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Frasi con disk (in inglese)

  1. He tried a second disk.
  2. I think he put the disk in it.
  3. Inacio stood and stared at the disk.
  4. He snatched the disk from her hand.
  5. The doctors found a herniated disk.

  6. He handed a small leather disk to Mark.
  7. Check Enable write caching on the disk.
  8. I have to be the one to deliver the disk.
  9. Redleigh turned the disk over in his hands.
  10. Simply saying, it’s a disk herniation.
  11. The examples of the sun disk between two.
  12. On the back of the disk an inscription read:.
  13. Fold the half the disk, so that the cheese, etc.
  14. Each disk was meticulously coded and safeguarded.
  15. He had ruptured a lower disk and couldn’t work.

  16. Here is how you can launch disk defragmentation:.
  17. Find the Files That Are Using the Most Disk Space.
  18. Cover the disk with the cheese, mushrooms and onion.
  19. On the windscreen there is a branded tax disk holder.
  20. The Export-VM cmdlet exports a virtual machine to disk.
  21. Inacio sat quietly, rolling the disk between his fingers.
  22. For the computer, these memory chips are the disk itself.
  23. The tip of his little finger blotted out the sun's disk.
  24. The blood-red disk of the sun slipped towards the horizon.
  25. Owen paused the disk again, You realise that there are.

