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Frasi con ill (in inglese)

Ill give it a try.
She is so ill, St.
I have not been ill.
Ill lend it to you.
He is ill, very ill.
He was ill a long time.
She has been very ill.

Both have an ill heart.
He could ill afford it.
It's not ill, is it?
Rostov felt ill at ease.
No, no, Ill be fine.
Don't wish ill on him.
I bare him no ill will.
Rostóv felt ill at ease.
Ill tell you that much.
I, too, was ill; I, too.
Ill news came soon again.
No, no, Ill tell you.
He was ill and did not.
She was ill and pitiful.
Ill send them all back.
Ill be content if they.
Now he is lying very ill.
We as a creation are ill.
Ill omens and bad actions.
Ill call you after the.
Silvia had been ill, too.
Besides, she is very ill.
Ill pass that on to Jad.
Jean that he was not ill.
Ill be making money too.
Hell, Ill take a taxi.
Ill sell it to you cheap.
And you? Is any one ill?
It appears that he is ill.
Frodo had been ill at ease.
And she was physically ill.
Ill wait for him in the.
Ill talk to you soon Joe.

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