil off the platter.
  59. Pat took a sandwich from a platter in the middle of the table and handed it to Peter.
  60. At this moment a footman with stockinged legs came in with a note on a silver platter.
  61. Eleanor walked out of the kitchen, carrying a platter, what’s wrong Isabella?
  62. The red and green jelly she carried on a platter wobbled when she stopped to let me pass.
  63. Immediately place the beef in the center of a serving platter and surround with broccoli.
  64. She almost dropped her platter, but managed to set it on the table with only a slight bump.
  65. She was presented a platter of vegetables by another young boy who smiled graciously at her.
  66. Other than trying to shift a load of second rate Hungarian wine, the cheese platter was vile.
  67. He came inside and took the steaks out of the refrigerator and dumped them on a large platter.
  68. Kate brought a platter of biscuits and honey and placed it before him along with some iced tea.
  69. The Captain gave her a pleased smile and looked toward another platter that was approaching her.
  70. The prime cause of the banquet was served in a large wooden platter garnished with vinegar pickles.
  71. Elizabeth came over to the table with a large white platter filled with steaming dark brown pancakes.
  72. Defoe pulled the platter toward himself and speared a limp, green lump on the side of the roast beef.
  73. The waiter came over with their order—a chilled shellfish platter, iced tea, and freshly baked bread.
  74. She set the table and got everything out and on it just in time as he came in with a platter of steaks.
  75. As the party proper was about to begin, a royal valet brought to Margaret an envelope on a silver platter.
  76. Fern couldn’t stop herself from just staring at the platter of sliced fish covered in a rich white sauce.
  77. The door opened and in walked a number of boys dressed in white, each with a covered platter in their hands.
  78. Just then, Maryam and the other woman came into the room with a pair of cups and a teapot on a small platter.
  79. He quickly moved away and took the platter to the Captain who heaped huge portions of the fish onto his plate.
  80. She reached for the platter before her and speared several pieces of fruit and something that resembled cheese.
  81. Lift the fish out, drain the oil, and place the fish on a heated platter with the head in its original position.
  82. It was because she wasn't like those girls, the ones that had everything handed down to them on a silver platter.
  83. We were going to eat a huge plate of oysters at the tiny Regis and splurge on a huge seafood platter at Le Dome.
  84. Valerie had brewed a fragrant pot of tea and arranged a plate of scrumptious-looking cookies on a crystal platter.
  85. Krista moved gingerly towards the platter and returned as quickly as she could with it, handing it to the old woman.
  86. In front of them, on a wooden platter, were some millet pancakes, some melted butter in a cup and a jug of Tartar beer.
  87. It was a Faenza platter representing little Loves flitting away pursued by apothecary lads armed with enormous syringes.
  88. Before them was a great stretch of country having a floor as smooth and shining and white as the bottom of a big platter.
  89. He found Petranilla in the hall, sitting at the table, which was laid for two with bread, ale and a platter of salted fish.
  90. In his foxy eyes, I was probably a softie, raised with a silver spoon in my mouth who found everything ready on a platter.
  91. We need a platter of chocolate croissants, s’il vous plaît, I said, pointing to a heap of them in the display case.
  92. Hand them a big public relations scoop on a silver platter, and the Company would have the Ministry eating out of its hand.
  93. When their order was brought out a kitchen hand with a low cut top and ample cleavage put the platter down in front of them.
  94. She did not reply, just hung her head and looked at her platter of untouched food, but after a while she said, I hate you.
  95. Mount Toro, on the brother range to the west, was a rounded benign mountain, and to the north Monterey Bay shone like a blue platter.
  96. And just before them, sitting on the shore, was a poor pilgrim, wrapped in cloak and hood, who held his wooden platter and begged alms.
  97. Lorraine appeared at our table with a giant platter of Buffalo wings, placed them in front of us, and put a hand on Cindy’s shoulder.
  98. If you ever visit a Thai home there is a good chance you will be offered a big fruit platter of which you will do well to eat a quarter.
  99. He went and beheaded John in the prison and brought his head on a platter and gave it to the young lady; and she brought it to her mother.
  100. If you’d like to add more meat to it, feel free, Jeff said, pushing a platter of cold cuts toward me from his seat across the table.

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