  26. Disk storage is only one of the memory types that must be.
  27. It’s probably healthier than taking your disk for a drive.
  28. The volume of a floppy disk memory if 1 Megabyte in total!.
  29. It holds pages of RAM on the hard disk, and the operating.
  30. Each break in a ceramic disk starts directly in the center.
  31. She put the hard disk in the Omnius to decipher the password.
  32. He wound it up, and a two-foot metal disk with fingers on it.
  33. Remember that pharaoh Ra never said the sun, but the solar disk.
  34. A hard drive is the physical disk that your data are stored on.
  35. The area of the hard disk that stores the RAM image is called a.
  36. The large grey disk seemed to form from nothing directly above him.
  37. The following screenshot assumes that you have a hard disk on the 1.
  38. But she removed the hard disk from her computer here and at home.
  39. In an era where a normal computer consisted of a hard disk for.
  40. All this unused software does is wastes disk space and slows you down.
  41. The matter will spiral in toward the dwarf, forming a hot disk around.
  42. The technique also saved disk space on the workstation’s local drive.
  43. He switched on the TV’s DVD player and pushed the disk into the tray.
  44. Off in the distance, I saw a dim red disk balanced between two low dunes.
  45. I booted up the disk and stared at Jane Doe EC 2 as she came on my screen.
  46. There are also numerous versions of the sun disk, not the point within a.
  47. Oh, this one? she asked as she raised her hand holding a compact disk.
  48. Tom Rochford took the top disk from the pile he clasped against his claret.
  49. Use the cPickle module to store the objects persistently on your hard disk.
  50. Within an hour, Cindy, Yuki, Claire, and I each had at least one Jane Doe disk.
  51. They had other symbolism showing the sun disk without a center point that had.
  52. Inspector Alves sat at his desk and put the CD into the computer’s disk drive.
  53. But now, due to this wonderful metal disk, he can put one of you INTO the disk.
  54. The flat Earth theory states that the world is a flat disk rather than a sphere.
  55. He burned a disk with your research on the mutated gene and broken DNA strand.
  56. He scanned the disk a second time, pleading for answers, but it was all the same.
  57. Also, the sun is both a star and a disk (circle) when viewed through clouds or.
  58. The solution is to run disk defragmentation on a regular basis, like once a week.
  59. If opened improperly, a built-in program immediately erased the contents of the disk.
  60. You—you mean everything that happened at the worship center is on this disk?
  61. Amazed, speechless, Jesse stared at the large metallic disk filling the television screen.
  62. The merge happens from a specified source-child disk to a specified destination child disk.
  63. Only when the process closes the file handle will the disk space used by that file be freed.
  64. And as she went through older files in the hard disk, she turned to stone at what she found.
  65. Each of these machines had a small boot program in ROM which loaded the OS itself from disk.
  66. Unlike FAT, however, the MFT contains more than just pointers to other locations on the disk.
  67. The Apple Macintosh, dot-matrix printer, five-inch floppy disks, duping machine, disk burner.
  68. After you’ve created the function F1, you can save it to your hard disk with the R commands.
  69. The moon will rise at 11:35 PM and be waning gibbous, showing about seventy percent of its disk.
  70. This is all we know about Project X from the hard disk information we were able to compile….
  71. The sheut was more than just a copy or a reflection, more than a backup disk for the soul.
  72. This is great tool to watch processes, disk usage, number of logged in users, queue depths, etc.
  73. Notice that the sun is both a star and a disk (circle) when viewed through clouds or other filter.
  74. Of course, Your Grace, Fultyn murmured, sliding the disk back into his drawer and closing it.
  75. Tape and disk storage units are used to record information for use in data processing applications.
  76. And, suddenly seized with fresh anxiety, he moved the little red disk of his lantern over the walls.
  77. That interaction is then fed back to the hard disk to update the knowledgebase, which then serves as.
  78. As far as I'm aware of, yes, but I don't know how they are stored, CD, DVD, hard disk, tape, or what.
  79. Disk mirroring and disk duplexing are the simplest arrangements that truly fit the definition of RAID.
  80. And what exactly does that mean, Brother? Duchairn picked up the disk and weighed it in his hand.
  81. There would have been many replicas of a sun disk with a serpent coiled around it in every procession.
  82. I point toward the other end of the room, where the hologram of an asteroid rotates above a silver disk.
  83. In the middle was a flat concrete cylindrical marker with the figure 240 embedded in a round metal disk.
  84. The operating system checked into its memory cache for the floppy disk and found what it was looking for.
  85. Applications create checkpoints in order to save their current status to disk in case of a system failure.
  86. The spatial portal opened by the Ephemeral Specters hovered as a disk in the sky above the volcanic earth.
  87. He stood at the window and looked at the distant pale disk of the moon in the misty blue sky, and thought.
  88. They have the capability of storing up to 16 gigabytes of information on a single disk, in certain versions.
  89. Apparently, I never considered the fire that destroyed the paper stuff, rendering the related disk worthless.
  90. He found a blank computer disk in the center drawer of Spalding’s desk and inserted it into the disk drive.
  91. Disk duplexing is an identical arrangement, except that the two drives are connected to separate controllers.
  92. It is certainly true that a newer version might have more disk space or the ability to be faster than the old.
  93. What are you thinking of the pharaoh, David, he has banished all the idols in Egypt except one, the sun disk.
  94. Since the shareware versions were essentially free, the cost only needed to cover the disk and minimal packaging.
  95. As hard disk drive capacities grew over the years, the limitations of the FAT file system became more of a problem.
  96. I picked up another which she'd just placed on the ground (a small metal disk) and brushed away the flaking paint.
  97. Hard disk drives (HDDs) have been the mainstay for many small networks, including home networks, for several years.
  98. File attributes are single bits included with every file on a disk drive that are dedicated to particular functions.
  99. In fact I wrote a cookbook using it, and there was even the opportunity to save this entire document to a disk or two.
  100. In this section, we will change the current directory to the location where we copied over the virtual machine hard disk.

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  1. All four disks were empty!.
