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Poorly in una frase (in inglese)

He slept poorly.
Looks very poorly.
In fact, a poorly.
Any poorly managed.
The Chase was poorly.
Never really poorly,.
He had dressed poorly.

Okay, they flew poorly.
the poorly hidden anxiety.
But he did poorly in the.
They’re all doing poorly.
I've been so poorly lately.
) He did poorly in the debates.
They were poorly clothed and.
If you’ve fared poorly with.
his personal affairs very poorly.
Very poorly, was the answer.
The planned seduction went poorly.
In a poorly managed operation, 3.
And a poorly written one at that.
It reflected poorly upon the system.
The Indian Ocean is poorly covered.
Also, the troops were poorly trained.
Who knows how poorly things could've.
The back room was small and poorly lit.
I was treated poorly and became angry.
poorly trained that I feel incapacitated.
It is not something to be treated poorly.
This entire sentence is poorly structured.
Instead, Reagan had been poorly prepared.

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