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Frasi con poorly (in inglese)

1. But he did poorly in the.
2. I've been so poorly lately.
3. They were poorly clothed and.
4. If you’ve fared poorly with.
5. The planned seduction went poorly.
6. Very poorly, was the answer.
7. In a poorly managed operation, 3.
8. And a poorly written one at that.
9. It reflected poorly upon the system.
10. The Indian Ocean is poorly covered.
11. Also, the troops were poorly trained.
12. The back room was small and poorly lit.
13. Who knows how poorly things could've.
14. I was treated poorly and became angry.
15. It is not something to be treated poorly.
16. Instead, Reagan had been poorly prepared.
17. This entire sentence is poorly structured.
18. Although dressed poorly, she was assertive.
19. She was poorly dressed and seemed hesitant.
20. This was poorly thought of, he growled.
21. He had a haunted look, as if he slept poorly.
22. As I said, this is a poorly crafted specimen.
23. They had been great in number, but poorly led.
24. I am a poorly demarcated blob of interacting.
25. It seems that your brother Tom is doing poorly.
26. But the inn is poorly situated, hard to find.
27. There was a poorly drawn sketch of the Gadget.
28. Done poorly, life as lived today would end in.
29. He eats poorly and drinks to excess every night.
30. The mechanism is, of yet, very poorly understood.
31. You think poorly of him, Tammas pointed out.
32. The poorly defined edges were constantly changing.
33. However, it’s shocking to see how poorly he did.
34. A lot of older people have poorly corrected vision.
35. In fact, she can (and really should) trade poorly.
36. We’re just a little poorly, that’s all!.
37. Perhaps this had been poorly thought out after all.
38. CFS is a poorly understood disease involving many.
39. A poorly educated native speaker will use much less.
40. The priest and the poorly clad old man said in unison.
41. These trend-following behemoths do poorly as a group.
42. The man was poorly dressed except for a costly fur hat.
43. Cratchit, Cratchit's wife, dressed out but poorly in.
44. When things turn out poorly, it’s basically what I.
45. Choose to chant a wish instead of a wish-washy poorly.
46. This must imply that many companies are poorly directed.
47. Poorly disciplined, they looted and burned York, Ontario.
48. The Reactors are being managed poorly nowadays, he.
49. The place they stopped, they could see, poorly lit, the.
50. Next election the Republican Party did poorly in Minnesota.
51. On the other hand, poorly invested earnings destroy value.
52. The latch was loose, the hinges old and poorly maintained.
53. Melvin started at the poorly lit Phoenix, topless and timid.
54. Fares Poorly in Consolation Round, NYT, August 14, 1936.
55. I was left to myself; I went to bed but slept pretty poorly.
56. The interplay of emotion and intuition is poorly understood.
57. Signora Ducci quickly took in the large, poorly dressed man.
58. Their spell-casters are highly trained, but poorly educated.
59. The subsurface gravel must have been poorly laid and sealed.
60. Her rage had a righteous source, but she channeled it poorly.
61. Presentations, if poorly planned, are largely a waste of time.
62. He knew - how well he knew - how poorly they used it in Audit.
63. He is poorly dressed, and yet does not appear to be a labourer.
64. As a result the rebels were poorly trained and armed, and were.
65. Despite the ubiquity of information, it is still poorly defined.
66. They expected to be treated poorly, and he’d generally obliged.
67. You were poorly, and I worried about you till I fell sick myself.
68. For one thing, it would reflect poorly on his skills as a leader.
69. It should be noted that here isn‘t mist-enshrouded or poorly lit.
70. Poorly translated verses have caused people a lot of heartache and.
71. He was either very poorly socially skilled or deliberately evasive.
72. She thought poorly about those who stumbled over themselves and ran.
73. Russia’s economy still functions poorly, but it’s getting better.
74. A glancing blow, or a poorly aimed swing would have the same result.
75. With poorly designed or maintained water systems, the system owner.
76. He was treated very poorly in these so-called Christian boys’ homes.
77. It should be noted that „here' isn't mist-enshrouded or poorly lit.
78. The poorly formed dragons never saw them coming until it was too late.
79. The one who made it was indeed poorly trained, for he was just a child.
80. It has old houses that are poorly maintained and need work extensively.
81. He also did poorly in school, which he entered at the age of seven in.
82. Could be Patrick, could be a poorly toilet-trained dog, could be Scumble.
83. They were poorly trained things that were hard to direct from the get-go.
84. Main areas of conflict were excessive break times and poorly run meetings.
85. If you feel overwhelmed by the mission, you are handling your task poorly.
86. We both know how poorly your past decisions have reflected on your loyalty.
87. Pain caused by pinched nerves in the spine responds poorly to TENS therapy.
88. The Nobel mind is a great mind of thinkers, it poorly satisfies Darwin claim.
89. A poorly muffled scream brought her to the attention of experienced snipers.
90. If the bird’s wing feathers have been poorly trimmed, the bird may become.
91. Morning sickness is the common but poorly understood nausea that frequently.
92. But whoever held her bound, was also poorly trained, or simply not thorough.
93. Everywhere he looked he saw hundreds of men, all scruffy and poorly dressed.
94. A third sign made her turn again, this time inside a small, poorly lit alley.
95. And now she was on her own, away from her friends in Amsterdam, in a poorly.
96. Goals are poorly communicated, and the hierarchy is a "good-old-boys" network.
97. The APA reported that most Americans are dealing with their daily stress poorly.
98. To the naked eye, a human would think that Archimedes had built his ship poorly.
99. It was a poorly lit, cheap, grungy and reeked of stale beer and dirty ashtrays.
100. That is the core message encoded throughout ancient symbolic wisdom and poorly.

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