  2. I’ll need the disks back.
  3. The disks referred to in the.
  4. I have five of your older disks.
  5. At that time cds (computer disks) were.
  6. Trying to find out what’s on the disks.
  7. Disks and tractors, that’s the stuff now.
  8. They usually contain rotating disks, usually 2.
  9. The silver disks still hovered above the forest.
  10. Cones hit with flying disks in one minute.
  11. I have a few disks I need Danny’s help with.
  12. As it turned out, she had a protrusion of two disks.
  13. Do you still have the other disks? Stacey asked.
  14. But in any case, even MLC disks are a lot faster than.
  15. Any spare time was filled with viewing more of the disks.
  16. In fact, on one occasion he’d found three of his disks empty.
  17. Ingrid also has a collection of disks of music from the future.
  18. However, some drives can still read these disks, allowing the.
  19. Claire inserted one of the disks into her computer’s DVD drive.
  20. How did you obtain the disks, Officer Stacey? White asked.
  21. Roll out 2 dough disks on lightly floured surface to 8-inch rounds.
  22. It’s almost relaxing, breaking ceramic disks and measuring the pieces.
  23. Don handed the disks to Alan, who realized they weren’t normal floppies.
  24. He recognized the zip and jazz disks which lined the shelves, row upon row.
  25. If he pressed one, then the dog with eyes as big as compact disks would come.
  26. Claire sliced open the package with a scalpel and found six disks, each in its own case.
  27. This enables the array to survive a failure of one of the disks or one of the controllers.
  28. Gathering her breath, she wiped her palms on her shorts and peered up at the strange disks.
  29. That is, instead of one flash card you would need to carry 4000 floppy disks in your pocket!.
  30. The Apple Macintosh, dot-matrix printer, five-inch floppy disks, duping machine, disk burner.
  31. In both cases, rupture disks equipped with a rupture alarm device should be used as a further.
  32. He panted and his heart throbbed violently as he found his hard disks missing on a massive scale.
  33. He dropped a few of the disks in his pocket and initiated a quick walk-through of the dark house.
  34. Breaking cheap ceramic disks, measuring the pieces, looking for patterns via statistical analysis.
  35. In the jar only the metal parts of the floppies are present—the disks themselves had been vaporized.
  36. These disks will not be allowed as evidence, you know, nor can they be used in legal conversations.
  37. When one user needed to give a file to another user, a network eliminated the need to swap floppy disks.
  38. He pressed one on his mobile phone and with a whoosh, up popped the dog with eyes as wide as compact disks.
  39. Hey, you made it buddy, without any powers! they cried looking at Alcor with the hard disks in his hands.
  40. After he left the hospital, Cory went home and got his laptop and disks with several pictures of the Cerise crew.
  41. Maybe the cow farts meant nothing and you thought the clay disks would as well, but I found a pattern, a relation.
  42. They were great gleaming disks that stared unwinkingly, luminous, whitish, and without a hint of normal emotion or sanity.
  43. Cleo was checking the hard disks of Coophius on the monitor at the dashboard, and going through all the information available.
  44. This cmdlet creates a folder at a specified location with three subfolders: Snapshots, Virtual Hard Disks, and Virtual Machines.
  45. The small disks were embossed with a caduceus—two serpents entwined around a winged staff, the symbol of the medical profession.
  46. With the Kelvan computer he raised their arms of his hostages and slipped data disks into their hands, as easily as manipulating puppets.
  47. The Snapshots and Virtual Hard Disk folders contain the snapshots and the virtual hard disks of the specified virtual machine respectively.
  48. As networks and their storage requirements grow, the third USB connection option is a RAID system with multiple disks connected to one computer.
  49. Hard drives have grown in capacity for years, but they continue to use the exact same technology of storing your data on spinning magnetic disks.
  50. When I told this story, soon after the fire, people would sometimes say, Hey, you know, sometimes they can rescue information from damaged disks.
  51. Further in, disks of wood were used instead of cobblestones; cheaper and easier to replace using cross-sections cut from a tree trunk than using stone.
  52. He also plugged in Ingrid’s portable radio/CD player unit in the lounge, storing the CD disks inside the glass cabinet that supported the player unit.
  53. The tractors had lights shining, for there is no day and night for a tractor and the disks turn the earth in the darkness and they glitter in the daylight.
  54. Only the tractor sheds of corrugated iron, silver and gleaming, were alive; and they were alive with metal and gasoline and oil, the disks of the plows shining.
  55. Advanced computer users recommend switching to SSDs and a lot of manufacturers have already stopped installing conventional spinning disks on their latest models.
