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    1. There is also a possibility that you

    2. ’ I hesitate as the possibility washes over me, ‘… could he?’

    3. Possibility of engaging in hobbies, preferably those that may result in some tangible output

    4. ‘Let’s just say it is a possibility

    5. "But there is a possibility

    6. ‘But there’s no-one else who comes even close to being a possibility

    7. something made him notice the further extremes of possibility painted upon the

    8. frightened eyes saw and did not believe in the possibility of victory

    9. void, filling it with humanity and possibility

    10. simply existing removed the possibility of nothing, but equally none of the

    11. There would be no possibility of the enemy detecting their approach until they were well within the 61 Cygni system

    12. “I wouldn't rule out that possibility,” agreed Peter -one of the few in our class the guru thinks high of

    13. Then, he explains it is necessary for all dog owners to masturbate their dogs, in case the animal hasn't got the possibility to find a mate during the mating season

    14. I’m refusing to even contemplate the possibility of pregnancy, after all, the likelihood is extremely low … I’d have to be really unlucky …

    15. It also opened up the possibility that I would be back with Smiler

    16. It Is beyond the possibility of successful denial that the majority of the most loyal

    17. The possibility he didn't want to entertain was that he wasn't trapped in a virtuality horizon, but was in the hands of God himself

    18. The possibility that there might be an external source of the echo simply did not occur to me

    19. Then the sudden possibility of human existence beyond the gun barrel started to take shape amid the chaos and swirl of the suddenly agitated surf upon my hitherto lonely shoreline

    20. The possibility of contact was so close now that it filled the entire world

    21. That sudden explosion of possibility

    22. After an age, after all possibility of life seemed to be spent, everything turned to silence

    23. He had no need to pay attention to any landscape other than that small slice of the world contained between the edges of this black speedway, and yet, as he reached terminal velocity, something made him notice the further extremes of possibility painted upon the horizon, beyond the vortex that he created

    24. possibility of achieving it

    25. temporarily, and entertain the possibility of a

    26. He, She or It has by simply existing removed the possibility of nothing, but equally none of the fundamental questions about beginning are answered by this God’s existence

    27. In previous centuries, there were forced conversions, and the possibility that you could identify yourself as German instead of Jewish

    28. If we are not willing to take risks that will possibly result in such moments as that – to learn our shortcomings and repent of them – then what possibility is there for us attaining to that glorious City?

    29. In this world of infinite possibility

    30. Among the things to look out for are: the possibility of demarcation lines – lines that show which part of the face received treatment and which did not, redness, irritation, and other side effects

    31. Heaven forbid that we ever consider the possibility

    32. where the possibility of kindness

    33. ‘I’ve not really thought about it … I suppose it is a possibility … but I’m thirty-eight, Berndt, it might not happen

    34. If they were being monitored he shouldn't talk about the possibility of a sister, or many other trusts Ava had given him over the years

    35. Being in a relationship is something that can be an incredible thing, but the possibility of your partner cheating is unfortunately never zero

    36. Sitting at my desk, with the distant sounds of the office going on as normal, I face the all too likely possibility that my life is about to fall apart

    37. Their instruments had detected the possibility of naturally occurring condensates but they had not done entanglement studies

    38. The hopelessness of our love has been a fact of life for so long that the possibility that it might not be as impossible as I thought shakes me to the core

    39. I have never dared to even contemplate how much I want his child; I have never allowed myself to even think about the possibility

    40. I’ve arranged to have the day off … Gary is now in mourning at the possibility of losing his secretary!’

    41. Faced with the possibility of failure, I suddenly realise just how much I want Alastair’s child … I suppose it shows in my face; Dr Jim nods as though confirming something to himself

    42. Alan saw the knife come towards him, but his mind couldn’t relate the physical position of the thing with the possibility that his step-mother intended to harm him

    43. "Sir, I think the possibility exists that this agent that arrived by Thom's condensate transported Alan to the distant site in his universe," Glayet said

    44. "We need to consider the possibility that he has found a way to thwart our efforts to sentence him to three-d reality

    45. "The possibility exists that it could have been ordered to intercept us

    46. "We don't know, but the possibility exists and we have had a spy on board," Kelvin said

    47. "Alfred, what is the possibility of life in these bodies?" Kelvin asked

    48. ‘He’s only protecting himself from the possibility of having fainting women on his hands, Anna, he knows only too well that I need to be fed regularly!’

    49. preferring the possibility of death by a thousand cuts to the

    50. newspapers of the time, there is every possibility that you will

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    opening possibility possible action hypothesis theory possibleness chance risk contingency gamble occasion prospect likelihood potentiality