  56. From within he produced a crumpled piece of paper, and old-fashioned brass key, a peg of wood with a ball of string attached to it, and three rusty old disks of metal.
  57. He considered waiting until morning, since his cousin had already been through so much, but he felt too depressed to sleep without telling someone what was on the disks.
  58. Even with eyes as big as compact disks, the wonder dog did not notice the fine trail of lentils leading all the way from the girl’s bed to the soldier's suite at the Ritz.
  59. More clutter on the third floor: boxes of jars, metal disks, and rusty jigsaws; buckets of what might be electrical components; engineering manuals in piles around a toilet.
  60. And here you are getting all excited about finding an odd statistical relation among the size rank of pie-wedge-shaped pieces of broken ceramic disks and their average arc lengths.
  61. But who held this information? Governments passed laws protecting data and privacy but microchips and data disks are physical objects and can be lost or stolen just like anything else.
  62. It was so light that he could see the moonlight reflected from the metal harness disks and from the eyes of the horses, who looked round in alarm at the noisy party under the shadow of the porch roof.
  63. Of course you could try varying the ceramic material or the diameter or thickness of the disks, or maybe the force with which they are struck or the position, but that would mean a whole nother project.
  64. Going a bit further to a bookstore, Nancy went carefully through its history section, finally selecting and buying a number of books and laser disks covering the history of the first half of the 21st Century.
  65. Hard disks and optical drives all have heads that move back and forth across a spinning medium, enabling them to place the head at any location on the disk almost instantaneously and read the data stored there.
  66. It didn’t take long until he was into wholesaling phonograph records as well, and when the long-playing vinyl disks replaced the seventy-eights he handled them also, shipping them all over Europe and especially into the UK.
  67. Magnetic tape, external hard disks, and, more recently, cloud storage capabilities and network-attached storage devices are several of the methods of data backup technology, and as a result, there are many different formats and drives.
  68. Sixty thousand ceramic disks twenty-five centimeters in diameter and one point seven five centimeters in width stand stacked up to the ceiling at the opposite end of the tiny lab/office like quarters on the Jolly Green Giant’s dresser.
  69. The only contour line that you can see in nature is that of sea level along the coast (and even that is not quite true because of tidal variation) but you can imagine the contour lines as the edges of flat disks and that these are ranged equidistantly above each other.
  70. And while it may be interesting to know that some Amazonian tribespeople paint their faces; and wear large disks in their ears and lips; exhaustive social studies shouldn’t be forced on school children because they have much more important activities to occupy their time.
  71. He smashed his fists against the cement wall of The Golden Child, calling for Pilar Ternera, indifferent to the luminous orange disks that were crossing the sky and that so many times on holiday nights he had contemplated with childish fascination from the courtyard of the curlews.
  72. The GCN's game disc capacity was a third that of the PS2's full-size DVD disks, forcing a few games to be released on multiple discs and most titles to compromise on texture quality and other features of GameCube games, when other platforms had no such limitations on their versions.
  73. And while upon this matter of detail, it is remarkable that the long leverages of their machines are in most cases actuated by a sort of sham musculature of the disks in an elastic sheath; these disks become polarised and drawn closely and powerfully together when traversed by a current of electricity.
  74. The house was stripped of the appropriate electronic devices and following a brief forensic examination of hard drives, flash disks and sundry other items of magnetic storage, the Detective Superintendent in command of the vice squad charged the young man with a number of crimes related to the storage and distribution of banned materials.
  75. Polyps and echinoderms abounded on the seafloor: various isis coral, cornularian coral living in isolation, tufts of virginal genus Oculina formerly known by the name "white coral," prickly fungus coral in the shape of mushrooms, sea anemone holding on by their muscular disks, providing a literal flowerbed adorned by jellyfish from the genus Porpita wearing collars of azure tentacles, and starfish that spangled the sand, including veinlike feather stars from the genus Asterophyton that were like fine lace embroidered by the hands of water nymphs, their festoons.

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